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Oh My Tail~! Iz shaped like a ?

January 2nd 2013 11:18 am
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Hellooooo 'n Happy New Year to efuryone!~ I hope Ur New Years iz startin' off rite 'n Ur keepin' warm 'n safe 'n cozy wif Ur pawsome furmilies!!~
Now, ya know, mommy been admirin' my tail lately! 'n I been chasin' it fur LONG time~! MOL~! But maybe iz a tawkin' tail? Does U haza tawkin' tail? Mine ya see iz shaped like a question mark 'n goes out straight 'n back in ta a question mark! Hmmm, maybe it's thinkin'....but what?? I gotta get it~ 'n I did get it~! But, mommy still wonners why it curls like it does?? Her thinks it's really neato 'n stuff. But meowmy nefur really seen a tail curl quite like mine does~! Maybe inquirin' gurlies wanna know'z?? Giggles! I am all 'bout learnin' new stuff~! 'n tryin' anythin' to get 'tention! 'n it works too!~ Heheheee!

See my TAIL~???

Is it CUTE???

Tee Hee~! I found dat iza really kewl tail I gotz~! 'n Milo *sshhhh* efen purrlays wif it sometimes too~! Giggles! I like ta purrlay wif his~ But him not always like dat~! But we makin' our cat tails adventures come to life~! 'n MINE iz really kewl 'n purty smart too~! Ok, tail...I gonna get ya 'gain~!!! I love's to purrlay! I love'z my furiends here on Catster! U all wanna purrlay!??

Purrs 'n love,



December 14th 2012 8:45 am
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Hidee 'n Meowlooo~! Merry Catmus to U all~! Oh how I love's diz time o' year, don't U???
Iz been really nice here temp wise 'n 50 'n 60's 'n sunshine! Me 'n Milo get to go outside fur stolls 'n walkz 'n I still explorin' dem burdies ina bush!! Ya know I iz!!~ I found some da other day, mom couldn't see 'em, but den several flew outta da bush 'n mom jus' shook her head 'n sez...Mallee gurl, U shur know Ur stuff!!! Giggles, I DO~! I still climbin' da walls too here 'n dere 'n mommy still no see what I lookin' at, but don't matter, I like to do it. But sometimes I climb da edges o' da walls 'n doorwayz! Well, sometimes my clawsies scratch up da paint 'n mommy not happy wif me! Ooopsie!
Anyfur, all 'n all, I iz really been so good wif our lil Christmas tree! I like ta stare at da lights, iz so purrty! Mom wuz lookin' all ofur da purrlace fur some homemade ornaments dat were sent to Me 'n Milo last year..'n FINALLY her found 'em! Dese purrty hanmade ornaments were made by Milo's gurlyfuriend HEN 'n her mommy Teresa! Oh how we love dese ornaments! 'n now dey really make our lil tree complete! Gotta share dis wif ya!! Makes me so happy 'n a smilin' kitten~! Milo iz alla GLOW!!~


Close up view O Christmas treeeee!!~

Now we love's Chrissymas jus' like any other happy fur, but we no haz any prezzies unner our tree dis year...But it isn't prezzies dat count da most fur Christmas!! It'z da LOVE!~! I know coz Milo whispered ina my ear dat it's a catebration o' our Baby Jesus bein' born 'n him our saviour! O Holy Night wuz mewed in my ear 'n Milo told me da story 'bout da birth o' our Christ Child ina manger 'n all da Wise Men 'n Mother Mary 'n Joseph too! 'n Tonza Animals too dere!! Dat wuz a long long time ago! But, in our hearts iz where Christmas really lies. Within eash o' us. Our love fur one 'nother 'n our kindness 'n generosity 'n givin'. Our connectionz, our togetherness, our furmilies 'n our treasured furiends. Furiends on Catster, furiends next door, furiends we know from afar.
Dis is da true meanin' o' Christmas. Santy Paws iz jus' icin' ona cake!
I did not know'z alla dat!! Iz not all 'bout prezzies, iz all 'bout LOVE!!!

Me 'n Mommy were chattin' 'n her jus' wonnerz why we can't show all dis love 'n sharin' at other times o' da year too?? We should ya know!~? I guess sometimes we get all mixed up in da festivities 'n fun 'n excitement o' da sharin' nature 'n dat'z what makes Christmas time so furry spawcial!! Iz a fun time I tol' her! 'n I love her all time 'n alla year long too! Milo came 'n shouted YEPPERS, mom I second dat~!!

