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A day in the life of a troublemaker

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Its my Birthday!!

May 16th 2016 9:32 pm
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Woot! Today's my birthday!! Mom said she is gonna have to get me something special for my birthday. Apparently she hasn't picked anything out yet. Anyone have any amazing toys they recommend? To be fair we do have a decent amount of toys... Mom recently brought us home a colourful crinkle ball, one that's much bigger then any she has gotten for us in the past. Galaxy loves carrying it around, I love playing with it.

Things are well at our house. our most recent diary is about us switching over to raw. It is going well, we are eating all our red meats, but we have been quite picky about the white meats.

I also recently got to meet Mom's Niece. It was a little scary. She is only one and a half. I tried to stay out of her way for the most part but I had to investigate as well. I have never met kids before so it was a little scary, she also had never met cats, she was very excited!

Thank you to those who stopped by and left prezzies and even if you didn't, thanks for coming around.

We love seeing our catster furriends here and there. We look forward to a time where we are all back!

The birthday boy: Blade


Trying the Raw diet again

April 21st 2016 10:32 pm
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Hello, not sure how many are out there but thought if we can start writing diaries maybe some will come back to catster. Maybe not but it just doesn't feel write anywhere else. Although I believe the comment section isn't working still, which is unfortunate...

Mom has started a new job at a new clinic. Usually she has to hide the fact that she likes to feed the raw diet to us. As many of you likely know, vets aren't particularly fond of the raw diet. But since starting there mom found out that half the staff also feed raw, and even the clinic cat is on raw!! Ok, so maybe it wasn't the doctor's idea originally. But apparently he is starting to approve of it too based on how well the clinic cat did on the diet.

Anyways, this has inspired Mom to try the raw diet on us again. It had been a while. Galaxy has never tried the raw diet so it is definitely new to him. We got our first raw meal last night. Chicken. Well... It could have gone better. It was ok, but Mom didn't defrost it very well and well we just didn't want to try it. It was an odd texture too. Why mess with a good thing, right? Anyways she tried the same the next morning in hopes maybe it was just that it was too cold. I had a few bites, galaxy didn't eat any of it...

Tonight Mom tried a different kind. She tried Elk. Ya I know, random right?! I loved it! Galaxy and I usually eat side by side and I hissed at him and told him its all mine. I guess he believed me cause he didn't have any.

As much as I can't complain if I get his portion too, does anyone have any tricks to get a stubborn cat interested in raw?! Mom says she will have to give a bit of dry tonight so he doesn't starve, but she is insisting to get us all on it. Mom got a 'starter kit' of raw so there are a few different kinds to try. Which she will do, but she also doesn't want to open them all at once...

I have lost a bit of weight since Galaxy has moved in. Mom thinks the stress of having him around isn't good for me, plus he may be stealing my food. Mom is hoping raw may help me gain some weight for the fact that it is hopefully tastier then regular food. As for Galaxy he has gotten kind of on the chubby side, again likely because he is eating my food!! Stewie (the dog) is also slightly on the chubby side, he likes to steal both of our food if he gets the chance as well as a new habit of getting into his and our bags of food.

In general Galaxy and I get along relatively well. We are able to co exist together. We argue now and then, but no one ever gets physically hurt.

Stewie is good with both of us as always. Mainly because he thinks if he is in our good books we will let him have some of our food.

I will leave our diary there for today. We hope others are doing well!

Purrs, Blade (and Galaxy too)


Broken tooth but Mom says I am lucky!

August 8th 2014 9:02 pm
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So about 2 weeks ago Mom checked my teeth like she so often does and noticed my canine tooth was broken, I said to Mom Good Riddance!! I don't need a dog tooth in my mouth! Anyways Mom was worried anyways.

Anyways Mom asked the vet right away and she said that if the pulp is exposed it either needs a root canal right away (within like 24 hours of breaking or something, or let the tooth slowly rot till it needs to be taken out). Obviously Mom doesn't want me in pain forever till it has to come out, but she didn't know when it happened so not sure if the other option was still possible.

Today Mom took me to the vet, and the dr had a look at my toothy and said that the pulp is NOT exposed, and that as long as the tooth does not chip anymore or wear down much it will be fine! The vet had talked to Mom before about how to look for the pulp and Mom didn't see it so she was hoping for the best.

Anyways the trip to the vet obviously was not fun. So scary I had to hide under the blanket the whole way there. Mom put Galaxy in the cage with me at the vet, she said he needed vaccines. After that car ride, I decided things are only going to get worse them there on so I shut myself off and ignored the world. When Mom took me out I clung onto her for dear life because I had no other option. But nobody poked me!! I thought everyone got poked at the vet! Then another long ride home.

Finally I am safe and sound at home.

