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A day in the life of Moppie

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Birthday thank yous

May 3rd 2015 3:02 pm
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Thank you to all who stopped by on my birthday yesterday!! I received a bunch of lovely gifties to play with. Up here in rainbow bridge it Is a beautiful day and we are all having a big pawrty.

Thanks again,
Angel Moppie


Thank you for those who stopped by

December 21st 2014 11:52 pm
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I just wanted to thank all of our furriends who stopped by on Moppie's Rainbow bridge day. It meant a lot to us. I tried not to think about what day it was in advance as I would have to go through the memories again when the time came.

When the giftes started coming in, we tried to remember Moppie as the good cat he was. He was the sweetest cat you'd ever meet. When he was a kitten he loved to play fish under the blankets trying to find my toes, unfortunately with very sharp nails. He loved treats like most cats do, but he was very gentle, he would rarely take it from my hand, he would let it drop to the floor then eat it. Moppie, Blade and Stewie would always fall asleep with me and wake up with me, they would always be the highlight of waking up. I love seeing them cuddle and get along so well together. Moppie loved his toys, he would always lick the fuzzy ones to death until they were disgusting, or he would dump them into the water fountain. Although, he was shy when strangers were over, he was very outgoing with direct family. He loved getting headbonks from Blade as well as me. :)

It is not as nice thinking back to Moppie's last week here on earth, but I can't help but have flashbacks.

At work we just had a cat that was in respiratory distress in morning, I put it on oxygen and got it breathing again, but then when the owners came 4 hours later (they had been told she had not been doing well) the cat passed as they were making the end decision. This just reminded me how I had been called when Moppie was not doing well at the emergency clinic, when I got there within 2 minutes he passed as I was there with him. I'm glad I got my chances to say goodbye- Before his surgery I gave him big hugs and kisses hoping it wouldn't be the end. But it was hard to believe that a 2 1/2 year old cat would pass just like that... I was devastated when he crashed at the end of surgery. I hoped that he would make it through the night, then I would know he would have had a fighting chance...

I am glad I got the time with him that I did..

Blade Misses him a lot, I could really tell in the few months after his passing. When we got Galaxy we they may get along and he would have a friend again, we were disappointed that they did not get along at all. They still do not get along as well as I'd like. Blade does groom him now and then, but they do get in little arguments here and there, they never cuddle up together or anything. Galaxy also likes to hog playing time. Unfortunately they are both head strong and want to get their way, Blade seems to be submitting and backing off letting Galaxy get his way.

Many thanks from Moppie's Mom + Blade and Galaxy
Moppie will forever be in our hearts.

I'm sorry if I brought anyone down, Christmas time is not meant to be a time for tears. But wanted to let everyone know that I have appreciated the support.


Kitten is here and settling in!

June 10th 2014 10:18 am
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The kitten has been here for about 5 days, he is settling in. Having a ball playing with toys Mom has set out for him. He is getting used to Stewie our dog, and last night even went up to him from the back to sniff him, he did this twice! Stewie would like to play with him but he realizes kitty is not ready for that .

We have brought Blade downstairs to see him but Blade is unsure of him. He goes into stalk mode to spy on the kitten. I think he is a little jealous kitty gets to play with his toys. And that kitty is invading the house.

We are now trying to have kitten in a room and both eating on both sides of the door, but Blade doesn't trust it enough to be downstairs eating. We will have to work with them slowly and patiently. We may try it at a door upstairs and see what happens.

We have thought of a few names:
- Sticky
- Smudge
- Domino
- Scout
- Galaxy

Your welcome to suggest other names, or let us know if one here stands out to you!


Here is his started page, keep in mind his name may change:


Mommy wants some advice!!

May 31st 2014 8:54 pm
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Ok. So Most if not all of you know about how I tragically left to rainbow bridge. If you've been following Blade's few diaries you may know that Blade has been missing me and asking a lot more attention from Mom. When Mom got back from vacation he wanted even more attention because he had missed out on a lot while she was gone.

Well Mom has been thinking for a while if she should take another kitten into the family. She has been thinking long and hard about it. Mom was going to wait till kittens came in at her work but the doctor is taking a while to organize getting kittens in.

Grandma mentioned a friend of a friend had kittens. They are living in a shed/barn/garage thing, The kitty Mom is outdoor. So Mom had been staying away from it as barn cats aren't nessicairly looked after as much. But grandma convinced Mom to go see them anyways, so she did. There is a black and white one, which Mom was hoping for, and he is really cute. He is 12 weeks on Monday, he has had no vaccines, flea treatment, deworming or vet visits, neither has the mom by the looks of it.

The issue of non vaccination obviously puts Blade more-so at risk. We would bring him to the vet before introducing him to Blade.

