Pharaoh Purrince Tao DIT#33

Egyptian Mau/Domestic Shorthair
Picture of Pharaoh Purrince Tao DIT#33, a male Egyptian Mau/Domestic Shorthair

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Home:Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 6 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 10 lbs.

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Ma calls meez Tao, SonaPakhi ... Sissy calls meez Tao, Sona Pakhi, Tao Pakhi ... Baba calls meez Tao, Beta Dadu calls meez Tao.

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sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

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-mixed breed

Gotcha Date:
May 2nd 2011

March 2nd 2011

Brown Tabby

scaring the crows and fighting with cats and dogs!!!!!! :P

disturbing or picking him up when he's playing, other animals like - dogs, crows and birds, he hates unknown people at first sight but becomes really good friend with that person later on.

Favorite Toy:
paperballs, his blue Jabulani, his blue wool ball and pink spongie strawberry...

Favorite Nap Spot:
anywhere he feels comfortable!!

Favorite Food:
Me-O, fried Hilsa, Beefies and Chickies

He can walk backwards, runs real fast, can hunt real well, can stand on his two toes, can scare the crows and protects our foodstuffs, can jump real high, can also do weird stuffs with his body bla bla blah...


Arrival Story:
before i had 8 birds and 2 rabbits as pets. all of them left us. so i was really bugging my mom to buy me a new pet. but my mom wouldn't listen. so after a months argument my mom agreed to buy me a kitty, but she said that she wouldn't talk to me ever again if i really buy one. i wasn't gonna listen to her and keep myself from buying a cat because i was feeling really lonely then as all my friends were leaving me. so we went to this pet-shop and looked for the perfect kitten and really i found the greatest one that ever could be mine!! but Tao was disturbing us a lot the first three days. so we decided to give Tao back to the pet-shop again. but the shopkeepers refused to take him back. that's why we brought him back home and within a week situation changed and Tao turned into one good(to human) but mean(to other animals, especially cats and dogs) kitty!! this is how i became Tao's guardian and I'm proud of it!! i really love him!! so does my family and my mom actually never stopped talking with me and she also loves Tao a lot!!!

when Tao came all he ever used to do is to eat, play and meow!! he used to meow a lot which sort of sounded like TAO, not MEOW! that's why i named him Tao. he's all crazed about any kind of meat. and he plays like a maniac with anything that rolls or hangs over his head! but as he's a lot older now, he does almost everything! he's toilet trained, he got the table manners and he sleeps anywhere he wishes to sleep!!!!

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Qreus Mynd

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Me and My Love Miranda: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Thaz my elder Brofur Simba on top-left), my Miwanda under him, my Best fur Enzo under her, my sisfur Mel under him. Beside Mel is my 'other Brofur Newmie. Thaz my li'l sisfur Ally on top-right, my grandfur SAM under hers and my 'other best fur Kenji under him. AND MEEZ IS IN THE MID!!! thez all sos good to meez!! meez lubbs alla them and meez cant leafs without them!!! Photobucket

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The diaries of a Qreus Mynd!!


August 14th 2012 3:26 pm
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OMG! Peeps, meez just had an totally original idea! It's nothing u've efur heard of! It's a KITTY BOYBAND! I mean, effurybuddy knows that boybands are like really famous these days. So why dont we make a kitty boyband? We could be like real famouse! Well, my plan is to record our incredible vocals for the songs and edit them all together using softwares and stuffs. We can take video shots of our different expressions for the music video. Then create the video using windows media pawlayer. It's gun-a bee hut! Totally hut! The band will contain 5 exceptionally manly dood kitties with incredible vocals. I could purrbably be one of them as i wuss the purrson who gave sissy this pawsome idea! What actually happened was that as it's Ramadan now and my hoomanz get up fur sahri efurry midnight while meez get a sound sleep. Today something exceptional happened. Instead of sleeping i woke up and started to sing. The song was like -

Can't ever sleep at night
No matter how hard i try
And i've tried

All i need is some fried
Fishies to make my night
So i cry

Till u serve me my cat rights...

