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Moofie Debut & Payin it Forward

March 8th 2012 11:08 am
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Mama maked a moofie & I'sa STAR!! Go look on my page an you getsa see it fur FREE! MOL

I telled you 'bout mama buyin us stuffs few days 'go. Mama gotsa lil box of cat stuffs fur me & Ingen. Mama dinnit efun knows alla stuff in it but sayed is cheap so she buyed it. Ina box it haved "Pawty Mix", Tunie puff treats, FF Appeteasers, an' lil treat bally.

Mama putted some treats ina bally fur me. It on'y take me a secon' an' I figgered out if I pushes a bally, I getsa TREAT. I REALLY LUFF TREATS! So, I push a bally an treats. Mama laff at me. She say I's 'ficient cuz I push wif my head, eat a treat, push wif my head an' gets 'nuther treat. I don' efun has to look fur the treats.

Now fur payin' it forward. My furriend Mr. Ruffy writed 'bout tryin ta fin' homes fur kitties. Well, me & mama goed to the 'doption page. Do you see her? RIGHT THERE ONA PAGE? Isa beyootifur gurlie kitty name SWEETIE (jus' like my sisfur at daddy house) an' she live right by ME! Now, she can' come lives wif us but I telled Mr. Ruffy 'at I tells my furriends 'bout her. I hope she fin' a good home, like me.



March 6th 2012 7:25 pm
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Mama say I's gettin to be susha big boy. Really I's gettin LONG cuz I's still on'y 8 1/2 pounds. I as tall as Ingen but longer 'an her. I can climb really good too cuz I gots long leggies. Mama ask "where my lil pip?" an I says I's right here, mama. I jus' not sush a lil pip. I'sa BIG pip. MOL

Now when I go ona balcony, I can clime up the lattice to the top, reach 'cross the rail an pull myself up on top. Mama don' like when I do this. It make her nerfus. I can also clime a pole ina corner of a balcony. So, now I hasta wear a strate jacket/ harness 'gain efur time.

When mama put the strate jacket on me I don' moof. I can walk a lil bit but tha's all. I can' jump, er clime, er run er nussin. Is awfur an I jus' snuggle an sleep on mama when I has it on. "What mama?"

Mama: Novi your harness is NOT too tight. It's so loose that if you tried to, you could get out of it. You can run & jump and climb, you just don't.

Novi: "Is cuz it 'stricts me, mama!"

Anyfur, mama buyed me & Ingen a new "Emery Cat" scratcher. It gotsa lil feather & bell on it. The o'd one dinnit has that (it disappeared before Novi moved in). I been pawin at it an tuggin a feather wif my teeth. I think I like this.

I still play lots wif lil Bear. I can jump real high an sumtimes I jump rite ofur him. Is so funny cuz he look real confoozed--kinda like "where he go?!" One time I's sleepin ona couch, not doin nussin. AN' you know what lil Bear did? HE SITTED ON ME!! I skwiggle out an sleep ona back ofa couch. SHEESH, I gets no 'spect at all!

Today when I's ona balcony wif mama she pick me up an let me look out. I SEED A PLANE-tha's what mama call it. Is big an fly kind'a like a birdy but is LOUD! I watch an watch it, til it goes 'way. I nefur seed a plane b'fore.

Well, is time fur me to play. I gets mama to write 'gain.



February 13th 2012 11:04 am
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I beg mama an beg fur a Valentine. Mama keeped sayin "no, youse too lil". PLEASE MAMA!!! an' she say NO.

Well, las' nite she talk wif Lacey an' Finney mama an she telled my mama "aw, let Novi have a Valentine. FIN'LY mama sayed I can hasa Valentine. THANK YOU LACEY & FINNEY MOM!!!

So, today I ask 2 speshul gurlies to be my Valentine an 'ey both sayed YES!! My speshul Valentines is Samhain an' Sleeper.

I's susha lucky lil Novi. I GOTS 2 VALENTINES!!!


Mama don' knows how to make purrty pitchers & stuffs but I maked Sleeper & Samhain pitcher my main pitcher. I hopes 'ey likes it.


I's a DDP!!

February 10th 2012 9:27 am
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Look at me GO!! I'sa DDP 'gain an Ingen isn't. Mama waked up (I's a'ready 'wake) an' look ona 'puter an I's gettin prezzies. "Mama, why I gettin alla these prezzies?". Then mama seed I'sa DDP! YAY, GO ME!! MOL

I wan'ed to write but I been busy. Furs' I goes out ona balcony wif mama and watches birdies, an I clim's balcony an mama put me ina 'pawtment. Then I's a'ways he'ps wif laundry an makin a bed. The bed hafta have a Novi size lump ina middle er is not done right. MOL Nex', I gotsa scratch ona couch to 'noy Lisa. I hasta pester Ingen cuz she my sisfur. I gotsta play--of course. Me & lil Bear gotsta play. I jus' busy alla times.

One day lil Bear dinnit gets ta go on his walk wif mama cuz is rainin, so he haved lotsa energies. Boy oh boy!! I's tired. He chase me all ofur. He knock me down. He try to sit on me. He "moufs" me but he don' bite. Efur time I's walkin ona floor, HERE HE COME! SHEESH, I coulnant efun goes to the litter box wifout bein knocked ofur an chased. I luff playin wif lil Bear but...a kitten needs res' too.

Mama taked me ou'side 'gain. I's lil innerested but still kinda nerfus. I slinked 'round an was checkin it out. I dinnit stays out too long. A pubby comed out & skeered me, so mama pick me up. Lil Bear was wif us but he's busy doin doggy stuffs. The pubby & lil Bear sayed HI but I jus' wanna goes ina 'pawtment.



