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Big Boy

March 28th 2012 7:32 am
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My sister and I are almost nine months old, and my humans say I’m getting to be a big boy! It’s tough getting used to this bigger body, though. Sometimes when I jump up on things, I end up overshooting my goal. And last night I just barely made it through a door that was cracked open. I was running at it super fast. My male human groaned and my female human said, “Wow—that could have been really ugly. Jack thinks he still has a body like his sister.” My sister Sally would fit through that door, so I don’t see why it would be a problem for me. Just because I outweigh her now shouldn’t mean anything. My female human thinks Sally will have a larger frame like mine but leaner. We both have really long legs. Our mom was probably a supermodel of the cat world.

One of my favorite things to do is jump up on the kitchen counter (when my humans are out of the room and I can’t be sprayed with the evil squirt bottle, aka, Mr. Spray). Then I grab stuff and carry it off to my favorite place (usually the rug by the front door) to have my way with it (ie, chew and slobber all over it). Things I’ve taken so far include my male human’s clean rolled up gloves and socks. The best ever happened several weeks ago. My female human was sitting downstairs and she saw Sally standing as lookout for me. At first she was going to ignore us (something about being too tired to deal with kitten nonsense at the moment), but she decided she better check things out. When she walked over, she burst out laughing and called for the male human to come down. I had taken a large bag of red lentils from the kitchen counter (to be used for the humans’ dinner) and carried it all the way downstairs. The humans’ couldn’t believe I could carry it because it was at least two full cups of lentils! I liked them because they were the same color as my sister Sally.


Dreamboat-in-Training #29

January 23rd 2012 5:36 pm
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Good thing my brother Artie already gave me my fifth bath for today. I have to look extra good now that I'm Samoa's Dreamboat-in-Training #29!

When I first found out the news, I was so excited that I chased my tail for a couple of minutes (almost caught it, but that darn thing got away!). I really look up to my big brother Artie. He’s extra special because he’s only got three legs. I guess this makes him kind of rare—like a unicorn. My sister Hetty Miep hates that Artie only has three legs, but I think it’s so cool! So it’s a huge honor to get to be a Dreamboat-in-Training with him. And we’re both following in our brother Garp’s pawsteps. Garp died before we had the chance to meet him. He is an Angel Dreamboat. I hope we don’t disappoint him!

My older sisters scared me a little bit. They kept telling me that I wouldn’t be able to do the things I normally enjoy (chewing my female human’s hair, attacking toilet paper and paper towels, knocking things off my humans’ desks, etc). Luckily, Artie found out that it’s okay for us to do these things and that’s part of our Dreamboatiness! Artie and I have already been discussing all the things we need to do to complete our Dreamboat training.

We’re going to need some supplies…



December 1st 2011 11:59 am
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I’m the only cat in this house that has a fluffy tail. My female human is learning that no matter how often she brushes my tail, it ends up carrying remnants of my brother Artie’s “remodeling projects.” Artie loves to chew on cardboard boxes and eventually ends up chewing entire sections off (my siblings and I like to commission him to create doors in the boxes for us—something the humans have only just caught on to *rolls eyes*).

After Artie is finished creating his masterpieces, small bits of cardboard are scattered everywhere. It’s not uncommon to see me walking around with bits of his projects in my tail. I think my humans should appreciate that I’m helping keep the place clean by sweeping up the small bits!


Revenge of Poo Foot

November 16th 2011 1:50 pm
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I’ve been having so much fun since coming home from my grape harvesting! I knocked over our water dish three or four times. I wrestled the rubber mat (that is usually in front of and underneath the litter box) INTO the litter box! After the female human put it back in front of the litter box, I started dragging it back in again so she took it away. That’s okay; I was able to have other fun with the litter box. Back when I was younger, I used to like to get dried poo out of the litter box and play with it. My pawrents thought I quit doing that—just like I thought they had quit taking me to the vet.

I guess we were both wrong.


Harvest Time

November 10th 2011 2:09 pm
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My brother Artie says I’m finally old enough to have my own diary entry. I love my brother Artie! We do all kinds of fun things together and then he cleans me until I fall asleep. My female human says my fur is looking much silkier now that Artie has started grooming me. Both of my humans think I’m going to be a very big cat based on the size of my paws. You’d never guess that my sister Sally and I are both from the same litter. She is very tiny (and has dainty little paws) and is a beautiful orange color. I love my Sally!

My brother Elvin overheard my female human on the phone. He said that on Tuesday, I get to go see Uncle Dr. Kraft so my grapes can be harvested and I can get a microchip. It sounds like so much fun! Elvin says it’s our little secret and I shouldn’t tell Artie because he’ll be jealous. I don’t know. I feel kind of weird about keeping a secret from Artie. I’ll have to talk to Sally about it. Sally is so smart. She figures everything out for us. Whenever there’s something new, I like to sit back and wait while Sally tries it out for us.

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