I jus' wanna sez dat I love MY Catster furiends all da time o' da years too! 'n Milo iz behind me wif paws clappin', happilee!~

Time fur my nappie now, but memmer...

We send love 'n MERRY CHRISTMAS 'n HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013~!!

Hope Ur Stockin'z r FULL dis year!!

From our Home to Urz~! Merry Catmus!!

Purrs 'n lotza whisker kissies,


Pee Ess, Thankies fur readin' my Diary!!~ XOXOXOX



November 28th 2012 8:01 am
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Howdy 'n how r ya'll!?? I doin' good! But gotta tell ya, mommy been havin' so mush fun wif me 'n Milo 'n her laughs 'n laughs at me 'spawcially! Milo 'n me wuz purrlayin' dis mornin' 'n Milo got all fiesty 'n we wuz chasin' eash other. Mom wuz purrlayin' 'unner' da covers wif us 'n we love'z to chase toys unner our pink blankee! Well, I got to goin' so fast 'n jumpin' roun' 'n sailin' through da air~! I nefur knock stuff ofur (uh, well most time's not, mom!!). Anyfur, I ran up ona bed 'n I grabbed da wall 'n I reaches way high up top 'n jumped~! Mom wuz lookin' really close, but did no see no buggies or nothin'! I seen it though! 'n den, I wuz up ona da chair, ya know da chair me 'n Milo share? 'n I wuz once 'gain climbin' da walls!! Mom sez, huh, nothin' dere Mallee!! I seen it!~ Does U efur climb da walls?? I know I after somethin' but what??? Giggles! On'y I KNOW!~ 'n I won't tell either!!! We had so mush fun, I jus' had to write in my diary 'n share!!

Hope Ur havin' happy days 'n bright sunpuddles to purr 'n nappy in!~

Love 'n bonks,


Happy Holidays!!!~

November 21st 2012 1:46 pm
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Hi Efuryone!!~ Thanksgivin' is upon us 'n I wish U all a furry happy 'n blessed day tomorrow wif furiends 'n furmilies U love'z so mush!!~ Mom iz goin' to her brothers house 'round noon tomorrow. Dis event will be surroundin' her furmilies, furvurite nephew, kids 'n furiends o' da furmily.
What a great day yesterday was! Mommy's son got into town from way up in Illinois~! 'n dey took her out to eat 'n spent tonza time wif her 'n her got to purrlay wif her twin Grand daughters too! I explored 'em 'n told mom dat dey r jus' way kewl kiddo's!~ I got really nosey wif 'em, 'n dey held me 'n petted me 'n I loved it so mush!~Dey be'z 8 yrs old already! My, my 'n almost already as tall as me mommy! (Her iz kin'a short!!) MOL! My unfurbro is tall 'n so iz him wife! Dis was really a spawcial time fur mom coz her hadn't seen dem in like two yrs!~ Texas is purrty far from Illinois 'n dey sez takes lotza hours to get here! Dey travel good though 'n da girls r so sweet!~ Milo sniffed 'em out too, but him lil bit more reluctant den me to haz 'em pick him up. I jus' wanna know'z efuryone 'n efurybody! Mom sez Milo was so mush like dat when him was a bit younger. I hope I don't get ol' 'n fuddy duddy like him!! Ooooh, sorry Milo, U ain't old!! Giggles!!!~
So tomorrow I hope U all enjoy Ur spawcial day 'n I shur hope my mommy brings us back tonza turkey 'n gravies coz I know Milo will be 'spectin' gravies!

Mmmmm turkey, can't ya jus' taste it now???!!

Happy Thanksgivin' 'n May U enjoy furiends, family 'n love~!

Purrs 'n lotza kissies 'n love,

P.S. Chrissymas iz comin' up soon!! Whatcha think Sandy Paws gonna bring ya 'n haz U been good???? I HAZ~! *Mallee smiles*

Shut up, Milo!!!~


Thank U so mush~! My Gotcha Day wuz PURRFECT~!

October 5th 2012 2:25 am
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OH me, I haz da most wonnerfur 'n purrific furiends efur here~! My Gotcha Day wuz so spawcial~! Thank U so mush fur da gifties 'n pix 'n makin' it sooo so spawcial~! I lubbs U ALL~!
I had spawcial FF yummy nom nom'z 'n spawcial TREATS too~! Mom sez me 'n Milo's toy box is full, so I gotta wait til Chrissymas to get new toys! Sigh. Anyfur I love my Milo's toys 'n dey mine too now~! We share, isn't it so kewl?? Guess it's dat way in Ur house too?? Milo don't purrlay near as mush as I do~! Giggles, I really am fiesty 'n run 'n purrlay lots through da house!~ Mommy 'n Milo jus' watch me 'n laugh. I climb walls 'n chase shadows~! I guess I'm purrty good entertainment fur 'em~! I don't care, I am jus' so happy to be here 'n feel da love. Mommy iz most certainly happy I came to stay!

