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Hello, Is my mic on?

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Taking Action for Animals conference

January 22nd 2012 4:45 pm
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Mom wants to know if any of our friends are thinking of going. She is really thinking about it, Dad said he would go. He loves big conferences like that. Plus, Mom and Dad are big Dc fans. They try to go every couple years to see the fireworks on the fourth. Plus Mom gets her summer vaca in Aug and they have been known to take off towards that way then too. You know it's just a good drive from here.

Mom said if she goes it'll be on Sat. She said the price for the full conference is a little steep for this economy. Or around here it is.

So are you going? Are you taking your furry friend? Mom said if they take any of us she'll take Diamond. Dad said we might actual get one of those leads that just go and go so Diamond can truly enjoy walking on the mall. Wouldn't that be cool. Mom can take pics of Diamond laying at the feet of Lincoln. Maybe in front of Mom and Dad's favorite watering hole there. Mom eyes just got starry. MOL!


Friends don't forget our new friends!

January 14th 2012 5:45 pm
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My kinderagarden crush, Jasminewas the DOTD today! Dang she is as smart as she is cute.

Little Bailey is her little cousin who joined Catster the night me and Jasmine became friends.

Hazel Basil is a military cat living in Germany that we meet through the other Zack and Zoey.

Farrah this is her brand new roommate (as of this week)

Alfie poor little guy. Please if you haven't yet send his Mom some support.

Mayflower the older sisfur of little Mikey which is my boy.


Please don't forget the new kits! Show them the love we seen when we joined. I know Catster has had some big changes this year but if you love Catster stay with Catster.


I have a kinderagarden crush!

January 9th 2012 2:38 pm
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Yep, you heard right, I have a crush. Zoe says "oh brother! You are just like your brother!" No Zoe I'm not! I really like this girl, she's cute and she's an 8 month old Russian Blue mix. Cute as a button!


Anyway she's new to Catster and seems to be very, very friendly.
Right now she only has us and Tate and Bugsy as friends. Guys she needs friends.

The more kittens the better I always say!

Her page

Oh and did i tell you her nickname is Little Booboo. We know a Booboo!


That Darn Cat! Have you seen it?

January 8th 2012 2:08 pm
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Mom is trying to clean the house up so she wanted us out from under foot. So, she filled up our treat bowl and put That Darn Cat in. Right now it's the opening credits. Zoe said she's seen this movie before and that we are going to love it. Diamond is braking at the Bulldog on the screen right now.

See this cat named DC is the coolest tom cat I've ever seen. He scales fences, he steals food from doggies, and swings on hanging ducks!

Zach says he wished we had a surf report in the news but we live to far from the beach anyway. he also said DC looks a lot like Simone.

And he's my new hero!


Preezies for Mom, one named after a Catster and destroying- the house!

January 4th 2012 8:10 pm
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As most Moms and Dads, Mom has gone back to work. Yesterday, I missed Mom so much that I left her a gift that she could find at work today and thank about me. It was about oneish and she said she felt something in her shoe. Heeheehee. She said I had to see what was in there. MOL. It was a black tie wrap but the kind that comes around wires not bread. Mom can only thank it came from unwrapping the new speaker wires. She made a ring out of it. She said she would keep it near her heart but quit playing with things on the nono list. Heeheehee! I just want her to feel loved.

Mom also bought herself another baby today. She said with a lot of luck, it will be around for years. look
She named it after one of our friends. A little kitty that's story that has touched our hearts so much. Here's a hint..she just had a big day and Zach calls her "Miracle Angel". Give up? Miranda. She's so cute!

Now, cause I missed Mom so much again today me and Zach destroyed the house playing. We knocked magazines off the coffee table, Dad's winter riding gloves of the top of the Bombay Chest, pulled every single toy out of the toy box. Sorry Mom.


Hold your horses!

December 27th 2011 12:39 pm
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Hey, got your attention? Just wanted to say while looking for Monida in the friends activity section, we seen several photos and diaries we have missed. So hold tight we will get to you.

It's been a nice three days away but now we are getting bored with Mom being home, so WE'RE BACK!

Mom has cleaned out her computer pretty good now....hint you can get the free AVG PC Tuneup for 2012 now! Wow! Did it catch some junk and defragmented files! 900 and some in total.

Zach and Zoe are getting a special item in the mail today from Toki! Mom hasn't been out to the mailbox in two days but all Dad keeps bringing in is BILLS! Mom checked the usps tracker and it says it's on the truck. Oh I hope it's in the mail! Zach is going to love it! Hopefully he'll wear it like a big boy should!

Don't forget to send out a purr for me...I'm being demanned tomorrow. Mom said no food after 12. Shame on her to not give me a midnight snack!


My Christmas Eve Destruction!

December 25th 2011 3:35 pm
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Zach kept trying to wake up Mom last night. This morning she seen why. I destroyed her feather tree. Crazy thing is, it was on the top of the curio but Mom replaced the Candelabra for it last night on the table. Her thought is, it's easier to see around it during dinner.

