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Kosu, Kosu-kitty, Princess Foot Knives

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sleepyvery active
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June 17th 2010

June 1st 2010

Black and White

My husband, Treat Time, Laser Pointers, Boxes

People trying to pet her when she doesn't want to be petted

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Boxes, Hair Ties, Laser Pointers

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Blue Buffalo Multi-Cat Adult Formula

Giving High Fives


Arrival Story:
Momma took me in when I was just two and a half weeks old! I was with my brothers and sisters cuddled up next to mom when something scared her off. She never came back for us, and we started to get really hungry. This man found us and took us to Petsmart next door. It turns out they were building something called an Office Depot where we had been staying, and the loud noises scared mom off. The managers put us in a kennel in the grooming salon and tried to get us to eat, but the bottle was weird and we weren't used to it. Momma is a Pet Nutrition Specialist for Nutro, and was working a demo in Petsmart. When the manager told her about me, she made some phone calls to daddy, and he agreed to let me come home. When her shift was over, the manager handed me over and I wasn't sure what was going on. Momma was nice and warm though, and I didn't mind being in her apron pocket. After a short trip in a car we were home, and she put me in a box with a nice soft blanket and a stuffed cat. Her and daddy fed me every few hours for the next few weeks and decided that I would be a new addition to the family. I think I charmed daddy the most. He fell in love with me and laughed every time he fed me because my ears wiggled as I drank. Mommy and Daddy have been good to me, and the other cats have too, even though Jack and I sometimes fight. :)

She's two years old and doesn't have any clue she's a cat. I love sharing stories about her while I work!

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Biting means I love you.. right?

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August 7th 2011 More than 5 years!

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Cat Of The Day!

October 2nd 2012 9:07 pm
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Thank you for all the well wishes and loves! I appreciate all of it and had a good day carrying around my cat toys, meowing loudly, and hiding from the maintenance men working on the kitchen! :D


Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree, You Are So Very Tasty!

December 2nd 2011 5:06 am
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So far I have managed to play with four cat toys, that mom calls ornaments. She never knows which ones will be on the floor! I also like to bite down on the bottom branches of the fake tree, but mom doesn't like it when I do that.

I have also chewed through the light cord, but it wasn't plugged in! (Thank goodness!)
Mom doesn't like it when I do all that. My second Christmas is nothing like my first was! Momma wrote a story about my reaction to seeing a Christmas tree for the first time! I figured I'd share it.

Kosu the Kitten's First Christmas Tree

Kosu was a tiny black and white kitten that loved to play with balls of string.

She lived with her family, Jeff and Mary, and two other cats named Kiki and Jack in an apartment building.

Jeff and Mary had gotten Kosu when she was only three weeks old!
Kosu loved to spend her day eating, taking cat naps with Kiki and Jack, and of course, playing with her toys!

Late one night, after Jeff was asleep, Mary came home with a long box in her hands, as well as a small plastic box with a red and green lid.

She set everything down in the dining room and went to bed.

That night, Kosu wandered up to the box and sniffed it, wondering what could be inside. She walked around it, pawed at it, and even bit down on a piece of loose tape that was holding the box together. Yuck!

But she still couldn't figure out what was inside, so she curled up on Squishy, her favorite pillow, and fell asleep.

The next day, while Jeff was at work, Mary began to do something VERY strange!

She took all the movies off of the DVD rack underneath the light switch and began stacking them on Squishy!

'Perhaps she is cleaning...' Kosu thought as she sniffed the movies. 'I better help her.'

Kosu decided to help by climbing onto the empty shelves and laying down to make sure the shelf did not fly away. She was rewarded with a scratch behind the ears and a nice belly rub!

After that though, she was picked up and placed on the couch. She watched curiously as Mary picked up the DVD rack, and moved it by the TV.

'Thats not where its supposed to go! I better remind her!' Kosu thought, trotting over to where Mary was putting the DVDs back on the shelf. She pawed at her, meowed at her, and even rubbed up against her leg! But Mary only smiled and continued working.

