July 17th 2011 10:53 am
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It's only 10:00 a.m. and I've already had 2 long belly and face rubs from mommy! Ahhhhhhhh (and this has been in between all of her medicine-giving.

hee hee hee, she tried to give Chief Red Cloud a bum-trim today (I get them all the time, no problem... well, just sometimes, but(t) . . .

anyways, so Chief Red Cloud is just screeeeeeeeeeamin' like a baby. All that big triple fur makes him look big, but I've seen him shaved - he's just a tiny thing underneath! LOL

The sad part was, he made mommy totally look like a Tabby with all those stripes from scratches! Her one arm is all scratched up and she got a big bleeder at the bottom inside of her pinky finger.

Let's all do this for my mommy:


(She's happy, though. She only got 1/2 of his bum done, but she always finishes what she starts, so he'll have a completely trimmed bum by the end of the day!! hee! (I told her to wear garden gloves - the real long kind!)


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Purred by: Blizzard AKA The Catfather (Catster Member)

July 17th 2011 at 11:24 am

Daddy won't try it with us!!! He gets PROFESSIONAL help!! ( Scared daddy!!MOL!!)
Purred by: Chief Red-Cloud - He-Who-Stand (Catster Member)

July 17th 2011 at 12:17 pm

Chief Red Cloud jumpin' in here.

Tiny has assimilated to the human mommy; because she gives him so many belly and face rubs all day long, he is a little more patient with the bum trim.

Mommy thinks I was taken to a professional, too. Mommy really needs a small grooming table and a hair dryer stand - that would make her baths for us two long-haired's(?) lol, much easier!

Oh, your daddy is very nice to take you to the professionals. Mommy would, but she's afraid with Tiny Dancer because 'round these parts, there aren't too many, if any, like him with the twisty paws, and she's afraid they'll hurt Tiny and doesn't want to take any chances.

But me? I'll fight her all the way. I growl, too! (But she growls back, so I feel a little intimidated and stupid for growling.

You're dadddy is very nice!

Mommy has 10 of us, 6 with special needs, so her money goes to our medications, vet visits (w/CareCredit . com); things we especially need and stuff like that, so if extra money comes in one day, she will spend it on us.

It's a big pleasure talking with you!!

From the mellow 10-cat household of the O'Connell family; mommy and the rest of us. :o)
Purred by: Blizzard AKA The Catfather (Catster Member)

July 17th 2011 at 12:45 pm

Chief, there are 6 of us here permantley, ( Plus the 5 kittens) Most of us have problems too!! I's deaf, Squeaker is blind in 1 eye, Gypsy is semi feral, and has chronic uri's, Kringle has the kitty form od adhd, Tigger is FeLV+. We understand, which is why it only happens once a year!!
Purred by: Squint Delicious Tiny Tornado (Catster Member)

July 17th 2011 at 3:34 pm

Hi there; this is Squint-Delicious. Mommy often refers to me as Queen of all Little Cats in the Universe. I am very tiny for my 3 years of life!

Bless your daddy for caring so deeply for all of you! Sounds like mommy and your daddy would make great neighbors (if someone went out of town (Mommy never leaves us, though), but mommy could take care of all you guys the best she could if your daddy had to go out of town! He's the kind of neighbor us and mommy are looking for!

(Mommy's certified in Red Cross dog and cat emergency first aid and takes no chances, so they would always be in great care, and in the comfort of their own home if we were all neighbors!! :-D

We've got, well me, Squint, who was born with double upper eyelid agenesis and had a big surgery on both eyes. After that, I started having seizures, so I get a lot of medicines 2x/day. I hate when mommy does it, but she understands when I fight back; she's very gentle with me.

