My "First Day Home" Picture - Just So Everyone Understands

August 13th 2011 8:43 pm
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Hi der,

My mommy decided to poot up a picture of my first day home when I was emaciated, had giardia, highly dehydrated, highly anemic, flea infested and I was a big (I mean BIG) poopy butt - no cleanings before mommy. It's a scary picture, but it might help someone to learn about proper care mommy hopes, for the inexperienced cat owners.

Mommy put this up to show those that do not know about neglecting a beloved pet, what it is.

Well, I was in kill shelter (they "made" mommy call it "pound" or "shelter", but she still called it "Kill Shelter" when she volunteered all that time.

So anyways, I was in kill shelter with my brother and someone came and took away my brother. I became depressed (already was from being in small cage, but they took my BROTHER away that I relied on a lot).

So this lady other volunteer at shelter who was already fostering 30+ orphaned kittens (in a non-insulated garage, but they did have cages) and a few cats in da house. She lived in a cold area for night and morning for kitties to be out in non-insulated garage.

Mommy thinks she a hoarder in a different way . . . through fostering more than she could ever handle.

So then there was me and . . . George, I think his name was . . . in the bathroom. I was so scared I stayed behind the toilet a lot. hard to maneuver in and out with my Radial Hypoplasia, and only a cup, maybe 2 of crystal litter for the 2 of us and so much poo on my bunda ("butt" in Portuguese). I was a mess.

Mommmmmmmmmy walked into the room. I was scared 'cause I never seen her. The lady told her I would only eat by force, so mommy ("strange new lady" I called her at the time) fed me with big oral syringe.

The way she was holding me and making soft noises while looking right into my eyes did something to me... I got all warm and feeling... good? inside. I loved her soft voice that sounded so authentic like she really cared.

Then she gave George his food, cleaned my poopy bunda and ... sniff . . . left!

BUT! She told me she talked to lady and asked if she could foster me... I heard her begging, but nice begging and finally the lady said okay and they signed the "chain of evidence" of who had me over to - MOMMY!!!!!!

Mommy took me to emergency hospital before taking me home; just rushed me in and they took me right away. Apparently if you are highly anemic you are not supposed to have fluids, but since I was so severely dehydrated, they gave me 500mg of fluids right away, gave mommy medicine for the Giardia and a Capstar and Frontline Plus for 24 hours later and told mommy to turn the lady into police and Animal Services.

Mommy didn't do that, but fights with that decision every day - lady still volunteers there. She did call main volunteer for fosters and suggested the lady only take in a few older cats and not be able to deal wtih kittens anymore 'cause she was overwhelmed. So that did happen at least after that kitten season.

One of the other volunteers eventually called mommy and tried to coerce (literally) the name of the person I told Dr. Anderson at the SLO County Animal Services (kill shelter). Mommy asked, literally, what are your intentions on asking [mommy] that question? (She's been messed with a lot in my life, like many).

The other lady lied and said she cared about the cat and it could be a criminal issue that she'd like to do something about if the doctor had told you to turn this person in. Mommy (as always) believed her intentions and thought it would be good to have someone else working on it, too), so mommy told her.

After that, she got yelled and screamed at until mommy was sobbing and couldn't stop. ANOTHER girl mommy didn't know called mommy and said "Are you the one talking @#(*&$# about ________? I told her (crying hard) never to call me, I don't know her, it was harassment for her to call me and she shouldn't even have my number.

That's when mommy's volunteering days were definitely over.

These peeps didn't care about me at all, and I'm so sad mommy got treated very badly, and that they didn't care about me at all - I wasn't even mentioned.

They ended up praising the neglecter/foster-hoarder and really, really hating mommy (and not giving a second thought to me). Even one of the head volunteers who is mommy's brother's friend. Mommy's brother doesn't talk to her anymore either.

Mommy doesn't care!! WE don't care!! We like our life better with mommy home EVERY day now and because she gives us so much love, medical care (6 of us, special needs) out of 10, and talks to us all the time about important things; mostly love and care and never leaving us, ever, and being with us through every single thing... even when ... that day comes ... that she'll be there holding us, talking to us until we fall asleep.

The pound comes 1x/year on surprise visits and last time asked mommy if someone told her they were coming. The year before that, he asked if mommy had litterboxes (he couldn't smell a thing).

We love our mommy dearly, she is a true animal advocate and DOES speak up now on any little thing she sees that appears to be abuse or neglect towards animals - she will call the police, Animal Services, try to talk some sense into the person . . .she da best.

But most of all, she's a great mommy who makes it her intention to always treat us as equally as possible (equal time with her love). It's very important that we are all treated the same.

That's why we're a close family (except Fuzz doesn't like Chief Red Cloud), but we are mellow, yet love to play a lot, too. Mom has tons of toys for us. Sometimes, if her Permanent SS Check hasn't come in yet, she'll sell stuff to get us something.

We always have the best food and get to drink Arrowhead Mountain Spring water. She says if it's good enough for her, it's good enough for us and we do love it, especially in the drinkwell, but there are a few feeding/watering places in the house. 5 big, jumbola poo-pee boxes she cleans 2x/day and purifers.

"What a Wonderful World!"
~ Louis Armstrong

From my family to yours; we love you all!

~ Tiny D., et al.


Mommy . . . hee!

July 26th 2011 11:42 am
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Mommy is taking out the poo-pee right now!

She gived me big belly and face wubs today. She gave evweebody hugs and kisses.

She twiyed to bwing Beijo closer to Chief Wed Cloud, But he didn't want to. I feel sad fo Chief Wred Cloud because, even tho mommy gives him lots of attension, it's not more than 1 or 2 times a day mommy sees one of us playing with him, so she tries to get in there and talk soft and get us all to wide Chief Wred Cloud.

