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A brand new life

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celebrating me and the good life I finally got for a little- while

January 21st 2015 9:11 pm
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Hi Kitties

I do not keep up my diary any ore mostly because of the problems with the comments and stuff on catster. We all still check in on our friends but no one knows cause we cannot comment :(
I wanted to tell everyone that came by my page on January 9th "thanks for celebrating me" My life was not easy most of it was on the streets alone and having babies that no people wanted.... then my mom brought me home to live with her and she got me spayed so for me that meant no more babies. I was glad for I had had more than my share and it was so tough to feed them on the street. Mom took me home with her to meet the kitty family now really I should have been an only kitty I never cared for the other kitties in the house but we made it work.
Only 7 short months after I got a home with mom and dad, something happened to me maybe my heart gave out after such a rough life for too long. I made my journey to the bridge three years ago, wow how time does fly.
I loved my mom so very much rescued kitties like me are really so very grateful to find purrrfect love in a furever home.

Thanks for celebrating me, no longer a stray kitty, I am a beloved angel.


share some catster love for a kitten

March 10th 2013 8:09 pm
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Hi my friends my heart goes out to amber's family they lost their kitten just recently and they could use some love. It looks like they are kind of new here and mom just read Amber's story,
Please go by and visit amber's page and show her family some love.



So lucky to have known such love and dedication

January 9th 2013 6:40 pm
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The time sure goes by fast. I recall the awful and sad night I came home to find my Ivey girl was gone, I feel the pain of losing her is easier to deal with than it was that night but I sure do miss my sweet little moma kitty. Every kitty has their very own catsonality and none of my 4 remaining kitties have the same catsonality. Ivey was such a people kitty she loved her moma and I think she was so grateful for the rescue and her eyes truly showed the love and gratefulness every time I looked into them.
Thank you my dear catser friends for remembering my girl today:
Thanks to:
Tundra and family for my rainbow and pretty photo
Nala Sue and famiiy for my rose
Milo and family for my heart
Casey for my rose
Tiger, Tiny and family for my rainbow
Blizzard and family for my rainbow
Skylar and family for my rainbow
Big Harry angel and family for my Rose
Teebo, Callie and Rose for my rose
Finney, Lacey and Alex angel for my rainbow
Gunnarr T and family for my heart
Midnight and family for my rainbow
Serene Honey girl angel and family for my rainbow
My sweet little kitten angel Alfie and family for my rainbow star.
The "M" Crew" (such a cool crew) for my furever gold heart.
You know it means to much to feel the love of catster friends on these rainbow bridge days only other kitty lovers really know how it feels to have loved and lost such a sweet gentle soul. She loved so unconditional. Fly painfree and beautiful with the angels my sweet girl


missing ivey

November 24th 2012 8:09 pm
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It has been almost a year since that day mom came home to find that I had recently departed for the bridge. Today as she lay on the bed chatting with dad , she said "Ivey loved me so much" "and she deserved so much more from this life than she was dealt, she was a good kitty and so loved people" then dad said "yes she was a good cat I was thinking of her just today" IT still makes mom's eyes get water to think of how grateful I was to her and dad for making the last six months of my life on earth so wonderful. I must have once known the love of humans before mom and dad and even after all the misery I lived through on the streets I never stopped trusting them and I showed my love to mom like none of the other kitties there do. I knew when she was sad and needed me I knew when she was happy and I always was with her never wanted to leave her side. In 2011 the vet told mom I was about 3 or 4 years old. Skids left for RB in 2008 so if I was only 3 in 2011 I might have been born the year skids died and maybe it just took a while for me to find mom....just a thought mom has had several times. Probably because the way I loved her was much like the way skids grew to love her over a 20 year period. It was like I picked up right were skids left off but the years on the street must have taken it's toll on my tiny body so I was only allowed a short time with mom.....oh well it truly is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.


Happy Got Cha day sweet Moma Ivey

June 27th 2012 8:48 pm
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My sweet moma Ivey kitty I miss you. I never thought your first got cha day celebration would be like this. Thank you to so many caring catster friend that came by to celebrate today. I wanted to celebrate many years with you. I had hoped by now you would be fully adjusted to life here and maybe even cuddle a little with MoeMoe I really do think she had some memory of who you once were to her..... or maybe she is just such a friendly little girl she was willing to accept you for whomever you were. I think Tiny even knew who you were but he was scared to trust you.
To me sweet moma kitty you were a sweet heart you loved me and gave me real kitty kisses you talked gently to me (with such concern in your voice) when you thought I was upset, you purred if I looked at you, you wanted to be where I was but you were content and accepted that at times you were confined to your room for your safety and the safety of the others. You never complained or cried. You had a gentle smakey paw for me and used it if you thought I loved or petted or tended to you rougher than you felt was necessary. The look in your eyes told me you loved me and were forever grateful to have a home where you where loved and were free to relax and enjoy life. I miss you now just like the day you left me tonight there are tears as I type. I wish we would have had more time and I am eternally sorry you had to spend so much time on the street alone and un cared for. You were such a gentle caring soul and I will always wish I could have kept you here ....You were a good moma and your kittens all did well (even Alley was healthy until FIP) you took good care of them even on the streets where you ere alone and tired. I love you and I will always be grateful that your last days were spent here in the safety of a circle of love.
Until we meet again fly painfree and beautiful my sweet mom Ivey kitty.


