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Angel Kitty's dutys

The Wedding

August 26th 2011 11:53 pm
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It was fun Della and Cubby both wore pink. Tao was cute. All though New couldn't come I miss the little guy. Runty was fussy all the time, He was like no this no that! Simba's tux was furry coot! Now we are thinking of a great place to go for Honeymoon but can't find any. Any suggestions?


Wedding Planning + Proposal!

August 10th 2011 8:50 am
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Today we were discussing the wedding of Cubby and Runty When this mail kitty came in passing a mail. I had one from Meowmy so here's what she purty much said:
"Dear Kitty, How is Rainbow Bridge? Are you having fun? It's hard letting you go! But the new cat Simba really loves me. In your last letter you told me you chose a girl to marry so in this enclosed letter I am sending this 100 karat diamond ring which I wear I'm sure Della would love it! How's Runty? I heard the girls really loved him Well poor girls Send in your letter
I took the diamond ring and got down on one knee. I proposed to Della and guess what she said? Yes! I am getting married to Della Haughtenburg of London,UK! Wedding? Will be on the 23rd of this month be sure to come.


My Rainbow Bridge Date

August 10th 2011 12:29 am
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Today I got a double date invitation from Runty and Cubby the two tiger cubs. Now I don't have a date so today I decided to decline the invitation but then in the afternoon this kitten called Della wanted to go with me. So today Runty and I were in our Apawtment changing into our best tuxedos. "How do I look Kitty?" Runty asked me showing of his best tux "Nice but why do you want to wear a show tux?" I asked "Because Cubby is the girl I want and today I will propose to her" said Runty showing me a diamond ring. So off we went to pick up Cubby and Della. Cubby was wearing a full black dress while Della was wearing a full red dress. First we went for a walk in the Garden of Eden. Then we had dinner in Cunning Kitten. Then at our last nights stop at the Kitty Stars Gazebo Runty got down on one knee and proposed to Cubby. Cubby was so happy that she said Yes! right away. Then I asked Runty if we should drop these kittens of. Runty said "I think we should take them to our apawtment becoz that is where Cubby will live right?" So we took the Kittens to our apawtment and put Cubby and Della in one room. The date was fun but tomorrow we will sit for a wedding planning but I want to propose to Della too. Not the way Runty did it!Can you kitties tell me a way? I want an answer!


Picnic at The Bridge

July 31st 2011 9:46 am
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Today I had an exciting day. Some of the angel kitties have organised a picnic down at Rainbow Point Lake where we would get to look down on our meowmies and pawpas. At the Point we all sprinkled angel dust on our meowmies and pawpas. Today I was looking down at earth and saw meowmy so happy. My brofur Simba's 8 month birthday tomorrow. Wishing you a great day brofur 1186031
Well here is our program for the picnic:
Dear all,
The SKA(Sweet Kitty Angels) have organized a cat picnic for the SKA headquarter members only. We are going to have a furry fun time watching over our meowmies and pawpas and sprinkling angel dust on them. The Picnic is as follows:
8:00 a.m. Boarding onto bus
9:00 a.m. Distribution of breakfast treats
10:00 a.m. Destination Reached
11:00 a.m. Getting refreshed
12:00 p.m. Looking down on meowmies and pawpas
13:00 p.m. Sprinkling Angel dust
14:00 p.m. Lunch time
15:00 p.m. Musical concert: Pauline and the P.U.R.R.S.
16:00 p.m. Rainbow Ram game
17:00 p.m. Boarding onto bus to leave
18:00 p.m. Reaching home

Well that's my Kitty Picnic Program what about you other angel kitties? What did you do today?
Wishing my brofur Simba a happy 8 month birthday


The Furry Furst Kitty

July 30th 2011 3:32 am
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We were sitting at our post when this kitty came. He was 2 months old. When we asked him what happened he told us that yesfurday he had caught his furry furst mousey at his purrsonal head quarters.We were furry confused how could there be a mousey in rainbow bridge? We were even more confused to find that there was no mousey! WTC!!


Superb Friday

July 29th 2011 6:51 am
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Here at the bridge we were welcoming kitties who have left the Earth to live with other special angel kitties. It's 7 months since I took this important job. Well I guess I'm going to get a promotion next month. Which is? Yes that's right I am going to be a senior kitty counselor to console the kitties facing changes in their life as they leave the Earth for the bridge. Yet today we were sitting at our post as kittens came and went. We gave them our concerns and showed them to their jobs,purrsonal kitty quarters etc etc. Well let me not bore you with my thoughts so here's what really happened:
We were sitting down the lounge during treat break and all of a sudden a kitty in blue collar tag burst in with a message from Brooke a senior kitty. "I regret to inform you kitties but now I have to leave the bridge as I am retiring to be in another form of a kitty" said the message. We were deeply concerned and planned a party in honor of her duties.
Now that was a superb day.



July 8th 2011 9:15 am
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Don't you sometimes have that feeling of regret when we leave our loved ones behind. Today I was just looking down the Earth Window from Rainbow Bridge when I saw a car...the same green car I was brought in. It was passing the area where I was buried. Then all of a sudden the window zoomed in to show Meowmy's face all full of tears. I heard Grand-meowmy telling her not to cry because I left the world. Oh Meowmy it is not your fault that I died It was that mean caretakers fault i hope you are ok meowmy


Watching over Meowmy

July 1st 2011 8:51 am
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Meowmy is sick and has an infected eye, sore throat and cold. I'm making sure meowmy takes her medicine at the right time. Please send your blessings to Meowmy. Ooops! I hear God calling me gotta go bye!



We miss you!

July 1st 2011 6:36 am
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We miss you kitty for what happiness you brought into my family. i took you to be my son. You were affectionate and lovable. We love you! :'(

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