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Uh Oh, we missed TALK like a Pirate Day~! Aye grumble~!

September 21st 2013 2:09 am
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Well it came and went and as you all know we have not been here near as much as before, well, because of the move. As it draws closer to the end of the month, things are already clearing out of our little apartment. We're definitely wondering what is going on. Our toys have been moved 'n stuff is gettin' scarce as little by little; Paw is halpin' take stuff back with him.
We're sorry we weren't able to participate in Talk like a Pirate Day which we love so much.
Thank you all for sendin' furry nice pirate flags, we purrpreciate one and all. Taking the time out jus' makes us feel so loved. Mom also fell really hard yesterday and flat on her back so she's a bit banged up right now.
We so want to be here much more, but just not a good time for us as it's getting really close to move in time. We have 300 miles to ride in carriers, what carriers? YIKES~! Mom so worried about us. And when we get to our new purrlace and how we will react. But I've been told we will have our own room~!! Of course all the rest of the rooms will ours too~! Giggles!!!!
So as I said we'll be here when we can and we're still a very loving part of our dear CATSTER. We have not even been able to play in groups we once did. Dat's sad coz I love to talk to me furiends 'n so does Milo.
This is jus' a little update 'n now mom needs to lay down. We're sorry again for the lack o' participation. And as always we love you all.



Sunshiney Day 'n many Smiles~

May 13th 2013 1:49 am
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Hi efuryone~! What a lovely day we shared yesterday wif Mewomy~! A happy 'n furtastic Meowmy's Day filled wif love 'n lotza fun 'n pawsome purrs~ We hope U all enjoyed a purrfect Mom's day~! WE enjoyed a fun time outside 'n enjoyin' da burdies singin'~! I found many burdies ina bush 'n rolled ona sidewalk 'n wuz really a purrfect day~! Meowmy enjoyed feelin' da sunshine on her 'n I found bugs 'n efen ate some~! Wow, dat wuz so fun~! Milo followed me 'n of course, always stayed in front 'n made shur I wuz alright~! Him is a really good brofur~ We seen Sam too 'n Milo 'n Sam bumped heads 'n did da 'hey dood' thang~! When it came night night time, I really loved it so mush, 'n meowmy called me 'n I went unner da covers to cuddle up close~! Milo wuz right next to mom's pillow up top as him usually always is 'n purrin' so soflty. Unner da covers is da bestest place to be all cuddled up to meowmy 'n I purred 'n purred 'n reached out 'n pawed her to tell her what a great day it wuz 'n how mush I purrpreciated her~! Now we bof gotted some good breakfast 'n time to nap 'gain. Mom woke up way to early dis mornin' so I think we need to cuddle up more 'n show her da love's dat we feel~! Purrs on my furiends~! Iz a good day~!

Bonks, purrs 'n spawcial love's,



Chasin' Buggies ona Wall~!

April 24th 2013 6:40 pm
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Meowloooo my pawsome 'n saweet furiends~! How iz efuryfur in Catsterland? I hope Ur all doin' good 'n happy 'n healthy 'n lovin' life~! I iz 'n I so mush enjoyed today~! I seen somethin' ona wall, 'n guess what? Mom seen it too dis time~! I jumped 'n pawed 'n raised WAYYYYY up dere 'n my pawsies were SOOOO long 'n outstretched, mom sez I coulda been a basketball player~! MOL~! I got it 'n mom seen it was a tiny BUG~! Well, it didn't get too far afore I got it 'n ATE it too~ Mmmm yummy bugs~! Mom couldn't watch~ Giggles~! She sez oh Mallee, YUK~! But I a furry good bug hunter 'n nothin' getz past ME~! TeeHee~! So, mom purroud o' me 'n I kin'a purroud o' meself too~! After dat, Mommy went 'n got me 'n Milo some spawcial treats from da keetchin 'n boy were dey efur GOOD~! Munch 'n crunch 'n mmmm yeah~! Purrfect day~!!

Milo got to purrlay outside a bit dis afternoon 'n enjoyed da sunshine but it wuz a bit chilly. I watched from da window, but tomorrow after mom's doctor visit her sez iz MY turn to go outside~! Oh boy, I can't wait to find buggies outside too~! Dem outside buggies r really FUN~!!