Well, the song was in kitty language butt sissy translated it fur me so that ur owners can understand. Sissy was really amused by hearing this little song of mine! She thought that i had an amazing vocal. Worthy enuff to be a pro singer, especially with my gorgeous looks and eyes! She said that my voice was husky and high pitched. She also complimented that i was like the Zayn Malik of kitties! I say that i'm better than him! MOL!

I hope my grandie SAM and his brofur, a really good pal of mine, MILO would like to be in the band too. Then i'll need two more members! Anyone interested?


Missing U's all!!

July 5th 2012 2:55 am
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Meez finally received the postagram my CBox gurlie sent meez. It totally reminded meez of Catster and meez felt furry sad (you can tell that by my expurrsion on the pic with that postagram)! Meez just couldn’t help myself from visiting the site! Meez misses Catster sos much!! Meez misses my Miwan, my CBox Gurlie, my Grandie, my Unk-G, my gal palz and all my great GREAT furends!! Meez totally missed beezing on the birdday purrtays of Unk-G and brofur MILO!! Meez hates missing purrtays!! Newmie and SAM haz birddaze soon and meez wont beez able to attend them either!! Meez had alla the guesses ready fur GTCK butt meez couldn’t submit them. Meez misses alla the Catster games! Meez totally misses my INTERNET!! Sos meez came to visits U’s all!!

Meez haz changed lots in these couple of months. Meez is a really bad tempered kitty nows. Meez became moody, meez doesn’t like to get picked up, meez hisses efurry once in a while, especially at Calie (thez is valid resuns fur that though). Meez injured Pixie (the Pekingese whoz leafs on the 2nd floor) last week so badly that heez stopped visiting my lands efur since. The ownly time meez is happy in when Sissy takes meez to the rooftop fur walks. Meez headbonkiez and purrs hers lotsa then!! Meez lubbs it when Calie grooms meez too. Butt hates it when sheez bugs meez and eats my foodies!! And recently sheez wuss on heat fur the furst time and kept crying and crying!! Sos disturbing!! Meez ownly pawlays with the CatIt pawlay circuit and also pawlays with Calie. Weez horses ‘round the house together and weez flies in the air and pawlay tag and lotsa lotsa other games!! Butt meez doesn’t like the way sheez keeps whining at all! Sheez is such a BABY!! Whenefur meez and my hoomanz are having affection session (ownly the hoomanz are actually, nut meez! Efurryone knoz hows much meez hates unwanted lubbings!!) sheez will find a way too bug meez efun more!! Sheez is sos jealous of meez!!

This is hows my life is these daze! Hopes ya’ll is having fun too and are safe and healthy!! Byes fur nows. Hopefully meez will comes to visits ya’ll sometime soon.

Lubbs and Hugs


Whooo!! What a purrty!!

May 5th 2012 8:51 am
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OMC!! That wuss sum purrty meez tells U's!! Meez is talking about brofur MILO and my guts-a day purrty!! It wuss such a suckses purrbably cuz 3 kitties wuss celebrating at the same purrty instead of one!! i mean meez haz to count Moppie with us too!! At least it wuss his furst birdday and heez wussnt celebrating!! Heez says that heez will poot up a purrty with his brofur Blade and Blade's birdday is in 16th May which wussnt in 1, 2, 3 ... 14 daze!! Hows can a birrday boy wait fur his purrty that lung?? No probses!! Weez enjoyed lotsa and lotsa!! Thankies to the peepses whoz celebrated with us, especially the gurlies whoz danced with meez - WAIT - alla them danced with meez!! MOL!! Butt the unfurgettable last dance meez had with my luv, my bestest gurlie, my MIWAN - it cant beez compaired to any other dances!! Meez means it, pals. Sheez wussnt thez the entire time and when sheez came, sheez just made my day!!

