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Novi's Nudgings

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Is me, Novi

October 14th 2011 12:26 pm
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Hi efurbody,

Ingen been home few days now. She still don' likes me jumpin on her but she don' gets mad & leaf alla times. Sumtime she bop me ona head an sumtimes she growl but she not mean to me. Lil Bear try to 'stract me frum bovverin Ingen alla times. Okay, lil Bear LET'S PLAY!! I luff to play.

Yest'day I's he'pin Jen ona 'pooter. Didja see my pitcher? I's a good he'per. I's a good boy lotsa times. I efun let Jen cut my nails wifout fightin (I's sleepin in her lap).

Jen gotsa put up my pitcher frum my trip. I catch you 'nuvver time.



October 12th 2011 2:21 pm
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INGEN GOTTED HOME LAS' NITE!!! I's so 'cited to see her. I jus' wanna play wif her so mush. I run to her an jump on her-she don' seems to like it.

Las' nite, Jen maked me sleep ina crate wif her ona bed. I jus' woulnant leaf Ingen 'lone. I coulnant he'p myself--INGEN IS HOME!!

Ingen gots new pitchers on her page.

Now, since mama Jen not worryin 'bout Ingen, she can put my new pitchers on my page frum my 'ventures.


Munkey Purrs

October 8th 2011 11:16 am
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Mama Jen say I soun' like a munkey. I nefur seed a munkey an nefur heared a munkey. I think I jus' sound like me, NOVI!

I's gettin big. I gotsa harness an Jen haved to a'jus it cuz it dinnit fits me. My legs is gettin longer an I can run really FAS' an jump so high. Lil Bear can' catches me, I's so fas'.

Me & lil Bear plays & plays & plays. I jumps on him an he chases me. Sumtime he push me ofur an I swats at him. We has lotsa fun playin.

Jen say Ingen comin home soon. Sum peeples is gonna get her an bring her to our new 'pawtment. Ingen nefur seed it but I been her fur long times now (almost a week). I can show Ingen 'round a new place. I hope she gonna likes it. I wunner if she miss me. I lookeded fur her and I smells her on stuffs but coulnant fin' her.

We's all 'cited 'bout Ingen bein wif us 'gain.


New Pitcher

October 6th 2011 11:25 pm
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Hi efurbody, is me Novi. Jen putted a new pitcher on my page. Is da las' pitcher she taked b'fore we moofed. Me & Ingen was feelin nerfus wif alla changes. We's fin'ly furriends, an den she goed 'way.

I miss Ingen. I can' wait fur her to come home 'gain. I been playin wif lil Bear but is not like playin wif 'nuvver kitty. He a good brofur but he a pubby.

I haved lotsa fun ina car. Af'er Ingen goed 'way, I dinnit likes bein by myself way ina back. I's lonely. I figgered out how to get outta my 'pawtment an sitted wif da peeples er lil Bear. I like drivin bes'. I efun he'p by turnin ona wipers--Jen an my cuzin laff when I did 'at.

My cuzin taked me fur walks. I haved on a harness an a leash. Peeples finked is funny walkin a kitty ona leash. I liked bein able to goes ou'side an gets some air-was a long car ride. I gots more pitchers an Jen gonna puts 'em on my page later.

I wanna thank efurbody who he'ped wif findin an gettin Ingen back wif us. I LUFF CATS'ER!!!


Moofin day

September 27th 2011 10:00 am
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If you readed Ingen's di'ry, you knows we's moofin tomorrow. I jus' wanna tells efurbody--Jen is bringin her 'puter wif her. So's I can write to my mama Panda an daddy. Daddy sayed he let efurone knows how we's doin ona long trip.

I's hopin we's on'y gonna be 'way frum Catster fur few days.

**From Jen**

We are leaving tomorrow in the afternoon. I HAVE to say good-bye to my sister and she's working tomorrow.

I am planning to be in Washington by Saturday or Sunday. We are going to do the "touristy" things along the way (Mt. Rushmore for one). All the furs will be "tricked out" in their harnesses & leashes.

This is the first time I've ever really travelled with kitties. I have tried to make their accomadations as comfortable as possible. WISH US LUCK!



September 23rd 2011 6:11 am
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Didja see it? I'SA A DDP today! Me & Zoe & Griswald! This is so kewl. Las' time I'sa DDP wif my sisfur, Ingen an now wif my furriends.

I getsta go ou'side wif Ingen & lil Bear. I has a harness jus' fur me. Jen try Ingen's harness on me an it fitted but den Ingen don' has a harness. I gotsa purple one & Ingen gotsa pink one. Jen say I's furry han'some in my purple harness.

I like to talk. Me & Jen talks alla times. I gots lots to say.

I's still playin lots but I's not so wild alla times-guess I's settlin' in. I likes playin wif lil Bear. I LUFF to snuggle wif Jen. I sits on her lap or on her shou'ders. I tells her all 'bout me.

Me & Ingen is sharin smaller spaces. She don' a'ways leaf, when I's playin but I don' jumps on her no more eiver. She "tolarate" me.

Soon, we's moofin far 'way. I a'ready moofed from Daddy house to Jen house. Jen call me a "long distance" kitty. MOL Me & Ingen is gonna have a area ina car all to ourselfs. Lil Bear gonna has a seat fur him an Jen drivin wif my human cuzin. Is gonna be a long trip. Days & days ina car an ona road.

I gots'a go play sum more.


