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Meows, Bonks, Purrrs

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Thank Mew

July 24th 2015 4:13 pm
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Hi furrriends. It's Harrison's mommy. Thank you all for helping to celebrate. I miss him all the time. I just know his new furmily is treating him like the Dreamboat he is!!!

Love and kitty bonks (And Harrison drool!)



April 28th 2013 6:08 pm
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Hey furrriends,
I'm really an old mancat now! I just had my birthday yesterday! Tanks to my friends who helped me to celebrate! I can't believe I'm a year older! A lot of changes, but that's a cats life mol!
Love and bonks,


Gotcha Day

July 24th 2012 12:08 pm
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Today woulddda been my Gotcha Day at my mom's house, if I was there still. I'm having lots of fun at my new furmily's house though, even if my mom hasn't spoken to them. She says she can feels it, that's how I am able to paw a new diary today. I miss a lot of stuff though. I know my mom misses it more, like my drooooolies and my fur cause it smelled like a Harrison. Don't tell her I told ya, but she has a baggie fulla my hair and even found some, a clump, on some laundry, and she kept it.

So yah, I am living the lifes right now. Kitty is doing good too I think-she's decided that she's interested in a little kitten that keeps visiting her from outside-must be 'cause it's teeny tiny and hungries, even though I was always hungries too.

I miss my furrriends here on Catster.
Love you and bonks and purrrrrrs,


Furevfur Home

June 14th 2012 4:15 pm
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Guess what furrrrriends!?!!! I has a new furevfur home!!!!! I am living with a family and I know I am gonna get lots a'action 'cause they wanted a kitty who wanted ta walks on a leash! Hurray fur Kitty Holsters!
I must confess, I think I miss my mom. She was a great home fur me, but just now I see how pawsome it will be in this new place 'cause I am gonna be the boss and head cat! Wish me luck furrrriends! Mom is gonna ask the lady about if she can get in touch with my new pawrents and see if they wanna make a catster page fur me. I hope so! If not, I gotta try ta visits somehow thru catlovetelepathy MOL!

Hugs and High-paws,

from Mom:
ohhhhh! I am such a cluster of emotions right now. I literally have been sitting here in tears, and I'm not sure if they are happy or sad or what. I have been checking the page daily for Harrison's updates. I hadn't visited yet, but to be honest, even against the advice of my good friends I was thinking I may go anyway to see him. Today on my check, I saw his pic was gone and I went into a momentary panic...
I called them. I asked about him and when the girl on the phone told me he was adopted I started to cry, and then all the words that blurbed out of my mouth blew my cover and I told her I was his last owner and I've been checking on him. Right away she said aside, "It's Harrison's old owner" and my shelter friend who helped me with him the first time and who said it was ok to bring him back, got on the phone.

Thank you Tenille-For always watching out for him before me and now and making sure he got a great home.

She said he went to a great home and they wanted a kitty who would walk outside on a leash. That literally is his most favorite thing, besides cuddles! I cried and then felt a little stupid, and she asked how Kitty P was doing. Kitty is actually doing so well at the moment. She is quite the chatterbox again too and always running around and playing.
I wish wish wish Harrison was still with me. He is one very special kitty. I don't know what else to write. Kind of mixed emotions, when I should just be overjoyed! Please send out some POTP to Harrison that this is the best most purrrfect furmily evfur fur him!!!


The mews this week

May 6th 2012 5:42 pm
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Oh furrrriends,

First, it has been a very tuff week at my house, but I will say my thank mews fur the love I got on my birthday, pawromise!

