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Happy New Year Catster!!!!~ Let's Share Some Black Eyed- Pee's fur 2012~!!!

December 30th 2011 3:21 pm
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HELLOOO! WOW, dis Year has been furtabulous! I has made so many pawsome furiends here! I jus' can't tell ya how it make's me's lil tummy feel so spawcial to come here~!! We Love's our Furiends 'n our future furiends on Catster!!! Long live's Memories made in 2011!!~
Tomorrow is New Years eve, A New beginning to a Happy 'n most Prosperous New Year 2012!~ A day we shall Catebrate all our pawsome memories from dis year we've made!~Did ya see da New Baby? Milo sez da New Year Baby always dances on New Years Day to show him is happy 'n healthy 'n Born on New Years day! Milo sez it's a New 'n refreshin' Beginning!~January 1st is a New Start to a New Year 'n many folks 'n kits share their extroidinary New Year's Resolutions!
I think we should start now! Let's hear Ur's!?? I think I will try to be's better 'n not agrivate Milo so mush, but...ya nefur know, I still a kitten 'n Sandy Paws forgave's me once, think da New Year's Baby will forgive's me 'gain? Oh 'n Father Time too!?? Oooh, I better NOT take any chances! I gonna still run 'n purrlay wif Milo, coz I KNOW him really like's me now (Maybe efen Love's me??? a lil?? Giggles~)!I won't bite him so mush, ok?
I hear some peeps enjoy Champagne 'n Caviar on New Years Eve 'n efen eat black eyed pee's to bring good luck!? Oh Mommy sez ya gotta has black eyed pees 'n cornbread on New Year's Day!~Or is it jus' a Southern Tradition??
Me 'n Milo thinks we jus' might pick out da bacon 'n leave's da rest. Not think's Milo efen like's da gravy part in black eyed pees!! MOL! But is 'spose to bring good luck 'n great fortune! We need's as mush Halp's as we can get 'round here!

Mom sez also da countdown begins to da end o' her job.
Three months..It was really sad at werk's today, mom sez 25% o' her co-werker's last day was today. Her got all kinds of goodbye, 'n thanks emails. Lots o' hugs goin' round. It will be da same when March 30th comes. Her dept. A/P will end dat day. Some folks were asked to stay til July, not mommy. Her got plans to travel some wif our Paw fur a week, den back to lookin' fur a new position. Da Jobs r out there, mommy jus' hopes da timin' is right. We would purrpreciate purrs 'n purrayers fur a new beginning to be really bright 'n successfur~!
Now on to more Happier thoughts..da New Year opens up a whole new ballgame here! When one door closes, a new 'n excitin' one opens! Isn't dat right!? I learn lots from Milo 'n mommy, sometimes her can be's quite smart!~ MOL! Milo sez we're a close knit furmily 'n nothin' can stop da love dat flows within our small one bedroom apt!!~
Furiends 'n loved ones, I want to wish U ALL a most Purrfect o' New Year's catebrations!~ Thank U so mush fur bein' here fur us, our furmilies, our furiends, our Catster World!~ I've only been here a few months, but I KNOW how mush Catster Mommy's 'n Daddy's love efuryone here!
Thank U Catster fur a Wonnerfur Year 2011!~ It rocks 'n so do U~!! THANK YOU~!!!
Mommy sez a song was written fur a new beginnin' called Auld Lang Syne, but I think's Milo wants to write 'bout dat one! I not know's mush 'bout Lang Syne! I on'y know's it is catebrated here at da stroke of Midnight on December 31st...I on'y know's it's talkin' 'bout memories made~'n those remembered.

Love U all 'n Enjoy Ur New Year's Weekend 'n haz a black eyed pee on me!!! Oh 'n don't forget da Cornbread!!~

HAPPY NEW YEAR from my heart to urs,

Big Love,


Purred by: Pipo (Catster Member)

December 30th 2011 at 9:36 pm

Oh, Mallee! How fun to have all those interesting treats!
Our grandpaw told his furmily they had to eat lentils!!
Some peeps like to eat little candy piggies and ladybugs...MOL!
Caviar has never been part of out furmilies tradition...but if it was, I think the kitties here would be drooling!

Well Happy New Years to you and all of your furmily.
Minko & I hope that your Mommy will find a new job...soon, and one that she loves, too. We will be pawyering for that!

Purred by: ♥ Jezebel RIP ♥ (Catster Member)

December 30th 2011 at 11:50 pm

Good luck to your mommy on getting a new job. And Happy 2012!
Purred by: Laura W

December 31st 2011 at 10:05 am fishes ta yur mom on findin sum werk, a happy, healthy, N blessed mew yeer two ewe N yur whole familee; we will be happy ta share sum trout long with de pea's...YUM...N r mews yeers rez oh loooshun iz knot ta talk bad bout burds !!! til 12:01 am anymew !!! MOL :) peace out N rock on !!


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