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One Flew Over The Kitty Bed

Second mommy is home!

June 11th 2011 3:20 pm
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I have two mommies, one who stays home all the time and one who goes to a mystery place called college. I am so sad that I cannot go to college too but I do like to help with the packing process. By putting as much cat hair as possible on her clothes I know my second mommy will think of me often! My first mommy is also my second mommy's mommy which is great because she has to listen to the boss mommy too, MOL! Well, know my second mommy is home from college for the summer and I am so happy! My sister Hillary holds a grudge and is not as nice when mommy comes back from college but I think she'll get over it soon. Particularly since mommy is trying to woo her back with treats! This is a good method since I get treats too. Second mommy's room was taken over by one of my human sisters when she went away so now mommy sleeps on the couch. I love it because no matter how much noise I make so can't kick me out of the room! I think we should get rid of all the doors in the house and will bring it up with the boss mommy later. How can I see what's going on if the door's closed? Also, how can I eat/create hair styles at all hours of the night if I can't get in the room? *Mommy wants to add that that is the reason doors were created*. I think she's jealous that I didn't give her a new hairstyle last night and instead was just talking to her about how glad I am that she's home. I'll try and remember to give her one tonight, then she'll really rethink the doors!



June 7th 2011 7:01 pm
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Hi! I'm Ringo and am really excited to be here on Catster! I saw my adopted sister Hillary by the computer and had to see what she was up to which she was not happy about. She say's I'm a copy cat and only getting an account because she has one. Ok, she's totally right but I hate to be left out of ANYTHING. I like to help my people read the newspaper, read books, watch tv, eat and make the dogs chase me around the house. That's my favorite but Hillary hates the doggies. I like to tease them because I am smarter and faster than them, but they are nice to cuddle with sometimes. Hmmm, and now I don't remember what I was saying before I was talking about the dogs. Doesn't matter! Come and play and I might even let you join me under the ferns where we can pretend to be lions! Fun times!!

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