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I iz a DREAMETTE 'n Time fur 'nother KITTY'z R US Fun time- Game~!! Whooo~!!

March 25th 2012 4:56 pm
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Wow, can' I efen get mommy to take da time to write 'bout all MY GLORY~?? I became a DIVA by my grand furiends Paris 'n Presley, den I became a BONO BABE by my hansome furiend Sir Sonny Bono~!! DEN, my pawsome furiends Angel Alfie 'n Angel PETE 'n da cutest boys from Dreamgirls group named me a Dreamette~! My Furbro MILO is in there too 'n rootin' fur me, thanks brofur dood~!! Thank U so mush fur my pawsome pishure~! I love it~! OMC~! Am I dancin' 'n singin' da happiest tune efur?? Well yesh, I am. 'N So purroud~!!! Thanks so mush~!!

Now we also haz a fun 'n way kewl game goin' 'round!! I got picked by my grand 'n gorgeous furiend JEZEBEL !!~ But really dis wonnerfur game wuz started by GRISWOLD 'n FEARLESS OK, so here I go 'n my story isn't unlike lotza other kitty memmberances~!!

#1 As it was, I wuz founded by Ziggy 'n Timmy's Mommy, Sandy, my Aunti now~!! Her founded me in a restaurant parkin' lot 'n I wuz a kitty on da prowl. But I wuz sweet 'n nice 'n comed lovin' up on her like dat 'n I sez Purlease take me home~?? Her took me 'n brought home, but to make a long story short, ME 'n Ziggy did NOT get 'long, coz furefur it seemed I always hid unnerneath da mommy's baker rack. I wuz so skeered o' him~!! Efen now we not like eash other~!! But, since I could no stay there, I went to stay wif MILO fur couple days 'n I LOVED IT there~!! MILO iz so easy goin' 'n him da sweetest kitty efur~! I went back home to try 'gain fur few short days, but NO I wanted to go back to be wif MILO. So I did. ''n Dat is what makes me so happy to memmer when I gotted da best home efur~! My mommy is so spawcial 'n her took me in, efen when her wuz not gonna hab'z another kitty in da small teeny match box 'partment. So I here.

# 2 So, then I was a gurly, ya know? I memmer how well mommy treated me 'n took care o' me, 'spawcially when I got my own pink bowl~!!! 'n Fur Chrissymas, I got purrpal 'n pink toys too~! MILO not care, him not really gotten jealous, although him does sometimes eat from MY PINK BOWL~!! Giggles, I share, coz him does~!! All these things I got from my spawcial mommy coz I iz a gurly gurl 'n den her realized dat I wuz indeed spawcial 'n her really wanted a gurl too~!! Her loved on me 'n told me thank U fur comin' to her 'n her so happy we be's bestest gurl furiends~!

# 3 Isn't it obvious? My memories R growin'~!! So jus' yesterday I got efen MORE fondest memories~ I got to go outside on a leash fur da FIRST time efur~!! On'y fur a wittle while, although I wuz kin'a rowdy, on'y a bit, I loved it 'n mommy got my leash from Aunti Sandy (my first mommy, which I still love)~!! Her walked me all 'round dis 'partment 'n I got to see da BIG trees 'n stoopid burds 'n tall buildin's~!! Oh Oh OH 'n I got to see green gassses 'n walk on 'em~!! Mommy iz gonna get me a purrpal harness soon. So I can go outside whenefur MILO 'n SAM 'n TIMMY 'n ZIGGY r outside too~! Hey, I'll no longer be so sheltered~!! Giggles~! It's a great memory efen it wuz jus' yesterday~!!! Wheeee~!!

So dat's SOME o' my memories, I'z still makin' 'em~! Oh 'n my birfday iz next month too~!! I'll be 1 Yrs old~!! Hehehehe, 'n guess what? Today I learned how to open drawers in da bedroom~!! I am always after plastic bags~!! I got it, but mom sez dey not good fur kittie's to purrlay wif, so what her gonna does now??? Since I can open dem drawers 'n soon I'll learn how to open cabinets too~?? I'm SMART~!! Mom sez maybe too smart fur my exxtra long leggie's~!! MOL~!! Anyfur, thanks Jez fur taggin' me, I had a blast writin' dis diary~!! Thanks fur readin' it~ 'n If'n ya ain't purrlayed dis pawsome game yet, purrlease do~!! Iz fun 'n kits can learn so mush 'bout U too~!! Consider Urself tagged~!!

