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Christmas Treats

December 24th 2011 1:45 pm
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I was sitting on the front stairs on Christmas Eve and I caught the most terrific scent. Of course I scampered straight into the kitchen to confirm... salmon! Oh I wanted some. Then another smell...ham! I wanted that too. I almost died when something started to cook... barramundi.

Oh such smells. I sat patiently in the kitchen, then next to the dining table in the hope. What would I get? I knew I would get something.

Eventually 3 plates were put out for me and my sisfurs. We each got a plate of our own. I didn't know what to eat first! Salmon. Then ham. Then the barra. Can you believe I got all 3!

I like christmas!


Daily Diary Pick

December 7th 2011 1:30 am
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How exciting! See Evil Step Sisfurs, I'm just as good as you! Little me who has moved in can also do write a diary!


New home

December 3rd 2011 2:40 pm
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Hello world. Wow, I can't believe I get to a place to say anything I like. I mean have I died and gone to the Rainbow bridge?

One day I've got what I thought was a nice home, the next the hoomans disappear and I'm skulking around the neighbourhood. Eventually I get locked in a house, then thrown in a cat carrier, taken to a place where I got prodded pocked and stabbed. I then got dragged to another house locked in a bathroom for a few days and then I was moved into a bedroom... That is when things became, do I dare say, heavenly?

Food, regular food. Nice food, cat milk, treats!
Bed, soft and cuddly.
Pats, attention.

I started to think this ain't so bad. But I wasn't allowed out. I do love outside! They started to leave the door to the room open, but I wasn't going out. My arch enemy the evil Lucy Lui and her side kick the Ginger Ninja(Jacqui) were hovering around the house.

After a few weeks trapped, I finally got outside. It was heaven! I discovered I was allowed outside, I could go in and out. I still get food, a bed, pats, attention and, unfortunately, the occasional cuddle!

Now, I can come in and crawl onto a bed to sleep. I get at least 3 meals a day and adored! Lucy and Jacqui are still not too impressed with me but they don't deliberately hunt me down so I can rest easy.

Life is Good.

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