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Outside 'n Inside Summer FUN~!!

August 2nd 2012 1:17 pm
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Hi efuryone~!! I hope Ur summer time iz so happy 'n enjoyable~! Iz hot, but if'n U get out early, like we doez ina mornin' U can bypass alla dat Texas HEAT~! Kewl breezes 'n lotza burdiez 'n fun stuff to do~! I love to explore outside 'n Milo really likes to show off~! Dat man cat~! Him climb da trees 'n show off, but I let him know how GOOD I iz at climbin' 'em too~! Giggles! Mom won't let me get up too high though, coz if'n her did, I would definitely catch me a burdy!!! I pounced on two mothis 'n carried 'em 'round in my mouth fur a good long time~ Mommy thought it was so cute 'n funny~ Coz I did NOT want Milo to get my stash~!! Teehee!!!
When we came inside it wuz time to change sheets~! Oh wow, dis iz da funnest adventure efur~! Mommy did laundry today 'n big piles o' clothes 'n stuff fur us to tumble 'n purrlay in but her put 'em up 'fore we really got a chance to dig too deep~ MOL~!! Ona bed came a nice fluffy pink blankee 'n OH wuz is so nice to romp on~! 'n den I got hided unner da covers 'n Milo could no find me~! Giggles~! Him pawed at me 'n I pawed back 'n ran out so fast 'n sailed through da air~! I also found a really kewl clumped up peice o' paper ona floor~ OH what a treasure!! I carried it 'roun' 'n Milo chased me fur it~! Nope dis is MINE, brofur~! So mommy would toss da ballie at me 'n I would bat it back wif my battin' paws~! I so good at dis~! We got bags fulla our tp toys ina Den 'n I love's 'em too~! Mommy got dem toys outta da tubby coz it wuz in use~!! So now we got SOOO many toys 'n stuff ina Den mommy can't efen walk through~ Milo loves boxes efen more den I does. I found him hidin' in one unner dat dinin' room table~ Him laughed at me 'n sez Mallee dere no room fur U in here~! But dere wuz coz I hopped rite on inside wif him~!! Him got kin'a purrturbed at me 'n jumped out 'n hid 'gain~! I found him 'gain~! Oh I lovez to purrlay hidin' seek~!! Mommy would toss dat clump ballie to me 'n I batted it back, only to run 'n getz it 'n take it 'n put it INSIDE my bags fulla toys in da Den~! We purrlay mainly ina bedroom (whar mommy stays most o' da time) or ina Den~! Mommy sez dat way, da livin' room alwayz stays clean~!
So da fun continues~!! Milo still don't like it when I get rough though 'n I think we 'bout da same size now maybe I lil smaller but NOT mush~!! After purrlay time we got tonza spawcial treatz coz mommy finally went to da store 'n refilled our Necessities~! Thank U MOMMY~! Coz I lubbz 'em 'n could eat a WHOLE bag if'n her would let me~!! Mom also finally washed our Jasmine Blankee, MOL~! What it's been months now since Christmas??? Hehehee~! I love'z clean stuffz, don't U~!
Ok, gotta go now 'n take a long mush needed cat nappy~! I iz worn out 'n Milo tells me us kitties really need our beauty rest~! I don't, I am beautifur 'nuff~! So dere, MILO~!! Giggles~!!

Purrz 'n lotza love 'n kissies,


My Furbro made DDP Today~! Thank U Catster~! 'n I caught a- LIZARD too~!

June 29th 2012 2:54 pm
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WOW, MILO sometime'z Ur a real kewl kit~! Diz wuz a BIG surprise fur mommy today~! What wif her not gettin' a notification from Catster 'n all~Wonner what'z up wif dat?? Oh wow, him got cute cute CUTE pishurez from Grand furiendz, Pipo 'n Minko, Tundra 'n furmilies 'n Big Harry 'n furmilies too~! (extra spawcial purrz to Big Harry, him went to da Bridge today 'n we r so sad 'bout it~! Hugz 'n Smokey Joe will write in him diary tonight, so stay tuned~!!)

Thank U all fur da wonnerfur prezziez 'n pix my brofur got~! MILO iz in happy dancin' pawty mode 'n we LOVE our Catster furiendz so mush~!

