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A Carolina Kitten in New York

Uh oh! My trip to meet Big Vet again.

August 16th 2012 7:29 am
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Well, yesterday morning I made the BIG JUMP! I jumped from the 6 foot shelf over the commode up over Moms 5 foot two head and I jumped fromt this shelf way way way out of the bathroom to the wood floor in the hall!

Mommmy went 'aaaaaaaa' and I sauntered out into the living room. She was like 'CK? Are you ok? CK?" And I turned and looked at her like 'whats wrong with you, woman? I'm a strong and agile mancat! Of course I'm ok.

And I seemed fine, bothering Smokie, stealing Bellas breakfast.

But when Mommy came home from work yestrerday I did not roll around ont he cat tree like I usually do. I did not make much of her. I came down slowly and wasn't at all interested in supper, and I usually am.

She offered babyfood. I wouldn't eat it.

She went into the bathroom and there was a bit of spit up with blood in it!

Now, there was no proof it was mine. But Mommy went into panic mode. She called Daddy. Daddy said offer me tuna fish.

Mommy did. I nibbled, then walked off as Smokieboo scarfed it down.

Mommmy called Daddy back.

Daddy called Big Vet

She called back right away!!!
Mommy told her what was going on. She said she should look at him, as she couldn't tell what was wrong without a look.

Mommy said she was coming.

There was a bad storm here yesterday-mommy couldn't get a cab, so daddy had to leave the resturant he works at as a chef, and come in the old car and Mommy grabbed me off the cat tree ( I did go to swat and bite at her-but I didn't have the energy to play) and she put me in a carrier. I went in-I haven't figured out that carriers mean scary stuff.

So daddy was downstairs as mommy got there with me. Mommy was puffing...I am not the 6lb kitten I was at 6 months.

They drove me to the vets.

I panted on the way and cried. I didn't like it. Where were my brofurs?

Well, we got there, and sat and sat and sat. Then finally, we got taken back into a room.

Mommy's eyes were as wide as mine. She was worried. A very very nice lady who is actually the surgery nurse came in and took my was normal....and then weighed me.

Guess what I weigh furs?

I WEIGH 13LBS!!! Mommy is going to take some pics...becuase I am now her big one year old boy...and a big boy. Not fat, I am as fit as that Swimming guy, Micheal Phelps, except I do the jumps, not the swims!

Well, Nancy was nice...thats the nurse. She asked mom some questions, and told Mommy not to worry (wasted breath, daddy said).

Big Vet came in all jolly. Of course she was. She has a thriving practice in which Mommy and Daddy should own stock any of your pawrents think they should own stock in their vets practices or at least get use of their summer homes?

Well, she gave me a very careful exam. She spent alot of time feeling my legs and my spine and my insides. I didn't care for it, and I was scared-I kept looking at Mommy. Nancy said that she could tell I was mommy's boy. I growled. I am not Mommy's Boy! I am a big strong mancat! (mommy, get me out of here, please!!!)

Big Vet looked at my mouth and gums. She said uh oh'. It had nothing to do with my jump, and probably not why I was not feeling well. I have stomatitis. (red gums) and Big Vet told Mommy that I have to have my mouth washed with a special rinse and my teeth brushed. Daddy said 'oh, that will be alot of fun, as he mauls us.' Big Vete chuckled. She said 'oh, just wrap him in a towel.'

Mommy said 'Is that why he's sick?' and Big Vet said 'I don't believe so. Maybe...sometimes...when cats make a big jump...they land ok, but their chins hit the floor. I can't tell, but he might have hit the floor and his teeth went into the gums or lip and he's sore in his mouth....
but I don't know. '

I got a shot of connevia-an antibiotic. she told Mommy and Daddy she wanted to have blood from me....why? She has her own, right? Well, they said 'ok'! Wow!

And she told Mommy and Daddy it was to make sure that I didn't have anyting really wrong inside.

Mommy and Daddy ahve to watch me.

I came home and ate a little dry food.

This morning I ate a little, not much, but a little. I was a bit more active.

Gloria, our vet tech friend spoke with Mom on the phone. She said that I could even have a little 'bug', as Mommy had worked at a cat adoption event and one ofthe kits was'sniffly'. she said that sometimes things just get bought into the house. She suggested Mommy take the clothes from any event she wears and put them in a plastic bag and that Mommy shower immediately so the germs from stuff go away. She said she thought I'd be fine.

Nancy said Mommy should watch me to make sure I don't over eat and get fat, but I don't do that...I am very active and love to play...just ask the Bub or my brofurs.

I eat good food-mom was surprised about the stomatitis thing.

Big Vet said it's cause of my immune system.

How do you get it, does anyone know?

Furs....tomorrow will be the anniversary of when my Angel Cee Cee Ryder sent me to Mom.

Mommy is sad...the 15 year old cat they were trying to rescue from the kill shelter died. Apparently as per her medical report of 'URI and geriatric concerns'.

Mommy is happy I'm home and feeeling a bit better...but sad about Musya...

I asked our Alex to look out for Musya...she's a very pretty 15 year old Calico. Miss Alex, would you watch over her at Rainbow, please?

love and headbonks,
CK Angel Ryder Knowles
Mancat of Kew Gardens


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August 17th 2012 at 2:39 am

Hope you're feeling all better!

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