So good news that my tooth is good the way it is for now. Bad news is, the vet saw my teeth and said I needed a dental.

Happy to be home,


House invader!!

June 11th 2014 11:11 pm
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Mom let a stranger into the house!! I am mad at her and not playing with her as much any more, and there is no point in asking attention from her because we all know this invader is going to get all of her attention.

This invader is in the form of a black and white kitten. Mom's excuse is that "She did it for me". She thinks we are suddenly going to become best pals or something. How wrong could she be!?

Anyways Mom has let me downstairs while he was hanging out in the front room. So I decided it would probably be a good idea to keep an eye on the thing, make sure he doesn't get too comfortable. But you know what I found out with my spying?! He is playing with my cat-it ball track (Mom says I don't use it much any more, but that doesn't mean its not mine.) and my favorite butterflies on a stick. It hurt when I saw him playing with that toy. Mom knows its my all-time favorite toy. She brought it back to play with me, and I refused to get as excited as normal.

Mom heard to try get us to eat near each other, which Mom thought sounded easy since we both love food. But I refuse to eat downstairs anywhere near him.

Anyways, Mom tricked me yesterday and today and brought him upstairs!! Putting us both on opposite sides of the door. We both ate fine, and tonight she opened the door a crack and we also ate fine, Mom even pushed it that I am eating in plain view (like a foot apart) but on the other side of the door, I was hesitant but the food is delicious so I couldn't resist.

Anyways. Mom hopes this is a good sign. I say lets play this by ear. Don't get too excited that I am eating yummy food.

Wish me luck with the invader,

Hi s name is not official yet. Sorry for Mom's slow decision making. See Moppie's diary to tell us what name you'd choose! n_the_life_of_moppie/860852


Gotcha day!

May 31st 2014 12:09 am
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It's been three years since mommy gotted me! I love mommy very much. But she owes me big time!!

Mom got back last week from vacation, she was away for a whopping two and a half weeks! Now that she's back I keep telling her she has to make up for all the attention she could have been giving all that time plus what she usually gives me. As soon as Mom opens her eyes in the morning (she claims she is just checking the time) I am on her and starting my day off with as much attention as possible. You know, if you wake your pawrents up early they will have more time to give you attention?! It's true! When Mom gives up on sleeping any longer she gets my butterfly on a stick out, I love chasing my butterfly's. I chase them every morning , jumping nice and high to catch them.

I found a new box today, I like it! mom says this weekend is my gotcha day/birthday weekend and I will be spoiled with treats and attention!

Headbonks and love from Blade


Mom's cheating on me!!!

May 19th 2014 9:21 am
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First I want to thank everyone who stopped by for my birthday and wished me a happy birthday.

Mom left me two weeks ago and is with her cousins across the world on 'vacation'. Grandma is taking care of me in the meantime, and don't worry she gave me some big hugs and kisses on my birthday. Mom says she will make it up to me when she gets back and my gotcha day will be extra special. In the meantime i hear she is hanging out with other cats!! I sure hope its not true, its bad enough she works with cats!

Grandma says Mom is back on wedndesday.

I hope you all are getting yummy treats and well deserved cuddle time!



No mom that's not what I meant!!

February 23rd 2014 10:10 am
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So I've been telling mom all the time that I don't want her to leave and that I miss her, and that she needs to hang out with me 24/7. So Mom came up to me on Friday and was like, well then, do you want to go to work with me?? I didn't say no, but I soon found out what work meant.

It meant a 15 minute car ride (which was pretty scary!! I hid under my blanket because I thought it was safer under there. When we got to moms work I thought maybe it was all over and that it was safe to come out. Mom even asked me to come out, I thought I could trust her... Instead when I came out mom plopped me into another cage!! One with big bars!! Mom brought our bed from home, that was the only thing I recognized so I laid on it with my chin over the edge making the saddest face I could. I continued that position for most of the day. Moms coworker even came by and put a catnip pouch on my head, it stayed there for at least half an hour, maybe longer!! Till mom came to take a picture (she apparently finds this torture amusing) then it fell off. Mom even offered treats throughout the day and I refused to give into this temptation.

Blade at the vet

is it time to go home yet?

4 hours later mom came to get me, I tried to stay in the cage, I didn't want to go see the humans that have been bugging me all day! Mom got me out anyway, I clung onto her for dear life, one paw on either side of her neck, I didn't plan that very well cause I was trying to get to her shoulder to use it as a launch pad to get away. Everyone was like "aww he's hugging you". Mom brought me to the doctor who pocked and prodded me and said "he is in perfect shape, he's very fit!!", then he stabbed me with a needle and was done with me.

How do our pawrents get away with doing this to us?? Luckily grandma came to save me, and brought me home. At least the scary car ride brought me somewhere safe.