Now, fur the tuff part. A lot of my furrrriends are good friends with Angel Alex and may have gotten the urgent message from Alex's meowmie. The second behaviorist came this week, Dr. sueda, who is supposed to be the best one evfur, according to my buddy Jackson. He akshully recommended her to us ta helps, since he has visited three times and just got busy being a tv cat helper! Well, Dr. Sueda was so nice and sweet, but she told mom the best thing in her expert opinion, was that I need to go to a new home, and even suggested mom bring me back to the shelter, since they are a no (don't wanna write the k word) shelter, and so they could helps find me a purrrrfect family where I would be the only kitty and can rule the place. She said that the shelter didn't give me the proper info before, and it wasn't all their fault, only cause who knows what the people who brought me back the other times said, but also that I acted different with a room fulla kitties cause there were more to take on, but with just one kitty at home, I could let my tuff guy side show since I did t have so much competition. but mom could give them all this great info about how I like doggies, and walks, and cuddles and about my sometimes poopie problems, but also how I is a zombie sometimes too. And they didn't know any of that info about me before mom got me. She even said that she would contact them too and send a report about all the hard work we've been doing this whole time, and how much love I have, but that I just can't be in a home with Kitty P.

She also told mom that no matter what we tried, even different medicines and stuff, that my zombie obsessions is unnatural and Kitty is suffering a lot and it's unfair to let her suffer so.
I akshully did the zombie thing too, more than once, while she was visiting us, even though she had delicious treats and fun toys and stuff. And Kitty hadn't even done anything, she was sitting on the couch with Dr. sueda, eatin treats. I literally jumped on tha couch like spidaaah cat. Thank goodness I was wearing the kitty holster.

So mom told Jackson's assistant what the Dr. Said, and she said my buddy was stunned and wants to talk to mom as soon as he can, which isn't until Friday. Dr. sueda too said how pawsome of a kitty I am and if she didn't has a cat at home, she would love to have me. So dear Alex's mom has sent out a great message ta helps me, and mom has been asking furrrriends too if they'd be able to helps. We are also sad, even Kitty I think, even tho she is scurrrred of me right now.
Of course mom is still scared what if something else could work. She talked to dr. Sueda about all different options, but the doc doc really doesn't think they would work in the long run.

Can I has purrrrs? I needs them so much right now!



It's my furrrrst Birthday with Mom!

April 27th 2012 1:02 pm
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I can't believes I am 5 today!!!!!!! And mom says she's got something specials fur me...I hope is not grooming of ny kind Mol! I only have time fur a seconds to write, but I just am so happy, even tho things has been tuff at home this week. Will wrie mor soon!


A catster mom's call fur help

April 25th 2012 6:07 pm
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Hi furrrriends, it's Harrison's mom here. We've been away a little bit, I just returned from the hospital a couple days ago from surgery, where my stay ended up being longer than expected and have been trying to function at home, which has been tough, considering i can barely open my mouth wider than my pinky. But I need your advice.
Everyone knows its been rocky with Harrison and Kitty pretty much the entire time I've had him. And I love them both so much that I've been trying everything. We still even have an appt with another behaviorist Jackson sent us to, because he thought she would be better to help at this point, after three visits with him.
I had a fear, and it happened. While I was in the hospital, somehow Harrison got into Kitty's room. I don't really know what happened, all I know is I got home, Kitty is terrified of the bedroom, she was covered in her own poop, so was the windowsill and curtain that she sits on her perch at. And Harrison's hair was all over the room and he had poo on him too.
I don't don't don't want to give up, but I think it's obvious at this point I need to. I don't even know if I should even try to see what the other behaviorist says but I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle and making Kitty miserable in the process.
I'm not even sure what I'm asking for help with, maybe just someone to say its ok, or someone to lead me in the right direction as far as finding him a home. I cannot bring him back to the shelter. I just can't. And I am afraid no one can love him as much as me, or would care as much, which is another problem too that I need to get over.
His birthday is this week. I'm going to try and make it super special for him. But furrrriends, is there anything you think I can do or any advice you have on where to even start looking to see what the best options are for him?
Meows and purrrrs and thank you.