Any advice? Sould I steer clear of them or seriously consider him?

Mom is going to try talk to the vet this week and see what she says. The vet can be picky, but
Mom trusts her opinion and if she says no Mom probably won't get him. But Mom is thinking about it. After all, Blade and I were both strays to some extent.

Mom will add a picture on my page of him. It is the biggest one, there is actually two litters, one of the Moms ran off so this Mom is a surrogate the the newer kittens. The one we are looking at is the original kitten and the last of that litter.

Link isn't working... 594982.jpg

We appreciate any advice. Thank you.

Angel Moppie


Video of Moppie

December 30th 2013 7:31 pm
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I put together a video of Moppie. I meant to do it a long time ago, back when they were both still growing up, I guess it's about time...

Hope you enjoy it. It's 10 minutes long.

Angel Moppie


A week ago today

December 18th 2013 5:45 pm
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It's been a long hard week for us here, a week ago today Moppie passed on to the bridge. At this time we were preparing to go into surgery to see what was wrong. Time went by quickly in some ways but slowly in others.

It's hard to look back and not wish you did things a bit differently. Like not buying the toy in the first place, or getting an endoscopy done in the first day, or going in for surgery earlier. But I know things could have been complicated either way. I guess looking back is part of the process of recovering from the shock and stress of the situation. I know I did my best for him. Plus I had vets second opinions along the way...

I am grateful I was able to be there for him at the end, even though it was only for a minute, he passed just as I petted him one last time...

Now that I'm back at work this week, I talked to the doctors about what happened. The doctors had done some discussing and research over the few days after, and are suspecting Moppie may have had underlying cardiomyopathy (heart problem). Which would explain the sudden crashing at the end of surgery when things had been going so well. Although we did not do an autopsy to confirm their suspicion.

We appreciate all the outpouring of love from all our furriends here on catster. I am glad Moppie was loved and had made an impact on others lives while he was here. Thank you so much for being here for us during this hard time.. Thank you to all the Angels for welcoming Moppie to Rainbow Bridge, he will be there watching out for others now that he is an Angel.

Moppie's tag will be hanging on my necklace and close to my heart for quite some time... Blade is doing fairly well, he still looks around a bit when I feed him before he starts eating (he is a food motivated cat, so I take it he is looking for Moppie). He asks for a lot of attention and pets, especially when it's time for bed.

One odd thing I found was the night before Moppie's surgery we took him home. He just picked a spot in his bed and settled for the night. But in the morning when we were getting ready to go back to the vet, I picked Blade up and he started growling, I wonder if he knew something bad was going on... He has never done that before and has not done that since.

Anyways. Thank you everyone. We love you all, and wish good health on everyone,

Headbonks, Blade and Angel Moppie
And a special thank you from Mom - Michelle


Rainbow bridge...

December 11th 2013 11:10 pm
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Bad news, we went into surgery tonight, respected a good 5-10cm of intestine which had been perforated by the toy that was ingested. All was going well with surgery until he crashed near the end. He was revived. We brought him to the emergency to monitor, but he passed away a few hours later...

Blade has been missing him a lot the past few days.

I will miss him greatly. I am writing this as closure for myself and also for him. He had a good life up until now. I hope he knows he was well loved.

Headbonks from Moppie. He was friendly up until the end, he loved attention even when he wasn't feeling well.

Headbonks from rainbow bridge...


surgery day!

December 11th 2013 12:51 pm
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Last week tuesday I ate part of a toy mouse. Today I am waiting at the vet for the doctor to do exploratory surgery on me. I was in on the day I ate the mouse but everone thought it would pass, I started vomiting friday night. We did a bunch of tests but nothing pointed towards an obstruction. Today new xrays show fluid in my abdomen (which everyone has been blaming me for being too fat!!) -- mom says I am but has noticed I've looked bigger the past day or two.--

Anyways Mom will keep you guys updated from now on.

Please purr for me. Moms been anxious all week.

Thanks. Headbonks, Moppie.


Thank you for the birthday wishes!!

May 3rd 2013 8:44 pm
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I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday! I love you all, you guys are awesome!

Yesterday morning I was sick overnight/morning. I vomited a few times, but by the morning I stopped. I was still interested in breakfast so mom saw that as a good sign. I felt a lot better after that. All your birthday wishes cheered me up!!

Thank you for all the gifties and messages!

Headbonks to everyone,


*Moppie blows a kiss to Mallee*


Guess what!!

March 9th 2013 5:21 pm
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I gots some exciting news! We gots an email from Modern cat magazine, they say I'm gonna be in their magazine!! How exciting is that! Anyways, we are waiting in suspense for the magazine to arrive so we can see for ourselves!

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