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Diary of a Little Warrior: For Love of Cheveyo

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We're Baaaaack!!

August 1st 2011 9:47 am
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Whew!! Itz me -- Cheveyo!

We iz finally done!! Pop on over to Pawsome Pages to take a peek at our August design an' see if yew likes it!

Pawsome Pages

We iz happy to be back. We shure missed all of yew sweethearts.

Luv an' Kitten kissies,


Mommy just fainteds!!!

July 19th 2011 1:48 pm
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WOWEEEE! I iz Cat of da DAY!! We wuz so busy over at P2 makin' the page for August pretty dat we almost didn't see this!!! If Webster hadn't said sumpthin' there, we wud've!! Mama is sillys!

Thankies so much to all of yew sweeties! We will come backs and thank yew better when August iz here an' our page goes live an' we can breeves again! In da meantime, we luvs yew all so berry muchly an' we will be back berry berry soon.

Yore friendship an' luv means da world to us!

Luv and kitten kissies,


I will be AWOL for a short time!

July 3rd 2011 9:59 am
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I've been asked to be Designer of the Month for August by Pawsome Pages, so I will be building my design in P2 most of the month.

We love all you guys so very much and will be back active as soon as the design is finished.

Luv and Hugs,
Cheveyo's Mommy


I am so bad!!!

June 30th 2011 8:40 am
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Itz me -- Cheveyo! Mommy calls me her Bad Little Bug!! I don't know whys! Maybe itz 'cause I keep her awake ALL night. I settles down in her arms like I'm gonna be good an' just as her falls asleep, I pat pats her face an' bites her nose so her wakes up an' kissez me more an' tells me her luvs me.

An' what iz dis water thing all of a suddens? When I bites her -- not hard, mind you -- her brings up dat squirty thing and SPLOOSH! a face full of water!!! What is dat???? I just think her tastes good, but the water iz BAD, yew knows, 'cause den I gotta lick myself dry again!

Big Brother Beau sitz outside da baby gate an' psyche stares at me. He sez "Hey Pee Wee, I'm da king of dis house!" An' my tail gets all big an' I hiss at him an' he just stares more. It doesn't even phase him one lil bit!

But da Fancy Feast is reely good, so I fink I'll stay around for a while. An' I discovered dat when Mommy leaves for work, her always comes back again, so I'z not so scareds any more.

Guess what! I can carry stuff around in my mouf!!! Yesh! I carries my floofy pom pom ball 'round in my mouf! I runs an' runs an' drops it to play wif a little, den picks it back up an' runs some more. Mommy was gettin' ready for work an' I wanted to show her I could do somefing new!!! Her laughed and laughed.

I luv my Mommy, even though her won't let me bites her. I finally also learned how to purr an' I do it a lot 'cause it makes Mommy happy to hear it.

Sooooo.... dat's the latest here.

Luv an' kitten kissies,


Lotsa new picshures!

June 22nd 2011 10:07 pm
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Hie!! I luvs yew!

Itz me! Cheveyo! I am doin' grate in my new home. I had a busy couple days 'cause Mommy took me to meet sum of her furrends. Of course, dey all thoughts I wuz da bees knees!! Mommy had three days off an' her is worried about leaving me alone tomorrow to go to work 'cause I cries and cries when her jus' leaves the room to do something.

I just luv my new jingley ball toys an' kept I Mommy awake late las' night playin' wif dem. The FANCY FEAST is primo! I gobbles it up as soon as Mommy puts it in my dishie!

I just looooves my new jingley balls!

I sleeps wif her under da coverses, just like Simmy did. (Her told me to do that 'cause Mommy misses it so much!) An' Mommy left da cool tent thingie sitting on the floorses an' I sleeps in dat sumtimes when Mommy is up.

So now heer is sum new picshures of me...

Heer's da furst one!

Her jus' keeps flashin' that thing at me!

I iz reely patient ... for a little guy

Kitten smilez and baby kissies to all my furrends!



I'ze arrived!!

June 21st 2011 8:02 am
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Thankies Max for dis beeyootiful picshure!

Itz me -- Cheveyo! I haz finally arrived at my furever home! Mommy came to get me last night an' now I haz Fancy Feast to eats! I also haz my good sleepings place.

Ready to go!