I'm very glad the ordeal is over, now I can eat, play, and get the attention I well deserve.

Mom says its really odd how depressed I was. I don't go to the vets often but usually I warm up fairly quickly. But then again I used to have Moppie to keep me company, maybe having him there helped me feel more comfortable about being there.

Anyways you can all have headbonks now that I am back safely home.


Ps. Sorry I gave up on making a proper photo link. It's been too long, and the coder I used to use is not working...


Cheers to Catster and their new partner!

February 12th 2014 11:56 pm
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We are so happy catster is staying, a little surprised, but at the same time Mom was sticking around till the end because she just couldn't accept leaving yet. We've gone around and signed up for pretty much all the sites out there and none are as good as catster, although Pets4pals had a lot of promise. If catster does end up sticking around, I'd feel really bad for them because they put so much time and effort into creating a site that accommodated us catster cats. We are very picky and particular you would have to agree with that. We are curious as to who is partnering with catster, and hoping there will be a time contract made up so we can all feel safe and at home here for a while.

Catster is the reason Mom adopted us, without catster maybe we would be at a shelter somewhere, who knows where we would have ended up. Mom joined catster as Simon and Tony the clinic cats, she thought it would be fun to share stories from their point of view. Over time her love for cats grew and grew. As soon as the opportunity to Take me in, Mom took me in with open arms. Then she took in the foster kitten now named Merlin in his new home, and Moppie who we all loved to bits.

We owe catster a lot, life wouldn't be the same without it. Yes Mom's gotten distracted by life quite a bit but she always ends up back here now and again.

The timing for catster trying to shut down was not great for us. Mom and I are grieving our own loses. Mom didn't want to accept catster closing down, and now she doesn't have to, we are just hoping they don't let us down.

An update here, I am healthy as ever, but very lonely lately. I am desperate for attention from humans. I don't like being left alone, although I never did before, but at least I had a furriend to keep me company.

Mom is going through some job changes. Some that may be interesting for you guys! She is currently working at a large clinic for cats and dogs, (no clinic pets), but she was offered a job at an all cat clinic. And she will be working there full time starting next month. There are usually kitties up for adoption there, but they act as clinic cats until they are adopted, so we may set up a profile so we can share some more stories.

Anyways, Cheers to Catster and their new partner!!


Merry Christmas!! And thank you.

December 26th 2013 6:00 pm
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Merry Christmas to all of our furriends and their families!! Thank you for all the wonderful giftie trees.

Mom got me a food dispensing ball for me, but gave it a little early, she wants me to keep busy with things. But in all fairness I'd rather gobble all that food down at once then go cuddle with Mom for an hour (especially when she's just gotten to bed).

Mom also bought us one of those new electric cat toys, the one where the mouse goes in circles. She says its fun but it won't work yet cause Mom says she needs to go buy batteries! You'd think they would take traditional batteries but nope, has to be the ones that mom never have on hand. I'll let you know what I think of it when Mom gets it up and working.

This Christmas is a little bitter-sweet for us here. We appreciate all of our furriends and family for being there for us, thank you.

Blade & Angel Moppie


Gotcha day thank you!

May 30th 2013 11:54 pm
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Hi everyone! I am 2 and this is my second gotcha day celebration! Two years ago I got gotted. I'm so happy mom took me into her home, and I know she is too. And also very happy to be living here with Moppie (but we'll celebrate that on his gotcha day).

Mom's been very busy lately with work. So we apologize for not being on. We appologize for birthdays and gotcha days of others that we've missed. We were there in spirit, we love all of you!

Moppie and I are doing well. Our bunny on the other hand has been going through a rough time. We just recently found out she has bad arthritis. She was good at hiding it for a while but now, maybe due to landing wrong or something she is having trouble getting around. Both bunnies in our house are 9 years old. Anyways, she is on pain meds and we are hoping very much that she can get around a bit better again.

Stewie the dog is also doing really well. Mom recently taught him to play dead :)

Anyways, that you to all for the gotcha day messages and gifties

Thanks Jezebel and charlie for the message
Thank you owl for the tulips!
And thank you to the Canadian kitties group also for the other bunch of tulips
Thank you Luke for the burdie, mom put it outside the window for us to watch.
Thank you Rex and family for the lady bug
Ingen and novi, thank you for the gotcha day ribbon!
Thank you Mallee, Milo, Sam and family. (Btw Mallee, Moppie sends you a big hug. He misses you!)
Thank you midnight and family for the gotcha day ribbon
And last but not least thank you to my buddy Zach and family for the mousy, and remembering the day I was welcomed into my forever home! We were blessed to have awesome friends here. (And we still are!)

We are so happy to have such great friends here on catster. We hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

(Moppie waving from the background)

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