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I Caught da Mousie, I did, I DID!!!~'n lil 'bout Our- Chrissymas Prezzies from HEN 'n JASMINE!

January 10th 2012 9:56 am
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Mews 'n Happy Days, efuryone! I finally get MY turn to write in my diary! Humm, wonner what took mommy so long?? I am purrincess, am I not? Ok, so her got other fursibs to write fur, but I should come first!~ Anyways, so if ya read our dear Smokey Joe's Diary, ya know's I've found a PAWSOME toy mousie on da bafroom door!?? It's so kewl 'n it bounces 'n I grab it 'n it swings 'n I grab it more's! I jump HIGH 'n Pounce really strong upon it!~ Well.....I FINALLY did catch it good! MOL! I fought wif it SO hard dat it came tumblin' down off dat door!! Da WHOLE thing!~ I did it! I did, I caught it 'n I was so purroud of meself''s!! Mommy jus' laughed 'n laughed at me. I dragged it all 'roun da room 'n chewed on it, until MOMMY decided to put it back up!~ Nah, mom! Now I gotta GET it again! JUMP, CHOMP, WHIIRLLLL 'roun' 'n 'roun'! It's wild 'n it wears me out! Had to take a cat nappy after dat purrlay time's!~But, mommy sez I did really good! So I'z purroud!
Milo will haz to tell ya 'bout da REAL mousie him caught, actually TWO o' 'em in da 'partment when him was younger! We not got any real mousies here anymore's! Milo tol' me dem field mousies r really FUN to chase 'n paw 'n purrlay wif! Him was a really GOOD mousie catcher! But, I am good too! YAY!
Ok, note on da Homefront, I been bein' my same, purrty mush, same DIVA GURLY GURL! So, I am 'n I IZ!~ OK. But let me tell ya what, Milo iz really gettin' super sharp these days! Him actually KNOW'S when I gonna pounce on him 'n him get's ready! As I huddle my lil butt down 'n shake's it all 'round, him sits UP straight 'n glares at me! MOL! Mommy think's it's so funny!!! Boy, U think's U know's U been HAD when Milo glares at U wif them HUGE vavashous BLUE EYES! His face get's redder 'n him get's vicious! "bout time furbro!! MOL! Ha, but him still falls fur my licks 'n kissies! Him be's a sleepin' on his new cute lil spawcial blankee dat Jasmine sent him fur Chrissymas! I want dat SPOT! Iz MINE! So, I get all lovely dovey, but I licks FAST, 'n hard 'n then...POW! I crunch time! Giggles, he still falls fur it! Him leaves 'n I get MY spot!~

Oh U should see Milo on dis cute blankee! Lil Hen, him RB gurly furiend 'n
Jasmine r his spawcial gurly furiends! Well we got dis package after Chrissymas, wif goodies dat Hen's Mommy made fur us! I got a kewl chrissymas ornament her made fur me wif my NAME on it!~ 'n MILO got two cute ornaments wif his name on it too 'n one dat sez 'HEN hearts MILO'. Dey so cute! WE LOVE'S 'em so mush, MILO U gotta write 'bout dis in Ur diary soon! These r really spawcial furiends! WE also got a cute lil card 'n a really super sweet pishure o' Hen 'n her Mommy Teresa! We will treasure if furefur! Thank U so mush HEN 'n JASMINE!~ We love's Ur whole furmilies 'n PETE too, although Pete is mush like MILO in da fact dat JAS is lot like ME! Whadya know? MOL! Her like's to be's a DIVA too! Like me! MOL! We two peas in a pod!! Ok, so I tol' u lots 'n let Milo finish his own story! But, hey, I like to tawk lots! Hehehee!

*Giggles* It's been a really fun ride here at da homefront! Mommy love's me 'n MILO, well MILO is jus' MILO 'n him love's me, but I haz to grow up a bit 'n I know's we'll be bestest o' furiends! I know him looks out fur me 'n sez him will PAW SLAP any fur dood whofur breaks me's heart! What's dat mean, efen?? I too young to haz a boyfuriend, but I got lotza boys whofur like's me lots, jus' fur bein' me! Dat's all a gurly gurl could ask fur, isn't it??

Thank U so mush fur readin' my diary! Ur all furry spawcial to me!!

Love 'n lotza kitten kissies,

Purred by: Laura W

January 10th 2012 at 10:13 am

conga ratz two ewe mallee on showin de mize who be rooolin in yur houz....thatz de trubull with mice ya noe, mewvin in and take in over like they own de place...

gram paw dude seed one mice in his yooth ...suede mouse now there be mice everee wear...

felt mouz, canvas mouz, rolly mouz, sofa mouz N loveset mouz...

N they is sew stoooopid, most oh de time they iznt even under de sofa or de loveseat spesh allee sofa mouz sinz mom getted rid oh de sofa....

now him just lays ther on de floor...shuld be called lazeee mouz....hay, haza pawsum afternoon....peace out n rock on !
Purred by: ♥ Jezebel RIP ♥ (Catster Member)

January 10th 2012 at 2:22 pm

Way to go on catchin' dat mousie!
Purred by: Minko (Catster Member)

January 10th 2012 at 3:02 pm

Yeah for mousie catching...meowmy got one in a trap the other day...YUCKY! She should have let me & Pipo get it, MOL!

I do that get in the spot where Pipo is, start 'washing him; and then I too give a nip ir a shove and he goes off so I can have the prime pawlace...MOL! I think its a cat way of showing who is/wants to be the boss...or else Pipo is a pushover...nah, he beats up the dog-guy, so no push over there...

You surely are a purrty gal-kitty, Mallee!



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