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I'm a Whitester and Purroud of it

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I'm 14 Years Old Today!

April 24th 2016 11:03 am
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What a great day I'm having! I've been outside eating grass and I'm resting in the garden window on a comfy, soft bed. My arthritis has been my worst enemy. I'm taking gabapentin twice a day and get an Adequan injection twice weekly. It's helping some and I can actually jump onto counters, but it really hurts if I jump down before mom grabs me and sets me on the floor. My IBD is well controlled, and I'm just eating regular food (no more raw).

Sorry I'm unable to load a pretty picture of me, Catster won't allow it. Well, we all know I'm pretty cute anyway. :) And much smarter than those other two white kitties mom brought home.

Wishing all our furiends a pawsome summer. Sorry for missing your special days as we don't come here a lot because we get frustrated. Thanks to those who are remembering my special day with gifts.

Love and hugs,


Update on my Health

July 9th 2015 10:39 am
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A few weeks ago I was urinating in the new area rugs. Mom took me to the vet and I had a urinary tract infection. I was on antibiotics and feel better. Sometimes I still would rather use the carpet instead of the litter box, so now I take a pill every day, in hopes that will keep me on track. Last week I had a dental and lucked out, I got to keep all my teeth.

I'm otherwise enjoying the summer as usual. I spend a lot of time sleeping in the chairs in the yard. I really like stretching out on mom's lounge chair. I don't hunt as much as I used to and I'm sleeping a lot more. My IBD has been under control and I'm gradually losing weight - under 13 pounds. I can't believe I used to weigh 28 pounds - yikes.

Thanks for stopping by and I wish you all the best.




April 25th 2015 10:55 am
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Dearest thoughtful furiends:

We just finished reading all our wonderful messages. A big THANK MEW fur making my birthday the best ever.

Wishing you a happy, safe Summer!

Love & Hugs,


I'm a Teenager!

April 24th 2015 6:24 am
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Today I'm celebrating my 13th birthday, and it's going to be a pawsome one!

Last week my brofur Dixon bit my front foot, so I have been on pain meds and antibiotics, but I am doing great now. The pain meds actually helped with my arthritis and I've been playing with toys and running around again. My IBD has been under control and my weight has been stable at 13 lbs. The vets still say I should lose a couple pounds, but mom says I'm just purrfect. I've been eating my meals in the bedroom all by myself and that way I don't get any extra food.

Mom's house up the hill was supposed to be closing in two weeks, but now there's an issue with the financing. Hopefully it will still happen soon because it's a lot of work and money. We've also been emptying and renovating my grandparents' house. Wow, there was a lot of stuff in there and it's taking forever. Both of my grandmas live in a nursing home now.

We've had a lot of human losses in the last year - grandpa, mom's brother, and her neighbor friend who had kitties. Mom's brother had 3 kitties and his wife can only keep two when she moves into an apartment. So we will be fostering Zeva soon, in hopes of finding her a home through a rescue. We're not sure where we will keep the kitty as we are at cat capacity, but mom feels she needs to do this for her brother.

Enough rambling on. I'm in my favorite spot under the pool table lights and life is good!

Happy Purrs,


I'm 12 years old today!

April 24th 2014 11:58 am
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Happy birthday to me! We are glad we can finally get into my diary. It's been a busy day for the furmily. My human grandma fell yesterday and is having her hip fixed today - she'll be going to a nursing home next week. She's very confused and doesn't really know what's going on. We can only hope for the best.

It's a cloudy, rainy day, but I won't let that bother me. I just have mom turn the pool table lights on so I can bask under them in my comfy bed. I will get lots of yummy food as the day goes on.

I appreciate the prezzies and nice messages that somehow are getting on my page. With Catster being under attack, we are thankful for any time we get to spend with our furiends.

Wishing you all a pawsome day!



Yipee - I Got a New Sweet Brofur!

March 5th 2014 7:06 am
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Hello furiends - I am happy to announce that Nickelby is officially a new furmily member! He has his own page and would be honored to be your new furiend!

He was sort of an "oops", but we just luvs him so much:)

Happy purrs,


I'm Doing Okay!

February 26th 2014 4:57 pm
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I went back to vet this week. My swollen lip is about half the size it was last week. My tummy is feeling better and I'm lickin' the bowls clean again. If my lip is still swollen in a month, my vet will get a biopsy (and clean my teeth again) after she makes me sleepy.

Looks like the new foster brofur, Nickelby, will be my furever fursib by the end of the week. I'm glad because we like napping in the sun puddles together - and he reminds me of a sweet, gentle brofur I used to have:) Mom says he's a gentle, wise, old soul. He'll be the oldest in the furmily, but I'll still be in charge.

I'm hoping Spring arrives soon - I can't wait for the fresh air and warm sunshine!

Love & Hugs,


Hoping for the Best

February 20th 2014 7:52 am
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Yesterday mom scooped me up and squeezed me into her backpack kitty carrier and set me in the front seat of her car. I was purrty upset as usual, and by the time I got out I was breathing with my mouth open. When I was finally set free, I chillaxed in the Feliway aroma and comfortable settings. I know my vet very well, because I used to live in her clinic (before they moved into this nice, new building). But for some reason, I still hiss and swat at her when she comes near me.

I have a very swollen left lower lip. Now mom knows why she recently had to hunt me down for meal time, when I'm otherwise ready and waiting. My vet hopes it's an abcess, but said it could be the "c" word, especially more so because I am pure white.

I'm taking a medicine called Onsior, which will help with the pain and inflammation. I'm feeling better today and go back to the vet next week. Please purr for me. I am now the oldest fursib, and want to keep it that way for a furry long time.



A Purrtastic Week!

June 16th 2013 8:17 pm
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Thanks furiends for helping me celebrate my Cat of the Week and Diary of the Day honors. I will remember this spawcial week furever. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and gifties - my page is pawsome!

I hope you are enjoying the summer. Be happy and be well!



Diary of the Day!

June 12th 2013 6:10 am
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OMC - Another honor to celebrate! Thanks Catster for chosing me today and making my week even more spawcial.

Thanks furiends for all the gifties and prezzies and making my page look so spawcial. You are the best:)

Love and purrs,

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