We need help for Elwood!

May 28th 2012 8:13 pm
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One of our friends is working hard to save some kitties in a colony of ferals. Elwood is NOT feral he is a sweet and loving kitty can you help us
help Elwood his mom/caregiver is working hard to save him for the outdoor life of a homeless kitty. IF you know someone that can give another kitty a place in their heart will you please help us help Elwood You can read about him in his diary if you want to help Elwood he would be such a great addition to a kitty luvin family. His the furmom Lucy was recently killed it would be so sad to have some thing bad happen to this little lover kitty.
If we spread the word here on catster maybe there is someone here that can
help Elwood.


unconditional love of a rescued kitty

May 15th 2012 10:59 pm
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No kitty loves like a rescued kitty. My sweet moma kitty. Tonight as I lay here alone and there are no kitties with me I miss you so much. You always wanted to be by my side. If I had only known your time on this earth was so short I would have gone for you sooner, I would have spent more time alone with you, I would have worried less about how you were adjusting to the other kitties....I would have made sure you knew how much I loved you.
I got this quote from a friend and I know it is so true.
"To the world you are just one more rescue person. To a rescued pet, you are the world."
I know I was what mattered in your world. Little moma I am doing better each day but I think I tried so hard not to think of you when you first left me so suddenly, that now there are some nights it really hits me hard.
I think I am doing the same thing with the loss of my Boo kitty.
It is so hard letting go....I miss you so much tonight.


sorry little moma Ivey

May 7th 2012 8:01 pm
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I am so sorry I did not go and get you sooner, little moma girl I thought of you so often and I always ask the care giver (my friend) if you were there to eat and if you still loved on her and begged for attention. I just had a houseful of kitties, I know now you would have been happy to have spent the rest of your days in one little comfy room of my house.
I saved your kittens and took you back to live in the colony, pretty little moma angel I wish it had been different you were so very sweet and you deserved so much more out of this life. IT still hurts my heart to think of how I let you down. I know you must have thought you had found a home of your own when I brought you and the kittens here then a few days after your spay you were back at the colony I'm sorry sweet girl I love you. I should have gone back for you sooner. Moe tried to get along with you and you scared her and were so angry with her but little moma you should be proud of her, tonight as I write this she knows I feel sad and she has loved on me almost as good as you always did.
I miss our time together little moma, I am glad your last days were here with me were you could relax and feel so secure in my love for you.
Your gota cha day is next month and I will be celebrate the time we had but it makes me said that you are not here for this coming got cha day.


so many wonderful friends

February 8th 2012 10:15 pm
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My moma Ivey kitty has been gone over 4 weeks (it was 4 weeks day before yesterday but I could not write for her yet) and there is so much I miss about her... I will not dwell on it right now it is still too painful. I was just visiting her page tonight and reading some of the many notes and comments we got from so many friends and catsters. The kindnes and love that was shown to my family is so wonderful. When we got on catster over 1.5 years ago (time sure flies) we were looking for a FIP support group after we lost our Alley cat.... we have made so many wonderful friends and so many catsters we do not know well, heard of her passing and came by to offer love and support.
I just wanna say thanks again to all of you for caring for us during this difficult time. We sent out a few thank notes tonight and will send more as my heart allows me to read them again....I know we don't have to but it is something I want to do.
Thank you for loving my Ivey kitty.


Loving Moma Ivey

January 27th 2012 7:11 pm
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I miss you sweet Moma Ivey kitty, you were such a sweet kitty you loved so unconditionally and even after all you had been through, what you wanted most was the loving touch of a human hand. I wish I could have known you longer, and held you more, smelled your fur, looked into your loving eyes and heard the sound of your concerned voice.
I am putting "angel" on your page tonight it is hard for me to do. Tonight the tears come back almost like a friend as I write to you. I will update your page to talk all about your loving sweet nature. Right now your page does not do justice to the sweet heart you are, but I cannot see through the tears to do it. One day sweet kitty when it does not hurt so bad I will make a memorial page worthy of who you were to me.
love ya sweet little Moma Ivey.

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