Love 'n happy purrs,

Pee Es, it's Halloween season~! Whoo hooo~!! Happy Days~!


Family Ties 'n Autumn is comin'~!

September 17th 2012 9:05 am
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Ahhh, isn't it beautiful?? I see the Fall Season comin'~! It's bright, beautifur 'n full o' light 'n colors bright~! Bein' a nature lover, I see summer as fadin' 'way 'n all da warmth o' da season's memories flourish through me! I know summer is fun, waters cool an' refreshin', tanned bodies, beaches fulla sand castles, glowin' sun drenched days, dog days o' summer some call it. I love the seasons of change. It give'z us da opportunity to explore dis change. Mother Nature haz a wonnerfur way o' lettin' things rest, give'z it balance, da need to restore 'n create newness. Autumn is not to be construed as a sad time, but nature needs time to rest to give way to a colorful 'n fruitful Spring~!
Da Colorfur leave'z will dance 'n sway wif da cool windz breezes 'n fall upon da ground shinin' unner dat gleem o' purrfect sunshine~! Can U feel it? Can U see it? Ahhh, I do. Wif it brings a brisk new air 'n seems to make all o' us kits more playfur 'n more frisky!!! I love da windows open, as I watch da birds from my windowsill. Outside~ U must ask me 'bout goin' outside~I still walk on my harness, mom'z leash in hand. I sniff out the bushes 'n still look fur birdies. Oh 'n I find 'em~! I does. As we walk, we see families together holdin' hands 'n paws so close. Isn't this world furtabulous? I am a happy gurly gurl. Da kewlness 'n fresh air haz a lot to do wif da happiness dat surrounds me.
U see when I first came here, I didn't really unnerstand or know da true meanin' o' havin' a furmily. I know now dat it's da most powerfur o' all God's gifts to animal kind..Human kind. I relish in play, oh yeah. I am a fanatic gurly gurl when it comes to bein' purrlayful~! I leap high 'n venture purrlaces I am not suppose to, BUT I iz explorin' 'n dat's what we do when we grow~! My latest discovery iz dat o' bein' able to open cabinets. Oh yeah, MILO nefur did any o' dat~! Giggles, But I iz da smart one~ First I rattled dem doors, den I seen I can actually open 'em wif me smart pawsies! Well yeah, mommy haz made alterationz to dem doors now, but I still rattle~! Teehee~!

My Gotcha day is comin' up soon. October 2nd. Mommy did no efen realize it, until we thought 'bout Fall season~! I did no know how to go ona my harness den. I came from da streets in a parkin' lot~! But, time was good to me. 'N I made her love me. Now I am her Purrincess fur always~! Can't belief it's been a whole year since her brought me into dis furmily.
I love Fall 'n dis year, I will be lookin' at it from a whole new approach~! I've grown, I've learned 'n I am loved. Get out Ur sweaters 'n romp it up, coz dis season is so wonnerfur 'n full o' potential~!

Thank U my furiends, my furmilies, my MILO 'n my mommy, fur U all haz shared in my growth. 'N I love U all~! Spawcially my really hansome man cat, Moppie~! Thankz fur makin' my life so purrfect!

Love 'n light,


Who Are You Really??

August 19th 2012 8:47 am
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Hi, efurone~! Ok, I wuz tagged by SLEEPER to purrlay dis kewl Who R U game~! It all began wif ZACH in him diary in honor o' SKYLAR big Kitty o' da week honor~!! Whoot~!
Ok, so here goes, R U ready fur dis~??? MOL~!!

"Who are you really?"

