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A day in the life of a troublemaker

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Weird week... Canucks Loss. :(

June 17th 2011 12:56 am
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Its been an interesting week over here. Starting with me not feeling well, then getting better. Mom's birthday was earlier this week and now she has caught a cold and not feeling well. Then last night was the big Canucks game...

So I just wanted to talk about the game since I don't know if anybody in our area are here on catster. It was the last game of the playoffs against the Bruins. We lost, unfortunately. And I'm guessing news is getting around that some of the 'fans' did not take it very well here and started a big riot. We are ashamed and embarrassed about what happened and just want everyone to know that people are usually super nice here... Mom sort of predicted it though, she said that in 1994 the exact same thing happened. Mom had said she hopes we win or there will be chaos downtown again. She was right, but of course she wishes people had more class then that. Like others have said it is just a game and not worth destroying things over. Anyways, everyone is pretty disappointed here...

Concats to the Bruins on the win! Hopefully we'll get another chance again soon. ;)

I'm being a super good kitty here. I's eating all my milk and most of the canned food mom gives me. Mom says I am eating it wrong, she also offered me milk in a bowl and I dunked my head in it and freaked out. I don't know how to drink it out of a bowl, What do I do? I hope I learn soon.

Mom has to clean my face every time I eat canned food because I dunk my whole head in it and instead of eating it like a normal cat I kind of try to suck it in. Mom thinks it is because I am so used to drinking out of a bottle.

I's been using the litter box like a pro. I goes in it all by myself too. Mom says I'm not supposed to sit in my poop afterwards but I think its more fun that way.

Anyways, Mom wants me to get off the computer, so I'll catch up again soon. Hopefully mom feels well enough to help me put some new videos up soon.


I's feeling SOOO Much Better!!!

June 13th 2011 3:47 pm
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I must have been missing mommy lots that I just didn't feel well! I was getting better and better and now I feel brand new!! Yippee for me! I ate last night when I said, early this morning and this afternoon too. Mom was so proud of me she decided to open a can of food to see what I'd do, and do you know what I did? I ate it too! Mom is so proud of me now.

Mom put me in the area she prepared for me with the dog fence around it and sat with me inside. Can you believe my head must have grown over the weekend? I can't get through anymore, maybe I need to try different angles but I did try a few times already.

As mom sat inside the cage with me stewie started barking at me!! Why is he doing that mommy? Mom thinks he's jealous, or wants to play, but mom isn't sure so she won't let him with me without strict supervision just in case. Mom laughed at him though.

I crawled into moms lap and purred there for what she thinks was an hour. Its so nice being with mommy again! I missed her so much. Can you believe moms co-worker's cat hissed at me? How dare she! Mom wasn't there but her coworker said that I tried to hiss back at him and apparently it was really funny.

I'm starting to play too. I played with moms hair as she bends over me and I played with her toe too (I bit it, MOL). Mom says my teeth are getting to be pretty sharp, not enough to actually hurt but enough to surprise her and maybe say 'ow!' as an automatic reaction. I's having so much fun being back with mommy!

I's want to thank everyone for all the purrs and the gifties. They are what made me have such a quick recovery, thanks to you I am feeling all brand new again.

Thank you for leaving such nice comments on my diary, convincing me to eat again and all the purrs you gave me:
Tigger, Tink, Willow, Molly, Alexis, Zoe, bff Cheveyo, Simba, Tiny Tot, Tundra, Ingen, gump and the Tabbies O Trout Towne

Thank you for the Power of the paw gifts which gave me the strength to get better so quickly:
Blizzard and family, bff Cheveyo, Simone and Rivers family, Simba, Booboo and Callie's family, Ingen

Thank you for the Blue ribbon 'gang healing rosette' that Buddie(always loved) gave and the hundreds of furfaces that were behind it- representing it.

And last but definitely not least, is a big thanks to Zach and Zoe who made a picture asking their furiends to purr for me too. I not only got extra purrs but also made some awesome new furiends!

Also thankin my new furiends for purring for me too:
Cloe and Rachel, Bugsy and Rex's family, Monida, and Jezebel who was/is a good furiend of Simon and Tony too.

Many thanks to everyfur purring for me! It meant so much to my mom and I.

Now I gots to curl into sleep so that when I wake up I'll be nice and hungry for another meal!!



Purrs Needed!!

June 12th 2011 5:16 pm
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I'm not feeling well!!! Maybe I was too long away from mom and I missed her? But now that she is back from her camping trip I am still not doing well. She had a co-worker take care of me, and well she is supposed to know what to do but mom still wasn't sure...

I am refusing to eat any food! Mom's co-worker said I haven't eaten since 7am this morning. WHOA!!! Thats a long time not eating! I am acting lethargic, I am not purring, not eating, and walking sort of funny. Mom took me home and tried to feed me but as soon as she saw I wasn't eating she brought me strait to her work to get checked out. The dr is a newer doctor and she said all the vitals are normal and she says I look normal... She told mom to wait it out and see. If I don't eat by a little later tonight that I should come in again when the other dr is in.

I need all the purrs I can get! Mom says it is super important for a youngster like me to be healthy, apparently its harder for a kitten to recover then an older kitty. Lets hope we can prove them wrong.

Anyways, mom thinks I should have my beauty rest. Hopefully she doesn't try feed me again soon, I don't want to eat!


Guess what I did!!

