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October 7th 2011 8:31 pm
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Mom and Dad have been opening my door at night to try and coax me out. I finally came out the other night and looked all around in amazement. I kept running back in my room and decided I had seen enough for one night. A few nights later, I decided to explore the other rooms upstairs. I can't help it, I'm nosey, I'm a cat. I am still a little nervous but I am getting braver each night.

I am really going to have to get my courage up when I meet the other kitties who live here. We haven't met yet but I know they're here. Mom and Dad hope I can join the family soon, but they are not rushing me. Baby steps for me. I am just glad to be warm and safe and dry and fed and loved. I love to be petted and scratched now. I purr like a love muffin when my Mom snuggles with me everyday.


I'm out with the family now!!

March 9th 2012 7:44 pm
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The other night Dad opened my door and I met everyone all at once. It wasn't much of a big deal actually. I just walked around and checked out the place. I sit on Mom now while she watches TV at night on the sofa. I am amazed at TV. It is so cool!! Once in awhile Pearly hisses at me but everyone around here says she hisses at everyone sometimes so not to get too worried about that.

The food is yummy and my litter box is clean and I've got a warm and toasty bed. Life is pretty good around here! I think I'll stay.


What A Day!!!!!

March 29th 2012 9:08 pm
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Whoa, my head is still spinning from all that happened today. First I had NO BREAKFAST. Then I was shoved (spitting, hissing and fussing) into a carrier. It took Mom and Dad 45 minutes to get me in the carrier. Dad said his heart was pounding out of his chest by the time they got me in.

Then I was taken to a weird smelling scary place (I smelled stinky dogs) where I had what Dad called "The Works". My toofies were cleaned, 3 were pulled and my nails were cut. I had my ears cleaned, got my rabies and distemper shots, and I got a "chip" in my neck. What the heck??? I am on pain meds and am pretty groggy. Maybe I'll forgive them someday. Right now, I gotta take a nap.

The Muffin Man


It's My Gotcha Day!!

October 10th 2012 8:01 pm
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It's my Gotcha Day! I've been an indoor kitty for 2 years now. Gone are the days of catching my own food, finding a place to keep warm in the snow and hiding from the rain. I have a family now who loves, loves, LOVES me and I love them too.

Everynight, I snuggle with Willie and sleep between Mom & Dad. I have good food and clean water and lots of toys and nip. Life is good. I think Murray's nephew Moonshadow found me this family. I think I'll keep them.


OMC!!! I'm a DREAMBOAT!!!!!!

February 21st 2013 6:46 pm
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OMC! I can hardly believe it!! I am a 100% full-fledged, handsome DREAMBOAT! Samoa says so! What an honor. And I have my very own special number: 107!!! ***Faints backwards****


My Gotcha Day!

October 12th 2014 7:17 pm
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I can't believe I am here in my forever home for 4 years! I am a lucky boy. I love my life and the food and the warm blankies and snuggling with Willie and all the yumyums and sitting in the window.

Thanks to my friends for remembering me on my anniversary.

The Muffin Man

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