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Mama's bein' mean, an' I don' likes it

May 13th 2012 6:13 pm
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My mama is bein' mean to Ingen an' I don' like it. Mama wrap Ingen ina towel an' 'en she puts sumpin in her eye an' make her drinks sum stuff. Ingen don' likes it an' gets alla upset. Then I gets upset. I tells mama "STOP IT! INGEN DON' LIKES IT!" I next to mama an' try gets a stuffs 'way frum her but she jus' 'nores me an' keeps torturin' Ingen.

Mama say Ingen needs med'cines an' she gotsa give it to her.

I still tryin' he'p Ingen. Mama leafed the med'cine dropper by the sink, af'er torturin' Ingen. I taked it an' hided it, but mama finded it. I keeps tryin'. I gotsa think of sumpin else.


You not gonna belief 'is!

May 12th 2012 12:52 pm
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Lil Bear & mama goes a park alla times. I NEFUR getsa go. Today mama taked me too. (Ingen's too skeered. She dinnit wanna go.) Anyfur, I gots my harness on an' mama putted me ina stroller. On'y a stroller dinnit fit ina car when is all big. So, mama taked me outta stroller an' maked it lil.

I was skeered ina car. "MAMA, WHERE WE GOIN'?" I yelled. "I DON' WANNA GO TO THE POKEY PLACE!!!" Mama sayed I's gonna like 'is place an' we's not goin to the pokey place (*vet). I's still skeered but I look out the winnows. Af'er long times (*10 minutes) we stop an mama make a stroller big 'gain fur me. We walk 'round an' mama play ball wif lil Bear. THEN is my turn. Mama putted my leash on me an I gotsa walk 'round. I's lil skeered at furst, so I stay by lil Bear. Then I try hidin' in sum bushes. I dinnit stays skeered fur long.

Is warm and sunny here today. We all walk ofur to a shady area an' they's lotsa tall grasses an' trees an' smells an' buggies an' birdies an' bushes an', an', an', I don' 'members it all. I's draggin' mama efurwhere--unner tree branches an' frew wet grasses. She 'cided to put lil Bear's o'd "flexi-leash" on me. Is okay, I big & strong. Is wunnerfur. I gotsa walk far 'way from mama but she a'ways knowed where I was. I gotsa chase buggies an' runned & hopped ina long wet grasses. I haved so mush fun.

Mama sayed I walk really good ona leash. I's a'mos' good as lil Bear. (lil Bear say "HE IS NOT!" "Shut up, lil Bear is MY di'ry)

Mama putted me back ina stroller an' we walk all 'round the park. They's no other peeples er doggies there-is jus' US. Mama say she take me 'gain cuz I's so good an' haved so mush fun.

I's 'xausted. Time fur a nap.


Stroller ride

April 22nd 2012 5:09 pm
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If you readed Ingen's di'ry you knows we gotsa stroller. Mama taked me fur a ride OU'SIDE 2 TIMES! I's lil skeered at furs' but I dinnit cry er nussin. I jus' goed fur a ride. Then me & mama & lil Bear goed ona grass. I's still ina stroller but I's watchin. Mama frow Bear's toy. Mama let me out of a stroller an' I gotsta sniffies the grass an' walk 'round. DON'T WORRIES- mama haved my strate jacket an' leash on me. I kinda slinked 'round but nussin' bad happen. When we goed back to the 'pawtment, Ingen wanned go fur a ride. So, mama putted Ingen ina stroller an' I gotsa go fur 'nuther ride. We dinnit gets out of the stroller but we walk 'round the 'pawtment area.

Today, I gotsa go fur a ride an' goes ou'side 'gain. I's less skeered this time. I like the grass. I hided in it and I chase buggies. I a'mos' catched 'em but not quite. I haved fun. Maybe mama take me 'gain.


Purrs fur my sisfur, PLEASE!!!

April 17th 2012 9:53 pm
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Sum of you may not know 'at I gots 'nuther sisfur, 'sides Ingen. Her name is Sweetie. Ingen is my 'dopted sisfur an I live wif her an' my 'dopted brofur, lil Bear. Sweetie was a on'y gurlie 'at mama Panda haved. Alla rest of us is boys (Spot, Snow, Forrest G. & ME, Novi).

Sweetie is real sick. Daddy finded lumps on her and she haved a operation to take 'em off. The lumps is really bad (daddy say is cancer). She's s'posed to goed home las' week but she still ina hospital cuz she won' eat an' don't feel good.

I's askin' alla my furriends to PLEASE PURRAY FUR SWEETIE. Is really 'portant to me.

Jus' so's you know--We don' know if the cancer is a furmily thing, a gurlie thing er what so mama been checkin me fur lumps. So far I gots no lumps.