Names & updates

September 19th 2011 6:48 am
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Ok, I been here a long time now (1 week :o) an I 'cided I has to call the lady sumpin 'sides the lady. She a good lady an I likes to snuggles wif her an she play wif me an take care of me. I ask lil Bear what he call the lady. He say "that's MY mama". Hmmmm, I gotsa mama-mama Panda. I gotsa daddy too, an she not a daddy.
So, I ask Ingen. Ingen say she call her Jen. "Why you calls her Jen?" Ingen 'splained when she's finded ona porch anuvver kitty live here. Her name Baby an Baby 'dopted Ingen so she haved a mama. She 'cided to call the lady, Jen (is her name so is okay). I 'cided I's gonna call the lady, Jen too jus' like my big sisfur.

Thinkin 'bout names. I's wunnerin how I gots my name. Is not like my brofurs & sisfur at daddy house. Daddy say the lady, Jen name me. I ask Jen "Why you name me, Novi?" Jen telled me a story 'bout Michigan (is where I live right now). There's a area ona o'd map marked No.VI. When the peeples name that place is called NOVI. Jen a'ways likes that story. So, since I's mama Panda's nummer 6 baby, I's name Novi. I gotsa name ana story.

Me & Ingen plays a lil bit-we plays wif "da Bird". Is a really fun toy an we don' hasta be right on top of eash uvver to plays. I gets it an Ingen gets it. Sumtimes we bumps when we's boff tryin to get it. Ingen don' gets mad er leaf (she really gets into "da Bird), so is fun. We don' snuggles but she r'laxin more 'round me. I try not to skeer her by jumpin on her.

Now, me & lil Bear we's furriends. We plays togevver. We plays lil red dot. He nudge me wif his nose. We sniffies. I efun plays wif his ball. Jen roll a ball an I wraps myself 'round it an swat it a coupla times. Lil Bear wait till I's done playin wif da ball. When I's done he get it, take it to Jen an we does it all ofur 'gain. Lil Bear really LUFF playin wif da ball. We does dis fur long times.

I telled efurbody I gots shot yes'day. I's s'eepin ona chair an lil Bear comed ofur an nudge me wif his nose. He sniffy me. I telled him, "I's okay, jus' gots shot an wanna s'eep." Lil Bear 'member gettin shot. He unnerstan. He don' bovvers me-jus' checkin on me.

My brofur Snow, goed to his new home wif Tink . He don' gotsa doggy brofur like me, so I really hope he an Tink gets 'long good.

Now daddy on'y gotsta fin' homes fur Sweetie, Spot & Forest G. I hope alla my siblings gets great homes like me & Snow.


E-mail I sended my mama Panda.

September 18th 2011 9:42 am
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I writes my mama Panda & daddy John a'mos' efurday to tells 'em 'bout my day. I writed dis furs' fur mama but dinnit wanna furgets it so I puts it in my di'ry too.

Oh mama it was AWFUR! Furs' the lady put me ina lil carrier an Ingen ina big carrier. We goed ina truck an to a place. They's doggies an kitties wif dier peeples, waitin in line. Then the lady put my carrier ona table an open a door. Well, I walks right out an dey GRAB ME! "WHAT? WHY FUR YOU GRAB ME?" I's screamin.

This man look in my ears an say dey's dirty. He clean 'em an puts stuff in 'em. I DON' LIKES THIS! Then he make me cry-he taked my blood. Then I gots shot 2 times.

Af'er alla that-I's happy to go back in my carrier. Then is Ingen's turn. She on'y gots shot 2 times an hada drink sum yucky stuffs.

I hada take 2 tests--I passed FLV & FIV is NEGATIVE!!

Ofurall the man say I's healfy but I has to get my ears clean 'gain so's alla dirt (ear mites) goes 'way.

Is a tuff day a'ready. Not efun lunsh times an I's soooo s'eepy.


is jus' me, writin 'bout my day

September 17th 2011 7:21 am
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Hi Efurbody,

I been havin lotsa fun an 'justin to alla new stuffs. I's still lil confoosed cuz a doggy play wif me but not by big sisfur. Today a doggy was nosin me an knockin me down. I wasn' skeered. He don' hurts me er nuffin. I guess is jus a way doggies play.

The lady go ou'side wif Ingen ana doggy. Sumtime the lady take me ou'side but I can' plays. The lady, she ho'd me. One time, she's ho'din me an tryin to get a doggy come inside. He was barkin an I heared more doggies barkin. I gots skeered an scratch the lady. "LET ME INA HOUSE!" The lady feeled bad cuz I gots skeered.

I gots my nails cut an I's furry good. The lady ho'ded me an 'nuvver lady cutted 'em. I's watchin but dinnit gets upset.

I wantsa play wif Ingen so bad, but she jus' leaf alla times. I swat at her frew a curtain an' she gets mad an leafs. I jump on her an she scream at me an leaf. I run ofur to her an she run 'way. If I's quiet she come ofur an sniffy me. If I's not runnin, jumpin an bein crazy kitty, she stay nearby. We can r'lax ona big bed or by a basement stairs. We's not togevver but we's close by eash uvver. Maybe sumday we can plays togevver.

Oh the lady wan' me to ask efurone. She fink I's teefin. I's not a bitey kitty but I's gnawin on stuffs (like the lady's arms, legs & toes). The lady SCREAM an I stops chewin on her but she wanna make me feel better. Anyfur knows how to he'ps me feel better?



September 15th 2011 8:41 am
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I jus' seed my mama a DDP today. YAY FUR MAMA, PANDA!!! She a really good mama. I so purroud of her.

Luff you mama,


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