Anyfur, I hope Ur all havin' a grand day~! Iz da weekend~ Yeah~! Let'z shout hurray 'n happy dancez~! I love da weekendz 'n so mush fun~ Oh but golly iz it HOT outside~! But we like to go out ina mornin'z when iz still a bit kewl 'n sunny 'n breezez blow~! I gotta tell U diz kewl story~! When I went outside dis mornin' it wuz so nice 'n da grass is SOOOO green, I jus' wanna eat it ALL~! Giggles~! I spotted somethin' ina grass 'n I POUNCED upon it~! Mommy couldn't efen see what it wuz, but I DID~! I kept on diggin' roun' ina grass 'n I caught it~! It wuz a tiny lizard~! I wanted so mush to nom nom it, but mommy sez I couldn't eat it cause it wuz justa baby~! Her sez babies need a chance to grow up~! So, I went on 'bout my way, but I did haz fun pouncin' on it~! I did not hurt it...I jus' seen it 'n got really excited~!

So..Happy Dayz to U all 'n nefur forget to be thankfur fur ur own happy home 'n da lovin' 'n goodies U get from a furefur furmily~! I doez 'n I so thank fur mommy kept me 'n let me stay wif MILO 'n enjoy da love her givez to me efuryday~! I iz a lucky gurl~!

Oh 'n Moppie, I shur do miss U my sweetheart~! I hope Ur doin' ok~!?? 'n I hope U enjoyed Ur Happy Gotcha Day yesterday too!~! Purrz 'n kisses to U~!

Love 'n paw nudgez 'n whisker kissies,



June 17th 2012 5:42 am
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Howdy 'n Hi 'n Hellooooo Efury Fur~!! Wow it's been rough here on Catster~! Some kits not gettin' dere emails 'n notificationz 'n we been havin' big time trouble jus' bein' able to post new pix 'n stuff~!! Catster fleas go 'way~! But it might not efen be all Catster'z fault, although we had to faniggle some thangs to get stuff to werk right~!! I had to delete some pix efen~! Mom hazn't been to MILO'z page yet to get him new pix up~! Whew, dis is rough stuff, jus' so time consumin' 'n what lil time we all haz to be here needs to be spent more wif our grand furiends 'n visitin' dere pagez 'n makin' sweet comments 'n sendin' prezzies~!!
Ok I done wif my harpin', U see I growin' up~! I mommy'z baby gurly 'n her really becomin' SOOO furry attached to me 'n can't efen imagine me not bein' here~! Her not shur what it wuz like 'fore I came~! I so lucky 'n dat I made susha purrfect impression on her~!! Can U belief dat MILO efen shares more wif me too?? Him still let's me eat first 'n now him shares him duffy bag wif me~!! 'n I figured out too dat mommy spendz lotza time here on da 'puter 'n I learn to lay down in front o' da monitor jus' like MILO does~ Him teachin' me lotz 'n lotz!~! As U can see in my pishure, I like to halp mom wif her paper werk 'n junk. I really do~! Layin' on 'em halpz her to memmer when her need to get stuff done~! GIGGLES~!

I also learned a really pawsome TRICK~! Well I already learned to be on mommy'z shoulder 'n ride 'round like Smokey Joe did 'n now MILO does too~ But get dis~!! I can jump from da floor all da way up top mom'z shoulders in one leap~!!! Now iz dat a way kewl trick or what??? Tee Hee~! Mom sez I really really smart~!! I still food oriented 'n love'z my spawcial treats 'n my yummy FF any kind~!! We get it once a day~! Mmmm yummy good~! Also I been goin' outside in my harness 'n know all da walk wayz 'n I on a really grand routine~! MILO follows me, still him furry protective brofur~!!

Oh also I got a really kewt 'n furry kewl Princess pink TAG~!! U can see it in my pishures~ MILO got one too 'n hiz iz blue (like him gorgeous eyes) 'n sez COOL CAT on it~! We LOVE our new TAGS~! MILO will be addin' new pix to him page too soon!! Well if mommy can get it to werk right. Seems we haz to try more den twice to get a pix loaded~!

