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A Carolina Kitten in New York

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My birthday!

June 27th 2014 5:39 am
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Yesterday was my birthday! Well, the one my family 'guestimates' for me. I am now 3 years old. Mommy calls me her 'little man' and 'The Boss' because that is what I act like. I boss everyone around-besides Miraboo. I'm afraid of her sort of.

Every day I walk around and inspect everything. I sometimes lay down in front of the other cats and ask them to groom me. I sometimes groom Ruffy, once in awhile Smokieboo, but I've been pushing him around too. Mommy gets sad when she sees this and yells at me. But I have been itching to take over since I got here.

I like running with the clowder, but now I'm the biggest one here besides Mr. Paws and Miraboo. I play, sometimes a little too rough, so mommy sometimes scolds.

The Bub is still my special sister, and we play and she sometimes grooms my head. Mr. Paws is my best friend.

Mommy says that I'm a brat but she loves me. I was her first kitten, and I'm still her baby. I like to crawl onto her lap and get neck scritches and chin skritches.

I sometimes challenge Daddy, and he tells me 'CK, I am still Boss here-I am THE BIG KITTY' but I always think some day I will get bigger. But Daddy sometimes takes me into the hallway, and once or twice I've gotten downstairs to my landlords apartment. I have smelled their dog but not seen him, and mommy worries I could hurt him, though he's much bigger than me.

Ok, I'm off again, I've got to get these other cats in line!

CK Angel Ryder Knowles


Happy Gotcha day little Man!

August 19th 2013 7:38 am
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(from the Mommy)

Happy Gotcha Day, Boss.
Yes, I know you think you're the boss. At a whopping 15lbs, you've grown alot from the little assured kitten who sat on the dashboard on the way back to New York. I watch you pace the apartment, or stretch out on the cat tree, and gave out at the apartment, then out the window.
You leap onto the bed and onto my stomach (oof!) and lay down for chin scritches and head scritches.
You pace into the kitchen, and then back, patroling, looking for...what? Well, keeping your eye on everything.
Your coat is sleek. You are protective of me, defiant of all other males, including your father. You are my Baby, no matter your size.
You dominate all, except the old boys who just let you think you do. Staring down Smokie you find the skinny green eyed Russian Blue Rasputin is still in charge as he delivers not the gentle smack you got as a kitten, but a hard one two punch.
You deserved it, and the way of Cats, their culture, is their business. It hurts your pride, but not you, as you gaze out again, chastened but not contained.
You leap quickly up the tree, but miss a platform, almost, and look, puzzled, as Calvin passes you, lighter and smaller. Yes, you were once that size. But you are Powerful and sleek, two years of age sit upon you with the strength and agility of a healthy young male cat who has known nothing but love and good nutrition since he was plucked from under a car at Angel Oak's parking lot from whence Cee Cee sent you to us.
Large, yes, a bully, yes, at times. But ever watchful and endearing as you stretch out before Princess, or Mr. Paws to be groomed.
A big cat, yes, with a little meow, plaintive and yearning for attention, to be noticed and yes, to be loved.
And you are. Your brothers do love you, even if you try to bully them. You are big brother to Calvin and Midnight, the head of the Three Muskateers, or as your dad says, the three stooges. You knock around Ringo, the small foster kitten with easy grace, as though saying 'yeah, I was that small once!'
You've grown up in some ways, but not others. You play at every opportunity...and when not, you stretch out, so long now, sleek and long, to catch a cat nap.
And I meet your gold eyes, and smile.
I'm so glad, CK Angel, that you're home.



What being a Dreamboat in Training Means to me...

March 14th 2013 1:57 pm
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1) It means that I'm one of a few of simply the best....
2) It means Samoa thinks I'm cute.
3) It makes people notice that you can sure be special without being a purebreed.
4) It means I can proudly say 'Yes, I am very desirable!'
5) It means being in the company of greats!
6) It means I get my own group!
7) It means that I am Special!
8) It makes people go 'wow, a little tuxie from South Carolina is a Dreamboat in training!!!'
9) It means the new Pope is going to send for me for a special audience, to congratulate me on being a good Cat-lick dreamboat in training!
10) It means my Momma Panda will be so proud!
11) It means that Novi and me and other black and white boys who are dreamboats in training can have our own gang!
12) It means, really, that I am a great example of that miracles do occur!

