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Novi's Nudgings

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August 20th 2012 1:42 pm
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I been tagged by 2 furriends-Samhain & Tully. I gonna play but I gotsa think 'bout my ans'ers. I on'y haved 1 Christmas. I jus' gotsa think 'bout it furs'. Okay?

Ingen dinnit gets tagged at all. On'y ME! Nyah, nyah!


I am a GOOD BOY! Fur mama Panda

August 16th 2012 1:15 pm
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I maked you purroud. I wasa GOOD BOY today. See, mama Jen wanned cut my nails. Furs' she try to purrito me. "NOPE is wrong, mama" I telled her. So we play fur a lil while then mama thinked up a diff'ren' way. We's ona balc'ny. On'y me & mama (no lil Bear er Ingen to 'stract me). Mama gots lotsa treats fur me--JUS' ME! Mama give me a treat, then cuts a nail. Then 'nuther treat & 'nuther nail til all my front nails is cut. I was furry good fur mama. I gots my nails cutted an' I GOTS LOTSA TREATS!!! Is a purrfec' compromise.

Ingen telled me 'at mama is trainin' me to be a good boy when she cut my nails. I telled Ingen, mama is NOT trainin' me. I's trainin mama to give me treats an' then I 'lows her to cut my nails. SO THERE, INGEN! (sticking tongue out) MOL


Is me, Is me--I'sa fav'rite kitty

August 8th 2012 11:45 pm
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Ingen writed 'at she think she's mama fav'rite kitty. I's mama fav'rite kitty. Mama tell me alla times 'at she luff me. She give me kiss, kiss, kiss ona head efurry day. I make mama laff. I'sa han'sum boy. Mama drived fur long time to get me from daddy house--she jus' finded Ingen ona porch. I'sa baby kitty. Course mama luff me bes'.

What you thinks? Is Ingen mama fav'rite or me?


Sad day

August 7th 2012 11:53 pm
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Unkle Blizzard sended me cat mail an' telled me Unkle Squeaker goed to the Rainbow Bridge. I's kinda sad. Furs' Unkle Tigger goed to the Rainbow Bridge & now Unkle Squeaker. I don' unnerstand.

I hopes Unkle Blizzard gonna be okay. He a'ready been sick lots an' now he losed his bestes' furriend. Unkle Blizzard & Unkle Squeaker was furriends efun before they meeted daddy. They's furriends fur long times.

Mos' of all is prolly really hard fur daddy. He taked care of alla us--me ana other Panda babies, Mama Panda, Unkle Tigger, Unkle Squeaker, Auntie Gypsy. He luff us kitties so mush. I purr fur daddy. Is been a tuff time fur him.

'Sides the sad news 'bout Unkle Squeaker, I gots more kinda sad news. Our vis'tor kitty, Angel, leafed us tonite. Me & Angel squabbled but was fun botherin' her. MOL Now is on'y me & Ingen & lil Bear fur mama to luff.

Is been a sad day fur me.


My mama is EBIL!!!

July 22nd 2012 8:46 pm
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My mama is ebil. She torshure kitties jus' fur fun. You know what she do to us--me, Ingen & efun a "vis'tor" kitty? SHE GIVED US A BAFF!!! Furs' lil Bear gotsa baff, then Ingen, then Angel. When mama look fur me--I's gone. I heared mama say "Where's Novi?" She shaked a treats but I's smart. She tryin' ta trick me, so I stayed hided. NOPE, no baff fur me.

I hided fur long time but mama goed ona balc'ny. I like go ou'side an' play bubbles. Mama grab me an puts me ina water. I struggle & scream--I don' wanna baff! but mama don' lissen to me. She jus' keeps me ina water. Then she putted stinky stuff on me then she putted MORE water on me. Isa worstes' time of my life.

I not SPEAKIN' to mama. I don' efun look at her. She ebil!

**Note from mama**

It seems that lil Bear picked up fleas and shared them with the kitties. I noticed all the furs were itchy, so every fur got a flea bath. I think it's just a minor case and not a full blown infestation. Only saw a couple on Bear and didn't actually see any on the cats. Hopefully this will take care of them.