Anyway, it smelt good to me and Zoe said the feathers looked like a fancy snow on the ground. So, I decided to surprise Mom with some fancy snow. Mom said she is going to have to hot glue the feathers back on. Mom took pics!

Later, I laid down where the tree was before I knocked it off the table and plucked it. Mom uploaded a picture of that too. I read earlier where Zoe's Bff Calie and little Boy tried taking down the tree last night...I guess like them I tested Santa Paws patience too. But guess what I had toys under the tree!

Mom picked up a little while we were napping and I woke up and
Then dragged all my toys out

The kitty biter, Buddy is over today with Grandma and Grandpa.
Bahumbug! MOL!

Hope everyone got what they wanted. Love ya!


Getting prezzies galore! I like this Christmas stuff!

December 22nd 2011 6:27 pm
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Gosh! Yesterday we got our mousies from River! Mom had ordered them for our Christmas. What a great gift! Zach said they are way better than the store bought catnip toys. I love them!

But, that's not all! We got a box from Minnesota! It was from Sleeper, Samhain and Fearless! They sent us some Cat Ornaments! They made them for us in collaboration with their Mom. I love them too! Mom said she would give us a tree in Zach's room next year and the kitty ornaments will go on it!

Have a look!

Sleeper said the one that's the tuxie holding the Mistletoe by his tail is Zach. I thank she wants to kiss him. YUCK!

Then today, the neighbor lady brought a big bag of gifts. She said it was for the whole family. Mom decided to go ahead and look. It was a doggie stocking full of toys for Diamond, a kitty stocking of toys for us and a flower to grow for Mommie. I keep trying to tear into the stocking so Mom went ahead and opened it for us. Now we have sooo many toys laying around. It's like kitty heaven.

Did I mention we got cards form Luke and his crew, Jez and Klemy Q tip and fam, It had a picture of Sophie Bean in it. That's there doggie sis.

Zach said Christmas Day Grandma and Grandpa will come over to eat, exchange gifts and watch movies. Too bad they are bringing that brat Buddy. He tried biting me again. They bought him a crate to keep here for him. That way he can still come over and play with Diamond but we don't have to be locked up in the bedroom the whole time.

Mom said she's going to work with him cause he's just a little stubborn. You know Mom is a Trainer by hobby. Several people wants her to do it full time but Mom said she's not ready to be a starving artist oh I mean trainer yet. MOL!


What's your Christmas Wish?

December 15th 2011 2:51 pm
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Wally Forever Loved inspired me with his diary about his wish for Wild Child to be adopted by Christmas. I thank this is a great wish!
I wish she be adopted too.

Here's our Wishes....
Diamond wishes that one of her old Dogster friends that has left, is finding themselves surrounded by nothing but love and prosperity. Their Mom was a laid off teacher who volunteered regularly at shelters. She's a great lady but troubled with a lot of bad things. We haven't heard from her sense she lost one of her pups this year to cancer.

Zach wishes that Mrs. Murphy has the time of her life between now and then. You know what I'm talking about when I say then. Don't make me say it. And that all lost kitties and doggies will be found safe and dry.

Zoe wishes my surgery goes well and that I will calm down after wards. Oh and that some of our old friends who have left will come visit during the holidays. (Oreo, Pumpkin, Willow, Blade, Stewie, Moppie and unfortunately many more.)

Now it's your turn....what is your wish. Make it Catster or Dogster related please.

Ps- for those Mom has gripped to about the way the puppy next door is being treated...several neighbors have called these people in. The latest is they have him tied to the back deck with just a standard size leash AND the deck is a story up from the ground! Mom hopes the H.S. will come and get this poor pup and he will find a super great home to live his days out at. I wish all pet owners were as good to their pets as catster and dogster pet owners.

Pss- we have seen this dog slung across the yard by it's collar by the kids! Learned behavior! So sad.


Most have wishlist newslatter vol II

December 11th 2011 3:57 pm
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As I said yesterday, Mom planned on being home today to put this together properly but something happened that has mad her run behind again! So we are going to wing it!

Cheapy and freeby toys

Crawfish trap- cut the top part of a 2 lt. soda bottle off and tape it back on but with the mouth inside the bottle. Cut a hole or two to let kibbles fall out. Then put kibbles in the bottle. See we can't get to the kibble but we will definitely try.
Gardeners might also know this trap as a slug trap.

Tin foil ball- we love shinny stuff but need supervision when playing with this toy.

Cardboard mouse- Directions

Milo and Mallee was talking about this one or was it skylar? Anyway a picture of the cardboard castle.
Cat cardbord castle

Martha Stewarts directions for making a multi level cat cardboard house

Catnip freeby toys

Gosh theres so much info here we will just include one favorite toy the cost roughly around 16 bucks. hint: Zach trying it out

He was absolutely mesmerized by the video. Mewvie

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