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Well Well

May 7th 2013 10:29 pm
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I'm 16 now and honored to be cat of the week. We just moved, and I'm an illegal cat of sorts, since mom can technically only have two here, but she keeps me anyway. I just have to travel and see my grandmom twice a year during inspection. Bleh! Oh well, at least I get to stay with mom the rest of the time. I am getting older, and starting to feel my age. I don't walk as well as I used to, and I sleep a bit more than I did.

I still have time though.. Jack and Kosu love the new place too. :)


Another Year Older

January 3rd 2013 10:45 am
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Yesterday was my birthday, and I'd like to start off by saying, Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes! I can't believe I'm 16 already! Mom calls it my "Sweet 16" for whatever reason. She showered me with all the love and attention I could ever want, and my favorite treats!

Its been 15 years since I showed up at mom's apartment and walked right in. I knew I was home. Whoever dropped me off at the feral cat colony made a huge mistake, because I've been the best cat mom has EVER had! Her mom was going to get her a cat anyway, so it worked out well that I came along.

I managed to have one litter before I got fixed, and Jack, one of the two boys from my litter still lives here too! He's an old man. Both of us enjoy napping, treats, lots of love, and sharing the bed with mom and dad while they sleep. I get kind of grumpy if dad rolls over on me though.

I have a bit of arthritis, and move slower than I used to. Jack and Kosu play together though and can still run pretty fast. I can still clean myself okay and I stand on my hind legs and wave my paws at mom when I want attention. She'll pick me up and put me in her lap while she's on the computer.

I love my humans. They have taken good care of me. :)


Struggle with Weight

October 3rd 2012 12:38 pm
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Momma and I have both been trying to learn how to better lose weight. The vet has been helping. So far, I've lost a little bit! Momma isn't having as much success as I am, but the two of us together can do it! :)


Working for One's Treats

May 9th 2012 2:43 pm
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Momma says I need to lose a little weight, so she's beginning to make me work for my treats. Funny enough, she gets the bag and makes me follow her around the house for a few minutes before giving me one. It's odd, but it's well worth it! I love my Feline Greenies!

Momma saw a video of a kid that has taught his cat to do math in order to get his Greenies treats. It proves that us cats are rather smart! We need only evolve thumbs, and then we will be well on our way to world domi... er... good social relations with out human counterparts. Anyway, here's the link to the blog with the video. Go watch! t-math.html


Cat of the Day!

January 3rd 2012 3:02 pm
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I was cat of the day today! Momma is very proud of me!

This was the month that I found momma and moseyed my way into her life. It was toward the end of the month if I remember right. There was a feral cat colony by her house and someone dropped me off because they didn't want me anymore. Momma was still a teenager at that point, but she called to me and got me to come in, and I've been with her ever since.

She doesn't know when I was born, but she guesses I was about a year old or so when I came to her. Since neither of us can remember when I was born, Momma celebrates my birthday in January. That would make me about fifteen now! I'm getting really old, but so far I'm doing alright. I have been blessed to not have any health problems other than being a little fat, and mom and I are working to fix that.

Thank you for all the friend requests and pawmails today! Its great to hear from all of you!


My favorite Place to Sleep

November 6th 2011 4:08 pm
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Mornings are one of my favorite times. Jack will go in and wake daddy up to feed him, and as soon as daddy gets out of bed, I hop up and curl up in his spot. The sheets and blankets are still warm, and I get to be near momma while she's still sleeping. She doesn't have to wake up as early as daddy does usually.

She must know I'm there, because she'll reach over and lay her hand on my tummy, and the two of us will curl up and sleep near each other until momma is ready to wake up. Then we'll head to the kitchen, where she'll give me treats!

We're still working our way through the bag of samples Petsmart gave momma during the Howl'o'ween event she worked! We really love them!