Anyfur, I wanted to sez HOWDY 'n hope U all r havin' a purrfect summer~! 'n Stay kewl coz it'z gonna be'z a HOT one~!!

Purrz 'n Love,
Purrinces Baby Gurly Gurl


More Outside Fun 'n I really LIKE somefur~!!

May 12th 2012 2:17 pm
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Howdy~! Hugz to all my furrtabulous furiends 'n thank U fur all Ur kindness 'n love~! I jus' can't tell ya how mush fun I'z been havin' outside 'n enjoyin' da nice warm sunshine 'n spring time activitiez~! Well U know how mush I love to go outside~! I really enjoyed dis mornin'~! I gotted to go outside 'gain 'n I gotta tell ya, I iz gettin' really good on my trek 'n adventure trail~! I know 'xactly where to go 'n when to turn~! Mom haz me on a routine harness wawk 'n I stay close~ But today, I ventured efen closer to da flowers 'n beautifur bushez in front o' my complex!~! It's so purrty~ I sniffed da flowerz 'n found a buggie inside a flower too~! I chased it 'n I caught it 'n den...I let it go~! Giggles~! I enjoyed it so mush~! I traveled 'roun' more 'n I ran upon a mothie!~ I gotted it in my mouth 'n it tickled~! Teehee~! I purrlayed wif it 'n den MILO came 'long 'n wanted to purrlay wif it too~! I tol' him it wuz MY MOTH~! Him did no care, him chased it too~! Ok, so I guess I need to share~!
Now, I gotta admit, der iz a really hansome dood kitfur dat I been tawkin' wif 'n I not shur, but I think'z him might be'z my Secret Admirer~! I got purrty prezziez from my Secret Admirer 'n although, I not absolutely shur, I been gettin' plenty o' hintz too~! Thank U so mush fur my purrty giftz~! I LOVE dem so mush~!!
OH wow, I hope I am right 'bout me'z spawcial hansome purrince~! Him iz sooooo sooo pawsome~! Do U know whofur it iz??? Well all I can sez iz dat we enjoyed a few dancez 'n I got dreamy paws when it happened~! My big golden eyes got so big when our paws touched 'n I think'z I wuz droolin' a bit too~MOL~! A gurlie don't drool, but I think I did~!! But it wuz so mush fun 'n I want to do it 'gain~ 'gain~!
Der will be pawty comin' up soon fur MOPPIE 'n BLADE catebratin' der 1st birfday'z together on May 16th~! 'n We got Paris 'n Presley too whofur gotted der birfday'z da same day~! So we gonna all pawty 'n catebrate fun 'n pawsome dance dat day~! Whew, I am so excited thinkin' 'bout da fun we're all gonna haz~! So, if'n U can, Purrlease come to our purrfect furiends pawtiez~! U know it will be a grand delight~! Oh I jus' can't stop thinkin' 'bout da fun I had dancin' wif Moppie at Tao 'n MILO's Gotcha Day pawty~ We catebrated Moppie's birfday too~! It wuz sush a blast!~!!
*Mallee drifts off in her spawcial dream world 'n think'z o' her spawcial guy..'n hopez him thinkin' o' her too* Farewell for now, my purrfect furiends~! I must go tidy up 'n make spawcial planz fur a furry spawcial event~! It'z shur to be a kitty pleaser~!!

PURRZ 'n Kitty kissiez 'n Lotza Love,

Purrincess in Trainin', Texas Purr gurl


I found a Burdie ina Bush~!!