June 10th 2011 12:06 am
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Mom says I'm growing up! I'm starting to get my baby teeth in, do you want to see? Ok well, they are very small but Mom says there getting to be pretty sharp already. I'm walking around a lot too, although still a bit on the wobbly side.

Mom set up a space in her room for me so that I could hang out even if she isn't there 24/7, she put one of those octagon doggie fences around the area and some pee pads on the floor. And you know what I did? As soon as she put me in I headed towards the fence and squeezed my way though it!!! Mom says we have to wait till my head is a little bigger before I can go in there unsupervised again. She thought it was so funny, she even video taped it. If I have time I will put it up on my page tomorrow.

Mom's a little worried... She says my poop has been all mucusy in the last two days. I've even started going on my own in my cage where I sleep! I've been getting all dirty and she keeps having to spot clean me with water. Pfft Water. She thinks I won't like water as I get older since she has to use it to stimulate me to go to the bathroom so much. She might be right, it isn't very fun.

I will be going to the cat sitter this weekend, well she is a co-worker of moms. Mom is going camping and wanted to get someone she trusted to take care of me for the weekend. She also says it is probably good because then we get a second opinion on my poop too. Mom mentioned it to the dr but he didn't say much, its kind of hard to say I suppose if they can't see it themselves.

Now it is time for milk!! And maybe some finger biting time ;).

I'll be around till tomorrow (friday) evening but then I will be off for the weekend, I'll let you know how my weekend went on sunday when I get back home.

See my updated weight schedule in the last diary! I'm still gaining 20grams a day! Mom's wondering when she should start introducing food to me... I'm just growing up so fast.

Oh and meet my new buddy Cheveyo, I believe some of you know him already. But if not give him a big welcome, I think he and I are gonna be best buds! You realize we're almost the same age? How fun is that!!!

Bye everyone, I'll see you guys on sunday.

Love and Purrs,


Weigh in!!

June 2nd 2011 3:54 am
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Mom says I'm getting cubby! She's been weighing me and I've been gaining 20g a day, wow. She was wondering if she was overfeeding me since that seems to be a lot for a two week old kitten. Now they are thinking I am 3 weeks old instead of two, although I've been with mom for 3 days now so I could have been two and a half weeks when she got me...

My ear canals are open, my eyes are open and I'm sort of looking around a bit, my teeth are barely starting to come in, and I've just started leaving the bed mom made for me in her cage. According to the internet site they were looking at that points towards two weeks rather then 2. Mom wishes to know the exact date, she finds it frustrating.

I've been drinking tons, now more then 15 ml per feeding. Which was every 2-3 hours but now they are thinking of spreading out my feedings.

Weigh in:
Monday: 205g
Tuesday: 230g
Wednesday: 250g
Thursday: 270g
Friday: ... Mom forgot to weigh me.
Saturday: 305g
Sunday: 350g (Mom must have weighed me wrong here... maybe it was 325g)

Monday: 342g
Tuesday: 360g
To be continued...

I's very chubby, MOL.

Mom was uploading a video of me at home but now that she is at work she sees it has not been added to my page. She will be sure it is on after work. Its so cute, I bees chugging my milk and purring up a storm. Its super cute. It is almost 4am here right now so it should be up in around 4 hours.

The other staff is loving me so much! I hope she gives me back to mom. I think after meeting me everyone wants to take me home.

Love and LOTS of purrs,


Everyone's falling for my charm!!

June 1st 2011 3:46 am
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Hey everyfur!! Mom's been hmmm-ing and haw-ing, she is unsure if she wants my name to be permanently Blade. She likes the name but she's not sure if it will stick or if it fits my look. If she does pick another name she will likely keep Blade as a nickname or something cause she likes how it says so much of his story by just the name.

So Mom would like some help with name suggestions still. Mom loves me so much and wants me to have just the perfect name to suit my cute-ness.

Mom says I am such a good kitten. I drink my milk like a pro, and I'm pooping and peeing so much!! I sleep constantly between feeding times and according to mom and all the staff at work I am the cutest kitten ever!

I've been going to work with mom so she can be there constantly to take care of me. I love her so much, and her staff think I am the greatest thing.

I'll be leaving mom on Thursday to go with one her fellow staff. Mom's got to go get some bi-annual tests done on her and has to be away for the day. So I'll get to hang out with her staff all day. Could be fun, we'll see, but I'll miss mom for sure! Well mom will probably miss me more, as long as I'm cared for I'm happy, MOL.

Off to get my food and head to bed! night!


I almost got ran over by a Lawnmower!!

May 30th 2011 3:17 pm
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Wow, such a scary day yesterday!! First I be's looking for my mommy, I couldn't find her anywhere. I tried crawling around to go look for her but she was no where in sight!

Then I heard a big loud lawnmower, and I saws it coming towards me! Well I didn't really know what it was so I wasn't sure to be scared or not. It suddenly turned off and the man picked me up and brought me to the animal emergency!

Thats where I was fed yummy milk. Well not as yummy as mommy's milk but after searching for her high and low it was the best milk in the world. I was handed over to my new mommy, and now am being taken good care of. Getting yummy milk every 2/3 hours and getting all the loving I need. Oh and of course now I can sleep as long as I want to. Nothing to worry about now!

Just wanted to say hi and I hope this will be my forever home but we'll have to see about that. But I know that I will always be well cared for because mommy promised me that.

Off to sleep and soon it will be food time again.

Loves ya,

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