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A Carolina Kitten in New York

learning from my big brofur Ruffy-asking folks to consider- fostering organizations that rescue off the euth lists

August 14th 2012 8:34 am
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Hi everyone!

Ruffy got busy today, so he said 'CK, can you do me a favor?' And I said 'Sure, is it eat something?" And he said 'No, CK, it's more important.

Ruffy wanted me to talk to furs and their folks about something that will earn you much good karma.

It's to partner up with a local rescue and foster for them. You see, many organizations like anjelliclecats in NY and oh, so many in other states, rescue from kill shelters. The smaller rescues, like anjelliclecats, are run by volunteers, and the cats need to be in foster situations.

They pay for the kitties medical. In some cases, they will even help with food and litter.

So what do you do? You give the kitty a place to live, and to eat and sleep.

It need not be big or fancy. It is not permanent, though some become 'foster failures'.

Why foster?
1) It saves a life. When you contact anjellicats and tell them you want to 'pull' it is wonderuos, knowing the cat that would ahve been killed that morning is now getting saved, and will come to you, for you to say 'yes, you are safe. You are here. You will ahve a home. We will do this together'.
2) Your human will feel wonderful. You, as a cat, may be anxious at first, but please don't be. I remember the first time I met my sibs. It was just a little scary, but then they 'knew' I was their little brofur. And even if I had not stayed, they knew what it was like to come in from the cold.
3) In many states, there are few shelters and rescues are overwhelmed. You will be saving a life and what could be better?
4) You may have a playmate, or several! This is the coolest! I still miss Delilah.
5) Your human can also get to meet other cat people! Thats nice! Sometimes humans can volunteer with organizations at street fairs, at Petco's, at other events! It makes them feel good!

Below are some things people have asked and said to us about Fostering:

1)I have a small place, and it's messy. Does it matter?
No-if you have a small space, and love, what does it matter? Cats are small-we don't take up much room.
2) Do I have to seperate the foster from my other cats?
In the beginning, it's suggested, as in introducing any new animal. Some people keep their fosters seperate, some do not. Talk with the rescue you want to connect with.
3)I can't afford food or litter for another cat.
speak with the rescue. They may be able to provide it!!!
4) I'm afraid my resident cats won't take to the foster.
This could happen, but we are the most adaptable animals in the world...and we work out many things. It's usually the humans w ho get worried it won't.
5) What if the foster cat is sick or needs medication?
Talk with the resuce. Many coming from kill shelters get a little cold. I had a little cold when I came in. I got some medicine. And no one else got my cold....most of the time resident cats have better immune systems because they are secure in a home.
6) Will people have to come to my house to see the cat?
Again, speak with the rescue. The cat may get shown at different events. Most of the time the rescues screen people very carefully if you do show the animal. You might meet some really nice cat people-mom did!
7) Isn't their something wrong with cats that get left at shelters?
No. Things happen. Sadly, many poeple don't understand that a cat (or dog, or ferret, whatever) is forever. Sometimes people find cats, and don't know what to do, so bring them to the shelter. Some cats are turned in by people who are moving. Some cats are left there because people become allergic.
You get the idea. We are often blameless, just part of a society that doesn't take 'furever' as meaning Forever.

Will I really make a difference? There are so many.....

Mommy says that when she looks at me, and each of us, she realizes she couldn't save the world...but if each of us did something....

well, what would happen? :)

And by saving just is a start.

Everyone have a wonderful day! I am off to play and have a nap on the cat tree....


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Purred by: ♥ Jezebel RIP ♥ (Catster Member)

August 15th 2012 at 3:15 am

The people who foster really are wonderful!

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