February 5th 2012 5:43 pm
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I goed ou'side--REALLY ou'side today. Mama putted my harness & leash on me an I gotsa walk ona grass. I's lil nerfus. Is been long times since I was ou'side. I was sniffin an walkin. Then mama taked me ofur to a clim'in thing (little play scape in the complex). I was lookin 'round ana lil doggy comed an was barky, barky, barkin at me. I gots really skeered cuz isa stranger doggy, not my lil Bear. He coulnant gets me cuz I's up high. Then these lil peeples was chasin a doggy tryin to catches it. Mama ho'din me an telled me she don' lets nuffin bad happen to me. Fin'ly the lil barky dog goed ina 'partment ana lil peeples comed ofur to me & mama. They petted me. They sayed I's cyoot an soft. The lil peeples dinnit skeers me but I's had lotsa 'citement so me & mama goed back to our 'partment.

I dinnit stay ou'side furry long an' I was really happy to get back home. Mama sayed I did really good.


Letter of Innerest

February 2nd 2012 1:40 pm
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Dear Catfather,
(ben' ofur an kisses a paw)

I readed yer diary 'bout fin'in a replacement. Well, youse irreplaceable. Is on'y 1 CATFATHER! But, I's thinkin maybe you needs sum he'p. Bein' the Catfather, is lotsa work an stress. Maybe you could has a "Catfather Crew". Whatcha think?

I jus' wanna lets you know I's innerested in bein part of a Catfather Crew. Furs' I's yer nephew (efun if you dinnit like us kittens) an furmily should count fur sumpin. Secon' I's gettin really big. I weighs 8.5 poun's now an I's on'y 7 months o'd. I wrassle wif a DOG alla times & I's not skeered. Lil Bear is really big but he can' pin me down-EFUR cuz I's so FAS'! I can jump & climes really high. I not skeered of nuffin. I's a luff bug too. I luff snugglin wif mama & Lisa alla times.

Anyway, jus' think 'bout it. They's on'y ONE Catfather but could you use a lil he'p frum a crew?

Yer luffin nephew,




January 28th 2012 9:14 am
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I's a DDP today an Ingen isn'!!! Nyah, Nyah. MOL Is wunnerfur news fur me but I gotsa favor to ask alla my furriends.

My Unkle Blizzard is sick an need purrs. Is really impo'tant fur me & fur daddy. Could you go an check on him an leaf purrs?

Thank you,




January 25th 2012 3:11 pm
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Me & mama gotsa debate. See, when mama is readin er ona 'pooter, I likesa sleep on her chest. Furs' I gotsa knead it til I gets it purrfec' then I curls up unner her chin. Well, mama tell me alla times "kitty butt ina face is RUDE!" I don' think is rude. I think is a honor. I don' lets jus' anyfur/peeples sniffies my behin'--on'y speshul ones.

Af'er mama sniffies my behin', she chase me 'round an' clean it wif a kitty wipe. I don' like it. I think that is RUDE! So, I asks you--Is mama rude, er is Novi rude? What you think?


Secret room

January 22nd 2012 5:34 pm
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Me & Ingen gotsa check out a secret room. See, our roommate, Lisa is 'lergic to kitties (only touch 'lergic ona face, she can still breaves efun tho she have asthma too. Poor Lisa is a mess, MOL). Anyfur, today Lisa furriend dinnit closes her door an' mama & Lisa dinnit sees dis. Me an Ingen goed ina secret room. Lisa room hava baffroom, a closet an she gotsa BIG bed, efun bigger 'an mama's. We jump ona bed an den we's lookin unner a bed. Da's when Lisa seed we's in her room. She telled mama on us. Mama & Lisa was tryin to gets us but we's unner a bed. Mama catched me & taked me outta a room. Ingen kep' stayin jus' outta reach. Mama's on one side of a bed an' Lisa ona uvver side. Af'er a lil while they fin'ly catch Ingen. When mama goed to shoo Ingen out a room, I sneaked back in but on'y fur a secon' cuz mama catched me right 'way. We have lotsa fun.

Oh, an mama bringed me sum stuffs from ou'side. I gotsa lil stick, sum pine cones and a coupla pine cone branches. Dey's ona balcony fur me to play wif. I really like a stick. I can carry it in my mouf an' chews on it. The pine cones are fun to knock 'roun' an' chase too.

I haved a really good day.


in Lock-up

January 17th 2012 3:52 pm
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Mama was goin frew her clothes an 'cidin what to keep an what to get donate. I's he'pin, cuz I LUFF he'pin. She go ina closet. I go ina closet. She go ina nuvver closet. I go ina nuvver closet. She open a drawer. I go ina drawer. See, I's he'pin. Anyfur, mama goed ina livin' room. She seed lil Bear & Ingen nappin but no ME. Mama thinkin I's s'eepin in Ingen's room. Af'er a while, she goed back ina bedroom an she hear me cryin. "Novi, where are you?" she sayed. I jus' cry an cry. Mama open alla closets an no Novi. Fin'ly she open a drawer an I pop out.

Mama feel bad fur me. She dinnit knows I's trap ina drawer. I telled her I's okay. I jus' glad I's free.

**NOTE from mama**

I'm so glad I found him. My sinuses are congested and my ears are blocked. I can hardly hear anything. I could just barely hear Novi, but I couldn't tell where the "meow" was coming from, that's why I was opening all the closets and drawers.

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