Purrs 'n night nighty saweet dreams 'n pleasant kitty dreams~!!!

Love 'n giggley purrs,
Dreamette, Diva 'n Bono Babe Gurly Gurl

Pee Ess, oh I furgot (always coverin' fur my hansome brofur too~! MOL!) MILO needs to write his Kitty'z R Us diary soon~! Him be's tagged by him pawsome furiend ZACH, lil Griswold's big brofur~!! Zachie, MILO be's writin' it soon, coz mommy iz really tired tonight 'n sez da weekend went by WAY to fast~!
Too mush to do sometimes~!! Purrs to U ZACH 'n GRIS~!!!


Hey I'm a BONO BABE~!! WOW~!!

March 13th 2012 4:30 pm
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Giggles~!!! I am so purroud~!! 'n Thank'z to Mr Sonny Bono, I iz now in his flock o' Beautifur Babes 'n I so lucky~!! Thank U dear SONNY BONO ~!! I iz so happy 'n delighted to be one o' Ur True Babe's~!! Giggles~!! I iz a DIVINE DIVA 'n A BONO BABE~!! Can U believe's it~?? 'n Stay tuned, coz SOON there will be'z another Pawsome 'n Beautifur BONO BABE Announcement~! Can't wait to see whofur is next~ One lucky 'n purrfect ladycat fur shur~!! Paris 'n Presley also named a new DIVINE DIVA 'n her name is BONNIEBELL ~!!! Purrlease go ofur to her page 'n wish her Concats, she iz so beautifur~!! Concats Bonniebell~!!

Oh dear Sonny, Ur furmily iz so saweet 'n We all love Paris 'n Presley so mush~!! Milo sez Presley is a doll face~!! 'n Presley iz so purrty too~!! TATE iz one lucky 'n so kewl mancat~!!
WE send massive hugs 'n thank'z to U all fur bein' so spawcial to us~!!! U all R what makes' Catster a DIVINE 'n PAWSOME Purlace to come 'n chill 'n hang out~!! Gotta run now, Milo is chasin' buggie'z outside 'n I gotta go get on mom's shoulder's so I can SEE where him iz~!!

Hope U all R enjoyin' Ur week 'n havin' nice weather too~! Ours haz been really nice 'n sunshine 'n in da 70's~!! COMMON SPRING~!! Me think's it'z HERE~!! Hooray's~! Mom sez it's big time allergy season too~ Her nose know'z~!!! MOL~!!

Love 'n many hugs 'n nudges,


Thank You for my Spawcial Honor as DIVINE DIVA # 6

March 3rd 2012 10:52 am
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Oh I am so excited~! I got honored by Presley 'n Paris 'n I thank them so mush~! Dis is Wonnerfur Mew'z 'n I IS so mush a DIVA Gurly Gurl too~!! U gurl's R so thoughtfur 'n kind 'n lovin' 'n I LOVE U so mush~!! What Grand Furiends U R to me~!! Thank U for givin' me dis pawsome honor, as I iz dancin' 'n singin' 'n kickin' up my pawsie's wif a Big happy Smile~!! Mommy is so PURROUD o' me~!! Oh Oh OH 'n Thank U so mush fur my pawsome Pishure~! I LOVE it so mush~!! I look so good, don't I~?? giggles~!! Thank U 'gain fur makin' me feel so loved 'n so spawcial~!!!

Thank U so mush, Presley 'n Paris from da bottom o' my lil heart~!!

Thanks fur readin' my dairy 'n Enjoy Ur weekend~!!!

Love 'n many kisses,
Gurly Gurl Divine Diva # 6


Ahhh Gee, Mommy, I was ONLY Lickin' hiz EAR'z~!!!

