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Hello, Is my mic on?

Got my 2nd Feline Leuk shot today

November 21st 2011 5:17 pm
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Hey! I went to get my feline leuk booster today and the Doc gave me an antidote shot first. It seems to have really helped. I'm playing, not throwing up, Mom hasn't noticed if I've ate yet though. We've had company tonight. She says my belly feels a little warm and I've got that same looking around like I'm seeing things in mid air look on my face but the really bad stuff never hit me this time. The antidote shot is actual seems to help.

just thought you might want to know.

Purred by: littleboy (Catster Member)

November 21st 2011 at 5:43 pm

Hey that is good to hear so glad it went much better this time lil guy.
Purred by: Griswold II DIT#57 (Catster Member)

November 21st 2011 at 6:20 pm

Well, my hind in is a little sore and I'm sleeping now but the shot really did help. Funny thing is, according to Pfizer website only 2% of us kitties have a bad reaction. Doc acted like it was somewhat not surprising.

I weigh 6pds. and 5oz. now.
Purred by: Gumpy Sweet Boy (Catster Member)

November 21st 2011 at 7:08 pm

Hey, what's an antidote shot? Glad it helped anyway!
Purred by: Purincess Miranda (Catster Member)

November 21st 2011 at 7:20 pm

Glad that antidote shot helped you not have such a bad time! Medicine makes us healthy, but sure does strange things to us sometimes!
Purred by: Griswold II DIT#57 (Catster Member)

November 21st 2011 at 7:31 pm

Gumpy, I had a really bad reaction to my first shot so they gave me a shot that counteracts the side effects of the vaccine. I can't tell you what it's called technically but it's widely known as the antidote shot. It's in my records now to always give me that shot along with my feline leuk shot. OH! And i become a man on the 28th of Dec. while mom is still out of work for vacation. Gumpy, does it hurt?

Last time I was running a 104 fever after the shot which made me completely out of it.

Miranda, your right about that!
Purred by: Lisa P

November 21st 2011 at 7:35 pm

oh I'm so glad you're not sick this time. That was surry scary!
Purred by: Griswold II DIT#57 (Catster Member)

November 21st 2011 at 7:51 pm

Tell me about it, Mom said she's used to us animals being mopey after getting vaccines but not acting like I did. I couldn't even hardly lift my head to look at Mommie last time.

It was very very scarey.

Did Mom ever tell you about the pills that was given to her to give Diamond? (It was another vet)Mom didn't like how Diamond was acting at all, so she looked up the info on the pill and very first thing lots of warnings, and testimonies of people who had lost their dogs taking this pill. Mom called her vet and had them give her something not so deadly.
Purred by: Gumpy Sweet Boy (Catster Member)

November 21st 2011 at 8:01 pm

Oh, okay. Thanks for letting me know about the antidote shot...I didn't realize they had those for when we get vaccines. It's no fun getting any of those, eh little dude? Sorry to hear about you being so sick last time (belated purrs...).

So Gris is joining the grapeless society!? It just hurts a little afterward, but you'll be okay. It's been so many years, I can hardly remember. December 28th - hope you have a Happy Holiday ;)
Purred by: Eva V

November 21st 2011 at 8:02 pm

Hey Gris, I am happy things went better this time. I never heard of the antidote shot either but good thing it exists!
So, you are going to join the grapeless society on Dec 28th!
You have nothing to worry about it. It is really a snip/snip thing. By the evening I was running and playing like nothing happened. We are lucky not to be girls!
Love ya,
Purred by: Griswold II DIT#57 (Catster Member)

November 21st 2011 at 8:09 pm

Ollie, Diamond told me to tell you "You don't know how lucky you are" She said she felt horrible for days and on top of that her throat was inflamed form the breathing tube so she had to take allergy pills. It was causing her to reverse sneeze.

Guys, a friend of Mom's had a cat that did horrible time after getting the feline leuk shot and she was the one to mention the antidote shot to Mom. Thank God for Animal Lovers!
Purred by: Gumpy Sweet Boy (Catster Member)

November 21st 2011 at 8:10 pm

Snip, snip! Ouch, ouch!
Mom still remembers seeing me there in the cage at the country vet after my snip snip surgery. Oh where was that camera?
Purred by: Novi--DIT #49 (Catster Member)

November 21st 2011 at 11:00 pm

Aw Gris, don' worries 'bout the op'ration. Is no big deal fur us guys. I was playin as soon as I gots home.

Glad you dinnit gets sick frum shots, this time.
Purred by: ♥ Jezebel RIP ♥ (Catster Member)

November 21st 2011 at 11:15 pm

Glad you're doing good and not sick!
Purred by: (My Angel) Marrakech (Catster Member)

November 21st 2011 at 11:33 pm

Yay! Things went well this time! Gris, do you know you already weigh more than I did? (Okay, I was tiny and you're a boy, but, wow are you getting big quickly!)

Purred by: Alex R

November 22nd 2011 at 7:31 am

Gris - i'm so glad you didn't get really sick like the last time! The Mama was surprised that i got sick with this 2nd combo, but like she said before - maybe it was the antibiotic shot along with it that was more than i could take. Luckily it was only for the one day mostly. For such active little critters, we are still so fragile at times.
Purred by: Snow the Kitten - DIT#30 (Catster Member)

November 22nd 2011 at 10:52 am

I'm SO glad it worked out well for you - my shots have not fazed me but I know I've been lucky!! Luv, Snow
Purred by: Griswold II DIT#57 (Catster Member)

November 22nd 2011 at 3:07 pm

Marrakech, Grandpa actually mistaken me for Zach the other night. Can you believe it! It was because I'm as tall as Zoe now. But, she out weighs me by 4 pds and some change. Mom says Zoe is supposed to be 8 pds. (Mom says I'm the only one in the whole house that is the proper weight, humans included. Heehee)

Fearless, I'm sorry your shots got you down. I know how that feels. They are going to give me my rabies shot the same time as my surgery and that makes Mom a little nervous.

Snow! You changed your name! You are lucky. Of course they never phased Zach and Zoe only gets tired after shots.
Purred by: Mikey (Catster Member)

November 22nd 2011 at 9:33 pm

After I gotted my snip done I was running around within about an hour of mummy bring me home! (After some noms and a good old groom to get the VET smell off me!) The vet said to try to keep me quiet but NO CHANCE! I think removing the extra weight helped me run faster and jump even higher!
Purred by: Skylar db#39A (Catster Member)

November 23rd 2011 at 1:36 pm

Glad your reaction was not like last time. There's not much to worry about with your grape removal. It's true. A snack, a nap and then you will be ready to go play!


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