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Hello, Is my mic on?

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The first day of my new life

September 16th 2011 6:10 pm
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Hi! I'm Gris!
My Mom is Amber. She’s barely an adult herself. She hails from how knows where. She was dropped of at my peeps house. According to my peeps, they believes I'm Little Moes kid. He lives a couple of houses down. My peeps had Mom an appointment to get fixed but they were to late. And they got me. My sister does have a name yet. I guess it's because she doesn't have a home.
My sis

My Mom

playing with my sis for the last time

see my sissy's black toe, she needs a home

I was a good kitty at the vet. The assistances said they wish all kitties were as sweet and cooperative as I was. All my test showed good but I do have ear mites. Doc gave the nice lady (she told me I could call her Chris) some drops for my ears.

I even liked the car ride. Didn't cry but for about five minutes. Then I went to sleep.

Chris had a room ready for me. I have a big thing full of some pebble stuff, pretty dishes, a cat bed and even left the crate in their incase I wanted to crawl in it to hide. At first I laid in the crate but now I'm laying on the bed. Comfy!

I seen the dog. She's big and she whimpers and barks a lot. Chris said Zach is holding vigil at the bathroom door listening. Who's Zach? She said Zoe seems oblivious to my arrival.

Chris just leaned in for a sec to check on me and I heard a hiss. Who was that??!! Chris said "Oh Zach." I seen him, he was standing at her feet. He looks like me. Chris told him "not yet!" What do you mean not yet? Chris told me , we ought to meet over a series of days. "David, the man of the house, said “We can't make him sleep by himself! We took him from his family today" Chris said "We have to, even though I don't want to"

I will miss sleeping with my sis.

Chris said she has to write the pirate story so I have to go.

Pictures will be coming latter tonight!


Hello this mic on

September 17th 2011 2:17 pm
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At first we thought my diary wasn't visible but then we got some pmails that kits couldn't comment on it. Hq we might be calling you! We'll see how this one does.

Zach seen me today again from a distance. I don't know if he likes me or not. Zoe, I know she doesn't like me right now. She smelt me under the door, hissed and then smacked Zach. I heard him say "Hey what did I do????!!!!" So, Chris has been rubbing me with this towel and taking it to Zoe. She says if she gets used to my scent it'll go faster., I hope it does, I'm ready to get out of this bathroom already.

Diamond seems nice. She's smelt me and even came to see me today. Then she ate my food. Chris got onto her and told her not to be rude.

Chris took me outside for awhile today. I meet the neighbor lady. She was nice. Chris said she is going to put Zoe and Zach up tonight for a little while so I can come out and play.

It will take awhile that's what Chris said. She also said they are coming around slowly, she knows this cause they aren't sniffing the towel like they did this morning.

Is tomorrow to soon for her to put me in the crate and bring me out for a sniff? Maybe play it by ear?

You guys are so great to me ....the welcomes and the preezies are just wonderful!

Tink- Emerald
Sleeper, Samhain and Maya- gold star
Blizz and fam-crown
Calie, Littleboy, Booboo and fam- Diamond
Teddy bearz, Milo, Ollie, Alfie and Wally- Crown
Milo, Smokey Joe, Timmy and Ziggy- Rainbow Star
Skylar, Skittles, Maedia, Roni, and family- Diamond
Miranda- Diamond
Novi- Adoption Ribbon
Tabbies-Adoption Ribbon
Teebo, Callie and Rose- Adoption Ribbon
Finn, Lacey and Alex- Ice Cream cone (yum)
Jez- a Furball Football
Luke Natasha and fam- a Heart

Thanks guys!


My diary cat scan

September 17th 2011 5:19 pm
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test test!


It was a good day!

September 18th 2011 4:29 pm
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Guess what! Zoe must have been sleeping under the bed cause i was playing with Zach's bird on the bed and she jumped up and walked right (I'm touching bellies right beside me)and she didn't even realized it till Mom grabbed me. So Zoe then laid down on one side and watched me play, as long as I didn't get to close she didn't hiss and it was a nice hiss too! She even yawned and then I yawned. She started to go to sleep with me right in front of her! Mommie Chris says our relationship is coming on nicely.

But Zach is still kicking out a mean hiss and growl. Mommie Chris says maybe tomorrow I can go out in the crate and meet them. She wants to give Zach another day to get acquainted with me in his house. She says he still sits outside my door a lot though. He comes running when I start to cry.

Mommie Chris is spending a lot of time with them. Making sure they don't feel replaced. Dad, I can call him Dad loves me to death. He wants me out so bad. Mommie Chris says she told him he would love another cat! Nobody can resist a kitten. He wants me outside in the garage with him. Mommie Chris said only if we get a cat fence. He said no to the cost.

Haven't meet Grandpa and Grandma yet. Grandma hasn't been feeling good. Poor thing. I don't know Tux but I hear he's doing great! "Almost got his cantor back" was what Mommie Chris said. What's a cantor? Mommie said that's a specific horse trot that Tux always did when he was happy. What's a horse? What's a trot?

Did meet one of Dad's friends. He came over after church. He was nice. He talked to Diamond like a baby. But she's not a baby Mommie Chris or is she? She's a big baby!

He started arguing with Mommie Chris over the odds of the Panthers and Packers game. Wow! Mommie Chris finally told him "when are you going to realize I know more about football than you! The Packers are going to win, no doubt about it." And I heard they did! I want to be a Packer fan with my big bro Zach this year.

MOM- Skylar, I'll be making him a packer fan pic soon.