April 25th 2012 11:26 am
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Howdy 'n happy Spring~! Ok, furst sorry Tabbies but I GOTTA tell my story 'bout burd'z~! It wuz so mush fun dis mornin' unner da Texas blues skies~! Mommy nefur laughed 'n enjoyed it so mush in her life'z~!
So I got on me'z harness early dis mornin' so me 'n MILO could go out together~ I wuz walkin' along 'n eatin' a bit o' grass 'n rollin' in da dirt~ I rolled 'n rolled 'n my tummy wuz up~! Mom furgot her camera, so I'll haz to share a visual in werds so U can know'z how mush fun it wuz~! We came along some really green 'n pawsome bushes, well I knew dere wuz burds in 'em~ I knew it~! I raised up 'n pawsome pawin' dem small branches so I could see deep inside really good~! Well mommy said MALLEE, there isn't any burdies in that bush~! OH mommy, Ur so wrong~! I spyed it 'n I sat dere lookin' 'n DEN mush to mom'z surprize I JUMPED right up on TOP o' dat BUSH~! Dat Burdie BUSH~! Giggles~! I did~! Well I came outta dere quick, but ya know what? After mommy looked 'gain, her DID see da burdie in dere, a wee lil sparrow!~ Him wuz hidden really good~! I seen him, but mommy didn't ~ Na Na Na~!! MOL~! I iz sush a good hunter~! Well I been on my way to walkin' round da 'partment complex 'n see ALL dat I can see, when here come'z MILO~! Him gotta follow me 'n takin' goodest care o' his lil sisfur~! I wuz chasin' burds 'n him ran into da pool area~! Him wuz chasin' leafie'z~! It wuz really windy dis mornin' but blue skies 'n so pretty like dat temp wuz 68~!! PURRFECT weather fur us kitz~! Well I continued my 'splorin' 'n got 'round da other side 'n what did I see? Peeps walkin' 'n startin' their carz~ I skeered o' 'em 'n tried to run~! Mommy scooped me up so I would no be 'fraid 'n took me lil further out o' site coz her know'z all da loud noises skeer me~! It's jus' life, her tellz me~! So We walked on 'n some peeps sez to mommy, wow U walkin' her, we seen how good her jus' stays so close to U!~ WOW, dey noticed me~! Yepz I be'z good 'n den here come'z MILO 'gain~! Him follows me~! Huh, wonner if'n him thinkz I really need'z him halp'z??? Giggles~! Den we went into our breezeway 'n through to da front 'n I purrlay 'n roll rite in front o' my bedroom window~! HA, I efen smelt dat Ziggy had been dere~! I rolled 'n covered up him scent~! HA HA HA~! MY area~! MINE~Den what did I see?~? A Pigeon on second floor lookin' down at me~! I got really still 'n I got my kitty stance all ready, 'n I stared~! I gave him da evil eye~! Him watched me. Beedy eyed burd~!! I purrlay some more, tryin' to ignore da glarin' eyes upon me~! Well I looked back 'n him STILL lookin' down on me~! Mom sez maybe him lookin' ofur me, well I think'z him jus' needed to be caught 'n eaten~! BURDS!! Dey make me catCRAZEEE~! I iz gonna get U one day~! I will~! Den we walk some more 'n mommy sez, Mallee 'n Milo iz time fur ur brekkie~! OK, now her talkin'~!! I ran inside 'n we got da best beefie'z 'n gravie'z 'n Milo followed me inside too~ Oh Brofur, let's munch on now, dood~! We really be'z good together 'n someday, we'll show da world really how good hunter'z we R~!!

Purrs 'n love 'n thankies fur readin' my diary~! I hope Ur day wuz fun 'n eggsitin' too~! May U get sunshine 'n share da great outdoors when U can~!



WOW~!!! I IZ CAT o' da DAY~!! What an HONOR~!

April 19th 2012 6:44 am
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Oh wow, my paws r jus' dancin' 'n I so Happy dis DAY~! Mommy woke up 'n seen her email box wuz FULL~! Her sez, Hmmm, MALLEE, what's up wif all dese prezzies Ur gettin' today??~ WOW her looked 'n we got pmails from Buddie 'n wonnerfur furmilies, we got pmail from Manytoes 'n furmilies wif a PIX o' ME 'n sayin' CONCATS on ur CAT o' da DAY honor, MALLEE~! THANK U SO MUSH~! Oh I am so thrilled 'n eggited~! Dis is really a BIG surprise to me!~ I iz so honored~!! Thank U so mush fur alla Ur prezzies 'n spawcially Ur LOVE 'n FURIENDSHIP~! I iz so in shock 'n AWE dat I am really Cat o' da Day~! I jus' had da most pawsome purrfect birfday catebration 'n now dis~!! I iz havin' SOOO mush fun 'n all coz o' my saweet 'n most wonnerfur furiends~! THANK U~! Fur ALLA ur PURRTASTIC PREZZIES, I THANK U~! I LOVE U SO MUSH~!