1) Tell me your funny Christmas story:

Hmmm, I on'y had my furry first Chrissymas dis past year, 'n MILO had tol' me we weren't gonna haz a tree, but MOMMY changed her mind 'n we did haza lil one. Ha, it wuz kewl 'n I wuz inside it 'fore Milo wuz~! Guess U could sez it wuz da furry first tree I efur climbed!! Dat wuz before I knew how to walk ona harness 'n go outside 'n climb!!! Well, da balls were fun knockin' down 'n da peppermints were really nice to chew on..Mom sez dis tree wuz jus' put up fur US~! Now izn't dat great?? It fell more den a time or two, 'n yeah we broke a couple o' da limbs, but what fun we had 'n oh da boxes unnerneath da tree!! OMC~! Bows too~! I lubbz to chew on 'em so mommy didn't efen wrap stuff til right 'fore Christmas day~! Dat tree is a wreck so dis Chrissymas we're gettin' a NEW one jus' fur us, 'gain~!! I lubbz mom~!

2) Where's your favorite hiding place when playing hide and go seek?

Mmmm, I do got one~! 'n Efen MILO can't find me~!!! Iz unner da end table closest to da window ina livin' room~! Dere is a soft black suitcase unner it 'n I lay on top when I don't wanna be disturbed~! Mom found me jus' da other day~! Her sez dere will be'z tonza kitty fur ona da suitcase furefur now~! MOL, iz me~!

3) What did you dream of being as a young kit?

Oh well, dat'z eazy, I wanted a furefur home~! 'n I wuz founded ina parkin' lot 'n Ziggy's mommy brought me home~Dey could no keep me coz Ziggy hurt me~! So here I am ina lovin' home wif a kewl brofur, MILO~! 'n I iz da PURRINCESS now o' da house~!

4) What's your favorite hobby? Anything goes.

Ha, 'nother eazy one fur me~! Goin' outside ona my harness 'n climbin' trees~! Also, I'm really good at sailin' through da air when Zoomies get me goin'~!! I guess, eatin' would be a close runner up, but I'll go into dat ina bit~! Mmm also, I am an avid toilet paper chewer upper~! Hehehee!~ I good at it too~! Oh 'n I like to purrlay around 2AM!~ I get zoomies really bad den~! MOL!

Yep I like it~!

Yep I guilty~!

I LOVE goin' outside to SNOOP~!

5) What's your one "bad habit" that you love and your Mom hates?

Bein' a rowsty kitten dat I am, I always like to be whar Mom iz~! I like to halpz wif her paperwork 'n bein' ina her lap, but when her buzy 'n tryin' to concentrate, her not like it mush dat I halps~! Wonner why??? I also lubbz to find plastic bags 'n chew on 'em, mommy gotta hide 'em really good, coz I find 'em ina drawers~! Hee~!

I halpin' MOMMY~!!!

6) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

Oh, I would lubbz to go see my PAW (mom's b/f) down in San Antonio~! I hear him got lotza acres o' land 'n trees galore~! I think it would be jus' furtabulous to explore dere~!! I iz furry happy ina my furefur home though~! It's pawsome here~! But ya know, Egypt would be kewl too since alla da Kitties r worshiped dere 'n me bein' a purrincess~!! Teehee~!

7) What is your guilty pleasure? Food, skirts and suits or cars? What?

GUILTY~! I iza food junkie~! I like it ALL~! Well most o' it anyfur! I can eat 'n eat, but den I a growin' gurlie too~! I can eat an entire package o' treats if'n mom would let me~! Friskey's Pawty Mix crunch/picnik iza my furvurite~! MMmmmmmm~! Oh 'n I really like cheese!~Yep, I am a LOT like my kewl furiend Sleeper~!! Also da above chewin' up TP iz my avid guiltiness~!

8) What is your favorite make believe monster? And yes girls, unicorns and fairies are included. Post a pic of this mysterious beast.

Mmmm, besides bein' a purrincess, ya know all purrinces gotta haza Mythic bein' right beside her~! I lubbz Unicorns 'n Fairies 'n alla dat but I would sez it's gotta be my Doppleganger, KALLEE, her looks like me but don't talk back~! MOL~!


9) What is the one dreaded thing you have to do at home? Babysitting, taking baths, entertaining guest....what is your dread?

Mmmm, I DO NOT LIKE havin' my nails trimmed, cut or my paws messed wif~! Mommy will do it but it takes some kin'a spawcial skill to get me ina mood~! Lately I am in NO mood to haz my purrfect pawsies efen touched~!

10) We are going to have coed ships this year so which ship do you want to be on mine, or Zoes. Gris will be having a small ship (more like a dingy) for all our kits to be on.

It'll be fun no matter what ship I iz on 'n it'll be my FIRST Talk like a Pirate day too~! Arrrhg..I hope dat Parrot don't talk TOO mush, coz him shur does look tasty~! Giggles! Hmmm wonner what I WILL WEAR???