9/11 - Momma's Thoughts On The Subject

September 7th 2011 2:36 pm
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It's hard to imagine that it's been ten years since the World Trade Center was hit. (Am I really that old?) Momma says I'm thirteen now, so that would mean I was three when it happened. Momma was in high school, and first heard the rumor about the attacks when she was in Spanish class. Everything was confirmed in choir class, and the entire school was stunned.

We don't live around New York, but momma did when she was a child. She remembers taking a field trip to New York City when she was in fifth grade, where she got to ride up the elevator in the World Trade Center, and she couldn't believe how fast it went! The view from the top was spectacular, and she tried to drop a penny over the side of the building, but her teacher wouldn't let her.

When momma came home from school that day, I knew something was up. I sat beside her and cuddled with her, and Jack laid on the back of the couch behind her head as she watched the news. It was the first attack on US soil made in her lifetime.

Just hours after the bombings, search dog teams gathered at Ground Zero to look for people, dead and alive. Those dogs were working twelve hour days, every day. The dedication of those dogs is remarkable. I don't think I could have done it. (Granted, there aren't any search cats that I know of)

Lets not forget the bravery of Flight 93 as well. Momma's favorite song is Flight 93 by Lesile Fish, and it tells the story of the passengers and crew that, even though they had nothing but their bare hands to fight with, were determined to take back the plane any way they could.
"Flight 93 no more will fly, dead on the ground, or dead in the sky. You might not survive, but at least you can try. Stand up and bring the ship down." -Flight 93 by Leslie Fish

The attacks on 9/11 ripped America's security blanket clear off, and left this country changed forever. It inspired fear in some, rage in others, sadness, hope, uncertainty, and patriotism, but it woke us up as a nation. Purrs of remembrance will be offered this Sunday by Jack, Kosuteh, and Myself, even though Kosu's not old enough to remember.

Let the voices of millions of Americans, pets and humans, join as one to let those lost know they are not forgotten. A lot has changed in ten years, and the future is uncertain still. However, as long as I live, I will be there to give my purrs and nuzzles to momma, regardless of why she needs them. We both have a lot of love to give. I'm not as young as I used to be, but the golden years are the best.


Show Us Your Pet's Healthy Smile Contest!

August 25th 2011 12:28 pm
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It's that time of year again! Momma works as a Pet Nutrition Specialist for Nutro, and is very excited! Greenies is having their yearly "Show Us Your Pet's Healthy Smile" Contest! It's even BETTER this year because there will be both a cat and a dog winner selected!

The winners will be featured in Bark! Magazine and on the Greenies homepage, AND to keep their smile bright and healthy get a year's supply of Canine or Feline Greenies. Pretty cool huh?

All you have to do to enter is head on over to and upload a photo of your cat or dog smiling their best smile.

I think if I had a year's supply of feline Greenies I'd roll around in them like I was swimming... Or maybe I'd eat them... Or both!


Let it never be said...

August 22nd 2011 10:54 am
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Let it never be said that we don't know when our mommas and daddys don't feel good. Momma came home after a weekend of being away, and ended up coughing real bad last night. She was laying on her stomach watching TV, and I got in bed and laid beside her, rather than on her like I usually do. She smiled and spoke softly to me. When she woke up this morning, I was still sleeping next to her! Jack had joined us too which was nice. We gave lots of purrs and well wishes to momma so she could get better!


A Little Zen To Start The Day

August 16th 2011 5:01 am
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Mom is up rather early today. The bed in her computer room is right next to the computer desk though, so it's a perfect place to sit! Jack and I take turns switching between the bed and lacing around her feet. We've found that if we lean over, we can reach the hand playing with the thing she calls a "mouse." This usually results in plenty of love and pets.

Anyway, mom is thinking about trying this thing called "yoga," and says that cats are the best teachers on the subject. Personally I've never heard of it, but she showed me this video of cat yoga to prove her point. I was more interested in the movement than anything else, though the music was nice. Feel free to check it out!

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