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Novi's Nudgings

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Goo' bye, Forrest G

May 8th 2013 11:01 pm
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Mama telled me my brofur, Forrest G, goed to the rainbow bridge. I's so sad. He the same age as me. I don' unnerstand how this happen. Poor Forrest G.

Before I comed to live with mama, she coulnant tell me & Forrest G apart. She a'ways ask daddy which is me. Daddy a'ways knowed. He knowed alla us kittens. Poor daddy. He gota be so sad. This is jus' tragical. I has to go cry now. GOO' BYE, FORREST G.


Busy mornin'

May 3rd 2013 10:30 am
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Whoosh, is been busy real early here at my place. Furs' I gots up to get my treats from the roommate. She ge's up way before mama do & a'ways give us furs treats. BUT, wait--Mama is up! Hmmmm, tha's strange. Then mama go ou'side the door. Where mama go so early? I's wunnerin' where mama go & furgetted my treats so lil Bear eated 'em.

Mama comed back ina 'pawtment then goed back out. Fin'lly she come back but now she gotsa lil girl wif her. I don't knows this lil girl, so I hided. Mama & a lil girl gots out the stroller. NO MAMA I'S SKEERED OF A LIL GIRL!! DON'T PICK ME UP!! DON'T MAKE ME GO INA STROLLER!!! It don' matter. Mama pick me up & put me ina stroller. (She coulnant fin' Ingen). So, mama, lil Bear, the lil gurlie & me ina stroller goed fur a walk. Is a beyootifur day & is been long times since I goed fur a walk. I's lookin' at efurthing. The lil girl goed ona bus & we goed back to the 'pawtment.

I still don' unnerstand 'bout the lil girl an' I's lil nerfus 'bout goin' ina stroller but wasn' all bad. Mama say we prolly do this few more times. Hmmmm....

**Note from mama Jen**

There's a family in my complex that has this scheduling crunch in the morning. Mom works very early. Dad has to leave for work 20 minutes before the school bus arrives. So, I said the little girl could come by here for those few minutes. This was our first morning. Bear was growly/grumbly but the little girl wasn't scared of him--she has 2 dogs. Novi & Ingen hid but Novi's curiosity got the best of him.


Locked away

April 19th 2013 2:37 pm
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HALP, HALP, HALP--mama lock me ina bedroom & I can' get out. Is jus' me & Ingen. My brofur Bear getsa run all ofur the 'pawtment. MAMA, LET ME OUT!!! I PURROMISE TA BE GOOD BOY!! PURRLEASE!!! I know I gots my cat tree by the winnow, my foods, my litter boxes & my fountain, but I's bored & lonely. I wanna play with lil Bear. I wanna go ona balcony. LET ME OUT!!!

**note from mama**

As it is getting to flea season, I put the Canine Advantix on Bear. It is toxic to cats so the kids have to be separated. Novi is kicking up quite a fuss about it. He is screaming & banging on the doors. You would think he was being tortured. (I hope the neighbors don't call the police on me. LOL)

When I go in the bedroom to spend time with the cats, Bear starts with the banging on the door and begging to be let in. FUN TIMES at our place.


Playin' tricks on mama!

March 18th 2013 11:37 pm
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I's soooo funny. I maked mama laff. She really needed that.

Furs' I he'ped mama make the bed. Is on'y purrfec' if it gotsa Novi-size lump ina covers. Mama goed ina other room and when she comed back they'sa wet spot ona covers. Mama thinked "hmmmm, did sumfur pee on the cover? They've never done that before." She sniffied the spot. NOPE is not cat pee. Then mama seed the spot kinda look like a paw print purrhaps efun a Novi size paw print (I's playin' ina waters & haved wet paws). MOL!!!



Tricky mama

March 4th 2013 2:08 pm
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Taday, mama gotsa kitty carrier out. I knowed is BAD MEWS fur kitties. Mama try puttin' me ina carrier but NO WAY! I NOT GOING IN 'ERE! I 'scaped a few times, then I hided from mama. So, Ingen goed ina carrier & goed 'way. I WIN, I WIN!!! I beat mama. YAY FUR ME!!!

When mama & Ingen gots back, I hided. Mama & Ingen goed ina bedroom & was playin'. I could hear 'em. HEY, I WAN' IN!!! Mama let me ina room but I's still hidin'. I wasn' playin. Mama sitted ona floor & was snugglin' with Ingen. I really LUFF to snuggle. I watch but I's not comin' out, at furst. Fin'lly I coulnant stand it anymore. MAMA LUFF ON ME!! I comed out & mama's luffin' on me, THEN IT HAPPEN! She gots me ina baffroom! I gots no place to hide. Furs' mama putted my harness on. Well, tha's ok. I don' mind the harness. Then she pick me up & ho'ded alla my feets, putted me ina carrier & close the door. OH NO, I'S TRAPPED!! I YELLED at mama. I telled her I DON' WANNA GO! GET ME OUTTA HERE!!
Alla way ina car, whenefur mama talkin' to me--I YELLED at her. I's mad. When we gotsa the vet office. She open the door a lil bit was talkin' to me & pettin' me. You know what I did. I turn my back on her & woulnant efun look at her. I climb unner the clothes (mama puts her laun'ry ina carrier fur us) & hide. I dinnit efun care 'bout the barky doggy. I's mad.

We goed ina 'nuther room. Is jus' me & mama & a lady. Mama's gettin me outta the carrier. NO, I DON' WANNA GET OUTTA THE CARRIER!!! I was furry good. I dinnit scratch er bite er nuthin', efun when the lady was RUDE to me. She weighed me & I's 10.2 lbs. I'sa BIG HEALTHY BOY. I gots my 2 shots, then we goed home. I's home now & I furgived mama.

