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Last night I had a playdate with kitties

March 2nd 2012 10:32 am
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Yep. Last night Mom brought me to my Uncle Ben's house, who has two kitties named Boo and Cami. Boo looks just like me, cept she's got white fur boots and she's an orange girl! Cami looks like Harvey Two-Face Dent, 'cause she's got an orange face on one side and a darker multicolored on tha other MOL! They are over a year, but are teeny tiny compared to me. Ya see, Uncle Ben's kitties are furry fuuuriendly with other kitties, so we wanted ta sees how we would gets along, 'cause I has been in jail fur the last few days. Ya knows, Jails sounds a lot worse than it's been. Cause in tha jails I am all protected from all tha loud banging and voices that has been in the 'partment. And there was one good thing too! Kitty P ate like right in front'a me and I watched her and it was kewl!

So back to tha play date...well I came up with my Kitty Holster on and Uncle Ben met us outside his 'partment door and the kitties were in tha window, and Boo, tha orangie pawrincess, was in tha doorway and we sniffded noses right away. And that was a good sign we saids. And then Cami wanted ta spies on me, and so she did. And then aftur a few sniffins, Uncle Ben took tha leash and walked me insides.

I was just so curious, and tha kitties were too. There wasn't no hissies really, just a little one from Boo, 'cause Cami did it, but they was just watchin me and playin too, and I sniffed out tha place. And then I wents ta sit by them and just layed all calms and was such a good boy. It was likes at tha shelter again where there was other kitties with me. I was there fur about an hour,and evfurrything was really good and I was sitting right by Boo. And Cami was letting Mom brushin her and then me, and we were kewl... but then I guess I started ta show my aggresshions like I shows to Kitty P.

It was like Jekyll and Hyde, kittie-fied. I went ta Cami (I was wearin my kitty holster the whole time) and just stared and stared and stared. I was tryin ta figures out how come she was half orange and half other colors honestly! But then she gave me a warning hissie, like Kitty did, and I just made small steps closer, little by little. and she got more hissy, and she went ta bop me when I got too close and I had a kitty exploshhhiun! It's good I was holstered. It was funny too 'cause when I exloshunnned to Cami, Boo came running from under tha table ta defends her. Like Kitty defended Mom with tha stranger dude in our 'partment.

So then we went home and that was what happened. It was a weird sishuashion-And Mom is a little discouraged...maybe I need to be an only cat if I go from so calms to crazies from nothin. It was also a strange thing ta do too, having the play date, but I was in a room full'a cats at the shelter and we had no cages, so she knew I was usedta thems.

I'm worried. What if this nevfur works. Kitty is Mom's special baby girl, but I'm her lovemonster boy. We has to wait a whole month fur Jackson ta come back, but what if his third visit doesn't halps. Kitty and I haven't interacted with each other in front'a him. But like how I was last night, was kinda how I was when Mom brought me home. Kitty and I was sniffins each other, sleeping by each other and eating stuffs, and she was calm and kewl and she hissed when I gots too close and I stayed back, but then I switched ta crazies and caught her by surprise when her tail was wavin and she was eating yum yums.

meowwwwww. I'm confoooooosed.

Purred by: Newman (Catster Member)

March 2nd 2012 at 11:12 am

But I think you acted that way around those new kitties because they were new. You've been getting used to Kitty P. so I think things are gonna be okay, but it is going to take time. We are all purring cause we want you to stay with your Mom and be the lovemonster boy! Maybe when you visited the kitties, you all didn't sniff butts. You're supposed to sniff butts. Have you sniffed Kitty P's butt? I try to sniff Samoa's butt but she doesn't like it very much. I think Jackson will be able to help. He likes me, he autographed a picture of me, so be sure to tell him hell from me when he visits!
Purred by: Harrison Dreamboat #91 (Catster Member)

March 2nd 2012 at 11:35 am

Thanks Newman! When I was writing my diary I was akshully thinkin about you and your furmily and how you all are so good and stuffs. I did sniff Kitty's butt MOL! A little too soon fur her, but she let me! She sniffed mine too, back when we were furrriends fur that furst few weeks. Mom says she doesn't think anyone will loves me as much as her, unless it's a catster furrriend just 'cause she knows how evfurryone loves us furs, but we wants to stay too!!! Jackson said though we gots ta prepare fur the pawsibility. Hiss!
Purred by: Laura W

March 2nd 2012 at 1:31 pm

dood....we iz knot eggs perts by any meenz but ya thinks may bee its possy bull ewe iz jealous...

reeson we say iz coz ewe were all fine with cami N boo til yur mom be brushin cami N then ewe bee came aggress shuned.... purrhaps ewe feeled jealouz coz cami waz bee in brushed by yur mom N knot ewe ??

if sauce iz gettin mor a ten shunz then me... ore if EYE think he iz...eye will try N fite him; may bee rite then, may bee 15 minits later...coz eye get jealouz N thatz de onlee way eye noe of ta show my jealouzy...


tuna of moon
Purred by: Stacy T

March 2nd 2012 at 3:02 pm

I'll bet in your shelter there was a bit of hissy, boppy, jekyll-hyde-kitty style stuff that went on. Especially when you first got there or where somecat new came to join the shelter. I wonder *who-cat* it was that laid the shelter rules down that you followed so well.

We were a cageless shelter and I was there a long time and kind of had some seniority among the other cats, but we got along (mostly) Now-a-days, I don't really like living with other cats. I will if I must (and my family seems to make it a *must* but if I had my way I'd like to be an "only.")

I'm pretty sure too that this Jackson guy isn't going to just throw up his hands and give up on you. Although the possibility does exist that you would be happier as someone's only cat
Purred by: River (Catster Member)

March 3rd 2012 at 2:29 am

Making new friends can sometimes be a lot of fun, but I'm afraid of pretty much everything! You are much braver than me!
Purred by: Timo Katze - DB #105 (Catster Member)

March 3rd 2012 at 12:37 pm

Exactly what the Tabbies said is what I've been thinking. You were jealous of the multi-color-face cat getting brushed by YOUR Mom.

Ask Mr. Jackson if it would help if your Mom made you the cat number one. And acts around you and Kitty like you are the number one cat, the bestest and most important cat ever. And always pets you first, feeds you first. You know, just makes you all around number one. Then you shouldn't have a reason to be jealous. It doesn't sound fair to Kitty but Kitty might be purrfectly fine with being the number two cat. This need for extra attention should diminish with time, as you learn, even if your Mom sometimes pays more attention to Kitty, she's still your very own very special Mom and is always going to be there.

I am happy being number two cat. Mietzi is number one even tho I'm bigger and stronger.
Purred by: Harrison Dreamboat #91 (Catster Member)

March 3rd 2012 at 9:04 pm

You furrrriends are so smart! I wonder if Kitty would mind, she gets sad when I spend more time with meowmy, but still gets lots of lovins. All week has been stressful fur us both with the workers fixing all our pipes and we gots two more days of it on Monday. Kitty comes to watch me an I stares at her too, I just wanna sniffs her hiney i thinks, like Newman said,, but we can't even get that close without me freakin out stills


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