July 18th 2012 2:07 pm
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I LUFF play wif bubbles. Mama blow bubbles & I smacky them. Is lotsa fun! Today, me & mama was playin' bubbles an' you knows what happen? A bubble lan'ed on my whisker, then POP! BLECHY, YUCKY-tastes nas'y. I still like play wif bubbles jus' don' tastes the bubbles. MOL


My furs' furmily

July 11th 2012 9:19 am
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Boy oh BOY, is tuff fur daddy. Unkle Blizzard been sick an' goin' to a vet lotsa times. Mama Panda bein' dis'greeable wif Unkle Blizzard & a other kitties. My sisfur Sweetie gots sick 'gain (she haved cancer but that's fixed. Now she gotsa URI.) After alla that, NOW, Forrest G. is back. I guess his mama & boy moofed 'way an' leafed Forrest G. behin'. (DADDY, mama sayed to tell you don' worries 'bout me comin' back. She NEFUR gonna leaf me. She luff me too mush.) I hope Forrest G. be okay wif daddy & alla the furmily.

We still gotsa vis'tor kitty, Angel. Oooohhhh, I like bother her. Is lotsa fun. She be layin' ona bed an' I goes ona bed, sit real tall an' I STARE at her. Then she start growlin' & raisin' her paw an is ON. She don' gets 'timidated like Ingen an' she don' jus' goes 'way. We jus' does smacky paws & lotsa noises, so mama don' worries to mush. Mama on'y don' likes it when we does 'is an' she tryin' to sleep ina bed.

Yest'day, mama's gettin' ready fur works. I don' want mama goes. I did efurthin' I could think of to stop her, but it dinnit works. When mama gettin' dressed, I jump on her shou'der. When she brush her teefs, I play ina waters. When she tyin' her shoes I grabbin' a strings. I begged fur treats. I ask fur "kissies" ('at's when I puts my head down & mama kiss, kiss, kiss, my head) I tried really hard but she goed anyway. She telled me 'at she wanna stays home wif me but gotsa work & gets monies so's I has foods & treats & toys. I dinnit like it but mama camed home later an' we played & she luff on me.

I gotsta go 'timidate Angel 'gain. MOL



June 29th 2012 11:02 am
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Today is my nummer 1 birsday. We's havin a catabration in Panda's Babies fur me, Sweetie , Spot , Forrest G. & Snow . I ask'd mama Panda & Daddy if CK could catabrate wif us an' be a hon'rary Panda baby. They say is okay. So, we's gonna share our pawty wif him too.

Is so 'CITING!!! I gonna hasa PAWTY!! Efurbody please goes to Panda's babies and catabrate wif us. PLEASE?

Oh, an' jus so's you knows we needs he'p catabratin' cuz daddy, & my mama is not 'puter smart. They don' knows how to put pitcher ina di'ries er musik er nussin' fancy. They on'y knows how to write di'ries an' comments. I know, I know they's SAD but I LUFF 'em. MOL Mama gotsa work taday, Daddy gotsa work taday, CK mama gotsa work taday & prolly Snow mama gotsa work taday but we's all gonna be there, so LET'S PAWTY ALL NITE LONG!!!


I'sa giver

June 24th 2012 4:03 pm
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Taday is mama's birsday an' I been takin' furry good care of her. I dinnit knows what to give mama cuz I doesn' has the monies. I 'cided to give mama lotsa stuffs. Furs' I gived her snuggles--mamas need snuggles, you know. Then I played wif her--is good fur her mind pieces (peace of mind). Then I lets mama gives me treats--mamas like make us kitties happy & treats make me happy. Fin'ly I goed to the park fur a walk wif mama & lil Bear. Tha's the hardes' thing fur me to give. Efur since mama drop me down the stairs, I been skeered to go. Today I lets mama put on my harness & leash but I don' goes ina lil box--"no, NO, NOOOOOO" I says. Mama dinnit makes me go ina box. I jus' snuggle really close to mama an' she carry me. I's so skeered I peed a lil bit ina car (mama dinnit gets upset wif me, she knowed I's skeered but I's bein' really brave). Af'er we's ina park, mama put me ina stroller. I's quiet but I's lookin' round. I like ridin'. Mama open a stroller an' I gots out fur a lil while. I's kinda skeered but nussin' bad happen to me. Mama say maybe I not so skeered nex' time.

Anyfur, mama sayed I gived her the bes' prezzies. She furry happy she gotsa me fur a fur-son.

OH, OH, OH, Don' wan'sa furget. MY BIRSDAY PAWTY is comin' up! (Friday June 29 in Panda's Babies diary).



June 13th 2012 4:25 pm
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I ask daddy an' he sayed YES! We's gonna hasa birsday pawty at Panda's Babies on June 29. Is fur alla us--me, Sweetie, Spot, Snow & Forrest G. We's all gonna be 1 yr. o'd ona same day an' we can catabrate together.

You doesn' hasta stay but I really like if my furriends could stop in an' says HI to us "birsday kitties". PLEASE!

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