When Mommy arrived and put da cool kitty tent on da sofa, I climbed right in and went to sleeps!! My kitty mommy came downstairs just as we were about to leave and her tried to get me to come upstairs to go to bed. But I wuz ready for dat Fancy Feast. I said bye bye to my mama cat, an' it made my hooman Mommy reely sad for her dat her wuz losing her baby me.

In my cool kitteh tent!

Soon we wuz in my new housie an' Mommy finally gave me dat Fancy Feast!! I ates a half a can of dat stuff 'cause it wuz reely good jus' like I thoughts! But Tabbies... I haz a confession. It wuz burd an' I liked it verry much!!!! Maybe da onlyest thing stoopid burds are good for is EATIN!!! Hehe!

I slepts under da coverses wif Mommy, just like Simmy used to do! But I wokes Mommy up early dis morning by pouncin' on her faces! I wants more Fancy Feast!!!

Us on da computie!

Luv and baby kisses,


Happy happy mews!

June 14th 2011 1:12 pm
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Itz me -- Cheveyo. I haz happy mews!!!!!!!

Happy Mews!!!

I gets to come home wif my Mommy to my furever home on Monday!!! Mommy an I are so exciteds and we can hardly waits! Five days is a awful long time for a lil guy likes me ta wait, yew know.

Five more dayz. I finks I sleep till then.... zzzzzzz

Pssst... Big Dude ... who won da bets in trout towne? Dey win a big plate of troutz FF!

Luv an kitten kissies,

P.S. Fancy Feast heer I comes!!!!


My New Page!

June 13th 2011 6:21 pm
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Mommy thoughts that my kitty page should reflect my Native American name, so her changed it. I finks it looks pretty goods an' her had a lot of fun doing it. Her sez it helps to pass the time until I ken come home wif her.



YAY!!! Mommy came to see meeeee!

June 10th 2011 5:59 pm
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My Newest Picshures!

I am reely growin' and am showing my own speshul little personality already! I am verry gentle and calm an' never squirms or fights when Mommy holds me like other kittens do. Her thinks I am such a sweet baby an' jus can't wait till I can comes home wif her. I luvs her too an' always fall fast asleeps in her arms when she holds me. (Her is a reely good sleepin' place!) Her rubs my tummy an' that always puts me to sleeps!

Almost Heavens!

My eyes are starting to turn greens. Mommy was reely hopin they wud stay pretty blue, but I told her baby kittenz eyez are ALWAYS blue! Her thinks I might be gonna have long furs, cause each time her seez me it is longer. Her has noticed little tufts of fur between my toesies and on the tips of my ears. Her finks I'm gonna be a reely beeyootiful boy when I get big.

Another Picshure! Here goez da flashy thing again!

An' you know her brought dat flashy thing again an' I sware I will never see again, green eyez OR blue! But her sez we wants to remember dis time when I iz so little, so her keeps flashing away! Purrsonally, I wood rather her lets me see okay.

Mommy's friend says I am still nursing a lot, but I am also starting to eat da kitten chow. Mommy sez NO NO NO! I will haz FANCY FEAST at her house an Mommy's friend laughs like itz a joke, but Mommy sez its true!

I fink I must stay wif my kitty mama for a couple more weeks an den.... FANCY FEAST HEER I COMES!!!!

Luv and baby kissies,


YAY!! I Haz A New NAME!

June 3rd 2011 3:39 pm
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I Likes my new name!

Itz me! Itz official! Mommy haz gived me a BIG BOY name an' her thinks it will give me sumpthin' to grow into.

Noes, it isn't Darkwing. Or Nimbus, or Darkstar, or Nightshade. Her wuz thinkin' of alla thoze. Her sez itz a verry verry speshul name for a verry speshul baby, an' that makes me feel all purry inside!

Wanna know what it iz? We play a little games. Tee hee... not yet!

All of yew, our dear frienz, have comed to know me az Two Socks. But den I lost my socks somewheres, an' I finks they are gone forever! So... Mommy iz gonna list my new name plus (aka Two Socks) for a little while till every budy gets used to the new one. How's dat?

Sew wifout further adooo, Mommy has decided to call me Cheveyo. It iz Native American for "Spirit Warrior"

I likes my new name lotz. Do yew?


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