Hangin out with Jackson

March 24th 2012 5:51 pm
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Yep! I gots ta hang out with tha doooooooood today fur a couple hours! Usually when he comes, I'm in the other room, but this time Kitty was, and it was funny too cause when he got here she went right to the screen door and mewed hello Mol!
After that, He and mom and mom's furrriend that's always over sat and talked about evfurrything that's been goin on and then he finally told mom I could eat some yum yums, cause he says before he visits ta not feed us so we can does it together. I got ta eat only some of my yum yums and then he said he and mom would take me fur a walk while moms furrriend would be inside with Kitty and play with her so when we came back, she would be in the living room waiting and then Jackson could see how I turn into a zombie once I sees her.
The walk was fun! I did something I never did before and I sneaked up on and tried ta catch a birdie! Mom was astonished cause I never wanted ta do that and Jackson laughed, and Kitty was watching us and sniffing from the window. Jackson walked me in and mom had to take a breath cause she was nervous I would try fur Kitty's brains, but what happened was that she got me the rest of my yum yums and Kitty just watched me. So as long as I am occupied with something, then I don't go zombie kitty on her. I did finally, we both stopped and stared, and then that as time I had to go into the other room. But Kitty only got upsets fur a few seconds and then she was ok and that was pawesme cause usually she's scurrrrred fur awhile after.
So, the plan we has now, especially since mm has her big surgery coming up, is to play the circle game everyday, which is what me eating around kitty is, like befur I turn zombie (while mom's furrriend is giving kitty treats) and just walking me n the room by her until we lock eyes. He also now wants mom to tak to anothfur doc doc who specializes in behaviors, cause they works together sometimes and he thinks she might has another solutions fur me with medicines, and cause he's gonna be filming his tv show helping more kitties.
He said too, mom has ta accept how things are right now and not try to does more fur us, cause she can't stress out, but also think that maybe if this stuff doesn't helps, then I may need a new home, and that she is my long term foster meowmy...that or get a kitten that likes ta plays a lot, but then Kitty would be unhappy so that's not the top solushiunnn. He said I needs a home with maybe kiddies who run around, or doggies, just someplace where I can get all my orange kitty mischief out, cause us orange kitties are special. But he said not to think that stuff right now, but if that's what the end results is, that mom cannot be upsets cause she has done more than a pawrent could do fur us. It made mom cry truffffily. And kitty jumped on her lap and cuddled cause she knew mom was sad. And mom's furrriend and Jackson, well they is both dooooooooods and when mommies cry they are like, it's not so bad dont cry. Mol! Yah,they said its nothin ta cries over. That mom didn't put us n a bad sishuashion cause it's not that bad at all, just a work in pawrogress.
Aftur, mom and I took a long nap and I made sure ta give her lots of my puddles of loves droooool all ovfer her neck when we cuddled.
What a day! Oh and I gots a new da birdie toy, one that doesn't come in two pieces, cause he said those are stnky Mol!
Love Harrison


Tomorrow's a big day

March 23rd 2012 11:45 am
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It's been long my diary pals. But I'm here ta writes And shares. Tomorrow is gonna be a big day too cause tha doooooooooood is coming ta hang out with me! You knows tha doooood, my buddy Jackson, tha cat daddy Mol! We, Kitty and I, has anothfur 'ppointments ta sees if there is more stuffs ta helps us along. Since tha wurker dudes have left, things has been easy breeeezie meowbeeeezie kinda. Well, Kitty P eats all her yum yums right in front of my face thru tha screen! And I still gets tha zombies but mostly it's cause I want attenshunnns. Once I get it then I drooooool and cuddle.
One more ting too. It's gross but I'm having poopy trouble again! I take my probiotic stuff with my food evfurryday but maybe I snuck too many treats or something. The vet doc doc thinks I have a very sensitive tummy. Mom said something about visiting her after Jackson but I don't want to take that yucky liquid medicines again!



March 8th 2012 10:44 am
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Thanks fur all tha supports from you guys, my furrrriends! I gots outta tha jail yesterday! That is all I can writes about fur now-I must go watch tha stuffs outside the window and catch up on evfurrything I missed!

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