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The life of a service animal

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Thank you Zeusie

November 28th 2013 12:21 am
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When I got you as a kitten, you chose me. You followed me around like a little puppy dog. Then when the seizures started you started to alert me to them. Thanks to you I have learned when I am going to have them and I have not gone out quite a few times because of that.

You know when I'm sick and cuddle with me, or avoid where it hurts. Even now, you have to be in the same room as me. If I am behind a door you throw a fit. When I am crying in pain, you give me kisses and you find a way to make me feel better. I may hurt but it works.

Tonight I lay here, recovering from yet another hospital stay - in so much pain that my pain killers are not working (Oxycontin) You are laying in my arms as I am typing this. Purring and loving me as you always do.

Just do me one favour my Zeusie, like James. He is sad you don't like him.

I love you Zeusie boy and I am so thankful that you chose me instead of me choosing your brother.


Now I know why you were being so bad on the 2nd Zeus

September 13th 2013 6:41 pm
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Sept 4th at 2am I went to the ER bc of bronchitis and I am still not home yet! I miss you Zeusie! I know you were being bad until daddy and I got permission to let you come here, and I am glad you are behaving now. You will be happy to know I should be home, Monday.

I wish I had a camera when daddy brought you up here. You charged out of your carrier and into my arms! Snuggle snuggle for the two hours you were allowed here. I did to wanna let you go! But you've been good since you've left. No more attacking everyone. Only time you get upset is when I call, you have to "talk" to me. We have to talk daily! I don't feel right with hearing my phone bump n purr!

Miss you Zeusie boy! Ncant wait for huggles and snuggles on Monday. Not to mention the hours do kisses (and the treat I am getting you)


Zeusie Boy

September 2nd 2013 11:57 pm
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I am laying here, trying to fall back asleep and I'm looking atyou. You are just staring at me. You won't leave this room until I do or until Daddy comes to bed. Even then you don't like to leave me alone in here for a long time. You're a silly cat, you know that!

I have never seen a cat that HAS to be with her human or he WILL get upset. I heard you were pretty bad when I had to have surgery two week ago young man. Now that I am in school you are acting bad when I am no here. My stuff is here Zeus! You should know I'm coming home! I don't think having a seizure alert cat in Chemistry Lab is a good idea young man!

But I am working with you on getting you prepared to be a therapy cat! Gotta get you used to getting brushed with you eating it LOL

Then I need to figure out what to do! I think you would be great it! You help me, you always make me better I think you would do great things for sick people.


Hey! Hey! Hey!

July 3rd 2013 10:47 pm
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today is my birthday! woot! Tuna for me! party in da house! (when they go out to look at fireworks) Bring your own catnip night! (please share) Stay away from the snake - she'll bite ya!

I'm 3 years old today!!

Boooh Yeah!


I am the only kitty allowed in the bedroom

June 14th 2013 9:56 am
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That pregnant mommy DARE not kick me out of the room. She kicks everyone else out!

She knows who is the boss of this house. I leave her alone - hey she's having babies! I love babies. They be coming soon!


I have a furry headache

June 5th 2013 11:44 am
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and it's all DADDY'S FAULT

Mommy was on the bed with the laptop and Daddy looked at something on the computer. Then he knocked the power supply off and IT HIT ME ON THE HEAD

Mommy picked me up right away and gave me kisses (it hurt so I bit her - but kissed her)

Daddy tried to pet me but I growled at him. It's ok now, Mommy can touch me but not Daddy!

I'm gonna get him!


Maybe Daddy will LISTEN to me next time

May 30th 2013 4:21 pm
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I wanted out of the room this morning. Mommy couldn't get around him (the bed is against the wall) She kept shaking him saying "Zeus wants out."

This went on for 10 minutes even the PHONE went off he looked at it and she goes LET ZEUS OUT and he goes back to sleep! So! I took a dump in his shorts!

He woke up to that!

Mommy was laughing and said he shoulda listened and let me out. Daddy was a little mad at me.


Mommy has done it again!

May 21st 2013 6:16 pm
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she's such a good person! She is fostering a pregnant cat - who is due within a month or so with her 3rd or 4th litter of kittens. She was talking with someone on craigslist about a hurt kitten and that kitty sadly died - and they mentioned the pregnant one.

This kitty was about to go to animal control and be put down so mommy took her!

So we are gonna have baby kittens soon! She is a medium hair calico. She's pretty! If I wasn't fixed.............

but anyway.... Mommy is planning on the babies to be born in our room. Pics will be posted once the Mommy is named and the Mommy and babies are up for adoption! Anyone in the Orlando area you can come and get 'em once they are old enough!

BTW check out Bug's page! :)


Happy Mommy's Day

May 12th 2013 9:39 am
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to my wonderful Mommy! We all love you and the treats you sneak us (like the piece of ham you stole from Daddy's sandwich to give me)

and all the kitties you have rescued! You're a great furry mom and scaly mom (boy that thing is getting long) and of course human mommy's day (can I have some frosting from the cake)

I'm glad I have you as my Mommy - I love you purry much!


Mommy found out that surgery is the last resort

May 9th 2013 10:04 pm
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so lets hope her neck starts to feel better. After therapy and good pain pills if it doesnt help then comes a needle in the neck (owie)

I've been very clingy to her lately. I know she hurts so much. Darn that store!

She said when she gets some extra money she's gonna buy a huge cat tree for all of us! I get the top of course - the kitty's all know it!

Ivy and Poof have been fighting lately - bad girls. Daddy sprays 'em with water b/c he's on the phone at work when this happens!!

and Oreo's name has been changed. TO Bug - as in Cuddle Bug - he is very cuddley with the adults. and me. He's the only kitten who has stood up to me - so he's under my care. Since I am head of kitty house hold the cats know that the kitten is 2nd in command. They don't like that.

pssst on mommy's day she's having shrimp fest! and I get some YEAH

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