February 27th 2012 9:24 am
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Howdy 'n happy Purr'z from dis lil Gurly gurl~! I hope U all R havin' a Grand Week to start off wif~!! Welper'z, mommy got a 3 day weekend 'n her took off today jus' to be wif us KIT'z~!! Ain't dat jus' FAB~?? Ok, well not on'y jus' to be wif us, but her must take her PTO or her will lose it, ya know'z how dat iz?~? On'y a month now 'n her will be done wif dis job~!! Her kin'a glad, but will miss all her co-werker'z 'n grand furiend'z her'z made.

So, TIME to tawk 'bout ME!~! Ok, here da story, I love's to lick 'n purrlay wif MILO, coz him da bestest brofur efur~!! But, I got into lil bit o' trouble today!~ We bof were purrlayin' on top o' mommy'z 'puter table, ya know, in front o' her monitor. So, MILO had jus' come back inside from goin' out 'n I MISSED HIM so mush~! I started to lick him 'n hiz face, hiz neck, hiz ear'z~! Well I like to wash him ear'z~! I doe'z dis fur him 'n him should be thankfur~! BUT NOooooo, him slappy paw me~!! How dare him!~?? I guess maybe I got a bit rough 'n bite hiz ear'z jus' a lil~!! So when him slappy paw'z me, I slappy paw'z him right back 'n him bite me back too~! Mommy shouted at ME~! WHY ME?? Mommy I iz da baby, memmer~?? Mom got in my face 'n went NO MALLEE, please don't BITE ur brother~!!~ Especially on his ear's~!! Golly, mom!~ I wuz on'y halpin' him out~!! Geez, 'n what thank'z do I get'z?~?? So MILO jumped down 'n I follow'z him too~! Mommy glared at me 'n now I think'z her hate'z me~!! Dat MILO him get'z all da 'tention'z~! 'n WHY oh WHY can't I GO outside too!?? Mom sez it'z coz I too lil, but ya know'z, I growin' up~!! Shutty MILO, I ain't gettin' FAT neither~!!! BAH~! I gonna go pout now!~ I try to be more gentler next time MILO, I not mean to hurt U big Brofur~!

Me think'z it's a great time to take a cat nappy till all dis blow'z ofur~!!

I love's U all 'n hope Ur Monday iz goin' better den mine!~!!

Hugs 'n lotza kitten kissies,



February 13th 2012 5:55 pm
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OMC! I am jus' da happiest kitty cat in da world!!~ I feel so mush LOVE 'n so mush kindness 'n warmth!!~ Let me tell U, I jus' gotta TELL U~!! Well, my sweet 'n hansome Valentine TRISTAN sent me da most loveliest Valentine card 'n it's so cute too! Thank U my Sweet TRISTAN! I so purrpreciate ur thoughtfurness 'n charm!~ U gotta see my pix on top, jus' LOOK at me!~ Iz I da cutest happiest kitty efur!??? Love U's bunches, my sweet Tristan!!~

'n Den, Welperz, I also received a package ofur da weekend from my Secret Admirer 'n I would not haz know whofur him was (dis wonnerfur hansome 'n sweet fur) but him gave it 'way 'n a rozie him sent from hiz furmilies instead o' anonymouse!! MOL! But I LOVE it so mush! JAMESON U rock my cute 'n lovin' furiend! Da catnippy toyz Jameson sent me were from Happy River Catnip Company 'n I got a purrty card wif words from my saweet Jameson too! Oh 'n da bestest PART iz da catnippy toyz were wrapped in valentine paper wif ribbons, oh how I LOVE ribbons!~ 'n da mousie 'n da heart shaped Catnippy toyz, oh I jus' can't tell U how mush FUN I had tearin' up 'n shreddin' da purrty paper to get to my TOYZ!~ Well, U can see a few o' 'em on my page now~! Mom caught me in "ACTION"~!!!! PURRZS 'n Big hugs to all da pawsome furiends in
KEWLEST CATSTER KITTIES 'n to DANTE 'n REX 'n Bugsy, Simba 'n furmilies whofur led da creation'z 'n sent out pawsome pmails from their SA'z to all those whofur purrticipated~!!! U boyz rock!~ Thankz so mush!~ Dis has been so mush fun 'n KCK iz da grandest group EFUR~!!!
'n OMC, I jus' saw my SA sent me 'nother grand 'n pawsome pix~! O' MY WHOLE FURMILIEZ~!! OH I love it Jameson, BIG HARRY 'n sweet mommy!~What a talented furmiliez U all have!~ I am jus' in AWE~!! All I can say is THANK U, THANK U 'n THANK U 'gain, fur makin' my First Valentine a year to remember!!~

