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Novi's Nudgings

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Gotcha day nummer 3

September 10th 2014 10:23 am
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Today is my GOTCHA DAY!!! I been wif mama fur 3 whole years. I'sa happy lil guy. I getsa goes ou'side (ona leash but is ok). I gotsa big doggy brofur, a kitty sisfur ana new kitty Charley Beans. I's kin'a mean to him sometimes but I jus' wan'sa play an' he don' plays wif me.

Mama still luff on me alla times. She still give me kiss, kiss, kiss ona head. She tell daddy when I'sa "bad kitty". Momma Panda yells at me & tell me ta "be a good boy, NOVI!" I's mos'ly a good boy but sometimes, I jus' gotsa break free & chases a squirrelies. I's really fast. I don' goes far but far 'nuf to skeers mama.

Mama try & try but I still on'y eats my dry foods. I don' eats peeples foods er wet stuffs, but I drinks lotsa waters. I LUFF my fountain. Is fun to paw at & drink from.

I gotsa good life. I's happy & healfy. I gots lotsa luffs. Life is good fur this lil Washington boy.


We's 3!!!

June 29th 2014 2:17 pm
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Today alla us Panda's Babies is 3, me & Spot & Sweetie & Snow. Forest G. dinnit makes it but he's in our hearts.

So fur today, I gotsa go ou'side with mama & I gots my favorite treats fur BREAKFAS'! Mama gots me a catnip cigar & a kickeroo with catnip in it. Ingen & Charley like my toys. I sniffied but meh, is on'y ok. Mama say we's gonna play, Play, PLAY, jus' me & mama! I LUFF to play with da Bird. Iz my mos' favorites' toy. You should see me JUMP & WHIRL & catches 'at bird.

Daddy telled mama 'at he's happy I's a LUFFED lil boy. I AMA LUFFED LIL BOY!!! Mama luff me sooooo mush.

________________________________________________________ __________________

Pip, I love you so much. You still have that look of awe and wonder in your eyes that your daddy mentioned the day I came to get you. You were just a tiny little guy. You cried & cried in the carrier. I felt so bad for you. You were breaking my heart so I let you out while I was driving. BAD IDEA, you went straight for my shoe laces! I wrangled you back into your carrier. Eventually you went to sleep,

You hissed at Ingen when you first met her. You FREAKED at lil Bear. You did not like to go outside in the back yard. You LOVED your treats, thank goodness. I had no heating duct covers. I had them all blocked but as we were in the process of moving to Washington, something got moved. You went into the heating ducts!! I imagined having to take apart the whole system to find you. I shook the treat back and up popped your little head. I was so happy.

For you, me & lil Bear the move to Washington was uneventful. Not so for Ingen, but that is her story. You got lonely way in the back of the Jeep all by yourself. You squeezed by the divider and joined the rest of us. You "helped" with the driving even turning on the windshield wipers. MOL You got used to wearing a harness & going for walks on a leash. It was during this time you bonded with your bro-fur lil Bear.

I look at you and think you are truly one of the lucky ones. You have been cared for and loved since you were born. You are so innocent. You have never experienced meanness. You have never been abandoned or scared or hungry. Every kit should have this but most don't and you don't even know how lucky you are. You are confident and playful and loving.

You tried to befriend the "outside" cats at the apartment. You looked so sad and confused when they hissed at you. It was you who befriended Charley. You showed Charley the hiding place under the bed, which finally convinced him it was safe to move in with us. You so wanted to Charley to play with you but he didn't know how. As he becomes more secure and confident, he is learning and you are teaching him.



Ingen was bad

September 15th 2013 3:57 pm
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Yest'day, when mama's at work, Ingen 'scaped. Our roommate was lookin' & lookin' fur her. She called mama at works. Fin'ly she peeked 'round ona patio ana roommated catched her.

I smacky pawed her & telled her "YOUSA BAD GURLIE, INGEN!!!". I wrassled her an smacky pawed her 'gain, jus' fur good measure.

I'sa good boy. I lets mama put my harness on & I goes out ona leash. I don' wanna goes ou'side by myselfs--is skeery ou'side.



September 10th 2013 9:27 am
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I been wif mama fur long times now (2 years). I gots big (10 lbs) an' han'sum. I haved my "big boy" surg'ry. I moofed from daddy's house to mama's house, to our furs' 'pawtment to nuther 'pawtment. I gots mama, lil Bear (the funnes' doggy brofur) an' Ingen (I KNOW she luff me, efun if she don' says it.) ana roommate who luff me efun tho she's 'lergic to kitties.

Mama say I'sa really lucky kitty boy. I nefur knowed what is like to be hung'ry, er skeered, er lonely. No peeples efur beed mean to me. I's a'ways been luffed. It maked me a strong, brave, luffing kitty.

Mama talk wif daddy & send him pitchers of me. So, daddy getsa "see" me an' hears 'bout my 'ventures. He tell mama 'bout my mama Panda & Spot & Sweetie, so I gets hear 'bout my furmily too.