Catster peeps o' responsibilities fur selectin' da Cat o' da Day honors, I want to Thank U so mush~! Catster rocks 'n I so mush enjoy comin' here to purrlay~! We got sush nice 'n kin' 'n considerate kitties here 'n I IZ so purroud to be a part o' dis FINE 'n BOOTIFUR COMMUNITY~!! ROCK ON CATSTER~! U absolutely RULE~!!

Oh 'n mommy iz gonna werk'z on gettin' some pix o' me purrlayin' wif my spawcial birfday Purrlay CAT IT Sensor Circuit on my page today~! Hurry up MOMMY~! Dey all want to see how mush fun I 'n MILO iz havin' wif our fun 'n pawsome toy~!! I gettin' on her, my Grandette, Calie~! I know U want to see~!! So efuryone, come 'n purrlay wif us, ok? Time to come on ofur 'n Catebrate once 'gain~!!

YIPPEEE, what a purrfect day to ENJOY 'n share wif my Grand Furiends~!! U all r so purrfect to me~!! Thank U 'n I can't say Thank U 'nuff~!!

Lotza Love 'n kitty kisses 'n purrpreciations,

Purrincess Mallee o' Texas land *Giggles*
I iz one lucky kitfur, yesh, I iz~!!


Second Generation Kits 'n I finally got my new Birfday- Prezzie from MOM~!!

April 17th 2012 7:26 pm
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OH OH OH~! I had so mush fun fur my birfday~ 'n all becoz o' U ALL~!!
Thank U all fur comin' to my pawsome pawty in my diary~! Thank U fur all my prezziez 'n kewl rosie'z 'n makin' my page look sooooo beautifur~!! U ALL R DA BEST~!!! I haz da happiest 'n most kewlest fun first birfday EFUR~!
*MAL MAL sends lotza kissies all 'round~!*
It wuz amazin' FUN~! Thankz 'n mush love to all whofur came~!! Love's 'n hugs to my Valentine Tristan~! Love's 'n hugs to my grandette Calie 'n Her way kewl brofur TAO~! U kits rocked da whole night~ Thanks to Samhain, Sleeper, 'n Fearless fur makin' it sush a fun weekend~!! Sunday really wuz an unfurgettable event~! Thank U to Kally Kat 'n all whofur sent me purrty pishures in my diary 'n made my day so excitin'~!
Shout out to PIGEON, Our grandest 'n spawcial furiend~!! I love's my pishure, Pige, thank U so mush~! We were havin' a blast~ U know how mush we love U 'n Ur mommy~!!
Oh I jus' can't imagine LIFE wifout U all in it!~ I iz jus' one now, but I haz enjoyed so mush bein' on Catster fur da 6 short months I been here~!! MILO my grand furbro, thanks fur introducin' me to all our kewl furiends 'n I got to know all da second generation kits~! U know'z what a second generation kit iz? It's me 'n Fearless 'n Griswold 'n Snow 'n my Valentine Tristan 'n Abby 'n Novi 'n Miranda 'n Tao 'n all MILO 'n SAM 'n TIMMY 'n ZIGGY's furiends dat haz LIL brofurs 'n sisfurs younger like ME~! Still I wanna give shout out to da older sibs, da wiser sibs, da one'z who taught us efurythan'~! Angel Pete, Skylar 'n furmilies, Jezebel, Mikey, Zach 'n Zoe, Pipo 'n Minko, Tate, lil Angel Alfie (spawcial hugs 'n kissies to lil Alfie 'n him mommy 'n furmilies), Cee Cee Ryder, Ingen, Da TABBIES, Pinkie, 'n Purrty Kaci Sunshine~! If'n I missed anyfur, I sowwy, mommy'z eyes goin' batty tonight~! I want to thank eash 'n efuryone dat came to my pawty~! Mom, why ur eyes gone batty tonight???? Giggles~! I guess iz ok, 'n U get tired sometimez...BUT I be'z important~! Golly, mommy nefur thought a gurlie gurl would be dis mush werk~! hehehe~! or dis mush FUN~!! Her sez MILO nor Smokey Joe were a big deal, but I AM~! 'n wif two kitties in da household now, whew~ It makes it rough to keep efurythin' in line~!! Spawcially in a tiny one bedroom 'partment~!