Purrs to all my grand furiends comin' from a happy, giggley 'n cheekie smilin' Calico kitten~!!

Hugs, love 'n Happy Valentine's DAY~!!!



KCK Secret Admirer Fun!~Happy Valentine's Day~!!!

February 6th 2012 5:38 pm
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OH wow, I am havin' da time o' me'z lil life!! We purrlayin' a most fun 'n extra spawcial event in Kewlest Catster Kitties!!~ All o' us who entered haz a 'chosen' Secwet Admirer dat we can send anonymouse prezzies too 'n make pishurez 'n leave sweet message'z! 'n Dante 'n Rex give our names to other'z who signed up, BUT me 'n MILO don't haz a clue whofur got our names! But let me tell'z ya, MY Secwet Admirer is da most sweetest 'n kindest 'n kewlest kitty efur! Him made me TWO coot 'n kewl pishures 'n I lubb'z 'em so mush! 'n gotta tell ya what else I got, TWO dozen rose'z, I SAID TWO DOZEN!! Him sez 'You are so easy to admire!' 'n sent LIPZ too 'n sez 'Beautiful Kitten, you make me Smitten'!! Ahhhh, I feel da LOVE here!! Him send 'nother lil phraze dat sez, 'Cool Kitty, won't you be mine, sweet Valentine'??? A poet, did ya hear'z dat!? Him a poet!~ I jus' had to write 'bout my Secwet Admirer!! It's so mush fun 'n ya know what? I was given a name o' a saweet boy dat I am hiz secwet admirer too!! Him not know'z it'z me, but I hope him guessez, coz I throwin' hints out there!! Giggles! But I did notice he wrote 'bout me in hiz diary! 'n Him don't efen know'z who I iz!! MOL!
Thank U KCK fur all da fun 'n admiration'z goin' out to da pawsome kittiez 'n memmer'z o' Kewlest! What a Wonnerfur Group it iz!~ 'n So Saweet!!~ Ha, Milo will haz to write hiz own diary 'bout hiz secwet admirer! 'n him really got a kewl kitty to admire also! WE LOVE our ADMIN'z in KCK!~'n Member'z too!!

BIG SMOOTCHES 'n Love'z to all! 'n Happy Valentine's Day too!!

Purrz 'n love,
Baby Gurly Gurl whofur LOVE'z pink!!!~

Pee Ess, oh wow, jus' checked my paw mail 'n ahhh, I got a purrty Chocolate wif my Name on it, sez 'Mallee you're so Sweet', oh gotta run 'n get it on my page!!
*Mallee fanz herself!!!* Tee hee!!


VALENTINE?? Oh, how I WANT to be a Valentine~!!