It means, more than anything...that a little stray can be so so so much more.....

please save a life and adopt today!


Mushy stuff this valentines day.

February 11th 2013 8:22 pm
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Hi eveyone,
It's me, CK.
I am not like Ruffy-I can't write like him.
And Daddy says I've been a real ELB lately.

Who wants to be my Valentine?
I don't have a girl cat friend or nuthin.

My momma Panda is getting a valentine from me, though, cause I'm her good boy.



January 15th 2013 7:40 am
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Something is up.
There is a Newcat here. I can smell him.
He's in the bedroom.
At first I thought Natalie probably did him in-she's in there too, and pretty dangerous.
But then, yesterday night Mommy cracked open the door to the bedroom.
I went over and there he was-Newcat!
Newcat sniffed-we touched noses. He hissed.
We backed up. Then touched noses again.
He hissed again. He growled.
I would have liked to have gone in, but Daddy said 'not yet'. He's worried becuase Newcat has ringworm. Don't know what the fuss is about Pops. I mean, Ruffy has a fungus and I was grooming him yesterday.
But it was still a no.
Wonder what Newcat is like? Why did he growl? Doesn't he know I'm the boss around here?
(glances over his shoulder looking for the Catfather)
Don't want any mouseheads, though.
Maybe I'll meet Newcat soon.


Anuder Brofur

November 20th 2012 12:03 pm
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Hey everyone!!!
Guess what? Guess What?
My brofur Middy is stayin!!!!!
He is! He is!!!1

and you know who is here too? A little 'foster brofur! He is a little guy, and Mommy says that he will be with us for a bit. His name is Calvin.
He does 'bad cat' stuff.He knocks stuff off the desk, he jumps on stuff he shouldn't. He is 7 months old, but looks much younger.

This morning he smacked moms hand. She got mad for a second, and then felt sad. You see, the human mommy who was taking care of him before really didn't understand him. She was carrying him around in a blanket, and her other cats were really not wanting to play with him. One hurt him, becuase he is a kitten.

He was locked up in Solitary except for his sister for 3 months in the basement in a cage. Then they adopted out his sister without him. The lady who had him wanted to send him to a sanctuary because she said 'he's not adoptable'.

Mommy got upset with that. She told Calvin that he can stay as long as he likes.

Now he doesn't like cages, so can't go to adoption events. Mommy says he just needs some patience. Daddy said he just needs to learn how to be a cat and 'cat manners'. He got smacked by Smokie and Ruffy already because he HISSED at them!!! (Even I always knew you don't do that!!!)

Mommy feels sad for him, because he looks at her sometimes like he wants to be friends, but is't too sure.

He needs a very special home. Mommy says she knows with time the right person will come along. he's really cute and when mom finds her camera recharger she will take a pic of him and put it on my page.

We all play chase in the mornings and its fun!!!

I'm glad Calvin is here!


My new Brofur Midnight

November 7th 2012 11:10 am
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Hi Everyone,
It's been a long time, hasn't it? Mommy has been struggling with school and work, and is so tired. However she and daddy weren't so tired they could not take in another 'foster'.
I am having so much fun with him, and hoping he'll stay. He's a little black cat, his name is Midnight. Mommy's nickname for him is 'Wolf boy'. Not because he looks like a wolf, but because he's not civilized at all. He climbs on the stove, even up to the top dish cabinet. Mommy was really annoyed with him, not just cause he could have made the dishes fall, but becuase he could have bought them down on him, and they are heavy dishes. He knows how to open cabinets, and daddy is putting magnets on the cabinets as he gets time.

Our other foster, Emily Rose, got a great home. They really love her. There are less cats there, only 2, one being elderly, and they have a 3 floor house, and a stay at home mom, so we think she'll be happier. Mommy cried when she left, but her goal has always been to offer at least one spot in our house to a foster.

As for Midnight, he's very cute...not as cute as me, of course, but he's as mom says 'a little devil'. He bites when she picks him up. He scratches too.

But Mommy loves black cats. And I am chirping and cooing to him and we run and chase each other all over. So he may be staying....I hope.

Purring for all you guys!



