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Black Kitties Rule!

It's birthday #10 for me today!

April 4th 2016 10:51 am
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Meowzers, how time flies! It's another birthday for me and I am having a great day celebrating that milestone with my brothers and mom (she is working from home today...yay!). I am looking forward to my favorite chicken dinner tonight and hoping for some of my favorite treats today :-)

Unfortunately, it means another year gone by with Catster not working right. My brothers and I sure miss hearing from our furiends, being able to comment on their diaries and photos, and not knowing a lot of the time if they ever know we sent them greetings since notices of emails and prezzies haven't been going out in a long time, etc. We keep hanging in there, but the recent 2-week inability to get into Catster community at all just about closed the door for us. Guess we must be the eternal optimists, though, since we are still here.

Wish you all could come by for a fun pawty, share some of the tasty shrimpie that Manytoes & family sent, and catabrate with the yummy birthday cake from Ebony and Mr. Kitty, cuz we would all have a grand time.

Love and big hugz to you all,



I am 9 years old today!

April 4th 2015 6:17 pm
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Hello dear furiends:

Mom says, "Wow, how time flies!" It seems like only yesterday that I was just a cute little kitten. And now I am 9 whole years old! Thank you to my wonderful Catster furiends for stopping by to send me happy birthday wishes and wonderful prezzies. I sure hope my catretary did not miss anyone when she sent my thank yous...good help is hard to find, as you all know-MOL.

I am a little sad because Manytoes & family sent me a super fun special birthday picture. Mom tried and tried to get it to load onto my page and kept getting a message that there was problem. It saved perfectly to mom's computer, so we figure that it must one of those continuing Catster problems that we keep hoping will be fixed one of these days. When it finally is, Mom will load the new birthday picture so everyone can see it. Manytoes & family make such great special pics that it is a shame to not be able to share!

My brothers and I love you all and miss you. We keep hoping that Catster will get to working right again soon and that our friends and their catretaries will be patient a while longer.

Love, Raj


It's my birthday!

April 4th 2014 10:19 am
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Hello dear furiends,

Guess what!?!?! I am 8 years old today! I woke mom up early this morning by walking back & forth across her & then patting her face and tickling her nose with my whiskers. I didn't know how she could be sleeping when she needed to be up to wish me happy birthday, play with me & give me my favorite chicken treats!

I may be 8, but I am still a frisky kitten when mom plays with me--still running fast, jumping high and doing flips to catch my "prey." I do enjoy my napping time though, in a warm sun spot, in my heated bed, on back of the big chair, cuddled up next to one of my brofurs, and especially on top of mom :-)

Mom says I get presents later on (why not now, I say!) and something especially yummy for dinner--I hope that means she is having some roast chicken & I get some!

Have a wonderfur day, everyone!


Diary of the Day--Yahoo!

February 5th 2014 9:43 am
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Woweeeeeeeeeee, what a week this has been! First, my bros and I were honored by being named Dreamboats by our dear friend, the lovely Samoa. And what a surprise when mom checked the Community pages this morning--to see my photo and see that I won the Diary of the Day award! Now if we could just hear that the Catster Community pages are saved, it would be the best week ever.

Thank you, Catster diary peeps, for this honor.

Purrs from Raj


Samoa named us Dreamboats!!

February 3rd 2014 9:55 am
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My brothers and I are so honored and excited to be named Dreamboats by our beautiful friend, Samoa!! We have been doing the happy dance all morning and purring up a storm!! Concatulations to all our fellow Dreamboats!! Of course, EVERY kitty is a Dreamboat or a Dreamgirl forever and ever!!

All you Catster Plus members, be sure to check your zealie balance. Although we didn't think we would receive our monthly zealie allowance since we've noticed that some things are no longer happening (like emails about new pawmail and gifties), we did receive the allowance for February & plan to use up every single one to send some last prezzies. Even when the zealies are gone, the big hugz special prezzie is still free for everyone to send to old and new friends.

We have so enjoyed our time on Catster. We just wish we would have discovered it sooner, so we could have had more time with our wonderful friends. We haven't figured out where we might set up pages (our mom doesn't do Facebook, although she has been thinking about trying to set up a page for us). If we figure something out before the Community pages shut down, we will post it here. For anyone who would like to stay in touch, please send us a pawmail (mom is checking our account regularly since we no longer get notification) & our mom will send your mom or dad her email address.

