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This and That of How Life Is For Me

Gone to Rainbow Bridge :(

July 12th 2015 8:03 am
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Hello Earth furs and Hello Angel furs:

I was very, very sick for a couple of days. Meowmy saw that i was wet in my behind. She thought that I could of have had a kitten and let it die somewhere in the house.(Meowmy couldn't let me get spayed due to a 5 heart murmur that the vet found in me when she tried to get me spayed). Anyhow when I was in "heat", I got out on her, but didn't go anywhere except the next door neighbors house with my brofur Casper. ANYHOW.....meowmy looked around and couldn't find any kitten. So she kept an eye out on me. I was still wet int he behind and then she saw green slime coming out. It took a couple of days before she could get me to an emergency vet. By then, I had stopped drinking/peeing. She was force feeding me to no end to help me keep strong. Well I took a turn for the worse. Got me to the vet. Last night 7-11-15 the vet called and said that there was ALOT of problems with me. My heart had enlarge, my lungs filled with fluids, and the blood work came back that I was feline leukemia. And from the x-rays, there was a very big mass in my stomach. The vet said that they could do surgery, but it was a good chance that I would not make it because of the enlarged heart and the fluid building up in me. So meowmy had to make a decision to let me go onto rainbow bridge. Meowmy along with catdad and her step-sister came down to the hospital. They all petted me and talked to me. I was purring as they talked to me and told me that they didn't want me to suffer anymore. Meowmy held me and cried and said to go onto rainbow bridge so that I could get better. And sadly @ 8:46 p.m. I fell into a deep sleep. Now I am at rainbow bridge with other fur kids meowmy had in her life. They are there to greet me and told me how much rainbow bridge is full of fun, happiness, no sickness/illness.

I will miss my furamily and humans alot, but the humans have given me a wonderful life. And for that, I will always love them.

So good-bye my furamily on earth. Hello to all at rainbow bridge.

head bonks and purrs,


Meomy Is Retiring from Job!

October 29th 2014 10:58 am
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I'm going to have meowmy home every day for the rest of my life! Oh yeah, meowmy is finally leaving her job after working for so long! She calls it retiring. Now that is what I do every day is re-tiring to the bed my humans sleep in and I retire there to sleep MOL! Silly me. But this will be so great to have meowmy home for good!
And I also hears her say that she is gong on vacation and has to leave me and my brofurs home. Yuck! being stuck with them boys! Well, I'll knows some time down the road about this vacation she is taking. And not taking me.


Happy Birthday To Me!

January 27th 2013 6:39 am
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Meow furs. Today is my b-day. Mom chose this date from back-tracking when she took me into her home, now my home. The 2 yrs. have been very kind to me and I couldn't ask for anything more! Though I have to put up with the "other" furs and hiss at them, I know that they like to play with me. My home has a very blessed people and furs here and celebrating my day will be so nice.
Thank you Mom-Katt and Dad-Katt for giving me 2 wonderful years in this home and thanks to my other furs who have made this home for me, very interesting, very fun and very loving.



To Be Thankful

November 4th 2012 7:09 am
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The year has gone by so fast! Have you noticed it? The weather has changed now and there has been hurricane's, tornado's and all kinds of other hazardous things that has happened to each and everyone of us furs. The weather now is cool and just about all the leaves have fallen off the trees. But some are still on the branches and it gives off a color of beauty as the leaves have turned different colors. I try to catch some of them falling off the tree and also try to catch them when the wind blows in my back yard. Meowmy watches me outside as I am not an outdoor cat.
Anyhow, I just wanted to tell you just how "Thankful" that I am to be in this wonderful home. And with the next holiday coming around, Thanksgiving, lets all be "Thankful" for where we are and how each of us have been a blessing for being who we are. Though some of us furs don't get along in our furamily of other furs, we sure do make an exception to try to get along. For that, I am "Thankful". So this Thanksgiving, please give thanks for all that we have been going through and give thanks for having the unconditional love that our humans gives us in return.


One Year Ago......

May 27th 2012 10:56 am
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Today, I was taken into this CRAZY home MOL! I meowed to be loved and meowed to come and live with all the furs and pawarents. I couldn't be more happier where I am then where I was. I am not keen on the other furs, but I tolerate them. The little tykes, Tillie & Millie are a rough bunch. They are forever wanting to get to know me and want to chase me. I give them a wack or two and then they stop. Sometimes, I will let them go so far of their playing before I let them know I have had enough! SMACK goes my paws on them. MOL! Meowmy has said that I need to let down my defensiveness and let them play with me. I can't cause I am a Lady and will not give them that fun! Millie is the nasty one most of all to me. She will NOT let me get to meowmy before she jumps into my face! But meowmy protects me and scorns Millie for her actions.

I love my meowmy and DadKatt very much and I couldn't ask for anything more from all of them.

My day is special as I am a special Lady (to an extent. Thank you Meowmy and DadKatt for all of the love, and happiness you have given me this past year.


Happy Birthday To Me! MOL!

January 27th 2012 5:06 pm
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Meow you all, it is (and my skin mom thinks) that I have become 1 yrs. old. My mom said that now that I am a year older, I must learn to keep up my grooming so that a nice handsome guy happens to come along and wants to take me out on dates. MOL!
Anyhow, I am so happy that I have turned a year older in the most loving home that I would never have expected to be in. I might have even been gone from the earth if it wasn't for my skin mom/dad to take me in and to love me. A truly loving family that loves me for who I am. For that, I am very, very grateful.


Good Bye 2011

December 31st 2011 7:40 am
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Saying good bye to this year is a somewhat good. As my skin mom took me in to a loving home. Otherwise, I wouldn't know where I would be right now. But saying Good-bye to the new furiends I met here in Catsters is hard to say "good-bye". For my family must give up being on Catsters/Dogsters. We just don't know what the New Year is going to bring us. More heart-ache, more financial problems (as skin mom says)or more health problems that cannot be controlled for my skin parents. Right now, it is a toss-up. We just don't know.......... So, I must bid "adieu" to all of you.

May you all have a Happier New Year.


Sadness In My Home

August 3rd 2011 1:14 pm
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Skin mom is sad. We lost one of our furs in this home to go onto Rainbow Bridge today. My brofur Brewster had to leave. He never got to see what I looked like as he was already blind, but he could smell me and knew that there was a new fur in the home. I was really scared of this big guy and being who I am, I had smacked him to show I was not afraid of him. He had yelped and mom had to tell me not to do that to him. I now feel bad that I have caused him some pain a couple of weeks ago. So I am going to try and be good and in the meantime, make my mom comfortable by snuggling up to her.
So long Mr. Brewster.



July 31st 2011 6:16 pm
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Wow, this is exciting! Skin-Mom is typing for me about me. Thank you all for letting me come into your computer/home so that I can talk to you about ME! MOL!
I must of have had a family that loved me at one time. Cause my skin mom now has taken me in to be her new little 4-legged child in her home. Mom seems to think that I am about at the time I arrived at her home 5-6 mos old. Why my other "family" left me or how I got out from that home, I can't remember and wish I could tell my mom. But no matter what, I am in a fur-ever home and that I know I will be provided for and loved. And in return, my devotion to this new home will always be given. Thanks mom for giving me a new loving home. I will always be your furiend threw fur and skin.

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