Having fun in the new apartment

October 10th 2012 4:41 am
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I like our new home! I can run up and down up and down the rooms...cause each room leads to the other. I start in the kitchen and run to the bedroom, I run from the bedroom into the kitchen. Then I see Emily Rose, our foster, and I chase her! Then Ruffy and I run!

I climb the cat tree which daddy and momma put right by the window in the kitchen. I sleep on it sometimes, or on the loveseat.

Just now I am running back and forth really fast and it makes momma smile.

Momma and Daddy trapped one of the cats where they used to live. Daddy calls the kitty 'Little Mel'. I know he wants to keep him, and I wonder if we'll have a new brofur? Mommy told daddy when he's back to work steady that Ruffy needs to go to the vet and get his nose looked at cause that black thing on his nose has gotten bigger.

Mommy is worried.

And Smokie needs to get checked out and get his teeth fixed. They are looking for homes for our pretty Foster, Emily Rose, but so far no one has been interested. Mommy and Daddy want to make sure she goes to a very good home.

Time to run up and down again!


Today is my Gotcha Day!

August 17th 2012 5:47 am
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It doesn't seem so long ago at all!
I was a little kitten, living in South rough near the Angel Oak! Has anyone ever seen Angel Oak? Well, google it, cause it is SOMETHING!!!
Anyway, I lived rough with my mom and family. Mom said that the lady who makes baskets there said there was my mom and another kitten...but mom told a rescue who looked for a long time and never found them.

Mom saw my head peak out from under a car....and she got a can of food...I was scared...but hungry. I came out....and she scruffed me. She kept the food in front of me, and I kept eating, even scruffed. She then wrapped me in her little car blankie and she and daddy talked about what to do.

They were not going to leave me there. It was evident I was weaned, and Mom knew that life would be rough for me if I stayed there. She and Daddy decided to find a no kill shelter. They drove there, and they were full. But very nicely they told mom that they could test me, give me my first shots, a worming, and even some antibiotic for what looked like a cold. And...they took ticks off me! Daddy knew how to do that too! Mommy went 'eeeewwwww!'

and so I was saved!

And I rode back to NY with Mommy and Daddy...and met my brofurs and sisters...and then...all my catster furends! and Momma Panda loves me and I'm her little mancat along with new brofur Novi...and Spot...and Snow who lives with Tink..and Sweetie who's a sifur there...she so purty!

So I look back over my shoulder at the little resilliant kitten I was...and remember moms face when Dr. P said I am 13 pounds. Cause in the space of a year I is a handsome young mancat! But my brofur Smokie says 'You mind and don't get too full of yourself!' And Ruffy grooms my head and I rush off to watch the birds in the window, feeling so much better.

I am so happy to have a home where I can be fed and loved and taken care of and have warm places to sleep and brofurs and the bub to play with.

And I glance up and see the wings of a lovely brindle Calico cat who leans down and with a gentle kiss on the top of the head purrs 'You are every miracle I could have hoped for! Happy Gotcha day, little man."

And before I can tell her I'm not little anymore, she is soaring up high, and then flicks her tail and wonderful tiny fireflies of many colors tumble down..and butterflies....and I chase them and then fall onto my back, on the cat tree...and gaze down at my small, but loving and warm domain...

and I say....

Life is Good!

with love,
CK Angel Ryder Knowles
Mancat of the Kew Gardens Cats


Uh oh! My trip to meet Big Vet again.

August 16th 2012 7:29 am
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Well, yesterday morning I made the BIG JUMP! I jumped from the 6 foot shelf over the commode up over Moms 5 foot two head and I jumped fromt this shelf way way way out of the bathroom to the wood floor in the hall!

Mommmy went 'aaaaaaaa' and I sauntered out into the living room. She was like 'CK? Are you ok? CK?" And I turned and looked at her like 'whats wrong with you, woman? I'm a strong and agile mancat! Of course I'm ok.

And I seemed fine, bothering Smokie, stealing Bellas breakfast.

But when Mommy came home from work yestrerday I did not roll around ont he cat tree like I usually do. I did not make much of her. I came down slowly and wasn't at all interested in supper, and I usually am.

She offered babyfood. I wouldn't eat it.

She went into the bathroom and there was a bit of spit up with blood in it!

Now, there was no proof it was mine. But Mommy went into panic mode. She called Daddy. Daddy said offer me tuna fish.