Thank you again, dear Samoa, for the so-exciting Dreamboat honors!

We love you all forever!


It's a sad day in Catsterland....

January 16th 2014 4:59 pm
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Oh dear...,

The week started out so great, with free cake and balloon gifties to send to all our friends--what a fun pawty it was! Then the sad news email message today that the Community pages are shutting down--no more kitty profiles, kitty pages, birthday celebrations, gotcha day celebrations, rainbow bridge day remembrances, or COTD, COTW, DOTD or DDP honors. No more pawmail. No more gifties. :-( Just the online magazine, which we enjoy, but it won't be the same without all the fun stuff.

We understand that a good thing cannot go on forever, especially when it is not a money maker. And we so appreciate that Catster even existed for us to participate in and enjoy. Thank you to those who made it possible.

We will so miss seeing all the photos, reading about other kitties' & their families' adventures, seeing the different pages, celebrating special days and honors, and even always hoping to get picked for an honor.

Guess we will use up the remainder of our zealies to send a few last presents!

We will miss you all so much.

Purrs and sandpaper kisses from Harley, Cody & Raj

And best wishes from their mom



January 14th 2014 6:32 pm
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Wowee...what a fun pawty day in Catsterland, with all the balloons and delicious cake! We tried to make sure we sent thank yous to all our wonderfur furiends who sent balloons and cake to us, but just in case we messed up (i.e., in case our catretary aka mom messed up) and missed anyone, we are so sorry & want to make sure you know how very much we appreciate all the wonderful messages & gifties.

We hope all of you in the cold areas are staying warm & that you are seeing some better weather. We wish we could share our Southern California weather with all our furiends. Since we can't, we hope you can find some sun spots to lie in or some nice fireplaces or wood stoves to cozy up in front of or, best of all, a warm lap.

Happy Pawty Day to All!


Funnest new toys!!!

May 14th 2013 5:21 pm
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Oh my catness, mom got us these great new cat toys! They are called Neko Flies. There are all different kinds of "bugs" on strings that attach to this stick thing mom holds. Those bugs fly through the air, crawl around on the floor, hop up & down, and sneak around corners, and make all 3 of us get the kitty krazies! We run and jump to catch the bugs & try to chew on them till mom wrestles them away so they can fly away. I run from floor to couch to chair to ottoman to floor and back chasing those bugs until I have to rest. Harley likes to sit on top of the table or some other furniture and swat at the bugs & try to catch them from there. But sometimes, that great big guy jumps down and attacks those bugs--it is so funny! Cody likes to leap in the air after the bugs--he jumps really high--even higher than me & I am a good jumper! Hope all our furiends are having as much fun as we are!


Cat Mom's Day!

May 12th 2013 4:32 pm
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We hope all the cat moms and their kitties are having a lovely Mom's Day. Harley, Cody & I have been so honored to receive such thoughtful presents for our mom and us today. We tried very hard to send thank yous to everyone & sure hope we did not miss anyone. On this special day, we are so grateful for our mom, cat moms everywhere & our special Catster furiends. We hope you all have had as beautiful a day as we have had. Purrs from all of us.


Spring Tag Game

April 4th 2013 5:42 pm
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My friend Sleeper invited me to play this game. I've never played a game on Catster before, so hope I do this goes!

If you would like to play the Spring Tag game, just copy my diary, change the answers to yours and tag five of your furiends!

Five Things I Like About Spring:

1. Just like Sleeper, I like the frogs. I don't actually see them cuz they stay in the bottom of the canyon behind our house by the little stream, but I do enjoy hearing them sing every night!

2. The extra warm sun spot by the sliding door.

3. The great smells coming in from all the open windows.

4. All the extra birds. I love watching the big yellow & black orioles that eat the jelly & oranges mom puts out for them.

5. The lizards that run around on the patio and on the fence.

Thanks, Sleeper, for asking me to play.

I am tagging the following furiends but hope that everyone who reads this joins in to play!

Ebony (#1286394)
Jet Giotto (#471620)
Kody Dreamboat in Training #50 (#1269401)
Luna Skye (#1289866)
Sugar Bear (#1287482)

Have fun playing!

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