So, I gotta tell ya 'bout my kewl prezzie dat came yesterday from my mommy~ Her ordered it online from AMAZON jus' like ZACK 'n ZOEY DID~ How kewl dey tol' us 'bout dis kewl toy CAT IT SENSOR CIRCUIT~!! Thanks fur da advice 'n jus' to let U bof know, I LOVE'Z IT~! I DOES~!! It'z da greatest toy efur~ 'n MILO efen like'z it too 'n soon we'll haz pix on our page fur all to see~! My furiends Z & Z rock 'n dey really halpful when it come'z to analyzin' toyz, so U need to Listen to 'em~!! THANKZ so mush~!

Well MILO U should feel really privledged today, coz U came first 'n mommy did UR diary first~! I am alway'z first~ But not today~! But I bet I does tawk more den U 'n I be'z purrtier den U~! Ok, maybe I should not be so selfish, coz MILO U be'z one hansome man kitty all 'round~ 'n I purroud to call U my way kewl brofur~! U teach me. I listen. Now would U purrlease wake up 'n purrlay wif me~??? It's on'y like 9:30 'n U be'z sleepin'n on MY time~!! Giggles~!

Purrs 'n Lotza love 'n thank U fur readin' me'z diary~!!

Purrincess MALLEE
MAL MAL purrincess Poo~!! Heheh, I still like it Samhain~!!

Pee Ess, I forgot to give'z a shout out to my way kewl 'n pawsome furmilies fur comin' to my pawty too~ My angel furbro Smokey Joe 'n my way kewl 'n pawsome brofur SAM~! U guys r da best 'n U know how mush I Love's U all~! Timmy 'n Ziggy too, my fur cousins~


It's PAWTY TIME!~ Purrlease come to my Birfday Pawty all- Weekend~!!

April 13th 2012 6:37 pm
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MEOW MEOW 'n PURRS 'n EXTRA LOUD 'n PAWSOME PURRS 'n Big Hugs to ALL my Grand furiends here on Catster~!! U ALL r so spawcial to me~! 'n Guess what? I am turnin' 1 year old dis Sunday~!! April 15th, dat's right~! 'n Like my grand pal TAO always sez, U on'y turn 1 ONCE in Ur lifetime~!! 'n So dat means, it's gotta be'z super SPAWCIAL~!! TAO Purrlease bring my lil Grandette, Calie, ok? I bet her love's Pink 'n Purpal too~!!! Oh 'n Shout out to Griswold, purrlease come too, sugar pie? 'n Fearless, gurlie, U gotta come too~! 'n I do hope Tabbies come~! I LOVE dem~!!! Oh, I can't name efuryone~!! I want all o' U to come~!!
I so eggsited~!! Mommy did me a spawcial background wif balloons 'n so we can dance 'n sing 'n pawty lots dis weekend~! OH I hope U all come on ofur 'n let's haz a BIG PAWTY 'n Catebrate in style!~We'll haz cuppycakes galore~! OH wow, mommy I jus' LOVE my new pishures~! Ya know how mush I love'z pink 'n purpal too?~ Well mommy got me some mew pink toys 'n ballies~! Oh how I love's pink 'n purpal~! Her haz some more hidden 'n won't show 'em to me until Sunday on my actual Birfday~! Her tol' me I could no sneak into da closet~! OH, I bet dat is where my other gifts R~!! Hmmm, wonner if I can actually open dat door? Maybe see if'n I can try~!! Hee Hee Giggles~! I can't wait to pawty wif all my furiends~! Jus' come as U r, when efur U can~! 'n grab a pawty hat when U get here~!!

Pawty Hats Fur ALL~!!

Purrlease come~!!! We gonna has lotza treats like...



Let's rock 'n roll~!! Whoo Hooo~!!! Don't ya jus' LOVE PAWTIES~?? Giggles~!!



So let's all haz some wonnerfur fun 'n enjoy our grand furiendship~!! I LOVE U all~!