I's so gratefur to haves my furmilies. I is a lucky kitty.


Ingen was BAD!'

July 29th 2013 10:23 pm
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Mama always says I'sa PIP cuz I does lotsa fun stuffs. One ofa stuffs I like to do is jump ona balcony rail. Mama don' like it & a'ways makes me go ina 'pawtment when I does this.

Today, mama let me & Ingen goes ona balcony while she putted foods 'way. Ingen was bein' bad--she's ona balcony rail. I's yellin' at her "INGEN, GET DOWN! MAMA, DON' 'LOW KITTIES ONA RAILING!" Ingen dinnit lissens to me but mama heared me yellin'. Mama comed ona balcony to see what alla noise was 'bout. She seed Ingen was bein' bad, so she hafta go ina 'pawtment. I gotsa stay ou'side, cuz I'sa good kitty. MOL



June 28th 2013 9:19 pm
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Tomorrow, me & Spot & Sweetie & Snow is gonna be 2!!! You 'memmers--Panda's Babies. Our pals CK & Griswold is "hon'rary Panda Babies so they's gonna be part of our speshul day.

Daddy sayed we's gonna hasa pawty in our o'd di'ry--Panda's Babies COME ON EFURBODY, LE'S PAWTY!!!!

Mama sayed we's fur sure gonna be there but me & Ingen is gonna be late cuz mama gotsa work. Is not late fur us (I work til 3 PST) but is a lil late fur alla eas' coast kitties. Don' waits fur us. Has fun and 'njoy yerselfs--we'll catch up. MOL


My new furriend

May 26th 2013 11:17 pm
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I telled you 'at mama feeds ou'side kitties and sumtimes I try to say "hello, I's Novi". Well, we gotsa new ou'side kitty. Furs' he's Chatty Charley. Then jus' Charley. Now, mama call him Charley Beans. I dunno why but she does.

Anyfur, Charley is a real nice kitty. He a tuxie like me. 'Cept he gots long white sox on his back legs & a white line on his nose. I's curious 'bout Charley and sneaks out the door to says HI to him. He don' hiss at me er run 'way like the other ou'side kitties. He not mean to me at all. I really likes him & mama like him too. Charley let mama pet him & pick him up. When he see mama er the roommate walkin' to the 'pawtment, he follow them.

Mama been trying to convince Charley he should moof inside and give up the wild life. She let him ina 'pawtment to look 'round. He's kinda nerfus when mama close the door. I tells him is okay here and that mama is a real nice mama. I follow him & I try show him 'round. He not efun skeered of lil Bear! Tanite Ingen efun sniffied him and sayed hello to him.

Charley not ready to stay inside yet but we's gonna keep tryin' ta convince him is better fur him. Mama say when he 'cides to moof in, we's gonna fos'er him til he can hasa furever home.

**Note from mama**
I can't keep any more cats. My roommate has asthma, allergies and various other health issues. Besides it's difficult to find places to live as it is with 2 cats & 1 dog. BUT for all of that, I can foster him.

It seems that people move into these apartments, then move out leaving their cats behind. I don't understand that and it makes me crazy. Most of the strays I've been feeding are extremely skittish and I can't get close to them. Charley is different. I hope we can convince him to move inside. I know I could trap him but, I'd rather not do that. I'd would prefer to gently ease him back indoors. Novi really is a big help.



May 13th 2013 10:13 am
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I's a purrty good eater, on'y I jus' likes dry crunchy foods & treats. I don' like softy treats. I don' likes can foods--on'y hard foods. Mama try lotsa diff'ren stuffs but NOPE. Jus' give me my crunchies, until LUNSHMEATS! Ingen luff lunshmeats but I'd on'y sniffy it. I's tryin' ta figger out if I like it, but Ingen eated it before I gotsa tastes it. Ingen really LUFF lunshmeats! MOL Well, yest'day & taday, I gotsa eated it & is really good stuffs. Hmmm, maybe I try other stuffs too. I dunno, maybe not.

**Note from mama**

According to his daddy--Novi used to eat Panda's canned food, but since he's lived with me, he only eats hard, dry food/treats. Maybe we have turned a corner. We'll see.



May 12th 2013 11:04 am
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Catster gots a free prezzie alla kitties can send! Is fur Momma's Day. I gived my momma, Panda , one. She my on'y fur-mom, so's I not gonna send out more. Hope no-fur is upset with me.

HAPPY MOMMA'S DAY to alla momma kitties!!!


Di'ry of the day-Today!

May 10th 2013 9:15 am
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Mama look on 'puter & gotsa e-mail sayed I'sa DDP. Then we goed to Cat'ser & I's THE Di'ry of the Day--my pitcher's ona front page & efurthing!!!

YAY fur me. I goed to my page & seed 'at kitties wan'sa concatulate me but they read 'bout Forrest G. Oh, I don' wanna make kitties sad & confoozed.


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