Kosu ran into the bedroom to tell Kiki and Jack what was going on, but found them sound asleep on the bed.

It was not long though before her ears perked up. She ran back into the living room to find Mary taking the books off of an old antique bookshelf! What was she up to now?

Kosu watched patiently as each book was taken off the shelf and placed into its proper pile.

After all the books were off the shelf, Kosu made her way to the top of the pile and meowed up at Mary. 'I am holding them down for you! Books are rather slippery you know!' she beamed, her glimmering green eyes staring up at her owner.

This time, she was rewarded with her favorite thing! Mary reached into her pocket, and pulled out a black ball of yarn, which she tossed onto the living room floor. ZOOM! Kosu was off!

Once Kosu was satisfied with the criss-cross of string patterns she had made on the floor, she climbed onto Squishy to rest a moment.

When she looked at what Mary was up to, she found that the couch had been moved from one side of the wall to the other!
'A new tunnel to play in!' Kosu thought, as she dashed underneath the couch!

'Guys! This is great! you have to come see this!' she called to Kiki and Jack, but... They were STILL sleeping! 'Why would they miss this?' she wondered, tilting her head as she looked at Mary from behind the couch.

Next, Mary dragged the long, thin box over to the couch and opened it, cutting the tape carefully with a pair of smooth, blue handled scissors.

Not one second after the box lid had been opened, Kosu had jumped IN the box! She just had to see what was inside!

Mary began to take the parts out of the box, including the cat. "Hold on Kosu. You will see what it is soon enough.." she giggled, stopping a moment to wind up the string ball and toss it again. WOOSH! There goes Kosu!

By the time Kosu got back to the corner from unwinding the string into patterns, the pieces on the ground had been stacked, one.. two... three... and Mary was spreading the bits of the branches out to make the tree look full.

'I will see what I can do to help.' Kosu thought, jumping onto the arm of the couch. After staring intently at the tree for a moment, she hopped down and took a piece of branch in her mouth, beginning to chew on it.

Mary gave her a stern look. "No Kosu, you cannot chew on the tree like that!"

Kosu decided to apologize by helping to arrange the plastic bits with her paws. That seemed like a much better idea!

Once every piece of the tree had been spread out to look full, Mary and Kosu took a step back to admire their handywork. "There are only two things left to do now Kosu.."

She picked up the green plug that had been serving as Kosu's toy since she'd begun to help, and stuck it into the socket on the wall.

Immediately the corner of the room lit up in a bustle of bright colors, as the plastic bits on the tree shined like a congreation of candlelight on Christmas Eve.

'Kiki! jack! Come Quick! Momma made the lights come on!' Kosu meowed, as she bounded into the bedroom. But Kiki and Jack were STILL SLEEPING! 'Oh brother...' Kosu sighed, and if it weren't for Jack waking up at just that moment, she would have missed the last part.

'Kosu....' Jack yawned. 'Mary is doing something she has done before. For one month every year, Mary and Jeff take a large green tree out of a box and set it up. They decorate it with glowing lights and cat toys, and put a warm blanket underneath it for us to sleep on.'

'It's my favorite time of year..' Kiki yawned, as she and Jack stood up and stretched. The three of them slowly made their way to the living room, where Mary was putting the finishing touches on the tree by placinig the tree skirt around the bottom, spreading and straightening it out so it looked neat.

'And my favorite place to take a nap...' Kiki mewed, as she curled up on the tree skirt with Jack and Kosu.

And thats just what they did.

The End


The Tree Is Up!

November 28th 2011 4:40 am
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Yesterday momma and daddy had friends over to eat, and while I didn't like them very much, they DID put up the tree! I was only a baby last time it went up, but I remember it! Once a year momma takes out this tree that's AWESOME to chew on, and sets it up. She puts a warm blanket underneath it, and hangs cat toys ALL over it!

I've already made sure to inspect the tree with my teeth, play with all the cat toys, and try to climb it once or twice. Momma made it more challenging this year because she didn't put any ornaments on the bottom part of the tree. That's okay because I'm bigger this year! I'll get to them sooner or later. :)

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