Lightin' my First Birfday Candle~!! Wheeee~!

Purrs 'n happy head bonks 'n hope to see U soon~!!!

It's PINK~!! Giggles~!!


Vet Oh Vet Oh How I hate thee~!!

April 10th 2012 2:48 pm
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Meows 'n hugs 'n hello's 'n purrs~!! Hope Ur all havin' a great week~! Mine was goin' jus' furrtastic, UNTIL...da mommy got an idea in her head. Ya see I am not fond o' ridin' in a car, nor do I really like peeps dat mush, at least da ones I not know'z~!! An' I haz a hizzy fit when mommy tried several times to clip my claws~! What da Cat? Mom, I NEED my claws~! But her sez Dey gettin' so sharp we can use 'em to cuttin' cheese 'n stuff now~! MOL! Ok, ma I can does dat, jus' no, no, NO to my claws~! Well my beggin' did no good, so dis afternoon, mom sez we must ride in da car to see da nice nurses at da clinic. Dey be's nice 'n all, but I KNOW dey haz other animals in there 'n dat makes me so NOT HAPPY~! But I was kin'a good dis time. I sitted wif mommy 'n a foow doggies came in, small ones 'n I jus' had to stare 'n look, only growled once or maybe twice. Dis one doggy was so cute 'n her was a puppy bull doggie. Her wagged her tail at me 'n wanted to purrlay, but I was all huddled against mommy 'n put my nose unner her behind to hide~!! I did 'n den I rolled 'n tumbled coz somethin' round these parts smelled really funny~! Mom sez all 'n all I was purrty good, but MILO still is tops wif bein' a really good kitty at da Vets office. Right before dey called my name, there was a couple that brought in a small but beautifur Russian Blue kitty wrapped in a blankee. Mom talked to them 'n told them she looks so much like our Smokey Joe. When they made the announcement as to why they were there, mommy started crying. This blue was 22 years old and they had brought her there to let her go peacefully back home to the Rainbow Bridge. I saw mommy was so sad~ She is still tearing up thinkin' 'bout it. Anyway, sad as it was, mommy told them that was a mighty long time fur a kitty to live. U could tell how much she was loved.
Anyway, finally we got called in, actually da nice nurse came and picked me up and took me back 'n in a matter all o' bout 5 minutes or less, it was done. Da nurse told mommy I did NOT like it and was not happy. Although when her brought me back to ma I was calm. Da road trip home at least iz not furry far 'n when we got there, 'n mom opened da door, I flew inside 'n went straight to my food bowl!~ MOL~ Dat wore me out 'n I had to munch~! Milo was asleep on da bed when we got back 'n wasn't da least bit interested in me or my Vet smells~! Hummpft so like I care 'bout U too, MILO~!!
I have been lingerin' 'round da keetchin 'n food bows 'n I think I will sleep in front o' 'em too. Ya can't believe's how happy I am to be HOME~! Dat car ridin' always means BAD stuff gonna happen~!! I don't trust big machines wif wheels da go round 'n round~!! But ya know'z furiends, I think today, I got an eye poppin' opener as to how lucky I am to haz sush a great home~!

Purrs on 'n lotza love 'n kisses,

Thanks fur readin' my diary~!!


I iz a DREAMETTE 'n Time fur 'nother KITTY'z R US Fun time- Game~!! Whooo~!!

March 25th 2012 4:56 pm
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Wow, can' I efen get mommy to take da time to write 'bout all MY GLORY~?? I became a DIVA by my grand furiends Paris 'n Presley, den I became a BONO BABE by my hansome furiend Sir Sonny Bono~!! DEN, my pawsome furiends Angel Alfie 'n Angel PETE 'n da cutest boys from Dreamgirls group named me a Dreamette~! My Furbro MILO is in there too 'n rootin' fur me, thanks brofur dood~!! Thank U so mush fur my pawsome pishure~! I love it~! OMC~! Am I dancin' 'n singin' da happiest tune efur?? Well yesh, I am. 'N So purroud~!!! Thanks so mush~!!