Mommy loves him a lot. He puts his arms awound her neck and she just loves that. He sleeps over her neck or on her head and she wides that.

Ahhhh, it's a booteeful day here today! Blue skies, birds singing, beautiful hill dotted with cows in the distance (mommy has binoculars).

I thank JHVH God fo this booteeful day and all my bwuthers and sissas are healthy.

Love everybody!

~ Tiny D.



July 17th 2011 10:53 am
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It's only 10:00 a.m. and I've already had 2 long belly and face rubs from mommy! Ahhhhhhhh (and this has been in between all of her medicine-giving.

hee hee hee, she tried to give Chief Red Cloud a bum-trim today (I get them all the time, no problem... well, just sometimes, but(t) . . .

anyways, so Chief Red Cloud is just screeeeeeeeeeamin' like a baby. All that big triple fur makes him look big, but I've seen him shaved - he's just a tiny thing underneath! LOL

The sad part was, he made mommy totally look like a Tabby with all those stripes from scratches! Her one arm is all scratched up and she got a big bleeder at the bottom inside of her pinky finger.

Let's all do this for my mommy:


(She's happy, though. She only got 1/2 of his bum done, but she always finishes what she starts, so he'll have a completely trimmed bum by the end of the day!! hee! (I told her to wear garden gloves - the real long kind!)


My Mommy

July 14th 2011 9:49 pm
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My mommy saved my life . . . er, well the doctor did, but mommy got me out of a very bad situation I was living in with another foster who just didn't have time for me.

When mommy found me I was in my usual place in the bathroom where I was kept, behind the toilet. Mommy didn't even know I had Radial Hypoplasia when she tried to get me out from behind there - she was still gentle.

When she saw (and this is embarassing to admit), but when she saw my bum was so dirty from my bent-under stubby tail down my bum and legs and hardened on there, and the litter box had only about 1 cup of litter, and she saw that I was very skinny, she gave a look of disbelief. That was a look I was praying to see - someone to be so disgusted in how I was living that they might help me.

After mommy finished hand-feeding me as the lady told her to do and cleaning me and my potty up (mommy's idea), saw I had tons of fleas, my gums were so white, I was soooo dehydrated and couldn't stop going poo really thin, she asked the foster nicely (the foster had 30 foster kittens and some other adult cats.

The poor kittens were kept in a garage with no insulation right near the cold, foggy beach), anyways, mommy asked the foster that since the foster had so many to care for, if she could be my foster (I was now in the living room since I'd been all cleaned up) and the foster said she loved me so much, but I was praying for mommy to take me, just TAKE me, mommy, but she was playing it cool so as not to offend this irresponsible foster who might say "no" if she became offended.

The foster lady finally said okay, but if you ever don't want him anymore, please bring him back to me. (I heard mommy's thoughts: "Yeah, in your dreams, lady!").

That was it! I felt hope for the first time!! Me and my sister were "turn-in's" at the kill shelter. Someone adopted my sister and I became so depressed I couldn't eat, then I got sick, really sick when I was in the shelter before the first foster lady took me, so I was happy at first, but became very lonely in the bathroom, living behind a toilet, seen very little, no light from outside . . .

So ANYways, that nightmare was over and mommy took me to an emergency place for animals straight from the foster's house. The doctor that gave me treatment told my mommy to turn this foster into the police as she highly neglected me and I would not have made it much longer. I had severe giardia, anemia, was totally flea ridden (hence, the anemia), totally emaciated (skinny to the bone) and weighed almost nothing. They had to give me 500mg of fluids even though it's dangerous when you have anemia the doctor said, but I was that dehydrated.

THEN, I felt a little better. I was given a Capstar and mommy got Frontline Plus the next day to give me over a 3 month period and all the fleas where gone, mommy gave me a bath (wow, I didn't like it at first, but when I was dry and really clean for the first time in a long time . . . ahhhhhhh, I got a medicine (Metronidazole) 2x/day for so many days and mommy . . . oh, my mommy just loved me, kept her eye on me all the time until she knew I wouldn't roll off of things (I have twisty front arms and a twisted under stubby tail).

I ate regular food right away, and she gives us all spring water just like she drinks and she has many potties for us all to go in that she cleans 2 times a day! They have a LOT more sand than the one cup I was getting at the other place. Mommy keeps my bum trimmed all the time. Sometimes she crawls around chasing me and it's like in the movies; I scuttle really, really fast, or run on my hiney legs and she's on all fours and then I stop and let her cut some, then I scuttle again. It's a fun game we play about once a month.

She has to cut my nails very regularly (like she does the other cats, all of which like me . . . :-D - because my twisty paw nails grow fast and will grow under very quickly right into my pad and that would hurt so much! They were like that at the foster lady's house! She brushes me, always calls ONLY me her "boyfriend" cat and always tells me how much she loves me and will never leave me, ever-ever, and that she is honored I am in her life (?) Who is she kidding? She saved my life and I feel so honored she is in my life!

Anyways, this is the longest diary entry I'll probably ever write, but wanted you all to know that my mom, even though she is sometimes distrustful of people because of some really bad stuff that happened to her and she is disabled because of it, is the best being I've ever known and I am her boyfriend forever and she loves me and keeps loving me and she gives us all individual, authentic special attention.

I overheard her say she is alive because of us a few times.

I am a lucky boy and mommy kisses my twisty paws and rubs my arms all the time. She is my miracle and I call her my miracle. It's like we are one person. My mommy sometimes has wet stuff coming out of her eyes saying how grateful she is that I and the others are in her life.

I am loved.

~ Tiny Dancer

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