Alrighty den, dat's 'bout it~! Since I know'z tonza furs haz already been tagged, if'n U want to purrlay, consider Urself tagged~! Diaries r flyin' 'round Catster wif dis game~! What fun to read 'em ALL~! Gettin' to know U better iz really Kewl~! Purrs 'n thanks fur taggin' me Sleeper~!

Bonkz o' love,


Outside 'n Inside Summer FUN~!!

August 2nd 2012 1:17 pm
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Hi efuryone~!! I hope Ur summer time iz so happy 'n enjoyable~! Iz hot, but if'n U get out early, like we doez ina mornin' U can bypass alla dat Texas HEAT~! Kewl breezes 'n lotza burdiez 'n fun stuff to do~! I love to explore outside 'n Milo really likes to show off~! Dat man cat~! Him climb da trees 'n show off, but I let him know how GOOD I iz at climbin' 'em too~! Giggles! Mom won't let me get up too high though, coz if'n her did, I would definitely catch me a burdy!!! I pounced on two mothis 'n carried 'em 'round in my mouth fur a good long time~ Mommy thought it was so cute 'n funny~ Coz I did NOT want Milo to get my stash~!! Teehee!!!
When we came inside it wuz time to change sheets~! Oh wow, dis iz da funnest adventure efur~! Mommy did laundry today 'n big piles o' clothes 'n stuff fur us to tumble 'n purrlay in but her put 'em up 'fore we really got a chance to dig too deep~ MOL~!! Ona bed came a nice fluffy pink blankee 'n OH wuz is so nice to romp on~! 'n den I got hided unner da covers 'n Milo could no find me~! Giggles~! Him pawed at me 'n I pawed back 'n ran out so fast 'n sailed through da air~! I also found a really kewl clumped up peice o' paper ona floor~ OH what a treasure!! I carried it 'roun' 'n Milo chased me fur it~! Nope dis is MINE, brofur~! So mommy would toss da ballie at me 'n I would bat it back wif my battin' paws~! I so good at dis~! We got bags fulla our tp toys ina Den 'n I love's 'em too~! Mommy got dem toys outta da tubby coz it wuz in use~!! So now we got SOOO many toys 'n stuff ina Den mommy can't efen walk through~ Milo loves boxes efen more den I does. I found him hidin' in one unner dat dinin' room table~ Him laughed at me 'n sez Mallee dere no room fur U in here~! But dere wuz coz I hopped rite on inside wif him~!! Him got kin'a purrturbed at me 'n jumped out 'n hid 'gain~! I found him 'gain~! Oh I lovez to purrlay hidin' seek~!! Mommy would toss dat clump ballie to me 'n I batted it back, only to run 'n getz it 'n take it 'n put it INSIDE my bags fulla toys in da Den~! We purrlay mainly ina bedroom (whar mommy stays most o' da time) or ina Den~! Mommy sez dat way, da livin' room alwayz stays clean~!
So da fun continues~!! Milo still don't like it when I get rough though 'n I think we 'bout da same size now maybe I lil smaller but NOT mush~!! After purrlay time we got tonza spawcial treatz coz mommy finally went to da store 'n refilled our Necessities~! Thank U MOMMY~! Coz I lubbz 'em 'n could eat a WHOLE bag if'n her would let me~!! Mom also finally washed our Jasmine Blankee, MOL~! What it's been months now since Christmas??? Hehehee~! I love'z clean stuffz, don't U~!
Ok, gotta go now 'n take a long mush needed cat nappy~! I iz worn out 'n Milo tells me us kitties really need our beauty rest~! I don't, I am beautifur 'nuff~! So dere, MILO~!! Giggles~!!

Purrz 'n lotza love 'n kissies,


My Furbro made DDP Today~! Thank U Catster~! 'n I caught a- LIZARD too~!

June 29th 2012 2:54 pm
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WOW, MILO sometime'z Ur a real kewl kit~! Diz wuz a BIG surprise fur mommy today~! What wif her not gettin' a notification from Catster 'n all~Wonner what'z up wif dat?? Oh wow, him got cute cute CUTE pishurez from Grand furiendz, Pipo 'n Minko, Tundra 'n furmilies 'n Big Harry 'n furmilies too~! (extra spawcial purrz to Big Harry, him went to da Bridge today 'n we r so sad 'bout it~! Hugz 'n Smokey Joe will write in him diary tonight, so stay tuned~!!)