January 25th 2012 5:01 pm
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Oh, I am all giggley 'n happy~!!! It's my FIRST year to see Valentine's Day in action! I am really jus' a young kitfur, but I really want's to know's 'bout dis Valentine's Day thing!! It's all ofur Catster 'n efuryone is so Happy 'n Joyous dis time o' year~!! I hope I get lotza Valentine's dis year! I purrs 'n I purrs happilee dat all our Catster furiends get's loads o' Valentine's in their mailbox, pmails, 'email's n' gifties~!!! Oh, it's so magical 'n Spawcial!~ I got a Valentine's heart sent to me today from Anoneemouse!!~ I wonner WHOFUR it could be's?? 'n Yesterday's, I got a spawcial heart sent to me from TRISTAN 'n him asked me to be HIS Valentine's 'n I sez YES! OMC! What's a gurly gurl gonna say to a hansome FUR like TRISTAN??? NO!? I don't THINK so~!!! MOL! He adorable!!! Him is da purrfect brofur to Angel LOUIS LEBEAU 'n WE love's their families so mush!! We been knowin' 'em 'n Ethan 'n furmilies fur LONG time now!! What is there NOT to LOVE!??? I am jus' bubblee wif love's 'n bright eyes shinin' right now!! I GLOW! Izn't it fun?? Thank U Tristan fur askin' me to be Ur precious Valentine! I feel so spawcial! Now, whofur sent me anoneemouse heart?? I got an admirer!?? Purrlease, show urself !?? Thank U's fur da most pawsome heart! I love's it so mush! 'n Tristan, I love's da heart U sent me, hansome dood!~ WOW, I am jus' floored!~ Giggles!

Happy Valentine's Day to U all 'n hope Ur days r filled wif spawcial moments, 'n events 'n always full o' LOVE!~ Love makes da world go 'round!!~

Purrs ' n kitten kisses 'n love,
A Happy Gurly Gurl


I Caught da Mousie, I did, I DID!!!~'n lil 'bout Our- Chrissymas Prezzies from HEN 'n JASMINE!

January 10th 2012 9:56 am
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Mews 'n Happy Days, efuryone! I finally get MY turn to write in my diary! Humm, wonner what took mommy so long?? I am purrincess, am I not? Ok, so her got other fursibs to write fur, but I should come first!~ Anyways, so if ya read our dear Smokey Joe's Diary, ya know's I've found a PAWSOME toy mousie on da bafroom door!?? It's so kewl 'n it bounces 'n I grab it 'n it swings 'n I grab it more's! I jump HIGH 'n Pounce really strong upon it!~ Well.....I FINALLY did catch it good! MOL! I fought wif it SO hard dat it came tumblin' down off dat door!! Da WHOLE thing!~ I did it! I did, I caught it 'n I was so purroud of meself''s!! Mommy jus' laughed 'n laughed at me. I dragged it all 'roun da room 'n chewed on it, until MOMMY decided to put it back up!~ Nah, mom! Now I gotta GET it again! JUMP, CHOMP, WHIIRLLLL 'roun' 'n 'roun'! It's wild 'n it wears me out! Had to take a cat nappy after dat purrlay time's!~But, mommy sez I did really good! So I'z purroud!
Milo will haz to tell ya 'bout da REAL mousie him caught, actually TWO o' 'em in da 'partment when him was younger! We not got any real mousies here anymore's! Milo tol' me dem field mousies r really FUN to chase 'n paw 'n purrlay wif! Him was a really GOOD mousie catcher! But, I am good too! YAY!
Ok, note on da Homefront, I been bein' my same, purrty mush, same DIVA GURLY GURL! So, I am 'n I IZ!~ OK. But let me tell ya what, Milo iz really gettin' super sharp these days! Him actually KNOW'S when I gonna pounce on him 'n him get's ready! As I huddle my lil butt down 'n shake's it all 'round, him sits UP straight 'n glares at me! MOL! Mommy think's it's so funny!!! Boy, U think's U know's U been HAD when Milo glares at U wif them HUGE vavashous BLUE EYES! His face get's redder 'n him get's vicious! "bout time furbro!! MOL! Ha, but him still falls fur my licks 'n kissies! Him be's a sleepin' on his new cute lil spawcial blankee dat Jasmine sent him fur Chrissymas! I want dat SPOT! Iz MINE! So, I get all lovely dovey, but I licks FAST, 'n hard 'n then...POW! I crunch time! Giggles, he still falls fur it! Him leaves 'n I get MY spot!~

