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Hello, Is my mic on?

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December fun! Kittens -R- Us toy wishlist

November 30th 2011 5:30 pm
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Mom promised she would help me. Every Saturday afternoon this month I will publish in my diary a wishlist. I will cover freebee gifts our pawrents can make for us, mid priced toys and overly indulgent gifts for us kitty's.

Mom and I have already got one heck of a list. This is what I want you guys to do... name only two toys per diary you would want/gotta have and one gift you would love to give to whom.

I thank it will be fun! First one will be this weekend. Don't forget to come play with me!


Kitens -R- Us newsletter prep

December 2nd 2011 3:42 pm
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Mom thought I should remind you of the newsletter going out tomorrow. She'll post it before she goes to work. But will be writing it tonight. She also said we ought to give a teaser photo. I thought that was a great idea!

Is it us or is photobucket running slow.

Small Peek of the wish worthy toys


Our favorite dream cat tower


Wish worthy toys newsletter #1

December 2nd 2011 8:53 pm
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Okay, very simple, I'm going to list some great toys. You just tell me which ones you must have. If you have one of them you can give a review. And if you feel like being Sandy Paws you can also say what kit you would want to give one of these toys too. If you want to make up a toy go right ahead, tell us about it.

There's going to be three, dinner priced and a little rich for most cats blood

CHEAP Section
1) a TP roll with holes cut in it, big enough for treats to fall out of and then tape up the ends. Mom is going to make us one of these covered in wrapping paper. Doesn't she know that wrapping paper doesn't have a chance.

2) This one was a gift Grandma and Grandma used to give Blackie all the time. A roll of paper towels. That's it! Simple and cheap. Time to shred.

3) A box sled. Mom hasn't even thought of this simple concept before reading about a cat that loves being dragged around in his. She loves the idea.

4) Have a wrapping paper fight with us. See us kitties will bend over backwards for a ball of paper.

Time for the teaser pic

Peek a Prize can be found pretty easily. The one we looked at is at Foster and Smith it starts at $24.99 and the replacement balls are $2.99. They say this toy really gets your hunting skills a challenge.

Cat Dancer is a simple toy. The concept is between the wire and tightly wrapped paper it quivers like birds, butterflys and mice. Starts at $6.99 at Foster & Smith.

The Cat Fun Tunnel is at Petco. It's internet price is $23.99 and has 4.7 paws out of 5. Zach and Zoe has always wanted one of these but Mom has never got them one.

Da Bird is the absolute best! Can be found easily. Starts at $7.99. Mom I guess that's like a combo meal type dinner. MOL! Yes, I would like to have the #7 with cheese.

This weeks toys in the dinner priced toys

Booda Balance Ball is $12.99 at Foster and Smith. Zoe said she used to have one of these and loved it but Blackie ate the bird on it.

Kitty Kat Circus looks like so much fun! We found this at Cats It is $24.99 and Mom decided to just copy the first copy lines about it for you. Winner of the third place award for Best New Cat Toy at the Global Pet Expo in 2005, the Kitty Kat Circus is the purrrfect interactive cat toy. It includes four catnip-infused toys and an array of other goodies to keep your cat entertained for hours. Easy to assemble instructions are included (requires 1 phillips screwdriver to assemble).

Da Bird insect wand has a wasp and a butterfly attachments. Very fun! Starts at $5.99 on Foster and Smith. You have to specify which insect you want. Bummer, I thank you should get both!

Crazy Circle Cat. I have this one in Mom and Dad's room and it's a presleep toy. I bat that ball around all the time. It was Zach's toy but he said he grew out of it. On sale at petco .com right now for $8.99. There is two sizes small and large.