Mommy did. I nibbled, then walked off as Smokieboo scarfed it down.

Mommmy called Daddy back.

Daddy called Big Vet

She called back right away!!!
Mommy told her what was going on. She said she should look at him, as she couldn't tell what was wrong without a look.

Mommy said she was coming.

There was a bad storm here yesterday-mommy couldn't get a cab, so daddy had to leave the resturant he works at as a chef, and come in the old car and Mommy grabbed me off the cat tree ( I did go to swat and bite at her-but I didn't have the energy to play) and she put me in a carrier. I went in-I haven't figured out that carriers mean scary stuff.

So daddy was downstairs as mommy got there with me. Mommy was puffing...I am not the 6lb kitten I was at 6 months.

They drove me to the vets.

I panted on the way and cried. I didn't like it. Where were my brofurs?

Well, we got there, and sat and sat and sat. Then finally, we got taken back into a room.

Mommy's eyes were as wide as mine. She was worried. A very very nice lady who is actually the surgery nurse came in and took my was normal....and then weighed me.

Guess what I weigh furs?

I WEIGH 13LBS!!! Mommy is going to take some pics...becuase I am now her big one year old boy...and a big boy. Not fat, I am as fit as that Swimming guy, Micheal Phelps, except I do the jumps, not the swims!

Well, Nancy was nice...thats the nurse. She asked mom some questions, and told Mommy not to worry (wasted breath, daddy said).

Big Vet came in all jolly. Of course she was. She has a thriving practice in which Mommy and Daddy should own stock any of your pawrents think they should own stock in their vets practices or at least get use of their summer homes?

Well, she gave me a very careful exam. She spent alot of time feeling my legs and my spine and my insides. I didn't care for it, and I was scared-I kept looking at Mommy. Nancy said that she could tell I was mommy's boy. I growled. I am not Mommy's Boy! I am a big strong mancat! (mommy, get me out of here, please!!!)

Big Vet looked at my mouth and gums. She said uh oh'. It had nothing to do with my jump, and probably not why I was not feeling well. I have stomatitis. (red gums) and Big Vet told Mommy that I have to have my mouth washed with a special rinse and my teeth brushed. Daddy said 'oh, that will be alot of fun, as he mauls us.' Big Vete chuckled. She said 'oh, just wrap him in a towel.'

Mommy said 'Is that why he's sick?' and Big Vet said 'I don't believe so. Maybe...sometimes...when cats make a big jump...they land ok, but their chins hit the floor. I can't tell, but he might have hit the floor and his teeth went into the gums or lip and he's sore in his mouth....
but I don't know. '

I got a shot of connevia-an antibiotic. she told Mommy and Daddy she wanted to have blood from me....why? She has her own, right? Well, they said 'ok'! Wow!

And she told Mommy and Daddy it was to make sure that I didn't have anyting really wrong inside.

Mommy and Daddy ahve to watch me.

I came home and ate a little dry food.

This morning I ate a little, not much, but a little. I was a bit more active.

Gloria, our vet tech friend spoke with Mom on the phone. She said that I could even have a little 'bug', as Mommy had worked at a cat adoption event and one ofthe kits was'sniffly'. she said that sometimes things just get bought into the house. She suggested Mommy take the clothes from any event she wears and put them in a plastic bag and that Mommy shower immediately so the germs from stuff go away. She said she thought I'd be fine.

Nancy said Mommy should watch me to make sure I don't over eat and get fat, but I don't do that...I am very active and love to play...just ask the Bub or my brofurs.

I eat good food-mom was surprised about the stomatitis thing.

Big Vet said it's cause of my immune system.

How do you get it, does anyone know?

Furs....tomorrow will be the anniversary of when my Angel Cee Cee Ryder sent me to Mom.

Mommy is sad...the 15 year old cat they were trying to rescue from the kill shelter died. Apparently as per her medical report of 'URI and geriatric concerns'.

Mommy is happy I'm home and feeeling a bit better...but sad about Musya...

I asked our Alex to look out for Musya...she's a very pretty 15 year old Calico. Miss Alex, would you watch over her at Rainbow, please?

love and headbonks,
CK Angel Ryder Knowles
Mancat of Kew Gardens

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