I's a REALLY GOOD BOY, fur now

April 11th 2012 12:39 pm
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Lisa sayed I's bein' a really bad kitty, cuppla days 'go. I clim'ed ona top of a cabinets an knock down her speshul wine glasses. I breaked one--isa AXIDENT! Lisa chase me wifa brush ona stick (a broom). I dinnit efun know we haved one--I nefur seed it b'fore. OMC I's skeered! I jump from a cabinet ona sink an' turna waters on. OMC!! I runned cross a counter frew the 'pawtment an' hide unner mama bed. My tail & furs was all bushy. I woulnant efun come out fur mama er treats er nuffin--I'S SKEERED!
Efur since alla 'at, I's bein' furry, furry GOOD!

Mama gotted me a new toy. It hang ina door way an' bouncy, bouncy. I luff playin wif it. We's havin good wevers here. Is nice & warm an no rain. Mama been spendin lotsa time out ona balcony (readin, er playin games on her phone er stuffs). We, me & Ingen & lil Bear, getsa go out alla times cuz mama leaf a door open. We goes out an' we goes in, an' we goes out an' goes in. IS GREAT!!


Mama call me a treat HOUND!

March 29th 2012 7:41 pm
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Mama say I'sa treat hound. MAMA, I's nota doggie, I'sa KITTY! Anyfur she call me that cuz I LUFFS treats. My treats, Ingen treats an' efun lil Bear treats. I learned how to open alla bags 'at the treats comes in. I jus' chew and scratch and chew til I gets treats. I gots lil Bears chicken jerky treats open but I dinnit likes 'em. Lil Bear was happy tho. MOL

Now, mama gots alla treats in plastic tubs wif lids. I jus' gonna hasta figger out a new way to get to alla them treats. Is okay, I don' mind learnin new stuffs.

OMC you gotsta check out lil Bear page. Mama shave him! He look kinda funny an' I keeps checkin' him out--Is you my lil Bear? Is okay cuz he sniffies me back--we's furriends.

OH, OH, OH, I jus' gotsta tell ya--INGEN GOTS IN TRUBBLE!!! nyah, nyah, boo, boo--I's not a on'y "bad kitty". MOL It seem like mama a'ways tellin me "Don't Novi" er "EH, Novi" er "What you doing, Novi?" But 2 times she talk to Ingen. YAY!!!



March 25th 2012 2:08 pm
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I's upset. Mama is UNFAIR! She treat me like a lil kitten. I's NOT a lil kitten. I'sa big boy. I's a'mos' 1 year o'd.

I telled ya that I likes goin ona balcony wif mama. NOW, mama say I can on'y goes ona balcony wif my harness & leash on! Is NOT FAIR! Ingen don' hasta wear a harness. Lil Bear don' hasta wear a harness. Why I hafta wear a harness & LEASH?! Jus' cuz I likes ta clime ona railing er run up the post. Is what kittens does. I not bein' bad. I can' he'ps myself. Mama say I skeers her. I don' unnerstan' why it skeer her. I not gonna fall er nuffin. SHEESH--I not a lil kitten.

Now, efurtime I wansta go out wif mama--I gotsa wear my harness. I hates it. Is too tite. I can't run & jump & climb. I can barely breave is so tite. (**from Jen--It is not. I can fit my whole hand in it!) When mama goes to the door, I waits to go out wif her. She show me my harness an' I 'cide I don' wanna go ou'side. Sumtimes tho, I jus' hasta go out, so I lets her put the harness on.

Nummer 2 reason I's upset wif mama. SHE LEAFS ME fur long times. She puts on these clothes I nefur seed b'fore (**my uniform) an' she goes way. Is on'y us furs by ourselfs (our roommate is house sitting). Mama, where you goin'? She say she goin' to work. Wha'sat? I ask Ingen an she jus' tell me don' worry, Jen a'ways come back. But, Why mama gotsa leaf fur long times? She nefur leafed me like this b'fore. Mama say she gotsta work so's she can buys me treats & foods & litter stuffs. She buyed 'em b'fore an' dinnit leafs me. I don' likes mama workin. I likes when she home to play wif me & snuggle wif me & where I can sees her alla times.

OH ana nummer 3 reason I's upset wif mama--she gots out a skeery noisy thing today. I HATES IT! You knows what I's talkin' 'bout--the VACUUM! Me & Ingen & lil Bear goes an' hide ina bedroom. You know what she did? She bringed it ina bedroom! So, we all gotsa run 'way an' hides sumwhere else. Is a loud skeery thing, that vacuum. Why we gotsta have one? All it does is skeers us furs an' make more works fur us. Now we gotsta start sheddin' like crazy so's a floors smell good 'gain.

