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Sweetie Squeaks

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Spay early, PLEASE

September 14th 2012 4:33 pm
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From the mind of Sweetie!!!

Please everyfur, get your pawrents to SPAY your ladycats at the earliest time possible.
Kitty breast cancer is NO joke.
The earlier you are spayed, the less likely you are to get it.
I got it, but am now concidered a "survivor"
And i'll keep spreading this mews, til my last memory of those who went before me, like Queem Talullah...miss QT, and all the others like her.
Us survivors need you to heed our call!!!
Spay early!!!

And for the Mancats out there, Neuter early, to avoid mancat cancers as well!!!

Hoping for an end to Breast Cancer,
A purring Sweetie



June 30th 2012 3:23 am
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I'm stunned. Had a SUPER birthday yesterday, and wake up today to find out i'm Cat of the Day!!! WOW!!! Can it get any better??? NO!!

Mewed from a very happy Sweetie


He sad YES!!!

May 21st 2012 10:33 am
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He said YES!!!! I'm sooooo happy. Blade said yes!!! He's my boyfriend, and i'm his girlfriend!!!! I'm sooooo happy. He's just sooo dreamy.The purrrrrrrfect orange mancat for me!!!!
I love my Blade!!!!

Purred from a very happy Sweetie!!



May 20th 2012 4:58 pm
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Mew all. I just asked a certain orange kitty a month and a half older than me, to be my boyfriend. He's dreamy!!! I hope he says yes!!

Please purr he does!!!

A hopeful Sweetie


Surgery done

April 11th 2012 3:10 pm
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My surgery is done. They think they got it all. NO signs of it in other organs. Will get chemo for 4 weeks, then we wait. Hopefully, no new masses will show up. I get a cat scan end of mat, and end of august. If all clear then, will get 1 each year, for the rest of my life. Purring that we got it.


The mews is not good

April 10th 2012 4:13 pm
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I will have surgery tomorrow morning. They will remove all the lumps, my mammary glands, and check for more. It is cancer, Malignant, and a very nasty form of it. IF they get ALL of it, and chemo works, i may beat it. Outlook is no more than 50/50 at this point. I'll keep you informed...But all i want is to go HOME!!!!

From Daddy. Sweetie will come home saturday, after 1st chemo dose. She gets 4, each 1 week apart. I pray they get it all. But 1 way or other, she comes home saturday.


At the V E T

April 9th 2012 3:52 pm
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I'm at THAT place. they did take a growth out, just one. Preliminary results have all the markings of cancer. However, there is a possibility that it may be benign. He only found 4 lumps, 5th...the smallest, he cannot find anymore. The mass was sent to a lab in D C Area for analysis. Vet says Will know in a couple days.

He said he wants to keep me til wed, and if results of cancer are confirmed, remove all lumps. If benign, then we wait to see if they retuen. If malignant, i will get chemo.
Purrs needed

A Hopeful Sweetie


I need purrs

April 4th 2012 3:58 pm
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Daddy was giving me lovings last night, and found 2 lumps on my belly near my hind legs. Soft and yet hard, seemingly just under the skin. I have to go to THAT place on Monday, the Vet says he may keep me overnite and take a biopsy of them. Please purr for me. Daddy says he is scared of losing me. I act normal, but he says when he was a kid, had this happen to his kitten, and 2 months later, she went to the bridge. I don't want to leave!!!
Mew Mew!!



February 10th 2012 3:28 pm
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Guess i'll have to join Samhain and Sleeper in the kitty convent. No kitty wants me for a valentine!!! So sad
Daddy...whats wrong with me??? Why can't i get a valentine too???
(Goes in bedroom crying)



December 4th 2011 5:25 am
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Well, I am changing a little. No, i'm still a girl, and i'm still a Torti. My eyes are turning GREEN!!! Daddy says i'll be an even prettier girl now, with green eyes!!
What do you think??

Mew from Sweetie

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