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Kitty Life by Cody

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What a wonderful 11th birthday!

April 30th 2016 6:12 pm
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Harley and I turned 11 years old today! We had such a lovely day, made even better by our wonderful Catster friends who stopped by with their birthday wishes and great prezzies. Manytoes and family even sent us beautiful birthday photos that our catretary added to our pages.

Thank you all so very much! We love you all!


Cody & Harley


Thank you for sharing our 10th birthday with us!

April 30th 2015 3:42 pm
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Harley and I want to send a BIG thank you to all our dear furiends who were able to stop by today to share our 10th birthday. We sure hope we got all our thank yous out. Darned Catster fleas still make it hard to get things done that we want to do. Anyway, we hope you all are having a lovely spring and getting lots of scritches and yummy treats (well, maybe not so many that you get fat!). Still hoping Catster will get squared away one of these days...we keeping purring that it will be so.

Love, Cody & Harley (and little brother, Raj)


Wow, what a lucky kitty am I!

May 2nd 2014 11:03 am
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My goodness, was I surprised when Mom showed me that I am a DDP today! With a birthday, DOTD & now a DDP all in the same week, I have been so honored by the many good wishes, concats & prezzies this week that I have meowed and purred and danced myself silly!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend & hoping you all get your favorite treats (hey, Mom, how about some more of those delish freeze dried chicken treats?!?!?).

Hugz & purrs,



It's my birthday & I am DOTD--Woweeee!

April 30th 2014 10:57 am
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Today is Harley's and my birthday! We are 9 years young today. And if having a birthday isn't super fun all by itself, I am honored with DOTD today too! What an extra special day it is for me & I am so thankful.

Mom says we are getting some of our favorite freeze dried chicken treats today (Harley & I won't touch "wet" chicken, but we LOVE the freeze dried chicken). She says we already have every kind of cat toy imaginable, but I am hoping there might be a new big feather coming my way cuz I love those, and I wouldn't mind having a new catnip banana (hint, hint, mom). I am hoping mom might take me outside too, even though she insists she has to hold me or I have to stay in her lap while we are out there cuz I am super fast & will be over the fence in seconds. Anyways, it will be a great day.

So come on over, all you kit kats, put on your party hats and let's dance the day and night away!

Purrs from Cody


Yay...the Catster Community is Back!!

April 28th 2014 5:58 pm
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Yippeeeeee...after sad days without the Catster Community pages, the Community is back! We hope we didn't miss any friends' special days or honors. We missed you all & are so glad we are no longer incommunicado!

Let's pawty with all those free gift balloons!

Meows from Cody & his bros


Time for a Catabration!

March 3rd 2014 10:16 am
[ View A Comments (6) ] is March 3 and the Catster Community is still here! And there are free Mardi Gras gifties for kitties to send to their furiends. What a furabulous way to start off a new week!

We Catifornia kitties finally got some real rain, thank goodness. But we worried about kitties and other animals that don't have homes and were outside in the weather. We didn't see any in our neighborhood, but we know there were some outside in other areas. We stayed inside, all dry & warm, and watched the rain & blowing trees through the windows and slider. Mom loves having some "weather" so she was a happy camper.

We keep reading about all the cold and snow in so many parts of the U.S. Mom lived in a cold place (North Dakota) for 1-1/2 winters when she was a kid & she says it is a real challenge to deal with tons of snow and such cold temperatures. We sure hope spring comes soon for all of you who live in those cold places.

Like our furiends, we sure are looking forward to more information from the Catster folks about how the Community pages will work in the new "regime." We are sure hoping we will still have at least most of the features we have now (and that they will work better, with no fleas).

Happy Mardi Gras & Happy March 2014 to everyone! Purrs..........


Samoa named us Dreamboats!!

February 3rd 2014 9:54 am
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My brothers and I are so honored and excited to be named Dreamboats by our beautiful friend, Samoa!! We have been doing the happy dance all morning and purring up a storm!! Concatulations to all our fellow Dreamboats!! Of course, EVERY kitty is a Dreamboat or a Dreamgirl forever and ever!!

