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One Lucky Picker

Somebody help, my MOm is driving me crazeeeeee!

May 3rd 2013 6:11 pm
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Hello, friends. it's me Picker, the big orange cat. I am 3 years old now and all grown up. I have a very happy home, I love my Mom and Dad so much. I love to sit in their laps and sleep, I barely fit anymore but it's so cozy. But sadly, my Mom is having some issues. She discovered that I haven't been taking such great care of my long orange fur and it got all matted up. So she went and got the little hair scissors she cuts hair with and proceeded to give my a summer grooming. I mean seriously my fur is LOOOONG. I don't mind it short cause it's easier to lick but I HATE sitting still while she cuts it. It makes me impatient and kinda annoyed. She sneaks up on me when I am sleeping. Well that's bad enough but okay I can live with it. The other thing tho is a problem. It's getting warm here and Mom opens the windows for us to sit in, and we even have a catio to play in. But I want to go outside. I can even open the door by myself,the screen door that is. I get out on the porch and roll around and around. It's so fun, but then Mom grabs me and drags me back inside. I sit and stare at the door so you'ld think she would get the hint, but she doesn't . She just goes on and on with her stories about how bad it is for us to go outside. What should I do? She won't let me outside! Sadly, Picker


Me and the Evil Stink Bug

November 11th 2012 12:14 pm
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Hello Diary friends! It's been a while and a very fun year. I am all grown up now and the very biggest cat in our house by a lot. My brothers don't like to to wrestle with me any more cause I always win. But something crazy happened this weekend I want to tell you all about. There are these red and black bugs all over our wall outside and sometimes they get in. Friday night in the middle of the night ( which we all know that is when we cats have the most fun) I found one and thought he would be a tasty snack. I took a bite and it tasted HORRIBLE so I spit it right out. But then, the strangest thing happened, spit began to pour out of my mouth like by the gallons. I ran to mom cause she always fixes everything, and makes me feel better, but she was sleeping so I just snuggled next to her and then when she felt all my spit all over her, she woke up. She was sleepy so she just went back to sleep. The next morning they thought I was playing in water somewhere but they looked close and they saw I was drooling. They took me right to the vet, but before we went Mom looked all around to see if there were any clues as to why I was sick. She found the bug I spit out and put it in a Baggie. When we got to the vet, they checked me out good. They said I was healthy, but when they saw the bug they said it was a Stink Bug, and that's what made me sick! They make a horrible tasting and smelling stuff come out when you bite them. And horrible tastes make us cat drool. I drooled all day yesterday and now it is almost all better. I only have a few spit drops now and then. So Catsters, learn from me, don't eat stink bugs! You will regret it!
Peace love and catnip, Picker the Cat


holiday Recap from Lucky Picker

December 31st 2011 10:29 am
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hello diary friends,
Mom says the year is ending , and she is happy about it, she says she is glad to have the "Christ-Mess" season over. I thought it was very very exciting. Gina threw up in the middle of Thanksgiving appetizers, everyone was watching. I did something really really bad, I climbed up in the Christmas Tree and the whole thing fell over and it was loud. It was awful, cause when I get caught doing something bad I usually run away and hide hoping Mom and Dad will think Kitto or Gina did it, but,, there were branches and lights all wrapped around me and I was stuck. I sat really still and that scared Mom even more, cause she thought I was hurt. She helped me out and put up the tree again, I broke a few ornaments but none of her favorite fairy ones, which, it turns out are plastic thank goodness. Dad is on vacation from his work so he plays with my Da Bird toy with me A LOT. I got a furry toy for the end of. It. Even Gina joins in the game.
Now it is winter time and Mom is going to keep an eye out for cats who are lost outside, so she can rescue them. No cat should have to be lost, and if they get lucky enough to come here, they will think they are in cat heaven.
Well I hope you all have a really great year in 2012. Humans go through some really sad times so remember to cuddle them extra hard, it makes them feel so much better! Happy New Year, and peace love and rescue for all! Love Picker



November 20th 2011 3:43 pm
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hello friends! there is so much fun stuff going on here. last year I was just a baby but this year I am excited. I am all better, and feeling really good again. we are having a big dinner and mom says we call it THANKSGIVING. So here is what I am thankful for this year| getting rescued, first of all. I have a great happy life and I am even spoiled. I stay warm and dry and am never hungry, even tho mom says I have hollow legs, whatever that means. And it all started with mom and dad fostering cats. They have helped so many kittens and their moms, and even adopted a few of us. fostering is really really important. my mom loves baby kittens. even when we are big! I am also thankful for that deliscious smelling meat mom brought home from the Honeybaked store. Me and my sister Gina smelled it right away and we begged and begged till we got to taste a tiny bite. Gina is really the master at begging, she is teeny tiny but her voice is soooo loud, and she never gives up. we plan to live under the dining room table for the big dinner. on the holidays mom always give us each a bite of turkey, at least that is what Gina told me. I am also thankful for all of you friends, who care about cats like me. you are all the best! peace, love and turkey for all, Happy Thanksgiving!