Now for the to rich for my blood toys..
I guess this one is doable if you bought it in parts
Catit Senses activity set

This is the prices and sizes broken down

Play Circuit (14" diameter), 9B-70040
Speed Circuit (14" diameter), 9B-73893
Massage Center (14" diameter), 9B-70042
Gum Stimulator Replacement (3-pack), 9B-70043
Scratch Pad (14" diameter), 9B-70044
Scratcher Refill (7-3/4" diameter), 9B-70045
Treat Maze (14" diameter x 13-1/2" high), 9B-73894
Grass Garden (14" diameter), 9B-73895
Grass Refill (8" diameter), 9B-73896

This is a dream toy of mine. You can order this from Foster and Smith.

Oh and I'll show you the teaser expensive cat tree.
Lifelike adult medium Tree It is $799. Zoe say lets get three! MOL!

Mom can give you links if needed.


O Christmas Tree....

December 4th 2011 3:04 pm
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Well, as some of you know we put our tree up last night. It's been sitting there naked all last night and today. Mom wanted me to get tired of trying to climb it first before putting the ornaments on it. Will this work? Mom suspects not.
One of many attempts

All but one foot in the tree

I finally did get in the tree but Mom didn't catch it on the camera. Darn it!

Slowly she has added a few unbreakable ornaments on it and even put some up high so she could trap me into jumping. Ha ha it didn't fall for it. Again just to get me used to the tree.

About three o'clock today while we were napping Mom put these light things on the tree and started to put decorations on it too. Our tree is mainly silver and red with hints of gold. Mom said there's only 4 breakable ornaments on the whole tree and they are up way high.

Mom will be posting pics as the Christmas season progresses. She didn't post this diary for a while hoping THE picture would be taking. It hasn't.

Well, I got to go eat, Mom made a beef stew and the smell is making me hungry.


A prezzie for you all

December 5th 2011 2:10 pm
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I wanted to add this to me last diary but I kept getting the dreaded error 4.

A present to all of you- Simon Cats "Santa Paws"

If you missed my last diary, there's pics of me trying to climb the Christmas Tree. MOL that was FUN!


The presses are cold! Terrrible twos

December 10th 2011 4:46 pm
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I know I'm supposed to do the next toy list but we are running very behind and it does take some organizing to be able to knock it out.

So, I'll fill you in real quick on the happens around here. I've been bad. Simple as that. I took a running jump from the table to the buffet. Mom had just polished the marble last week so in between that and my fuzzy toes I slid into the wall. Unfortunately, Mom's Hurricane candle holder was in the way. It was about 1 in the morning so that just got me in even more hot water.

When Mom was cleaning up all the glass pieces behind the buffet, I kept trying to help her. She would tell me NO and I kept trying. What does NO mean anyway? Mom said I'm stubborn, Zach calls it the terrible twos.

I'm also knocking ornaments out of the tree. The other day I tried to get Zach to help me push the limbs back up after climbing the tree the other day but Zach couldn't thank of a way to hide it. So, I got busted as soon as Mom walked in the door.

What can I say like Mallee, my only defense is I'm a kitten.


Most have wishlist newslatter vol II

December 11th 2011 3:57 pm
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As I said yesterday, Mom planned on being home today to put this together properly but something happened that has mad her run behind again! So we are going to wing it!

Cheapy and freeby toys

Crawfish trap- cut the top part of a 2 lt. soda bottle off and tape it back on but with the mouth inside the bottle. Cut a hole or two to let kibbles fall out. Then put kibbles in the bottle. See we can't get to the kibble but we will definitely try.
Gardeners might also know this trap as a slug trap.

Tin foil ball- we love shinny stuff but need supervision when playing with this toy.

Cardboard mouse- Directions

Milo and Mallee was talking about this one or was it skylar? Anyway a picture of the cardboard castle.
Cat cardbord castle

Martha Stewarts directions for making a multi level cat cardboard house

Catnip freeby toys

Gosh theres so much info here we will just include one favorite toy the cost roughly around 16 bucks. hint: Zach trying it out

He was absolutely mesmerized by the video. Mewvie


What's your Christmas Wish?

December 15th 2011 2:51 pm
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Wally Forever Loved inspired me with his diary about his wish for Wild Child to be adopted by Christmas. I thank this is a great wish!
I wish she be adopted too.