Oh U should see Milo on dis cute blankee! Lil Hen, him RB gurly furiend 'n
Jasmine r his spawcial gurly furiends! Well we got dis package after Chrissymas, wif goodies dat Hen's Mommy made fur us! I got a kewl chrissymas ornament her made fur me wif my NAME on it!~ 'n MILO got two cute ornaments wif his name on it too 'n one dat sez 'HEN hearts MILO'. Dey so cute! WE LOVE'S 'em so mush, MILO U gotta write 'bout dis in Ur diary soon! These r really spawcial furiends! WE also got a cute lil card 'n a really super sweet pishure o' Hen 'n her Mommy Teresa! We will treasure if furefur! Thank U so mush HEN 'n JASMINE!~ We love's Ur whole furmilies 'n PETE too, although Pete is mush like MILO in da fact dat JAS is lot like ME! Whadya know? MOL! Her like's to be's a DIVA too! Like me! MOL! We two peas in a pod!! Ok, so I tol' u lots 'n let Milo finish his own story! But, hey, I like to tawk lots! Hehehee!

*Giggles* It's been a really fun ride here at da homefront! Mommy love's me 'n MILO, well MILO is jus' MILO 'n him love's me, but I haz to grow up a bit 'n I know's we'll be bestest o' furiends! I know him looks out fur me 'n sez him will PAW SLAP any fur dood whofur breaks me's heart! What's dat mean, efen?? I too young to haz a boyfuriend, but I got lotza boys whofur like's me lots, jus' fur bein' me! Dat's all a gurly gurl could ask fur, isn't it??

Thank U so mush fur readin' my diary! Ur all furry spawcial to me!!

Love 'n lotza kitten kissies,


Happy New Year Catster!!!!~ Let's Share Some Black Eyed- Pee's fur 2012~!!!

December 30th 2011 3:21 pm
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HELLOOO! WOW, dis Year has been furtabulous! I has made so many pawsome furiends here! I jus' can't tell ya how it make's me's lil tummy feel so spawcial to come here~!! We Love's our Furiends 'n our future furiends on Catster!!! Long live's Memories made in 2011!!~
Tomorrow is New Years eve, A New beginning to a Happy 'n most Prosperous New Year 2012!~ A day we shall Catebrate all our pawsome memories from dis year we've made!~Did ya see da New Baby? Milo sez da New Year Baby always dances on New Years Day to show him is happy 'n healthy 'n Born on New Years day! Milo sez it's a New 'n refreshin' Beginning!~January 1st is a New Start to a New Year 'n many folks 'n kits share their extroidinary New Year's Resolutions!
I think we should start now! Let's hear Ur's!?? I think I will try to be's better 'n not agrivate Milo so mush, but...ya nefur know, I still a kitten 'n Sandy Paws forgave's me once, think da New Year's Baby will forgive's me 'gain? Oh 'n Father Time too!?? Oooh, I better NOT take any chances! I gonna still run 'n purrlay wif Milo, coz I KNOW him really like's me now (Maybe efen Love's me??? a lil?? Giggles~)!I won't bite him so mush, ok?
I hear some peeps enjoy Champagne 'n Caviar on New Years Eve 'n efen eat black eyed pee's to bring good luck!? Oh Mommy sez ya gotta has black eyed pees 'n cornbread on New Year's Day!~Or is it jus' a Southern Tradition??
Me 'n Milo thinks we jus' might pick out da bacon 'n leave's da rest. Not think's Milo efen like's da gravy part in black eyed pees!! MOL! But is 'spose to bring good luck 'n great fortune! We need's as mush Halp's as we can get 'round here!