Now we also haz a fun 'n way kewl game goin' 'round!! I got picked by my grand 'n gorgeous furiend JEZEBEL !!~ But really dis wonnerfur game wuz started by GRISWOLD 'n FEARLESS OK, so here I go 'n my story isn't unlike lotza other kitty memmberances~!!

#1 As it was, I wuz founded by Ziggy 'n Timmy's Mommy, Sandy, my Aunti now~!! Her founded me in a restaurant parkin' lot 'n I wuz a kitty on da prowl. But I wuz sweet 'n nice 'n comed lovin' up on her like dat 'n I sez Purlease take me home~?? Her took me 'n brought home, but to make a long story short, ME 'n Ziggy did NOT get 'long, coz furefur it seemed I always hid unnerneath da mommy's baker rack. I wuz so skeered o' him~!! Efen now we not like eash other~!! But, since I could no stay there, I went to stay wif MILO fur couple days 'n I LOVED IT there~!! MILO iz so easy goin' 'n him da sweetest kitty efur~! I went back home to try 'gain fur few short days, but NO I wanted to go back to be wif MILO. So I did. ''n Dat is what makes me so happy to memmer when I gotted da best home efur~! My mommy is so spawcial 'n her took me in, efen when her wuz not gonna hab'z another kitty in da small teeny match box 'partment. So I here.

# 2 So, then I was a gurly, ya know? I memmer how well mommy treated me 'n took care o' me, 'spawcially when I got my own pink bowl~!!! 'n Fur Chrissymas, I got purrpal 'n pink toys too~! MILO not care, him not really gotten jealous, although him does sometimes eat from MY PINK BOWL~!! Giggles, I share, coz him does~!! All these things I got from my spawcial mommy coz I iz a gurly gurl 'n den her realized dat I wuz indeed spawcial 'n her really wanted a gurl too~!! Her loved on me 'n told me thank U fur comin' to her 'n her so happy we be's bestest gurl furiends~!

# 3 Isn't it obvious? My memories R growin'~!! So jus' yesterday I got efen MORE fondest memories~ I got to go outside on a leash fur da FIRST time efur~!! On'y fur a wittle while, although I wuz kin'a rowdy, on'y a bit, I loved it 'n mommy got my leash from Aunti Sandy (my first mommy, which I still love)~!! Her walked me all 'round dis 'partment 'n I got to see da BIG trees 'n stoopid burds 'n tall buildin's~!! Oh Oh OH 'n I got to see green gassses 'n walk on 'em~!! Mommy iz gonna get me a purrpal harness soon. So I can go outside whenefur MILO 'n SAM 'n TIMMY 'n ZIGGY r outside too~! Hey, I'll no longer be so sheltered~!! Giggles~! It's a great memory efen it wuz jus' yesterday~!!! Wheeee~!!

So dat's SOME o' my memories, I'z still makin' 'em~! Oh 'n my birfday iz next month too~!! I'll be 1 Yrs old~!! Hehehehe, 'n guess what? Today I learned how to open drawers in da bedroom~!! I am always after plastic bags~!! I got it, but mom sez dey not good fur kittie's to purrlay wif, so what her gonna does now??? Since I can open dem drawers 'n soon I'll learn how to open cabinets too~?? I'm SMART~!! Mom sez maybe too smart fur my exxtra long leggie's~!! MOL~!! Anyfur, thanks Jez fur taggin' me, I had a blast writin' dis diary~!! Thanks fur readin' it~ 'n If'n ya ain't purrlayed dis pawsome game yet, purrlease do~!! Iz fun 'n kits can learn so mush 'bout U too~!! Consider Urself tagged~!!

Purrs 'n night nighty saweet dreams 'n pleasant kitty dreams~!!!

Love 'n giggley purrs,
Dreamette, Diva 'n Bono Babe Gurly Gurl

Pee Ess, oh I furgot (always coverin' fur my hansome brofur too~! MOL!) MILO needs to write his Kitty'z R Us diary soon~! Him be's tagged by him pawsome furiend ZACH, lil Griswold's big brofur~!! Zachie, MILO be's writin' it soon, coz mommy iz really tired tonight 'n sez da weekend went by WAY to fast~!
Too mush to do sometimes~!! Purrs to U ZACH 'n GRIS~!!!

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