Purrs 'n happy hugs 'n nudges,

Purrincess o' Texas Purrsville


Thank U all so mush fur makin' my Happy 2nd Birfday so mush- Fun 'n Enjoyable~!!

April 22nd 2013 6:08 am
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Oh WOW, I haz da bestest 'n kin'est 'n most pawsome furiends here in Catsterland! U ALL r da absolute GREATEST efur~! Thank U fur ALL da pawsome pishures made fur me 'n all da nice gifties 'n comments 'n pawmails~! Dis gurly gurl iz so HAPPY 'n enjoyin' life eash 'n efury day~! I'z fulla energies 'n now dat it's gettin' really nice outside, we'll be enjoyin' more o' da mew Spring in 2013~!

Mom's camera broke 'n can't afford to get a mew one but we still has pretty piccies from last year 'n early dis year 'fore her camera went BONKERS~ I really hope dat her iz able to get a mew digital camera 'fore summer comes, coz I'z grown 'n I gonna enjoy efen more fun outside lookin' fur burdies ina bush 'n climbin' dem trees~! I know dem burdies r up dere, but mom won't let me go too far up. Milo tends to 'show off' 'n go higher, so mom don't like him goin' up to far neither~! Pooh, we bof can climb really good, but we got a nervous mom. Guess her love'z us way lotz 'n whole bunches, but sometimez her ofurly protected o' us, kin'a?? Well efen though we don't haza camera now 'n might not get one fur awhile, we're still 'round 'n mom tellz us efury day dat Catster rocks :) but o' course, WE know dat~ Giggles~!

Mom does feel mush better from da good med's da hospital gave her fur her tummy. But now, her gotza cold 'n iz gone into her chest. Croupy crud is terrible!~ Gotta run now, my purrfect furiends 'n fix mom some nice hot cheekin soup~! Dey say dat is really good fur da throat 'n goin' down feels so nice 'n warm 'n soothin'~! Pawz up~! 'n I a furry GOOD nurse too~!
Purrs on 'n hope U all r well 'n happy~!

Thankz 'gain fur makin' dis gurly gurl feel so loved~!!

Bonks 'n lotza love 'n thanks fur readin' my diary~!!


da 2 yr ol' Princess o' Texas Purrsville ; )


Birfday Gurl ~ April 15th I'll be TWO~!

April 11th 2013 8:44 am
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Hiya 'n Happy Spring to alla my furtastic furiends ina lovely Catsterland~!! We got sunshine today! Oh yeah, iz cold but should warm up nicely, hopefully ina next few days 'n da weekend looks really purrfect~!!
I gottz birfday comin' up soon 'n I'll turn 2 'n oh it's susha pawsome age!!! Ya gotta know's I still a kitten at heart 'n I still be'z runnin' 'n actin' all silly too! MOL! Mommy sez I got SOOO mush energies 'n sail through da air~! U should see me FLY~!! I been chasin' Milo 'round 'n him been enjoyin' it too! He really has enjoyed purrlayin' wif me 'n I don't bite him near as mush as I did before. I still lick him head 'n butt though. I jus' cleanin' him fur him. Shrugs, I iz a clean gurly gurl 'n I halpin'~! Well he doez like it sometimes! Giggles!!
Oh golly I hear da burdies chirpin' outside, whoaaa, dey r up ona top o' me car port~! Lil burdies, lil sparrows 'n one got somethin' in him beak! Oh 'n 'nother lil burdie wants some! Teehee! Dey share! Jus' like we do here at our house! I love to be ina window 'n watch dem outside 'n oh look! I see pigeons 'n dey cooin' at ME~! Gotta get 'em, gotta, gotta, gotta!!! MOL~! I hope it get's warm 'nuff to go outside ona me harness 'n purrlay ina bush! I know dey r hidin' in dere 'n I can find 'em too!!

