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I iz a DREAMETTE 'n Time fur 'nother KITTY'z R US Fun time- Game~!! Whooo~!!

March 25th 2012 4:56 pm
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Wow, can' I efen get mommy to take da time to write 'bout all MY GLORY~?? I became a DIVA by my grand furiends Paris 'n Presley, den I became a BONO BABE by my hansome furiend Sir Sonny Bono~!! DEN, my pawsome furiends Angel Alfie 'n Angel PETE 'n da cutest boys from Dreamgirls group named me a Dreamette~! My Furbro MILO is in there too 'n rootin' fur me, thanks brofur dood~!! Thank U so mush fur my pawsome pishure~! I love it~! OMC~! Am I dancin' 'n singin' da happiest tune efur?? Well yesh, I am. 'N So purroud~!!! Thanks so mush~!!

Now we also haz a fun 'n way kewl game goin' 'round!! I got picked by my grand 'n gorgeous furiend JEZEBEL !!~ But really dis wonnerfur game wuz started by GRISWOLD 'n FEARLESS OK, so here I go 'n my story isn't unlike lotza other kitty memmberances~!!

#1 As it was, I wuz founded by Ziggy 'n Timmy's Mommy, Sandy, my Aunti now~!! Her founded me in a restaurant parkin' lot 'n I wuz a kitty on da prowl. But I wuz sweet 'n nice 'n comed lovin' up on her like dat 'n I sez Purlease take me home~?? Her took me 'n brought home, but to make a long story short, ME 'n Ziggy did NOT get 'long, coz furefur it seemed I always hid unnerneath da mommy's baker rack. I wuz so skeered o' him~!! Efen now we not like eash other~!! But, since I could no stay there, I went to stay wif MILO fur couple days 'n I LOVED IT there~!! MILO iz so easy goin' 'n him da sweetest kitty efur~! I went back home to try 'gain fur few short days, but NO I wanted to go back to be wif MILO. So I did. ''n Dat is what makes me so happy to memmer when I gotted da best home efur~! My mommy is so spawcial 'n her took me in, efen when her wuz not gonna hab'z another kitty in da small teeny match box 'partment. So I here.

# 2 So, then I was a gurly, ya know? I memmer how well mommy treated me 'n took care o' me, 'spawcially when I got my own pink bowl~!!! 'n Fur Chrissymas, I got purrpal 'n pink toys too~! MILO not care, him not really gotten jealous, although him does sometimes eat from MY PINK BOWL~!! Giggles, I share, coz him does~!! All these things I got from my spawcial mommy coz I iz a gurly gurl 'n den her realized dat I wuz indeed spawcial 'n her really wanted a gurl too~!! Her loved on me 'n told me thank U fur comin' to her 'n her so happy we be's bestest gurl furiends~!

# 3 Isn't it obvious? My memories R growin'~!! So jus' yesterday I got efen MORE fondest memories~ I got to go outside on a leash fur da FIRST time efur~!! On'y fur a wittle while, although I wuz kin'a rowdy, on'y a bit, I loved it 'n mommy got my leash from Aunti Sandy (my first mommy, which I still love)~!! Her walked me all 'round dis 'partment 'n I got to see da BIG trees 'n stoopid burds 'n tall buildin's~!! Oh Oh OH 'n I got to see green gassses 'n walk on 'em~!! Mommy iz gonna get me a purrpal harness soon. So I can go outside whenefur MILO 'n SAM 'n TIMMY 'n ZIGGY r outside too~! Hey, I'll no longer be so sheltered~!! Giggles~! It's a great memory efen it wuz jus' yesterday~!!! Wheeee~!!

So dat's SOME o' my memories, I'z still makin' 'em~! Oh 'n my birfday iz next month too~!! I'll be 1 Yrs old~!! Hehehehe, 'n guess what? Today I learned how to open drawers in da bedroom~!! I am always after plastic bags~!! I got it, but mom sez dey not good fur kittie's to purrlay wif, so what her gonna does now??? Since I can open dem drawers 'n soon I'll learn how to open cabinets too~?? I'm SMART~!! Mom sez maybe too smart fur my exxtra long leggie's~!! MOL~!! Anyfur, thanks Jez fur taggin' me, I had a blast writin' dis diary~!! Thanks fur readin' it~ 'n If'n ya ain't purrlayed dis pawsome game yet, purrlease do~!! Iz fun 'n kits can learn so mush 'bout U too~!! Consider Urself tagged~!!

Purrs 'n night nighty saweet dreams 'n pleasant kitty dreams~!!!

Love 'n giggley purrs,
Dreamette, Diva 'n Bono Babe Gurly Gurl

Pee Ess, oh I furgot (always coverin' fur my hansome brofur too~! MOL!) MILO needs to write his Kitty'z R Us diary soon~! Him be's tagged by him pawsome furiend ZACH, lil Griswold's big brofur~!! Zachie, MILO be's writin' it soon, coz mommy iz really tired tonight 'n sez da weekend went by WAY to fast~!
Too mush to do sometimes~!! Purrs to U ZACH 'n GRIS~!!!

Purred by: Minko (Catster Member)

March 25th 2012 at 9:07 pm

Fun game, huh, Mallee!
I did it, too...

Wow! You sure do have some pawsome stories!


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