Okay, I's done fur now. Bein' upset wears a kitty out. I gonna go snuggles an' nap.


Kittens-R-us TAG

March 15th 2012 9:53 pm
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My furriends Gris & Fearless comed up wif a idea. We's s'posed to write 'bout 3 of our fondes' mem'ries, then we's s'posed to tag 2 furriends.

Okay, FURS' I 'members livin wif lotsa kitties--Unkle Tigger, Unkle Squeaker, Unkle Blizzard, Unkle Kringle & Auntie Gypsy. Then they's mama Panda an' us kittens--Me, Snow, Spot, Sweetie & Forrest G.

Then I 'members mama Jen comed & I leafed alla my furmily. I's skeered an I cry & cry fur long time while we's ina car goin to my new home. (**mama Jen's memory--Novi was crying and I felt so bad for him. I let him out of the crate and he ran straight to my feet while driving. I pulled over, got him out from under my feet and put him back in the crate)

My las' big mem'ry is when we moofed an' Ingen gots lost. Mama haved a lil area all set up ina back of a car fur jus' me & Ingen. We could relax ina crates er use a litter box er play. Well, Ingen was gone an I's lonely. I 'cided I dinnit wanna be by myse'f so I clime up front wif mama, my person cuzin & lil Bear. I LUFF to drive--I he'ped lots.

Those my 3 big kitten mem'ries.

I tag;





Am I a impos'er?

March 10th 2012 1:15 pm
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Since mama seed how big & han'sum I's gotten she's thinkin' bout when I's jus' a lil kit. She readed mama panda's di'ry. Is a day we's all borned. Do you see it? It say:

"OK, We have MEWS!!!! 5 Kittens!!! 1 stillborn tuxie, 2 live tuxies, 1 90% white, 1 pure white!!! Don't know the sex yet, but we have KITTENS!!! Born this guess, around 8 or 9 am!!!!! Hooray!!! That part of the ordeal is over!!! Pics tomorrow!!!
UPDATE!!! #6 was found about 20 minutes ago under the couch!!! That one is grey!! We have to watch it closely!!! Daddy had to cut the cord and sack to free it!! Bled some, not too much, but how long was it there!! Need to watch that one closely!!!"

Well, I'sa tuxie & Forrest G. a tuxie. Spot & Snow isa white kitties. #6 is GRAY!!! I not gray--I's black & white. Sweetie gots lotsa colors. Hmmm, did daddy get confoosed? He's real 'cited when we's borned.

So now I don' knows if I's really Novi. Mama say YES, I's Novi. I's HER Novi. But maybe Sweetie s'posed to be Novi. Maybe I's a whole other kitten. Maybe mama s'posed to has Sweetie an I stay wif daddy.

Mama--"Novi, Don't I give you kisses all the time? Don't I get you special treats and toys? First, you and I drove from daddy's house to Michigan and then all the way across the country to Washington. YOU are MY Novi.

Yes mama you kisses me alla times (Snow, does yer mama still kisses you ALLA TIMES?) & plays wif me an' snuggles wif me. I don' 'members too mush 'bout alla drivin' but I been wif you fur long times now, an I 'members a'ways bein' Novi. I guess I's not a impos'er. I's really Novi.


Moofie Debut & Payin it Forward

March 8th 2012 11:08 am
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Mama maked a moofie & I'sa STAR!! Go look on my page an you getsa see it fur FREE! MOL

I telled you 'bout mama buyin us stuffs few days 'go. Mama gotsa lil box of cat stuffs fur me & Ingen. Mama dinnit efun knows alla stuff in it but sayed is cheap so she buyed it. Ina box it haved "Pawty Mix", Tunie puff treats, FF Appeteasers, an' lil treat bally.

Mama putted some treats ina bally fur me. It on'y take me a secon' an' I figgered out if I pushes a bally, I getsa TREAT. I REALLY LUFF TREATS! So, I push a bally an treats. Mama laff at me. She say I's 'ficient cuz I push wif my head, eat a treat, push wif my head an' gets 'nuther treat. I don' efun has to look fur the treats.

Now fur payin' it forward. My furriend Mr. Ruffy writed 'bout tryin ta fin' homes fur kitties. Well, me & mama goed to the 'doption page. Do you see her? RIGHT THERE ONA PAGE? Isa beyootifur gurlie kitty name SWEETIE (jus' like my sisfur at daddy house) an' she live right by ME! Now, she can' come lives wif us but I telled Mr. Ruffy 'at I tells my furriends 'bout her. I hope she fin' a good home, like me.

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