Easy does it

September 20th 2011 5:10 pm
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Mommie Chris panicked last night about me and Zach having problems. See Zach is having issues with me being here period. So Mommie Chris wrote Lacey, Blizz and Skylar about it.

Well wouldn't you know, things were a little better today. Mommie Chris noticed that the tone of Zach's hiss has changed. Mommie Chris thought that was a good thing. See here I go around lunch into the bedroom with Zoe and Diamond. Mommie Chris decided just to let me run wild and see what happens. Zoe bopped me twice but seemed to like playing with me. Mommie Chris says she's tickled pink that Diamond wants to play with me too but she's concerned Diamond will hurt me.

During this time Mommie Chris noticed that Zach was right outside the door and she thought...get him to play too. So a shoestring went under the door Mommie had to help me hold unto the line cause that was one big fish I caught! We have pics!

Then later, Mommie Chris brought me out and put my on the end of the bed. Zach and Zoe had been snoozing on the pillows. Mom played with me. Zach didn't hiss or growl once! Mommie was making sure I kept my distance. Mommie Chris says where she knows things are getting better is Zach didn't get up and leave. She says that's positive.

We will do the same routine tomorrow. Tonight I will get to come out for a little while to be with Daddy.


Wow talking to Tink puts Zach in a good mood

September 22nd 2011 1:41 pm
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Guess what???!!!! We did it! Mom feed all of us a Chicken and Duck breakfast together. Did you get that!! Together! Then mom watched us very carefully! After I got done I looked at Zach's plate and he hissed. How did he know I was thinking of snacking on his food? Funny how Momma Panda was just telling me that spot tried eating Blizz's food last night! I guess the warning gave me the idea.

Anyway so then we played on the bed for awhile. Well I did will Zach and Zoe watched. Then we ate lunch separate and I got to come back out. Mommie Chris made paper balls for us to chase. Wow! Zach is the soccer champ! Zach went back to looking outside, Zoe laid down to take a nap and I played with one of their old catnip toys for a little while. I batted it around on the floor more than licking.

Oh yeah, I decided to use their bathroom. Zach surprisingly, didn't seem to care but I came out of the bathroom hissing just in case.

Mommie Chris says I'm a wild child from being locked up and I need socializing and need to calm down just a notch. Mommie Chris says I've got to quit using my claws for every thing I do including playing with Mommie. When I do get to play with Zach and Zoe Mommie Chris says using my claws are off allowed. Plus, I'm also biting Mommie's hand in play but Mommie Chris had a stern talk with me about it. She said she would find some help on the internet. Any ideas?


List of my favorite things

October 3rd 2011 5:49 pm
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Mom suggested that sense I keep finding new things to play with that I should write about them. So here goes.....

Diamond's tail- not as fun anymore. She keeps running away from me. Mom says she's scared of me. Mom says that's a good thing.

Zach- he's a great playmate. Even though he rubs it in that he can jump on the table and I can't. This makes me whiny.

My Fort- thanks to River. Zach and Zoe said I can have it.

Tp roll- shredded a whole roll, Mom for some odd reason hasn't replaced it

pen (note from Mom- with cap on)

Mom wore her hair up in what Zoe calls a side messy hair knot, all these little wispy bits of hair to play with. Actually, I play with everything Mom wears, rings, bracelets, earrings and yes even her little nose ring.

Paper bags- way fun

a speck of dirt on the floor

Da bird

There's something about the sheets that's on the bed right now that I just love! (Note from Mom- unfortunate cut in my brand new sheets that Diamond put there while playing. Dang she's got some claws!)

The cursor on the computer screen.

And last but not least, watching Mom play Frogger.


Mom has giving me an A-

October 12th 2011 4:58 pm
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Playing nicely with others B

Wrestling A

Sleeping through the night B-

Litter box use A+

Greeting visitors A

Begging for food B-

Exploring B

Loving Mom and Dad A

Loving on Grandma and Grandpa C

About the Grandma and Grandpa thing...Grandma wanted to hold me for longer than a sec. Can you believe it! I'm a kitten! Let me down so I can play! And Grandpa, that I feel bad about...I kept trying to climb his leg. He said I hurt him. Sorry Grandpa!


Fell in the Zen

October 22nd 2011 6:46 pm
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We are having fun at Samhain's page....
Samhains Haiku Fest

We are making poems that are so fun.
This one was mine.

He strung the lights up,
His wife drum rolled in the snow,
Ta da and there was nothing!

The rules are on her page....come join us please


Kittens-R-Us Flea questions

October 24th 2011 8:05 pm
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Grandma and Mom held me down! On my BACK! Mom held my back claws and Grandma was rubbing my belly. What are they doing? I tried to fight them. Scratching with front paws, biting and growling but they kept telling me STOP!!! What? I'm just trying to protect my bell and private parts.

So, I nicely asked Mom after I washed the horrible ordeal off, what the heck was that? Mom said she was checking for fleas and the test was positive. I have fleas. Mom said you all have fleas but Zoe and Diamond kills them with meds. Then she explained I was to young to be a flea killer for along time so I had some when I came to live here.

Why not Zach? He's not a flea killer. Turns out fleas don't like him. Hummm...does he taste bad? Maybe, it's the garlic he eats? MOL! PS- Mom is going to take me in to see about flea meds for me hopefully before the week is over (she said she is shooting for Wed. I'll be a big boy then.

Mom- Friends, how do you get rid of them when you have a kit in the house. I'm afraid to spray the carpets and upholstery like I usually do. Any suggestions?

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