So we gonna pawty dis weekend 'n coz my birfday is Monday but we can pawty all weekend too! Common 'n join us 'n grab pawty hats 'n some cake 'n ice cream too. Purrlease stop by if'n ya can 'n we'll sing 'n dance!!! Hopefully my sweet Moppie can join me. Ya on'y turn 2 once, right??

Purrs 'n happy bonks 'n love,



Missin' our Grand Furiends 'n Where is Spring???

March 23rd 2013 8:52 am
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Hi Efuryone~! Mom let me come here today to write in my diary/journal coz me 'n my furmilies miss purrlayin' here so mush!!!~ Mom still isn't her best. But, we're 'round some 'n get to come 'n send gifties 'n prezzies to our furiends whofur got happy birfdays 'n gotcha days 'n honors sometimes!!! Dat's da best! We love sharin' da love 'n always makin' shur our furiends know how mush we love 'em all!!~
It's been a furry rainy day here fur us in Texas Purrsville. All wet 'n so we can no go outside 'n gotten a bit chillier too. Too chilly to efen open da window, Meowmy?? What's wif dis weather? Isn't it 'spose to be SPRING?? We seen so many still gettin' snow 'n havin' to shovel it up~! Gosh! Too cold!! I iz so ready to find dem burdies ina bush 'n mom really wants to get out some 'n enjoy SUNSHINE!~ What's da weather like whar U r? Izn't it weird?
Me thinks Punxsutawney Phil wuz WRONG~! Anyfur, hope U all r stayin' warm 'n cozy 'n unner covers when ya can! Coz I really really love to get unner da covers wif meowmy!! Big Lubbs!!

Here's to grand furiends, warm love 'n Catster's reign~!! Meow 'n Purrs 'n lotza love to ya'llz!!

Happy Sand paper kissies 'n bonks,


My Box Fort~!

March 2nd 2013 4:49 am
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Hey Efuryone~! Mallee here writin' in her lovely diary. Hope dis finds U all well 'n happy. I gotta share dis wif ya coz U will find dis interestin' 'n really fun~!
Ok first off, meowmy can't take pishures anymore, well at least not right now, coz her camera memory card isn't working but her got one ordered 'n is comin' in da mail. Coz DIS Diary needs pishures!!
Ok, so my fort, dis iz boxes dat haz cut outs in 'em 'n holes fur me to crawl through 'n gather up toys dat meowmy tosses inside! I got like several boxes 'n dey all sizes 'n one efen has a BAG inside it 'n I love dat one!! So, dis adventure dat me 'n mom purrlay together is SOO mush fun 'n we purrlay it efury day! My funnest toy is da 'spring' toy 'n I got all colors. Mom tosses one ina box 'n I either crawl inside or jump inside 'n fish it out 'n bring it to her!! Yeps, I iz a retriever now!! Giggles! Mom sez I really smart! I love da challenges her brings fur me~! Milo watches me intentively. He has other talents so he lets me steal da show on dis one!~ My brofur, my hansome brofur~! Teehee. Yeps 'n mommy will toss any toy into da boxes 'n I grab 'em with my teefies or when it comes to da springs, I use me paws to fish 'em out~! Dis is so funny 'n U'll laugh too, mom wuz sitting in da bedroom a couple days ago 'n all o' a sudden her heard Mrow Mrow Meow? 'n wondered which one o' us it wuz, but from da sound her knew it wusn't MILO~! I came down da hallway wif da spring in me moufie 'n I wuz callin' her to COME PURRLAY WIF ME! Giggles! I love her to purrlay wif me! Dis is like..da funnest o' all games efur!!~ U gotta try it~!!

Purrs 'n lotza love 'n kissies,


Haz a great weekend efuryone 'n thankies fur readin' my diary~!


VALENTINE'S DAY PAWTY~! Efuryone welcome!~

February 14th 2013 8:00 am
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Happy Happy Valentines Day efuryone! OH wow, thanks Catster fur da FREE Valentines Candy giftie today! We love's givin' out free stuff 'n showin' our furiends how wonnerfur dey r~!

So now, iz VALENTINES DAY 'n we gotta get dis pawty started!! Common Moppie my love! I started dis pawty mainly jus' fur U my love, oh 'n alla our pawsome furiends too!
Uh hum, giggles!!