My bestest dood, which means my Grandie(of course U's knoz whoz heez is - SAM!!) wuss such a purrty rocker!! MOLs!! Furst heez came to the purrty wearing dirt on his face(at furst meez thought it wuss makeups, U's knoz heez wuss a gurlie until heez wuss 5 months old!! Heeh), then heez made a full outta himself trying to lookies kewl(heez danced furry well, at least WAY better than meez and meez cant deny that fact), then trying to dance with as many gurlies as heez could(nut as much as meez though) and MAN!! heez wuss the DOOD of the purrty!!

The other Guts-a day dood, Brofur MILO, had been a total gentleman. Didnt goz all WILD while dancing like meez and SAM did!! MOLs!! Wows!! That dood can really control himself!! YEAH!! The cuzes came - TIMMY and ZIG. TIMMY wuss the hut and hansum fella out thez with his round muscles, U's knoz the kind doodses grows to attract gurlies and women and yeah, gurlies did sircall 'round him at the end of the purrty wanting to dance with him and mostly because they wanted those quality TunaTinis heez made fur efurryone!! Sos did the doods. ANd POOR poor ZIG!! Man, heez couldnt efun eat purrpurrly coming at a purrty stuffed with sos quality foodies becuz of meez!! And when that's the activity heez into the most!! MOLs!! Meanwhile, meez tried to pool out sum eggstawrdinneree melody outta him!! That dood shore knoz hows to SING!! Whats a melodious voice heez gut!! Meez betcha that his mom lubbs his moosic sos much that heez can make quite a foo treaties outta it and that makes him fatter!! MOLs!!

Moppie, little dood(nows bigger than meez if U's wuss wandering), came a beat late. Butt heez shore had sum moments with the gurlies dancing catrazy!! Talking about the gurlies, MALLEE and Calie lookied outta the world!! Thez dresses wear ordered from the same designer that Teen Queens Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift does!! That must beez costly!! On the other hand, meez and the two other grand doods(MILO and SAM) wuss just happy with our bowtees. Weez looked gentlemen although meez and SAM didnt act sos much like one!! MOLs!!

Meez had sum CATRAZY, WILD budship dances with my FAVORITE CBox Gurlie!! Meez efun drove hers into the litter-room, spinning!! MOLs!! Sheez felt a little DIZZY!! hEEH!! same goz with MALLEE. Meez spinned hers sos hard that sheez started to feel dizzy!! Weez efun had a little fight that day as well butt sheez apologized at once and meez didnt yell at hers anymore. Sheez beez a good little sisfur. YEAH!!

Meez missed my Unk-G and Gal Palz(Sleeper, Samhain and Fearless) lots and kept 'memmering about my furst birdday purrty!! They shore rocked that purrty and made it sucksesfool!! They shore beez the purrty peepses!! MIssed them lotsa!!

Thankies to efurryfur whoz sent meez pawsum pawsum gifties, pawmails, made meez furtastic guts-a daze pix and alla the comments!! Meez would've thankied efurrybuddy one by one butt the list beez too big to write it down here, the entry is already furry big!! MOLs!! Meez hopes that peepses dont get bored reading alla these!! Heeh!! Butt meez just wanna says THANKU, THANKU THANKU!! CATSTER ROX!!!

Todays Sissy's exam finished. Weez is leafing fur Barisal tomorrows. Sos weez will beez aways from Catster fur a week. That's what weez is trying to says by the AFC(away from Catster) beside our names!! Dontcha peepses start worrying that weez is gun furefur!! MOLs!! Hopes that the GTCK game is still on till weez comes back and can get the final cloos, guess the kitties and submit the answers. Peepses whoz is nut pawlaying yet, should start pawlaying already!! Cuz it takes lotsa time to recognizes the kitties!!! The game beez souper tricky!! Anyways, meez will goz nows. And will beez back to chex out the comment meez get till tomorrow efuning. The ones will get after that will get replies after a week!! Okies?? Byes, now!! Takes care efurrybuddy!! Lubbs U's all!!


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