Thank U all fur da wonnerfur prezziez 'n pix my brofur got~! MILO iz in happy dancin' pawty mode 'n we LOVE our Catster furiendz so mush~!

Anyfur, I hope Ur all havin' a grand day~! Iz da weekend~ Yeah~! Let'z shout hurray 'n happy dancez~! I love da weekendz 'n so mush fun~ Oh but golly iz it HOT outside~! But we like to go out ina mornin'z when iz still a bit kewl 'n sunny 'n breezez blow~! I gotta tell U diz kewl story~! When I went outside dis mornin' it wuz so nice 'n da grass is SOOOO green, I jus' wanna eat it ALL~! Giggles~! I spotted somethin' ina grass 'n I POUNCED upon it~! Mommy couldn't efen see what it wuz, but I DID~! I kept on diggin' roun' ina grass 'n I caught it~! It wuz a tiny lizard~! I wanted so mush to nom nom it, but mommy sez I couldn't eat it cause it wuz justa baby~! Her sez babies need a chance to grow up~! So, I went on 'bout my way, but I did haz fun pouncin' on it~! I did not hurt it...I jus' seen it 'n got really excited~!

So..Happy Dayz to U all 'n nefur forget to be thankfur fur ur own happy home 'n da lovin' 'n goodies U get from a furefur furmily~! I doez 'n I so thank fur mommy kept me 'n let me stay wif MILO 'n enjoy da love her givez to me efuryday~! I iz a lucky gurl~!

Oh 'n Moppie, I shur do miss U my sweetheart~! I hope Ur doin' ok~!?? 'n I hope U enjoyed Ur Happy Gotcha Day yesterday too!~! Purrz 'n kisses to U~!

Love 'n paw nudgez 'n whisker kissies,



June 17th 2012 5:42 am
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Howdy 'n Hi 'n Hellooooo Efury Fur~!! Wow it's been rough here on Catster~! Some kits not gettin' dere emails 'n notificationz 'n we been havin' big time trouble jus' bein' able to post new pix 'n stuff~!! Catster fleas go 'way~! But it might not efen be all Catster'z fault, although we had to faniggle some thangs to get stuff to werk right~!! I had to delete some pix efen~! Mom hazn't been to MILO'z page yet to get him new pix up~! Whew, dis is rough stuff, jus' so time consumin' 'n what lil time we all haz to be here needs to be spent more wif our grand furiends 'n visitin' dere pagez 'n makin' sweet comments 'n sendin' prezzies~!!
Ok I done wif my harpin', U see I growin' up~! I mommy'z baby gurly 'n her really becomin' SOOO furry attached to me 'n can't efen imagine me not bein' here~! Her not shur what it wuz like 'fore I came~! I so lucky 'n dat I made susha purrfect impression on her~!! Can U belief dat MILO efen shares more wif me too?? Him still let's me eat first 'n now him shares him duffy bag wif me~!! 'n I figured out too dat mommy spendz lotza time here on da 'puter 'n I learn to lay down in front o' da monitor jus' like MILO does~ Him teachin' me lotz 'n lotz!~! As U can see in my pishure, I like to halp mom wif her paper werk 'n junk. I really do~! Layin' on 'em halpz her to memmer when her need to get stuff done~! GIGGLES~!

I also learned a really pawsome TRICK~! Well I already learned to be on mommy'z shoulder 'n ride 'round like Smokey Joe did 'n now MILO does too~ But get dis~!! I can jump from da floor all da way up top mom'z shoulders in one leap~!!! Now iz dat a way kewl trick or what??? Tee Hee~! Mom sez I really really smart~!! I still food oriented 'n love'z my spawcial treats 'n my yummy FF any kind~!! We get it once a day~! Mmmm yummy good~! Also I been goin' outside in my harness 'n know all da walk wayz 'n I on a really grand routine~! MILO follows me, still him furry protective brofur~!!

Oh also I got a really kewt 'n furry kewl Princess pink TAG~!! U can see it in my pishures~ MILO got one too 'n hiz iz blue (like him gorgeous eyes) 'n sez COOL CAT on it~! We LOVE our new TAGS~! MILO will be addin' new pix to him page too soon!! Well if mommy can get it to werk right. Seems we haz to try more den twice to get a pix loaded~!

Anyfur, I wanted to sez HOWDY 'n hope U all r havin' a purrfect summer~! 'n Stay kewl coz it'z gonna be'z a HOT one~!!

Purrz 'n Love,
Purrinces Baby Gurly Gurl

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