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Did U hear 'bout Sandy Paws???

November 26th 2011 3:46 pm
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Hiya my sweet furiends!~ I hope U all enjoyed Ur Thanksgivin' Holiday's 'n still have all weekend to relax! I hope Ur bellies r full 'n U got to visit wif furmilies 'n grand furiends!~
Hey ya know what? Milo tol' me it is Christmas time! He whispered to me all 'bout Sandy Paws 'n how him come's to bring all good lil girls 'n boys really kewl toys 'n prezzies eash year! Well..Milo sez I not GOOD all da time! But I didn't actually KNOW I had to bribe dis Sandy Paws Dood!! MOL! I should get lotza toys 'n fun stuff 'n snacks 'n treat's jus' cause I am so purrty 'n I is a gurly gurl! Right??!
Ok, I guess I can stop bein' a food horder 'n maybe I will cut down on bitin' Milo so mush. Mom is on my side though! Her keeps sayin' I iz a KITTEN 'n I 'spose to be's dis way 'n bites 'n be's really super friskey ALL da time! Ya know I does sleep sometime's 'n I cuddle up to my brofur, but I not think him like's me cuddlin' up all da time either! I am CATFUSED! What AM I 'spose to do??
Mom sez I will grow out of it, but her also sez I am SO cute when I purrlay 'n her not rushin' me to be a grown up Lady yet!~ So, maybe Sandy Paws furgive's me fur bein' da way I am? Please? Sandy Paws, I jus' found out 'bout U dood! 'n I prowmise to does better in future. Listen, jolly o' Elf, while we on da subject, I really really REALLY would love a Kitty Condo an' Food dish all my own. Seems like I got here 'n I share pretty mush efurythin' wif Milo. An' did ya see, my MOTTO is MILO'S SHADOW?? Hmmmmppt!
I don't really mind, ya see. I know I iz da new kid. I jus' ask fur couple o' things I can call my furry own. Dat's all. I love U, Sandy Paws, I'll efen sit on Ur lap coz I really am a PAWSOME Lap Kitty!!! 'N I PURRS LOUD TOO!! Coz I IZ so pawpreciative!

Purrs to all 'n to all great night's before Christmas. I hope Sandy Paws is good to U 'n U've been good too, have U? Uhm...I am still worried!!

Nite nite 'n I blow lotza Gurly Gurl kisses to u all (oh 'n to Sandy Paws too...I wanna get on his GOOD side, ya know?? Giggles!)!!~



Purred by: Calie Dreamette #17 (Catster Member)

November 26th 2011 at 8:57 pm

oh yea it is so fun when sandy paws comes! Dont be catfused sweetie just enjoy life kitten hood is the best time! Some cats call him santa claws and that might be what Milo said, girl you know he loves you but sometimes kittens are quite the pawful so he is prolly working hard to stay on his toes MOL. I know all of us kittens sure kept little boy on his toes when we first got here, we used to love to bite his tail Love ya sweet pretty girl and you are a good kitty
Purred by: Novi--DIT #49 (Catster Member)

November 27th 2011 at 11:14 am

WE IS KITTENS an we gots'a play an run an jump an learns lotsa stuffs. We's not bad. I pes'er Ingen alla times. I bites her an jump on her an bovver her. Mama Jen say same as yer mommy-I'sa kitten. Santa Paws got'sa unnerstan's 'bout kittens.


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