I HASTA furgive mama. How else I gonna go ona balcony? MOL



March 1st 2013 7:08 pm
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I'sa DDP taday!! YAY, go ME!!

I wanna tell efurbody 'at me & Ingen might be Barn kitties. No, really! See, mama & a roommate been lookin' fur 'nother place fur alla us to live. WELL, they finded a Barn 'at been maked into a 'pawtment. They gonna go looks at it. I hopes they likes it so's I can become a barn kitty. Gris' sisfur, Ellie, sayed is okay bein' a barn kitty.

OH, an' THANK YOU efurone fur the prezzies & nice comments & efurthing.


I don' unnerstand

February 25th 2013 2:32 am
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I's sad. We gots 3 ou'side kitties--Moosh, Crissy Grey & Knee sox. Mama feed 'em efurday, jus' like me & Ingen & lil Bear. I knows when they's waitin' ou'side fur their foods, efun tho I can' sees 'em. Today I's reashin' fur the door knob & meowin' to mama "there's a kitty ou'side mama. He wan'sa eat." So mama open a door an' seed I's right. Crissy was sittin' & waitin' fur mama to feed him. Mama let me go out & say HI to Crissy but he jus' hiss & back 'way from me. I try 'gain but he jus' keep goin' 'way from me. I sitted down & look at mama. Mama putted me back ina 'pawtment. The same thing happen b'fore with Mooshie. He don' wanna be my furriend either.

I don' unnerstand why the ou'side kitties don' wanna be furriends with me. I'sa good boy. I's furriendly. I don' hiss er nussin'. It make me sad 'at we can' be furriends.

When I live with daddy, alla kitties liked me. They's alla my fur-sibs (Snow, Spot, Forrest G., Sweetie) an' Aunt Gypsy, Unkle Kringle, Unkle Squeeker, Unkle Tigger, Unkle Blizzard & a course mama Panda. Well, 'cept fur Unkle Blizzard but he dinnit like any of us kittens. He's kinda o'd & cranky but we luff him anyways. MOL So, why the ou'side kitties don' like me?

**from mama**

It really is kind of sad. Novi seems so excited to meet other kitties and then he's so confused when they don't want to be his furriends. I tell him he just has to settle for his odd "clowder", which includes my roommate, me, lil Bear & Ingen.


DREAMBOAT in trainin' 49

February 19th 2013 4:19 pm
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I'SA DREAMBOAT, I'SA DREAMBOAT!!!YAY GO, ME!!! **singing & skipping around**

Really I'sa Dreamboat-in-trainin' but is on'y a formality. In 2 years I gonna be a full DREAMBOAT! Mama tell me alla times, I'sa lil dreamboat but that don' count cuz she mama. Now is 'ficial. Ms. Samoa name me DREAMBOAT-in-trainin' #49.

Ms. Samoa sayed "no" (p'litely) to bein' my Valentine but she still think I'sa lil dreamboat. THANK YOU, Ms. Samoa.

Oh speakin' of Valentines, me & Spot taked Aunt Gypsy out fur Valentine's day. We treated her like a queen. (Sumtimes, Aunt Gypsy ge's ofurlooked cuz she kinda shy) Furs', I gets 'em at the airport. They flied here to me. I innerduced 'em to my brofur, lil Bear. They's lil skeered but lil Bear was good. Then I innerduced 'em to mama & Ingen. Aunt Gypsy like mama. I wanned to show 'em my new furmily, so's they could see 'at I's doin' really good.

Af'er that, we goed out to eat. There's this fun place called Pike Street Market. We gots furresh salmon. BOY OH BOY, did Aunt Gypsy like that. She lick her paws clean. Me & Spot maked Aunt Gypsy furry purroud to be seen with 2 gen'lemen cats. We walked 'round fur a lil while an' smelled wunnerfur smells--SO MUSH FISH!!! but we's stuffed. We goed ofur to the big water (Puget Sound) an' watsh the boats ana fishes ana peeples. Me & Spot chased sum rats. Aunt Gypsy watsh us & laff but then she showed us how to really hunt 'em. She'sa 'mazin' hunter, my Aunt Gypsy is. We dinnit catches cuz we's not really tryin' but was fun "huntin' with Aunt Gypsy.

Is gettin' kinda late. Aunt Gypsy & Spot have to go back home to daddy. Is time fur them to go back ona airplane. I haved a really good time an' I think Aunt Gypsy liked seein' me & Spot playin' together 'gain. I LUFF YOU AUNT GYPSY & THANK YOU FUR BEIN' MY VALENTINE!!!



February 14th 2013 2:58 pm
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Is fin'ly here! Is VALENTINE's Day & I gotsa date with my Aunt Gypsy . We's gonna go out & I's gonna show her a good time. Maybe efun Spot & Sweetie will come. I'll tells you 'bout it later.

I jus' wanna wish all my furriends HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

THANK YOU every fur that sended me prezzies. I try sendin' prezzies to alla my furriends but...furgive me if I missed sumfur.



February 11th 2013 2:32 am
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Whew, well, I did it! I asked a special lady-cat to be my Valentine. I's really nerfus cuz she's susha beyooty & she'sa Queen. I waitin' fur her answer. I hope she like me-leas' a lil bit.

OH NO, NOW I's efun more upset than when I dinnit hasa valentine. The waitin' is too mush fur me. What I gonna do if she say no er worser if she laff at me. WHAT DID I DO?!?!

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