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Little J's little ways!

My new Nature Book and a joke for you!

October 12th 2012 11:47 am
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Hello my furiends!

Let me take you a photo tour of all of my local furiends and stuff! I have my own little nature book that I have been working on for this here diary!

I love my little froggie and lizard pals that come to visit me. One night I woke up mommy because I was purring so loud and she looked around the curtains and there I was, purring and bonking on my little froggie furiend who was hanging out on the windowsill!

My sisfurs and brofurs get excited and want to chase them, but I prefer to chat with them!

So relax and let me take you on a tour of our purrty scenery and critters! Go here: 46756776/

Love n bonks n many purrs!
-Little J

Also, if you like jokes, check out my kitten joke here:


Bubbles in my nose!

April 29th 2012 2:05 pm
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I had so much fun writing my diary the other day that I decided to continue today! First of all, thank mew to my furiends for the nice compliments and comments and for reading my diary!

I would also like to thank my furiends for agreeing that this bath thinng is 100% wrong. I am not to be scrubbed like a pot or pan, no matter if my mom thinks I am a poopy or a puppy or whatever!

So, it's all about the apples! In my last diary I shared my song about apple juice, but the other night mommy had APPLESAUCE! Of course, I had to investigate. This gets 4 paws up, but mommy is very careful about our food, so I am always trying to sneak, sneak, sneak! Teehee!

My Nana came for dinner last night and we had chicken and I went over to her drink She had a short glass- A SHORT GLASS IS AN APPLE JUICE GLASS, NANA- and looked in and there went BUBBLES UP MY NOSE!!!! I don't know what ginger ale is, but stay away...

*swoon* If there was a Purr-O-Meter, she would make mine go off the charts... Mallee said I looked so handsome in my bowtie and I went meeeeeeehhhhhhprrrrrrrrrrt and turned all red! I would like to share a dish of sweet applesauce with her!

Have a snackety, sleepy, silly Sunday! xoxo


"Like a puppy" or "Like a poopy"?

April 27th 2012 2:23 pm
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Hi furiends! Mommy thinks it is way overdue time to write a diary because I have grown up so much! She says I am growing into my own kitty! She thinks I have quite a purrsonality and I am so different from my sisfurs and brofur. First of all, she thinks I am like a puppy. Either that, or she said I am lie a poopy. I think it was a puppy, though. I don't know that this is a compliment, but mommy seems to be quite amused. I run to her when I see her, roll over on her shoes, follow her around the house, carry toys around, and I like to roll around and play with Zack even though he is like a little horse.

I also found my voice and mommy thinks it sounds like a little goat or sheep. I like to greet everyone and be acknowledged when entering a room, being in a room, leaving a room etc. I also like to converse and will gladly answer mommy if she answers me. She likes this.

Ooooooooh! I also have a theme song, but it's because I was a little naughty... Mommy loves apple juice and now we all know that I ALSO love apple juice and seek it out whenever possible, especially if mommy is napping or watching tv and not paying attention to me creeping around her juice singing softly in my head....

dip, dip, blip, blip, can i get a sip, sip,
tink, tink, clink, clink, can i get a drink, drink...

and there's more.

I also like to greet everyone in our front window and wore a bowtie for the first time and went on the porch on a harness for the first time.

P.S. I've had like 4 baths since last diary- please write to my mommy in the complaint department. Love n bonks n kneads to you! xoxo


What a day!!!

February 1st 2012 5:50 pm
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What a day! I want to start with the end first because the end is the BESTEST part!!!

I am playing the KCK game and I have a SECRET ADMIRER and she sent me a BEAUTIFUL heart!!!! *blush*

Thank you, my furiend, I am just floatin' on a cloud...

But the day started out a little hectic! Here's how it went...

Mommy and daddy had the carpets cleaned this morning. They put the "nice-ies" in the big bathroom all together- that would be Zack, Big Harry, Patches and Lumi (or "The Schmools" as we call her). Guess who the "naughties" are? MOL! So me and my fluffypants sisfur Tabatha who I love because I love EVERYONE had to go in the other bathroom. The 4 of them waited patiently together in the other bathroom- no noisies, fussies, no mess. Mommy opened our door and uh-oh... Water everywhere, food all puffed all over the the floor all in the water, everything off the counters. Also pretty smelly. Tabatha blamed that on me! I wonder why we're the naughties! Heehee!



January 24th 2012 12:06 pm
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Oh, the humanity... The shame of it all... She warned me, I heard them talk about it, but I never thought they would do it. Yes, my furiends, my mommy gave me a bath. A BIG ONE. In the bathtub with all kinds of water waiting in there and a soapy washcloth and everything! She said that I always have dingleberries and if I want to be a Dreamboat in Training I can't have dingleberries. She wants to know why Tabatha can keep her fluffyknickers clean, but my shortpants are dirty. Well, my furiends, my short pants will never be dirty again. I promise.

I was a good boy- I WANT to be handsome! I let her clean and scrub and towel me off while my furblings snickered outside the bathroom door. Then I sulked and pouted and tried to groom my unruly fur for hours. Then I napped for the rest of the night- it was an exhausting experience!

Of course, I did sleep on mommy's legs and snore like I always do- I forgive her. She is my mommy after all!

Love n purrs n bonks, my furiends! Keep your bums clean! xoxo


I am Dreamboat In Training #26!

January 20th 2012 4:18 pm
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Oh my Catness, I'm Dreamboat in Training #26! Samoa invited me to her Dreamy Mancats group and put me on her list!

Me?!? I'll grow up to be a Dreamy Mancat?!? WOW!

My big brofur Big Harry is Dreamboat #57- surely he'll have to show me the way of the Dreamy Mancat!!! I try to follow in his footsteps, but I'm still a little clumsy... This is what Samoa wrote about us: 60917

I am so excited! Thank you so much, Samoa! Heehee- I am so giddy... I think you made me blush. xoxo

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