We're always happy when we EAT~~ Giggles! So pawty it iz~ pawty it up~~ Paw in da air 'n dancin' all 'round~ Moppie, can I haz dis first dance purrlease??

uh huh Dancin' wif my Moppie~

So we need some foodage 'n stuff! Coz we love's too eat~ yesh~

Cheese sticks 'n dip~ DIg IN~

Lotsa kissies~~ mmmm Chocolate!

Happy Valentine's Day to efuryone~

Valentine Cake~

Time to dance 'n jiggle 'n haza good time! Common 'n lez pawty today 'n all day 'n all night! you want to know a secret??

Oh yeah love's da kitteh's~ Happy Valentines Day to ALL kitteh's!

KITTEH'z Valentines~ Oh yeah~!

Ok meowmy love's dis one 'n hazta share!!


Ok let's dance slow 'n romantic 'n love eash other! 'n hold eash other tight! 'n sway to da music...

Let's dance

Lotza Valentine Candy fur ya~

Enjoy 'n Common let's pawty when ya can! 'n Drop in 'n dance wif Ur sweetheart too!! Mine love is Moppie 'n we dancin' 'n eatin' 'n sharin'! He's susha dream~! Love ya Moppie!!

Purrs on 'n Happy Happy VALENTINES DAY to U all~ U all rock 'n r invited to rock it up 'n down 'n dance wif us!! Oh I gotta get some foodage here! giggles!

Enjoy some Heart PIZZA

Cuppycakes too


What is LOVE?

February 11th 2013 3:33 am
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Love is.... A saweet 'n fun adventure wif furiends...a lovely way dat Catster Communities come together 'n make us all feel loved 'n purrpreciated! 'n my sweet Moppie, my Valentine fur da second year in a row 'n alla us dancin' 'n singin' 'n showin' how truly gratefur we r havin' pawsome furefur homes!!!

Dat is love, dat is furefur love...coz we know, we love 'n we know. It's dis way.

Happy Valentines Day to U all~! My grand furiends, my new 'n beloved furiends, my ol' 'n purrpreciated furiends 'n all my furiends to come, be well, be happy 'n know Catster will be here coz we all feel da same love~!!!

Purrs 'n thanks fur readin' me diary,


P.S. Moppie if Ur readin' dis, let's go dancin' tonight, coz I feel me dancin' pawsies gettin' itchy 'n wanna hold ya tight! 'n wanna grab some triple decker ice cream too? I love'z vanilla!! Maybe some whippy cream too?? Mmmmm~!! Giggles!!


Struttin' my Two Toned Cute lil Butt~!

February 2nd 2013 5:03 am
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Howdy 'n how r ya'llz? I doin' good, 'cept Milo thinks I bein' all Miss Priss lately! MOL! I guess I iz bein' a lil bit prissy! Mom catches me walkin' 'way 'n glances 'n sez, Mallee, U got a prissy walk lil gurly! Well o' course I do mom, I iz Purrincess 'n dis is HOW we walk~ I like struttin' meself! Coz gurlies r spawcial, well Milo sez I spawcial in more den ONE way..MOL!~ So, like I wuz really wantin' to snuzzle in wif Milo 'n Mommy always watches me like a hawk 'n knowz I might bite him, so we meet eye to eye 'n I stop. But I really want to cuddle wif him, I jus' love's to lick him 'n sometimes I do bite, can't halps meself!! So, finally I put a paw on his bum, coz I really love his cute butt~ Mom sez bof our butts r devine~ Kitty butts r da best! Ok, so I put my paw on his bum 'n mom watched me as I laid my head right dere. 'n yeah I all cuddled to him now wif my head in his bum!~

Dis is our Kitty Condo 'n I really love'z ta chase 'n pawty wif Milo in dis~ How is dis piccie?? Cute huh?

My Cute Bum in Action~! Tee hee~!

MOL~! Isn't it great how our furmilies can show love in spawcial ways? How does Ur furmilies show U love? Milo tells me Valentines Day is comin' up 'n I iz ready! I hope me sweet Moppie is ready too! I really miss him~!

Purrs 'n lotza love,

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