Mom sez also da countdown begins to da end o' her job.
Three months..It was really sad at werk's today, mom sez 25% o' her co-werker's last day was today. Her got all kinds of goodbye, 'n thanks emails. Lots o' hugs goin' round. It will be da same when March 30th comes. Her dept. A/P will end dat day. Some folks were asked to stay til July, not mommy. Her got plans to travel some wif our Paw fur a week, den back to lookin' fur a new position. Da Jobs r out there, mommy jus' hopes da timin' is right. We would purrpreciate purrs 'n purrayers fur a new beginning to be really bright 'n successfur~!
Now on to more Happier thoughts..da New Year opens up a whole new ballgame here! When one door closes, a new 'n excitin' one opens! Isn't dat right!? I learn lots from Milo 'n mommy, sometimes her can be's quite smart!~ MOL! Milo sez we're a close knit furmily 'n nothin' can stop da love dat flows within our small one bedroom apt!!~
Furiends 'n loved ones, I want to wish U ALL a most Purrfect o' New Year's catebrations!~ Thank U so mush fur bein' here fur us, our furmilies, our furiends, our Catster World!~ I've only been here a few months, but I KNOW how mush Catster Mommy's 'n Daddy's love efuryone here!
Thank U Catster fur a Wonnerfur Year 2011!~ It rocks 'n so do U~!! THANK YOU~!!!
Mommy sez a song was written fur a new beginnin' called Auld Lang Syne, but I think's Milo wants to write 'bout dat one! I not know's mush 'bout Lang Syne! I on'y know's it is catebrated here at da stroke of Midnight on December 31st...I on'y know's it's talkin' 'bout memories made~'n those remembered.

Love U all 'n Enjoy Ur New Year's Weekend 'n haz a black eyed pee on me!!! Oh 'n don't forget da Cornbread!!~

HAPPY NEW YEAR from my heart to urs,

Big Love,



I Been GOOD, haz U!? 'n SANDY PAWS IS on his WAY!! YAY!~

December 23rd 2011 7:10 pm
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Well, ya know's dat da time is here! Is a time when we ALL purrpreciate eash other 'n we Love eash other 'n we good to eash other!! But, mommy sez we should be's dat way ALL da time! Tis da Season, we know, efuryone is dancin' 'n singin' 'n bright 'n happy!~ We r happy too! 'N Sandy Paws IS comin' to see me 'n gonna bring me all da goodies I asked fur! Did ya know dat?? Milo took up fur me 'n I been really good these past few weeks 'n lick his head lots!!! I LOVE my MILO!~ Him a pawsome brofur 'n him takes care o' me really good too! I watch him 'n I learn from him!~
Tonight, mommy purred 'n put loads more balls on our lil white tree! Oh my it was so fun to watch! Her also put flowers on it, one's da her mom had given her, well fake o' course, but it looks so GREAT on our tree! Our furiends Timmy 'n Ziggy's mommy gave mom MORE bright 'n colorfur balls to put on it 'n mommy got some yummy candy canes to add to it today! OH 'n mommy came home wif lotza toys 'n stuff to rap up! I LOVE da rappin paper! I halped bunches 'n also her got me my OWN purrfect litter box!~ I sneaked 'n seen mommy got ME a brand new Food Bowl all my furry own! Iz PINK too! Ha, her didn't think I saw! But before I knew it, it was rapped up tight! Oh da tree looks so purrty 'n I so happy mommy put it up fur us to enjoy! I don't climb in it anymore really! I still bat at da ballies sometimes! Milo 'n I halped rap all da prezzies to our fur cousin's 'n their mommy's! Mom's best furiends r their mommy's 'n dey halps eash other all da time! Is a great season 'n We so purrpreciate U all so mush! Thank U fur ALL da Merry Chrissymas wishes 'n love U sent! We love 'em so muhs 'n it really makes Mommy smile wide 'n big! We hope U all enjoy Ur Chrissymas time wif furmililies 'n furiends 'n Eat lots! My Paw is her now 'n him brought a homemade Cherry pie 'n homemake cookies!! Wow I can't wait to see what's in his BIG bag him brought fur us, but I think him will prob'ly wait until tomorrow night!! AHHH, I can't Wait Sandy Paws! My Paw is da greatest!~ Happy New Year too, it's gonna be a purrfect year here wif all my grand furiends!~ Thank U so mush fur bein' so Pawsome 'n so lovin'!~ We love's U 'n' my U all find Peace 'n Happiness throughtout dis Holiday Season' 'n da New Year too!~

Big head nudges 'n kitty kisses,


Pee Ess, Don't forget to go to bed early tomorrow night, coz U don't want to spy on Sandy Paws! Well, maybe U might wanna!! MOL~!! Nite Nite!!~

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