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The Journal of Mr. Carmichael

Finally Fixed!

June 7th 2011 6:41 pm
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The night before last night a strange thing happened. I came home from a long day of gallivanting and noticed a beautiful aroma. This strange wire box had been around for a while but now it was open and happened to have a pile of tuna sitting in it. So of course I went in, and bam! The door fell shut and I was stuck. Whoopsie! My caretaker must have heard it because she came right out and picked it up, bringing me inside with her. We went all through the house seeing lots of cool cats until she got to a room that had no cats- a room with lots of plumbing, a basket of clothes, and a big machine that blew air around and set me on top of a big box that magically keeps food cold.

I didn't panic. My nice caretakers were there so I just tried to calmly explain to them that I was stuck in the box. They didn't seem to understand my meowings. I guess some cats would have growled or hissed or scratched but I really feel that you catch more flies with honey, you know? So I patiently waited to be let out of the box, even after I made myself filthy using it as a bathroom and they had to change my papers 6 times, even all the times they fed me and put in fresh water. Finally this morning they told me I was going to go get "fixed". I was not aware I had been broken, but I was happy they were at least doing something with me and not just leaving me to sit in this box forever! So they carried me in my box out tot he car that Hannah and I often play around and put me inside it. The car made a funny sound and pretty soon we were moving- sometimes pretty fast! It was hot, noisy, and pretty scary.

But pretty soon we arrived at Care Animal Hospital and they took me out and brought me inside where it was nice and cool. I met lots of nice people there and before I knew it they pushed me to one end of the box and I felt a little pinch. Next thing I remember I suddenly got soooo tired I just fell right asleep. When I woke up I was nice and clean, I had a snazzy little "eartip" to show other potential caretakers I was already "fixed", and I felt a tiny bit lighter and perhaps that it was time to settle down with just one or two girlfriends... I was still tired so I relaxed and eventually they brought me back to where my caretakers had left and they were there waiting for me! We went into the big truck that I also like to play around when it's in our driveway and soon we were back at the house.

This time they brought me to a nice cool little room with a sink and a funny chair with a big dog cage set up. They opened my box and I hopped into the big cage and now I'm relaxing comfortably. I can't wait to get back out tomorrow- I guess I'll have to stay in a little late on account of it's going to be really, really hot. but I'm so lonely! Some of my indoor window-friends are just outside this little room and they talk to me but the caretakers aren't letting them come in to visit. Oh well. The caretakers have figured out what a sweet little boy I am and are giving me lots of pets now. They only just figured out that I really like my big orange tomcat cheeks scratched. Isn't that silly?

So my big "fixing" ordeal is almost over, it wasn't so bad. I guess because the caretakers keep telling everyone what an angel I am it's been easier for me than it is for most ferals, but I can't imagine it's too hard for anyone. If you're a "broken" feral cat and your nice caretakers put out some suspicious wire boxes with tuna do yourself a favor and walk right in!


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Purred by: Blizzard AKA The Catfather (Catster Member)

July 2nd 2011 at 1:08 pm

Carmichael, welcome to de seedless grapes society!!! ( luckily, it only happens once!!!) If i's was yous, when they opend de door to lets yous out, sit, sniff, and go back into de house!!!

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