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A day in the life of a troublemaker

Purrs Needed!!

June 12th 2011 5:16 pm
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I'm not feeling well!!! Maybe I was too long away from mom and I missed her? But now that she is back from her camping trip I am still not doing well. She had a co-worker take care of me, and well she is supposed to know what to do but mom still wasn't sure...

I am refusing to eat any food! Mom's co-worker said I haven't eaten since 7am this morning. WHOA!!! Thats a long time not eating! I am acting lethargic, I am not purring, not eating, and walking sort of funny. Mom took me home and tried to feed me but as soon as she saw I wasn't eating she brought me strait to her work to get checked out. The dr is a newer doctor and she said all the vitals are normal and she says I look normal... She told mom to wait it out and see. If I don't eat by a little later tonight that I should come in again when the other dr is in.

I need all the purrs I can get! Mom says it is super important for a youngster like me to be healthy, apparently its harder for a kitten to recover then an older kitty. Lets hope we can prove them wrong.

Anyways, mom thinks I should have my beauty rest. Hopefully she doesn't try feed me again soon, I don't want to eat!


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Purred by: Tigger/ IN LOVING MEMORY (Catster Member)

June 12th 2011 at 5:29 pm

Blade, honey, you have to eat!!! We love you, and want you here for a long time!!! Purrs for you!!!
Purred by: Tink the Cat (Catster Member)

June 12th 2011 at 5:45 pm

Little Blade, I am purring up a storm for you!!! Luv, Tink
Purred by: Kristina R

June 12th 2011 at 5:54 pm

We's purrring & praying furrry hard for yous wittle Blade!! Yous get well soon!!

Purred by: Molly Angel (Catster Member)

June 12th 2011 at 6:33 pm

WE are purring for you too little one. Maybe you just need your "mommies" touch.Let us know how you are doing tomorrow ok?
Molly and family
Purred by: Blade (Catster Member)

June 12th 2011 at 6:34 pm

Mom thinks your purrs are already starting to help, but she doesn't want to jinx it! She tried to get me to eat again and it was a no go, but she heard a little purr so she was hopeful. She brought me to the bathroom to pee and came back and tried again and I ate it!! Sure I'm still not better yet but I understand that eating will help me, so to make mom feel better I ate. I didn't eat the full amount but anything is better then nothing!!

Keep purring that I feel better soon! Hopefully it was just something small that made me feel unwell and that I'll be 100% kitty again tonight or tomorrow!

Thanks for the purrs, don't stop yet!
Purred by: Hannah E

June 12th 2011 at 6:42 pm

we are purring for u little one. and hope u feel better soon.

luv alexis
Purred by: Zoe Kona Sunshine DG#2 (Catster Member)

June 12th 2011 at 7:02 pm

Hey little one. We are purring for you very hard. You know you can pmail me at anytime for support.

Purred by: Cheveyo (Catster Member)

June 12th 2011 at 8:32 pm

Hey dere Bestest Buddy! Yew gotta eats! Dat's da onlyest way yew can get big an' strong. I no it's harder for yew since you're away from yore kitty mama, but yore hooman mama is trying so hard to help yew make it.

I be purrin' up a storm for yew, dear Buddy. Pleeze tell me how yore doin' 'kaysies??? I'm bettin' yew just missed yore Mommy bad. They're silly but we luvs 'em.

Yore BBF

P.S. I fink I'm a little bit older dan yew. I wuz borned on May 16th. An' I made it dis far 'cause I eated! Yew do it too!
Purred by: Simba (Catster Member)

June 12th 2011 at 9:21 pm

We are purring up a storm for you Blade
Purred by: Tiny Tot (Catster Member)

June 12th 2011 at 9:31 pm

Oh you bet i am purring for you too Blade. Please eat little guy. I know what it feels like to not want to eat ( I was a tiny tot like you and didn't want eat either) but you have to do it. We are looking forward to seeing you grow old with us little guy.
Purred by: Tundra ~ DG #6 (Catster Member)

June 12th 2011 at 10:02 pm

Awww need to eat,
little darling.

We will be praying hard for you,
little one.

Sending you lots of love and hugs.
~Tundra & family~
Purred by: Ingen (Catster Member)

June 12th 2011 at 10:17 pm

Oh, lil Blade, we's sooooo worried 'bout you. PLEASE GETS ALL BETTER!!!
Purred by: Blade (Catster Member)

June 12th 2011 at 10:41 pm

I want to thank everyfur for all the Purrs and the power of the paw gifties. Thank you so much!!!

Mommy just fed me again and I ate all of it. I even got up when I was hungry which I would have never done earlier today. I'm feeling a lot better now, mom thinks I'm pretty much all better but its hard to know for sure right now.

Mom was very scared for me earlier. She knows that eating is my favorite thing in the world to do, that I must not be feeling well. Plus she just came home from camping already worrying that hopefully I'm ok, it wasn't nice to hear that I wasn't well after she was already worrying... Mom also says I felt limp in her arms, you know the feeling when a sick kitty just doesn't care anymore? - she compared me to that and it freaked her out. I was just so tired!

But mommy thinks I'm doing well now. Who knows what was wrong with me but if I'm getting better or am better that is all that matters right now.

Thanks so much

Blade ♥
Purred by: Gumpy Sweet Boy (Catster Member)

June 13th 2011 at 5:37 am

Hi little Blade,
I'm so glad to hear you're feeling betters! We're still purr, purr, purring for you! Maybe you were just nervous and missed your new mommy? I was a little kitten when my mom found me, but not as teeny tiny as you.

Purrrrs & luv,
Gump and Nadia
Purred by: Gumpy Sweet Boy (Catster Member)

June 13th 2011 at 7:51 am

Hi little Blade,
We're so glad to hear that you're feeling better and eating again! Maybe you were missing your new mommy when she gone? We're just glad you're better. We'll keep purrrrring for you, little one!

Hugs & purrs,
Gump & Nadia
Purred by: Gumpy Sweet Boy (Catster Member)

June 13th 2011 at 7:53 am

Sorry about that double post! The first one didn't show up and I came back to send it again and then they both showed up. Oh well, more purrs for you, little sweetie!
Purred by: Laura W

June 13th 2011 at 9:11 am

small dood...we bee WAY happee that one; we can reed sew we seed that later on down de line ewe iz feelin beter; three; stay away frum sooner ewe noe this lesson, de better ewe will be; seventh: did we men shun we is WAY WAY trooly happy ewe be doin alrite, and lastl lee we iz sendin trout, fresh water , ta ewe N yur pals N simon N tony coz any good mews always calls fora selly brayshun ...with trout !!! stay well buddy and dont knot
Purred by: Cheveyo (Catster Member)

June 13th 2011 at 6:11 pm

OOOPSIE! I mades da mistake. I wuz borned on April 22. Don't no where I gots da May date... I mite have looked on Simmy's page. Silly Mommy.
Purred by: Blade (Catster Member)

June 13th 2011 at 6:53 pm

MOL, thats okay. Mom really doesn't know when I was born, she was just trying to guess based on what I can do. We're thinking I am four weeks now but still unsure.

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