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Puffy's progress

Rainbow bridge

July 22nd 2014 10:13 am
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I went over the bridge last evening and am now with my sister Lilly who went there four days ago. Mom is so sad and she keeps hoping that she gets up and it is a dream. I was only three years old but mom and dad loved me dearly even though I gave everyone a rough time. MOL. I am a unique kitty with a huge personality and I know it. MOL. I am playing with many mouses with Lilly now up here and I also see Louis and Ethan and Alexander from Australia.


I am Puffy

February 19th 2012 3:27 pm
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Hello everyone. I am tolerating the "dog" that my human brother brought home. I am what I said "tolerating". She likes to eat the same food that I do and I had first dibs on the food at the table. She wants to play but I just am not sure about playing with a thing that looks like that. She smells like a dog and I mean a dog. Not only that, she goes outside and eats poop. How can anyone even think of such a thing. What is wrong with her????? Mom and dad make over her some but mom does more than dad does. I have dad in my corner and he is all PUFFY!!!! Well that is all for now. I am getting big; so they say and I am getting furrier. Mom said that she doesn't know how much longer my hair will get before it stops.


Comfy Puffy

November 13th 2011 5:48 pm
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Well it has been a couple months since mom took me inside. I have gained alot of weight and am so playful. Mom says I am making up for the lost time when I was outside starving. Turns out I am not deaf; I just was very very sick. I am better now and I really love to play with Riley. He likes to chase me and we wrestle all the time. I love to snuggle Snicker because she is so warm but she does snore. MOL. My brother and sister are outside and mom has tried to get them to come to her but so far they won't. Maybe they will soon. Mom just wants to take care of them like she does me. My feline mommy is out there with them so they are with our mommy. My feline mommy loves mom; her name is Sophia and mom makes over her all the time. I guess she didn't realize I was one of her kittens because I look so different than my brothers and sisters. Mom has decided that I resemble a Norweigen Forest Cat more than a Maine Coon. Anyway I am so spoiled now and boy am I glad that she picked me up that day out under the rose bush. Oh one more thing; I have big big feet. If I grow into my feet, I am going to be huge. MOL


My first entry

August 20th 2011 8:14 pm
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Hello, my name is Puffy because I am "puffy". I was outside and so scared of everything then yesterday a lady was feeding me she picked me up; I was really scared but she seemed to like cuddling me. They took me inside a house and gave me lots of food, that tasted so good. I don't know how to use a litter pan yet and am not sure about drinking water. Today, I am starting to get a pink nose instead of a pale nose so that must mean I am feeling better. I need to gain alot of weight since I have not been eating but I think I can continue to like this being hugged and made over.

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