Hello Diary,

November 13th 2011 3:15 pm
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Thanks to all of my friends at Catster, Mom learned lots, so she said to tell u all thanks! my medicine gave me the runs, I didn't feel so good. but I always made it to the boxes. Mom has been extra busy, changing the boxes and she gave me a haircut , I can't always manage all this lovely long fur. When Mom cuts my fur, I think it is a super fun game, so I wiggle all around and try to grab the scissors, but Mom has been doing this a loooooong time so she is very careful. Then I had to have a bath! That was crazy,the water feels so funny and I am not sure if I like it yet. But after it was done I felt so nice and clean and fluffy. And I got to have so many treats, cause overall I was pretty good. Today we had some nice plain baked chicken for lunch, my favorite food. Mom wants me to eat really good, I guess I have to stay out of the kitchen trash, even tho I find such good food in there, like when I was really little and had to find my own food, before the nice man found me and brought me to Mom & Dads. That was such a good day! They gave me all the food I wanted. Well take care, friends, peAce and chicken to all!


I'm Sick!

November 7th 2011 3:09 pm
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Dear Diary Friends,
Well my doctor called Mom and told her that I have crystals and blood in my pee. The vet says I am stressed out. Mom felt really bad cause she didn't know I was sick. Now she is giving me more medicine, it mixes in my food. I feel better already, cause she snuggles me all the time, to make me feel better. She is really glad she took me to the vet. I don't sit in the catio any more and I don't worry about the stray cats outside. Mom got me a pink chicken toy with feathers and It is so much fun to play with, I throw it up in the air and catch it. I have a Da Bird too, but I can't remember where I hid it. Well friends I am getting sleepy, I think I will take a nap now, so I get better soon.


my brief adventure in the catio

November 4th 2011 1:52 pm
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Dear Diary friends, well I got in a little trouble but this time it was my Mom and Dads fault. you see, they thought it would be really cool to build us a catio. its really nice,we just went out a special window and could sit in it all day looking at al kinds of fun nature stuff. sounds perfect, right? well it was at first, we would go out there and watch birds and squirrels but we couldn't hurt them. Then, the neighbor cats started to tease us. And we didn't like the way they smelled. So me and my brother Kitto thought of a great idea, let's just make everything smell like us! and what could be better than the smell of our pee,right? And let's put it all over the house, just in case those miscreants try to get inside. Mom didn't think it was a great idea at all, she really got upset. today we went to the vet, and she said NO MORE CATIO. and we have to take these little pills for a while, till we calm down. Anyways mom wanted me to tell you all in case you are thinking of asking for a Catio for Christmas.


What a crazy day!

September 29th 2011 12:25 pm
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Whoa, I can't believe what I did today! It was EPIC! I ate 2 plates of baked chicken, it was so good and I was starving. Then I felt really energetic and made up this game, Chase the Invisible Chipmunk, no one could see him but me, and I ran around and around the house,and then I ran up the cat condo, all the way to the top, and it FELL OVER!! Everyone came running to see what happened, it never fell over before cause Dad put weights in the bottom.But I was running full speed. There was such a big crash, and of course I scampered away really fast. My mom always laughs and laughs when I do bad things, she doesn't mind at all, she says I am very entertaining. Well,gotta go, I am pretty sure the Invisible Chipmunk ran under the stove, and I have to go back to watching for him to come out. Peace!


I am Lucky and Bad!

September 22nd 2011 12:30 pm
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Dear Diary, I have the best mom and dad ever, they dont even get mad when I do bad things. I know I look gigantic, but I am so young and still a baby kitten on the inside.Today I ate my sister's glucosamine pill, or actually just half, I wanted to see what that little shiny thing tasted like, I thought it might be a bug! Bugs are deliscious.The pill tasted terrible. I wont eat those again. And yesterday when mom went to get the mail I stuck my whole head in the screen door trying to go with her, I like to be with mom. My head got stuck. I didnt get hurt but she laughed and laughed. I like to chase my sisters around and they GROWL so loud! I think they really like me. Dad finished the Catio and it is sooo cool, I am out there all the time. We are going to do a photo shoot soon. Kitto likes it too, so we sit there for hours and watch the birds and squirrels, but we cant hurt them. Kitto hides there when it is time for his Clomicalm pill. Then I usually come back inside and ask mom to throw my twisty toys so I can fetch, I LOVE to fetch. I am so lucky that they adopted me, I am a happy Picker!

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