All you Catster Plus members, be sure to check your zealie balance. Although we didn't think we would receive our monthly zealie allowance since we've noticed that some things are no longer happening (like emails about new pawmail and gifties), we did receive the allowance for February & plan to use up every single one to send some last prezzies. Even when the zealies are gone, the big hugz special prezzie is still free for everyone to send to old and new friends.

We have so enjoyed our time on Catster. We just wish we would have discovered it sooner, so we could have had more time with our wonderful friends. We haven't figured out where we might set up pages (our mom doesn't do Facebook, although she has been thinking about trying to set up a page for us). If we figure something out before the Community pages shut down, we will post it here. For anyone who would like to stay in touch, please send us a pawmail (mom is checking our account regularly since we no longer get notification) & our mom will send your mom or dad her email address.

Thank you again, dear Samoa, for the so-exciting Dreamboat honors!

We love you all forever!


It's a sad day in Catsterland....

January 16th 2014 4:58 pm
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Oh dear...,

The week started out so great, with free cake and balloon gifties to send to all our friends--what a fun pawty it was! Then the sad news email message today that the Community pages are shutting down--no more kitty profiles, kitty pages, birthday celebrations, gotcha day celebrations, rainbow bridge day remembrances, or COTD, COTW, DOTD or DDP honors. No more pawmail. No more gifties. :-( Just the online magazine, which we enjoy, but it won't be the same without all the fun stuff.

We understand that a good thing cannot go on forever, especially when it is not a money maker. And we so appreciate that Catster even existed for us to participate in and enjoy. Thank you to those who made it possible.

We will so miss seeing all the photos, reading about other kitties' & their families' adventures, seeing the different pages, celebrating special days and honors, and even always hoping to get picked for an honor.

Guess we will use up the remainder of our zealies to send a few last presents!

We will miss you all so much.

Purrs and sandpaper kisses from Harley, Cody & Raj

And best wishes from their mom


Oh my Catness--I am a Daily Diary Pick!!

July 17th 2013 10:37 am
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I am a Daily Diary Pick today! This is my 1st award ever & I am so excited! Thank you so much Catster peoples--I love you! Yippeeeeeeeeee...I am running around the house with a case of the kitty krazies! Purrs and biscuit making to everyone. Love, Cody


Our Gotcha Day!

July 9th 2013 5:27 pm
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Today is Harley's and my Gotcha Day! Eight years ago today, we were living at a vet's house with our momma cat, another momma cat, a big man cat, a dog & a people family. The family was about to leave on a trip and Harley (called Spot at the time) was the last kitten without a forever home. The family was going to keep me because the boy wanted to keep me. No one had picked "Spot." He was shy, afraid of everything and some people thought the spot on his nose "ruined" his Ragdoll looks--can you imagine?!?! Mom says it makes him extra special and handsome!

Anyways, mom and her granddaughter came over to see "Spot." Mom has a soft spot for what she calls the "underdog" or maybe she means "undercat"--MOL. She wanted to give "Spot" a forever home, but she wanted two kittens because she was afraid that one kitten would get lonely when she went to work. So Mom and her granddaughter went to lunch & to PetSmart to buy lots of kitty stuff while the family thought over whether the boy was willing to let me (the boy called me Yoda) go with "Spot" to a forever home.

When mom and her granddaughter came back, the family said they would let me go with my brother. So mom and her granddaughter took "Spot" & me home & everyone was very excited. Mom's granddaughter wanted to name us Zack & Cody because those were the names of characters in a kids' show she liked to watch. But my brother had such a loud purr that mom suggested he be named Harley, like the motorcycles. So we became Harley & Cody.

We lived in mom's bedroom for the first few days, while we got used to our new home. The day after we came home, mom and her granddaughter went out & came back with a big cat tree for us. We loved it so much that we were climbing on it before mom could even get it in place. She was laughing so hard at us--we don't know why!?!

So here we are eight years later. Mom says she cannot imagine life without us. And we feel the same about our mom and our forever home. We only wish every kitty in the whole world had a wonderful forever home.

Love and purrs to all our Catster friends.

Cody & Harley

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