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Kitty Life by Cody

What a great birthday we are having!

April 30th 2013 4:10 pm
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Today is Harley's and my 8th birthday! What a great day we have been having.

It started with mom singing Happy Birthday to us 1st thing this morning. Now mom's not the greatest singer in the world, but we appreciated the effort-MOL.

Then, mom said she was going to work from home today so she could take a break every time we asked for some play or a treat. My favorite way to do that when she is sitting at the computer is to stand up on my back legs with my front paws on her chair, give her a little meow and my best "please mom" look. Or, I like to jump on the back of her chair and rub my head on her head--that is guaranteed to get attention.

We got our favorite freeze-dried chicken treats this morning--yummers! And guess what---mom ran out to the specialty pet store and just came back with some WildSide Salmon treats--meowza!! It doesn't get much better than that!

Harley is already conked out on the couch in mom's office for an afternoon nap. I think I will curl up on the cat tree in mom's office for a little shut eye too. This celebrating is exhausting-MOL.

We so appreciate the birthday wishes and cool presents we've received from our Catster furiends. Mom insists that we use our best manners, so we are sending individual thank yous to our sweet pals, with lots of love and purrs.

Hope everyone in Catsterland has a wonderful week.

Love, Cody

Purred by: WeBeesSiameezers (Catster Member)

April 30th 2013 at 9:43 pm

Happy Birthday to you, Cody and to Harley, too!

Sorry we are so late...
Purred by: Cody ~ DB #173b (Catster Member)

May 1st 2013 at 3:54 pm

Oh my goodness! Thank you SO MUCH for the terrific birthday photo of Harley and me. We LOVE it. Now we gotta help mom figure out how to get it to show up on our pages. She got Harley's COTD photo on Harley's page a few months back, but she can't remember how she did it--silly mom. We are gonna figure it out though, cuz the photo is super cool! Love, Cody & Harley
Purred by: WeBeesSiameezers (Catster Member)

May 1st 2013 at 4:14 pm

Hi there...ifyou right click on the picture after it shows up, you will see some data displayed. Look for the one that says 'view image info' or something similar depending on the browser...we use on that line, and then you will get some more data...from which you want to copy the URL/direct link will start with 'http'.
Take the copied info and you can load that into the place where you got to add a picture, or you can save it to a site such as Photobucket and retrieve it from there to the 'add-a-photo' place, or you could store it in your desktop.picture library.
At any rate you just need the URL info to start the ball rolling as it were.
Good luck with your 'task'
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May 1st 2013 at 4:15 pm

Um...we furgot to say; You are furry welcome!


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