Here's our Wishes....
Diamond wishes that one of her old Dogster friends that has left, is finding themselves surrounded by nothing but love and prosperity. Their Mom was a laid off teacher who volunteered regularly at shelters. She's a great lady but troubled with a lot of bad things. We haven't heard from her sense she lost one of her pups this year to cancer.

Zach wishes that Mrs. Murphy has the time of her life between now and then. You know what I'm talking about when I say then. Don't make me say it. And that all lost kitties and doggies will be found safe and dry.

Zoe wishes my surgery goes well and that I will calm down after wards. Oh and that some of our old friends who have left will come visit during the holidays. (Oreo, Pumpkin, Willow, Blade, Stewie, Moppie and unfortunately many more.)

Now it's your turn....what is your wish. Make it Catster or Dogster related please.

Ps- for those Mom has gripped to about the way the puppy next door is being treated...several neighbors have called these people in. The latest is they have him tied to the back deck with just a standard size leash AND the deck is a story up from the ground! Mom hopes the H.S. will come and get this poor pup and he will find a super great home to live his days out at. I wish all pet owners were as good to their pets as catster and dogster pet owners.

Pss- we have seen this dog slung across the yard by it's collar by the kids! Learned behavior! So sad.


Getting prezzies galore! I like this Christmas stuff!

December 22nd 2011 6:27 pm
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Gosh! Yesterday we got our mousies from River! Mom had ordered them for our Christmas. What a great gift! Zach said they are way better than the store bought catnip toys. I love them!

But, that's not all! We got a box from Minnesota! It was from Sleeper, Samhain and Fearless! They sent us some Cat Ornaments! They made them for us in collaboration with their Mom. I love them too! Mom said she would give us a tree in Zach's room next year and the kitty ornaments will go on it!

Have a look!

Sleeper said the one that's the tuxie holding the Mistletoe by his tail is Zach. I thank she wants to kiss him. YUCK!

Then today, the neighbor lady brought a big bag of gifts. She said it was for the whole family. Mom decided to go ahead and look. It was a doggie stocking full of toys for Diamond, a kitty stocking of toys for us and a flower to grow for Mommie. I keep trying to tear into the stocking so Mom went ahead and opened it for us. Now we have sooo many toys laying around. It's like kitty heaven.

Did I mention we got cards form Luke and his crew, Jez and Klemy Q tip and fam, It had a picture of Sophie Bean in it. That's there doggie sis.

Zach said Christmas Day Grandma and Grandpa will come over to eat, exchange gifts and watch movies. Too bad they are bringing that brat Buddy. He tried biting me again. They bought him a crate to keep here for him. That way he can still come over and play with Diamond but we don't have to be locked up in the bedroom the whole time.

Mom said she's going to work with him cause he's just a little stubborn. You know Mom is a Trainer by hobby. Several people wants her to do it full time but Mom said she's not ready to be a starving artist oh I mean trainer yet. MOL!


My Christmas Eve Destruction!

December 25th 2011 3:35 pm
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Zach kept trying to wake up Mom last night. This morning she seen why. I destroyed her feather tree. Crazy thing is, it was on the top of the curio but Mom replaced the Candelabra for it last night on the table. Her thought is, it's easier to see around it during dinner.

Anyway, it smelt good to me and Zoe said the feathers looked like a fancy snow on the ground. So, I decided to surprise Mom with some fancy snow. Mom said she is going to have to hot glue the feathers back on. Mom took pics!

Later, I laid down where the tree was before I knocked it off the table and plucked it. Mom uploaded a picture of that too. I read earlier where Zoe's Bff Calie and little Boy tried taking down the tree last night...I guess like them I tested Santa Paws patience too. But guess what I had toys under the tree!

Mom picked up a little while we were napping and I woke up and
Then dragged all my toys out

The kitty biter, Buddy is over today with Grandma and Grandpa.
Bahumbug! MOL!

Hope everyone got what they wanted. Love ya!

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