- Tiny has the Radial Hypoplasia
- Chief Joseph has Asthma (uses Aerokat w/his medicine)
- Jules-Verne has chronic bronchitis and cardiomyopathy
- Autumn has hypercalcemia and gets fluids every 2 days
- Marilia was abused badly before coming home/she has PTSD
- Graciela has hyperthyroid

Chief Red Cloud's one eye hasn't been a disability to him, so mommy doesn't refer to him as disabled, really. (Only that he's the only one that doesn't completely cover his stinky poop!! Miau-ha-ha-ha ("Miau" is "Meow" in Brazilian Portuguese).

SO glad we're friends!!!!!!!!! YAY!
Purred by: Blizzard AKA The Catfather (Catster Member)

July 17th 2011 at 3:41 pm

Daddy wishes his neighbors cared about their kitties like your mom!! Most places around here are NO PETS, but they insist on getting cats. When the landlord sees it, they throw the cat out!! ( Daddy's found homes for 11 cats in the last 3 years).
He thinks that is where Kringle, Gypsy, Angel Socks, and Angel Patches came from.
Purred by: Squint Delicious Tiny Tornado (Catster Member)

July 17th 2011 at 4:02 pm

Well, maybe we can meet halfway and be neighbors in a place that accepts cats. (Where we live, they do accept pets (most of the "condominiums" - mom said they used to be apartments when she lived here in the 80's). Mommy has a permit for all of us from Animal Services, too - they check once a year and see mommy is clean, they never smell litter, all of us healthy, even the sick ones.

That is VERY nice of your daddy to find homes for 11 cats!! That's a LOT to find homes for! Full-Purrs for your Daddy!!

Welp, mommy's teeth are hurting (from TMJ - she already cracked a tooth from clenching her teeth at night) and her headache is hurting, so she told me to stop writing for a bit because she needs her Advil.

We all wuv wu!!

The Irish Gang 'o Pudsta's

Here we have Cal-Poly University (San Luis Obispo County, CA) and many students adopt from the pound, keep the cat for the year and then put ads up on Craigslist to find them homes "or they will hate to have to take them to the pound." Like, blaming other humans if they don't take their responsibility from them. It pisses mommy off. (oops? Did I say that?)

We also have LOTS of Ag land, so there are a LOT of un-neutered/spayed ferals out there having kittens after kittens which are always up on Craiglist. Having worked at the kill shelter, the order is: Terminally ill; Ferals, Longest time in there, Elderly and then during kitten season it even hits a lot of the kittens.

Mommy is a spay/neuter advocate (not going out in the streets with signs or anything - actually mommy is pretty much a recluse and prefers to just be with us. We love that!
Purred by: Blizzard AKA The Catfather (Catster Member)

July 17th 2011 at 4:12 pm

Daddy is a PROUD member of Alley Cat Allies!! TNR is the only answer!!
Purred by: Squint Delicious Tiny Tornado (Catster Member)

July 17th 2011 at 4:21 pm

Now THAT is awesome-pawsome!!! Mommy agrees with that 1,000%.

She was getting her checks made by Alley Cat Allies for a long time (now she's on permanent disability, so extra money is tight - she spent most of it on cat causes, shelters, HSUS, SPCA and now she said she's broke except we get to eat Innova Red and drink Mountain Spring Water forever! :-D We also get to eat Halo wet food (Ellen Degenerous' cat food line). It is the best! Totally au natural and oh, so good!

We thinkses youse are da bestest!!

Meow for now!

Squint and da familia
Purred by: Hannah E

July 17th 2011 at 11:27 pm

most of our neighbors have dogs. sometimes it feels like we are the only ones who have cats.
Purred by: Chief Red-Cloud - He-Who-Stand (Catster Member)

July 18th 2011 at 12:04 am

Chief Red Cloud here again. We actually have more dogs in the apartments here than cats (but if you count all 10 of mine, there are more cats, ultimately, in the complex...hee hee). I love dogs a lot, too. I had one, Beau, when I was younger. A long, happy, then ultimate bittersweet, sad story.
I loved that dog. My Beau . . .

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